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Jordyn Champoux May 13, 2014

2150 Ridgeline Drive Lincoln, NE 68512 402-613-9233 To Whom It May Concern: After hearing about the position avaliable with your company, I am sure my skills and qualifications meet your desires in the potential employee. I am happy to submit my resume to you and have the oppoutunity to apply for this position. My twelve years as a student in the Lincoln Public School District and active participant in many activities I have learned many skills that have prepared me for opportunites and jobs such as this. The skills I have learned over the years will help your company grow to its full potential. Through the many computer classes I have taken I am familiar with many different computer software and programs such as Adobe InDesingn, Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint and Excel. I am sure my skills will help your company and I am excited to give my expeirences and skills to this position. I am sure I would be a great addition to your cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Jordyn M. Champoux

Jordyn Champoux


2150 Ridgeline Drive Seeking a position where I can use my skills and abilities to my full potential. Lincoln, NE 68512 402-613-9233 Education: Lincoln Southwest High School

August 2011 Present Graduation year: 2015 GPA: 3.75

Elective classes in: Spanish years 1-4, Pre- Caluclus, Newspaper, Beginning Pottery, Beginning Jewlery, Chemistry, US History, Oral Communications, and Economics. Work Experience: Dance Assistant Hart Dance Academy 4747 Pioneers Blvd. Suite 200 Lincoln Nebraska 402-488-9444 Tracy Hart 2011- Present Proficient Skills In: Communication, Adobe InDesign, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Docs, Organization. Awards and Activities Honor Roll National Honors Society Gold Star Award Dance Reperatory Group Student Council Student Ambassadors SHOS Youth Group

2011 - Present 2014 - Present 2006 2002 - Present 2011 - Present 2011 - 2012 2011 - Present 2012 - Present 2010 - Present


Jordyn Champoux 2150 Ridgeline Drive Lincoln, NE 68512 402-613-9233

Tract Hart Dance Studio Owner Hart Dance Academy 4747 Pioneers Blvd. Suite 200 Lincoln Nebraska 402-488-9444 Penny Ford Family Friend 402-770-7953 Lincoln Nebraska Sarah Hung Neighbor 402-770-6268 Lincoln Nebraska

Jordyn Champoux 

Self­Analytical Evaluation    Journalism is everywhere and is a big part of what we see every day. In the eighth grade I  took publications class and helped design the school yearbook for that year. Since then I have  been interested in taking some type of journalism class weather it be newspaper or yearbook.  This year I decided to take newspaper and it has turned out to be one of the best classes I have  taken in my high school career. This year I had lots of open room in my schedule when signing  up for classes last spring. I decided that this year would be the year I would take the journalism  class I had been thinking about since the eighth grade.  Throughout my semester in Hawk Talk I have learned a lot of journalism skills, but at the  same time I have learned a lot of lifelong skills. I have learned how to properly design a  newspaper layout and how to place everything so the stories fit perfectly and how to make it look  appealing to the reader, using InDesign. Many companies may use InDesign to create fliers and  other marketing tools to get customers to their business. This skill I have learned in newspaper  class is a skill that will make me more marketable to future employers.   I have learned the importance of teamwork, even in a class where everyone is doing  “their own thing”. Everyone in the journalism class comes up with stories that would be beneficial  for the school to read and for use to write about and shed light on. Once the class had finished  their layouts, other classmates would edit and give suggestions on how to improve your spread  and point out any errors you may not have seen. Everyone wants everyone to succeed, and  when one classmate needs help, everyone was so willing to help and jumped right in to  wherever they were needed.  I have always noted deadlines in classes before, but I have never had a class where  deadlines were just as important as the spread layouts. In newspaper, if your articles are not  done on time and others are trying to design their spreads, it creates stress for everyone. When  articles are turned in on time then everyone can get right to work on their spreads and the  newspaper can get sent off when it is supposed to, or even earlier than planned. If you miss one  deadline for stories the work just snowballs and you start to miss all of the deadlines. Missing  deadlines is hard but if you just miss one, it is hard, but not impossible to get back on track if  effort is put in from you.  Choosing to take newspaper was one of the best decisions I have made in deciding what  classes to take. I have made new friends and got the chance to help make the Hawk Talk the  best it can be. Newspaper was a valuable class for me to take because I learned how to be a  better writer, and I learned how to write journalistically. Journalistic writing is much different from  essay writing in english class and I have learned a lot from learning how to write differently in this  class.  I will take the skills I have learned in newspaper to the jobs I will hold in the future. Many  high school students have not learned about deadlines or how to work as a team in a class, and I  feel privileged to have learned that skill before many of my classmates have. The skills of  journalistic writing, InDesign, and Photoshop skills will make me more marketable to my future  employers and I can offer the best of my abilities to them to help their companies grow. I can  also use my teamwork skills in every class I take, into college, with friendships, and into the  workplace. Newspaper has taught me many skills and I am glad I got the chance to be in class  with wonderful writers and to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with the class. Newspaper  will help me in many different ways in the future and I now have the skills and abilities to help me  land a job in the future hopefully using some of the skills I have learned in journalism. 

