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Rocket Spanish Is the Best Learning Spanish Software

After a trip to Peru, I realized how convenient it would have been to learn Spanish when I was in grade school, rather than as an adult. I tried taking a Spanish night class at a local community college, but unfortunately all the students were at different levels, and it was only once a week. The class helped me to learn some Spanish, but I still wanted to be fluent. Frustrated, I looked for a better way to learn Spanish. And that’s when I came across Rocket Spanish Premium Course. Hello, Rocket Spanish…The Easiest Way To Learn Spanish!

When I first discovered this Spanish course, I compared Rocket Spanish to others I had tried. Instant Immersion Spanish reviews were only rated 3 ½ stars by users, while some like Berlitz Spanish Premier and Fluenz Version F2 had higher ratings. However, what made Rocket Spanish really stand out to me was after I tried it and realized how easy it is to focus on learning instead of dorking around trying to figure out how the system works! Why Is Rocket Spanish Rated #1?

Plain and simple, Rocket Spanish Premium Course had the most to offer within the series of other Spanish language learning software’s that I tried. The package includes 4 valuable pieces. 

 

An interactive online course – which you can access from anywhere with internet. 31 audio tracks of brilliant Spanish instruction by renowned Mauricio Evlampieff. Fun games to learn Spanish Spanish forums and community with REAL people

What You Can Expect

The courses were very well done and thorough. Instead of just conjugating verbs and going through the repetitive motions of repeating Spanish words and phrases over and over, Rocket Spanish

walks you through different scenarios you will likely encounter, like going to a restaurant, meeting people, shopping, asking questions and much much more. By teaching you about some of the cultural differences, you learn “Street Smart” Spanish, rather than “book Spanish”. Sound Like A Spanish Speaker, Not A Tourist

Mauricio Evlampieff isn’t just a Spanish professor; he is actually a native Hispanic who was born in Chile. That makes him a lot savvier when it comes to speaking Spanish than a native English-speaking teacher who uses Spanish as a second language. He really emphasizes the importance for pronunciation and grammar when speaking out loud. As they say; “When in Rome…” (Well in this case, perhaps we should say when in Santiago …). As the creator of Rocket Spanish software, he truly captures the spirit of learning a foreign language and seems genuinely enthusiastic about teaching Spanish. I Really Like Rocket Spanish, And I Think You Will To

If you want to learn Spanish, I highly recommend the Rocket Spanish Premium Course. It’s surprisingly affordable, and they have a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. You can download it instantly and get started right away for just under a hundred bucks. Alternatively, you can get a free 6 day trial course, and try it before you buy it!

Rocket Spanish Is The Best Learning Spanish Software  
Rocket Spanish Is The Best Learning Spanish Software  

Instead of just conjugating verbs and going through the repetitive motions of repeating Spanish words and phrases over and over, Rocket Sp...