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1. When you chase two rats at a go you will lose both. 2. Testicles do not make a man. 3. The flavour of roasted corn has got nothing to do with the taste in the mouth. 4. Women are like cassava sticks they have many eyes. 5. An anthill, which does not want to be trampled on, must not grow mushrooms. 6. Never tease a crocodile before you cross the river. 7. The fall of a dry leaf is a warning to the green ones. 8. Grass does not grow on a busy road. 9. The gazelle wakes up every morning knowing it has to run faster than the lion to survive the jungle. 10. No matter how high a bird flies its shadow remains on the ground. 11. It is not the crow of the cock that breaks the day. 12Whether the cock crows or not the day will break. 13. A razorblade may be sharper than a cutlass but can never cut down a tree. 14. Never underestimate the power of fools when they gang up. 15. It is not the size of the dog that matters in a fight but the fight in the dog. 16. Every man is a fool of a woman he loves. 17. When one door closes another opens. 18. Eyes are the windows to one’s heart 19. The pillar of the world is hope 20. There is more wisdom in listening than in speaking. 21. A youth who does not cultivate friendship with the elderly is like a tree without roots. 22. The man may be the head but the woman is the heart of the home. 23. Rain beats the leopard’s skin but it does not wash out the spots. 24. A brand burns him who stirs it up. 25. One fly does not provide for another. 26. Bakuba is far away, no one ever reached it. 27. You will shed tears with one eye like the monkey. 28. The walls have come onto collision. 29. He is ripe inside, like a watermelon. 30. You have cast away your own for that which you are not sure of. 31. He is a buck of an endless forest. 32. You are lighting a fire in the wind. 33. There is no beast that does not roar in its den. 34. A dog of the wind. 35. The shield turned the wrong way. 36. A cob stripped of maize in an ash pit. 37. The adhesive grass will stick fast to you. 38. The sun never sets without good news. 39. They are people of experience who do not sleep at a strange place. 40. You will prefer roasted meat. 41. Throats are all alike when swallowing. 42. One does not become great by claiming greatness. 43. It is the foot of a baboon. 44. He has gone in pursuit of the birds of the sea. 45. To creep on your knees to the fireplace.

46. To skin a mouse. 47. It dies out and rises like the moon. 48. The foot has no nose. 49. To fasten a dog to a shrub. 50. A crab stuck fast between the stones at the entrance of its hole. 51. The house of the heart is never full. 52. The snail leaves its slime wherever it goes. 53. An elephant does not die of one broken rib. 54. A needle cannot hold two threads or the mind two thoughts at ago. 55. When we fell trees in the forest, we ought to imagine the situation reversed. 56. “Come and I tell you” tickles the ear 57. The camel never sees its hump, but that of its brothers is always before its eye. 58. Do not look where you fell but where you slipped. 59. A needle may be small but a buffalo cannot swallow it. 60. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago and the second best time is now. 61. He who forgives gains victory. 62. When people run out of ideas or arguments they turn to violence. 63. If your host is seated on a stool do not ask for a chair. 64. It is only a fool that tastes the depth of the water or well with both feet at ago. 65. The lead ox always gets the whip. 66. A rising tide lifts all boats. 67. Good fences make good neighbours. 68. Fortune comes to the brave. 69. Hunger attacks even a toothless man. 70. A calabash does not need magic to stay afloat. 71. Good things come to those who wait. 72. What an old man sees while seated a young man can’t see while standing.

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