Jordyn Champoux 

Reflection #1  Throughout this semester in newspaper I have written many different stories to be  published in the Hawk Talk. I feel like my most significant piece for the Hawk Talk, was my article  on the American Heart Association Sweethearts. I think that article was my best work and the  most interesting topic I wrote upon for the school newspaper.  The AHA Sweethearts are not a very well known organization to the community and they  do a lot of volunteer work and I wanted to let people know who they are, what they do, and how to  get involved. Since I am a member of Sweethearts, it was a relatively easy article for me to write  on and share all of the information.   My first draft was very unorganized, and I was just writing down ideas and thoughts and  the article jumped from different idea to the next. I had a lot of help from Mrs. Benson and Griffin  to help me re organize my article to a more flowing and easy to follow article. My final article draft  followed a set path and explained everything I wanted to say in an easier way. Since this article  was only the second newspaper I had worked on, I still was having some errors on grammar and  how to journalistically write a story. It took some time and lots of editing, but I felt that after this  article I knew more about how to write a journalistic article and the corrections and critiques I got  from this article helped me write the articles to come.  I feel like I worked very hard on this article and put my best effort into making this article  my very best. This is the article I am most proud of because I was very interested in the topic  before writing about it, and since I was already interested it was a fast article to write and one  that I enjoyed. I feel like I really showed the students of LSW, who the sweethearts do and all  they do for the community. I liked that I was able to show the part of the sweethearts at the Heart  Ball, because it had just finished and it is the biggest Sweetheart event of the year. In the final  draft layout I liked how I laid out the article and placed the pictures.  

Jordyn Champoux 

Reflection #2    Looking back at all of the articles I have written for the Hawk Talk this semester, one  article I have written stands out to me as one that I could have written better or taken a different  angle on. That article is my Memorial Day article. The article started out as a story about sales  that would be going on Memorial weekend at the outlet mall. After several days of trying to find  out what stores will be having sales, I was at a stand still with my article and didn’t know what to  do.  After a few days of contemplating what I could do better, or how to make the article long  enough for the required two pages, Mrs. Benson gave me the suggestion about changing my  article into what activities are going on in and around Lincoln over Memorial Day weekend. I still  kept part of my original article about outlet mall sales, but I added in different activities such as  picnics, parks, swimming, fishing, movies and anything else I could think of that would be going  on during that first weekend of summer.  Since I had changed the topic of my article in the middle of the deadlines for articles, I felt  rushed in writing my article and there are many places where I feel that I could have put a lot  more effort into that article than I had. Throughout the process of changing this article I had a lot  of encouraging words from the editors to keep going and that helped a lot in knowing that helped  me keep writing more to get the final piece done on time.  It took a while for me to finally like the final piece I had submitted. I like my final pieces to  be perfect or as close to perfect as they can get, and I just did not love that article. If I could go  back and changed or spend more time on one article, I would choose to work more on this  article. 

Jordyn Champoux 

Reflection #3    I feel like I was a good asset to the Hawk Talk staff. I contributed lots of ideas for stories,  helped design layouts to my best abilities. I feel like throughout this semester I gave everything I  could have to the newspaper staff. Everyone in newspaper contributes ideas for different titles if  others don’t know what to title their pieces.  During my semester in newspaper, I contributed lots of different stories to the Hawk Talk  that had not been written on before. I brought my own angle to different things discussed in class  and on the articles I wrote. Throughout the course of this semester I wrote sports stories, to  news stories, to feature stories. In each type of story I worked on, I feel that I gave my full efforts  and ideas into those stories.  When creating layouts I feel that I “spiced up” the usual layouts and put some different  layouts into the newspaper. In the process of creating those designs for layouts in the  newspaper, some of the ideas in my head did not work out when I tried to put them into place. I  then had to change my ideas to still be different and creative, but also work on the page. Creating  layouts for the newspaper was difficult at first but once I got the hang of it and understood how to  use InDesign, I got to use my creative abilities to create different layouts to make the Hawk Talk  the best it could possibly be.  Also, in the time I spent in newspaper class, I feel that I brought positivity and laughter to  the class. Every day I tried to bring a positive attitude to class every day and bring new ideas and  suggestions for the class. I feel that, trying to bring new ideas, suggestions, positivity, and  laughter, I helped the staff in many different ways. Being able to come to class each day with a  positive attitude was a good thing I brought with me to the newspaper class. Having a positive  attitude and outlook on things helped me write better articles and better accept corrections and  criticism of my work.  I am glad I got to be a part of the Hawk Talk staff and bring the best of my abilities to the  newspaper. I feel that I was an essential part of the paper, as well as every member of the staff,  and look forward to bring new ideas to the staff next year. 

Jordyn Champoux 

Reflection #4    There were many different problems I faced and overcame while on the newspaper staff.  The hardship that stands out the most to me, is when I was writing my Memorial Day article. I  struggled in many areas while creating the story and after many frustrations with myself, from  the help of my classmates, I overcame those hardships and created a final draft for the paper.  When I first started writing this article, the idea behind it was going to focus on sales at  the Outlet Mall over Memorial Day Weekend. After calling different stores at the outlet mall and  coming up with the same outcome every time, that they did not yet know what sales were going  on currently, I was frustrated with myself for not being able to finish the story. After about a week  of working on that angle and going nowhere, from the help of Mrs. Benson, I changed the story to  talk about different activities going on in and around Lincoln during the Memorial Day weekend.  Another hardship I faced was when I was writing my first article for the paper, LSW  Students Playing Lacrosse. Since I had never written journalistically, I struggled in many areas  while writing this piece. I turned in my first draft and it looked like an essay not a newspaper  article. When I got that piece back from being edited I was flustered with seeing all of the  corrections that needed to be made and wondering why my piece was not good. That was not  true, my story was good, I just had many grammatical errors and did not know how to set up an  article for a newspaper. After correcting all of the errors and finally turning in my final draft and  getting it back with a smiley face on it let me know that I did a good job on the article. I am very  proud of how I overcame that hardship for me and turned around and published a final copy of an  article that I am very proud of. 

Jordyn Champoux 

Reflection #5    I believe that the grade I earned in newspaper is an A. I would give myself this grade  because in class, I turned in all of my stories in on their deadlines if not before. I worked hard to  make sure my articles were written correctly and written to the best of my abilities. I contributed  new ideas and suggestions to the class and helped the school newspaper be the best it can be.  Yes, there are things I wish I could have done more on and could have done more on. I  cannot go back and change those articles, but I am still proud of everything of mine that has  been published. I wish I would have worked more on the Memorial Day article. I did give my all on  the rest of the articles that were published and distributed to the school. The articles that I am the  most proud of include, Girls With A Heart, LSW Students Playing Lacrosse, Painting for a  Cause, and the Tie Blankets articles. I did my absolute best on those articles and feel like they  were different stories and gave new information to the school.  I have lots of room to improve upon to become the best writer I can. I think Journalism  helped me become the best writer I can be. I look back and see the improvements I have made,  from my first article to now and I am shocked at how far I have come. The efforts I have put in to  this newspaper are all worth it when I see the final papers distributed to the school, and hearing  what people think of my articles.  I think I deserve an A for the efforts I have given to the paper. From the different angles I  brought to the articles I wrote and the different suggestions I brought to the class. I think I worked  to the best of my abilities on all but one of my articles. I think I earned my A and I am very proud  of the work I did in newspaper and I am excited to be a part of LSW Journalism next year. 


Im Very Hungry

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WHERE AREA look THEY NOW? at previous LSW award winners... By Liz Uebele As you enter Southwest, you pass by plaques commemorating a variety of student achievements. These are the students of Southwest’s past and present. We looked up to them as underclassmen, were inspired by their academic or athletic success, envied their ability to perform and heard tall tales of their achievements after their graduations. We are reminded of the contributions they have made to our school by their pictures hung permanently on the wall. Southwest is home to five walls of awards winners, each boasting the achievements of talented hard working students and teachers. To earn a plaque, students demonstrate exceptional skill in an area of study or performance. These skills range from national merits and top three percent scholars to Debate national finalists and tri-sport athletes. In this issue we will be showcasing some “Wall of Famers” by looking at their lives before and after graduation.

Wyn Wiley

Wyn Wiley is a prime example of a student that made his high school experience at Southwest his own. As a participant of band, jazz band, theatre, choir, show choir, key club and NHS he used his time at Southwest to discover his interests. Wiley’s accomplishments include being an All-State Choir member as well as an All-State soloist his senior year. Apart from his vocal skills, Wiley has another talent that has taken him all around the world. His senior year, Wiley started a photography business that has expanded from taking senior pictures, to weddings and professional photo-shoots. He is still widely known by Southwest students for his superior photography skills when taking senior pictures. His main goal is to put a smile on the face of everyone he works with. Wiley is also known for his great advice and charismatic demeanor. His Wyn Wiley claimed his spot on an LSW advice for current high school students Wall of Fame in the 2009-2010 school is, “Be someone you’d like to meet. Al- year for Choral Tenor. Courtesy photo. ways remember those who have helped you and deliver two or three times as much value back, use candy bars as forks and-or spoons, and love cats.”

Dr. Hartman

Dr. Hartman is one of the teachers that made sacrifices for the sake of his students’ education. As head of the Math Department, Hartman has put in the hours and earned his Ph. D. in 2010. In 2011 he received the Presidential Award. “It’s all about opportunity and taking advantage of it. I encourage my staff to take advantage of opportunities when advancing their education. This summer the Math Department had 87 combined hours of graduate hours. It really is incredible.” Hartman also encourages his students to take advantage of all of the resources offered at the school. Hartman posts videos daily covering material students may need help with at home. This extra effort put forth really makes the difference in a students’ education. Although one of his major goals is Dr. Hartman is now Ph.D. certified for all of his students to be proficient and, in 2010-2011, was a Presidenin Advanced Algebra, his primary goal tial Award recipient. Photo by Jordyn is to teach his students lessons on re- Champoux. spect, responsibility, time management and most importantly, character. As a firm believer in Southwest’s SOAR program, he recognizes students when he sees these attributes present in their behavior. Hartman hopes the best for all of his students and encourages them to, “Investigate courses you have an interest in. Avoid taking pass blocks. Get involved and take a risk.”

Wiley has many of his photos on his website, including new born pictures, wedding pictures and many Southwest Students’ senior pictures. Courtesy photos.


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February 7, 2014

1/31/14 2:27 PM

More Than Just Blankets

By Jordyn Champoux From six weeks old, sophomore Cassie Borneman was diagnosed with A.R.P.K.D. (Auto-somol Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease), an incurable disease that affects the kidneys, this disease is all she has known. Last year, Borneman had a kidney transplant surgery because her kidneys were failing. After finding out her mother was a match, Borneman and her mother set a date for the surgery. Many patients wait on the transplant list for donated organs while receiving dialysis for extended periods of time. Since Borneman’s mother was a match for her kidney transplant, she didn’t have to wait for another match to come in to receive a transplant. “A.R.P.K.D. is a disease that attacks the kidneys; it forms little fluid filled bubbles called cysts all over the outside and inside of the kidneys. The cysts grow and multiply until it overrides the kidney functions and shuts them down,” said Borneman. After her kidney transplant surgery, she received a fuzzy tie blanket covered with monkeys; that tie blanket lifted her spirits and made her feel

better. Borneman then decided that “To make a tie blanket all you she wanted to do the same thing for have to do is cut strips and tie them other patients, so together. Simple,” she set out to raise said Borneman. money to purchase B o r n e m a n fabrics to make tie and her club blankets. members make Costs for the tie blankets making a single in the FCS sewing tie blanket can be and foods rooms. high depending on They are making which fabrics you the blankets choose to make for patients at your tie blanket University of with. Nebraska Medical “I love to pick Center in Omaha, out the fabrics. Neb. There’s so many Once they colors and have completed combinations and a blanket, the that’s what I love blankets get put about it. We get all away in a spare of the fabrics from room in the Hancock Fabrics by Cassie Borneman with one of her Borneman’s house Gateway Mall,” she many tie blankets for the hospitla pa- before they are said. tients. Photo by Jordyn Champoux/ delivered. B o r n e m a n , Hawk Talk FCCLA club along with her sponsor Mrs. Way family members, friends, Mrs. Tracy was approached by Borneman to make Way’s Creative Clothing class and the tie blankets with the other club fellow FCCLA club members, have members. made a total of 20 blankets. “Cassie was very motivated about

making tie blankets because of her personal experiences,” said Mrs. Way. The plan is to make more tie blankets before the prospective delivery date in May. They will deliver the blankets at Borneman’s next check up visit to UNMC. Borneman’s doctors and neurologists know about her plans to deliver the blankets at her next visit, but the patients do not. “I know that I’m probably going to make someone very happy and lift their spirits by giving them a tie blanket,” said Borneman. Borneman hopes to bring a smile to patients’ faces when the tie blankets are delivered. She hopes the blankets make them less scared for surgeries and feel like they’re not so alone going through their time in the hospital. “My tie blanket had monkeys on it and it made me feel, surprisingly, a lot better, and I hope to do the same for other patients going through the same thing,” said Borneman. If anyone is interested in supporting Borneman and her cause, she encourages help to make some of the tie blankets if people are interested or people can donate money to FCCLA with a note saying “for tie blankets.”

By Lydia Robertus Each year since 2002, the pep rally known as “Switch Rally” has been held in the main gym during third term. This year, Cheerleaders, Emeralds and Show Choir performed, along with a few surprise activities announced by senior emcees, Justin Wiley and Hunter Maude. This year, the Show Choir started off the rally with a preview of their 2014 routine including the songs, “I Can Go the Distance,” “Gravity,” “King of New York” and “Almost There.” Each song included a solo by a Show Choir member including junior Sam Mitchell, senior Claire Wilkinson and senior Maddie Stuart. Following show choir, ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) performed a routine to the song “God Bless the USA” in the middle of the court. Each member got the opportunity to show the skills they had obtained over a series of practices. The performance concluded with a standing ovation by

everyone in the audience. The Cheerleaders took the floor for a routine with the “manleaders.” The cheerleaders chose a total of 16 boys to take part in this event. Each member was chosen based upon how the cheerleader predicted each of them would perform in front of a large audience. “The boys messed around a lot during practices and didn’t like to focus, but it was fun when they actually tried and got more into the dance,” said senior Cheer Captain Laura Haniszewski. Each “manleader” and his cheerleader partner wore t-shirts to match one another. Unlike the girls, the boys also flaunted a pair of handcrafted shorts donned with puffy paint, feathers and a variety of extra fabric “iron-ons.” After the Cheerleaders, the emceess announced the competition for the class chant. All four classes, plus the band, tried their best to shout

on the front. To finish off the rally, two of the LSW staff members, brothers Ryan Salem and Chris Salem, came together in the middle of the court in an arm-wrestling competition. Older-Salem, Ryan, made his entrance from the side, jumping into the senior section in an attempt to get the senior students cheering for him. Younger-Salem, Chris, entered from the opposite side of the gym, sporting a pair of black shades to let the crowd know he meant business. After a vigorous battle and a bit of assistance from a mysterious outside source, Younger-Salem took home the title. The 2014 Switch Rally contained excitement that was surprising to many, and nothing less than satisfactory to everyone. The extraordinary performances and activities gave seniors something to remember and future graduating classes something to look forward to for years to come.

Switching up Switch Rally


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the loudest and take home the victory. In the end the senior class took home the championship once again. Next, the Emeralds came out to show their routine. In past Switch Rallies, Emeralds chose staff members to perform with. However, this year the Emeralds switched up the performance with a surprise entrance by adding boys from the student body to the routine. The boys were chosen the same way as the Cheerleaders chose their partners. “Switch Rally is by far the most fun pep rally we do all year. This year, it combined our Emerald routines and the teachers and boys to have a fun and laid back performance,” said senior Emerald Captain Kelsey Hillman. The teachers wore t-shirts designed and printed by Emeralds. Each Emerald and her staff partner wore shirts colored to match on another. The boys wore black t-shirts decorated with various colors of puffy paint with the saying, “Its hard to be a manerald,”

March 4, 2014

2/26/14 8:38 AM

Science Class Critters By Leah Fagen steer clear of him, due to his literal Humans are not the only beings snapping at them,” said Bittle. in our school. At Southwest, there Bittle also has Lizzy, the Bearded are an abundance of class pets, but Dragon. She was just aquired in the some of them are month of March. Being considered “creepy a new addition to the crawlies” by those class, students are who are afraid fascinated by her. them. “She isn’t fully Mr. Kevin grown, but people Schrad, who want to touch her,” said teaches Biology Bittle. and Zoology, has Lizzy is not two pets, Iggy and dangerous though. Diablo. Iggy is an Iggy likes to climb and sit on stu- Bearded Dragons are iguana. She whips dents and Mr. Schrad. Photo by not known for being her tail around to Leah Fagen/Hawk Talk aggressive or harmful. hit people, which Bittle also has is a common sign of fear for Iguanas. Benny, the Corn Snake. He has been at She has been at Southwest for two the school for six years. Students have years. become familiar with him because he “She seems to still not like people. has been at LSW for so long. If she knows you or has been around “The students like Benny because you, then she is less likely to hit you,” he is awesome. The only reason that said Schrad. “Her tail whipping has people don’t like him is because they developed over her years surrounded don’t have any respect for snakes,” by high school students.” said Bittle. Schrad’s other pet is Diablo, the There are many more animals corn snake. She has been at Southwest than Iggy, Diablo, Snappy and Lizzy. for approximately five years. Sandman is a crested gecko that “Some people have this phobia has “attended” Southwest with the (Ophidiophobia), because of the way students for 18 months. the snake feels or look,” said Schrad.“I Wyatt, another corn snake, has try to help the students with their fear; been with the class pet family for about many of them do.”   four years. He is Bittle’s daughter’s pet Mr. Charley Bittle also has an snake, and she got him when she was assortment of classroom pets, ranging five years old. from turtles to a gecko. The teachers take care of the One of his turtles is Snappy, his animals, but usually let the students American snapping turtle that actually take the animals under their wings. will snap at people. He has been at These reptiles and amphibians have Southwest for three years. found their way into Lincoln Southwest. “He makes people nervous and If you would like to be around these afraid because he could snap a finger creatures, you could take Biology or and do a lot of damage. Most people Zoology.


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A Mission of Love By Jordyn Champoux While teaching Vacation Bible Every three years, junior Kelsey School, Caden and Kelsey taught the and freshman Caden Pauling go on a children songs, played games and mission trip to La Ceibita, Honduras. shared their message with the group. The Pauling siblings go to Honduras “When we visit La Ceibita, the chilthrough their church, Southwood Lu- dren love to have their picture taken. theran. Some of the kids tend to stick around Southwood offers three different some people more than others, and opportunities throughout the year to you form bonds and friendships with go to Honduras, and many of the vol- them. Some of the same kids from the unteers have been to Honduras mul- last trip were still there when we went tiple times. back three years later. It was really “We go to Honduras every three fun to see how much they have grown years over spring break,” said Caden. up and how their personalities have Getting prepared for this journey changed,” said Kelsey. involves many more steps than just Visiting Honduras is very different packing a suitcase and buying a pass- than living in Lincoln. The Paulings noport. Before going to Honduras, the ticed several differences between the two had to take medicine and get shots cultures. to prevent any diseases they might “From my visit to Honduras, I contract from the insects or water in learned that you can’t take the nice the village. Volunteers are required to things that you are able to have for get Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccina- granted. The village members are very tions, because the outbreak of these proud of their homes and don’t take diseases, which little things for granted,” come from the consaid Caden. taminated food and This year, the siblings water in the villages. and other volunteers Honduras is went around to differfound along the Caent homes of the village ribbean Sea and has members and learned many views of the how to make and form mountains towards tortillas. the inland part of the “Each night the country. However, Caden and Kelsey Pauling (mid- same woman from the Honduras is strug- dle left and middle right)and village would cook us gling economically, other church memebers in Hon- all dinner. Each night it duras on a mission trip. Courand is one of the tesy photo would be tortillas, beans poorest countries in and rice,” said Kelsey. Latin America. VacOn the second to last cines aren’t available and there are night in La Ceibita, all of the volunteers several fatal diseases running rampid. got together with the members of the To get to La Ceibita, Honduras ev- village to talk and eat. The volunteers ery morning, the volunteers boarded all shared with the village members a truck with an open bed and rode the what keeps them coming back to Honbumpy roads into town. The rigorous duras. When the volunteers shared ride took around 45 minutes each way. their reasonings, the village had an in“My favorite part of the trip was the terpreter to help everyone understand truck ride between where we stayed what was being said. and La Ceibita everyday because the “I like seeing all of the volunteers, view is something you can’t get to see even the middle schoolers, share their anywhere else,” said Kelsey. reasonings for coming back to HonduIn La Ceibita, the volunteers built ras,” said Kelsey. homes, took care of the children in the On their last day in La Ceibita, the village, taught Vacation Bible School, Paulings and the rest of the volunteers helped improve the local school and took the village leaders to a resort to visited an orphanage. Caden and spend a full day with the volunteers Kelsey taught Vacation Bible School before they left for Lincoln. and played with the children while “After you get home from the trip other volunteers helped build houses. you feel like a changed person on the “I like getting to see how all of the inside. You feel like you did something kids are so happy with how little they good for people who aren’t as privihave,” said Caden Pauling. leged as you are,” said Caden.

April 15, 2014

Painting for the “Prairie” By Jordyn Champoux The Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center and the City of Lincoln Watershed Management team up every year for the Rain Barrel program which began in 2009. For the sixth year in a row, the city of Lincoln challenged artists to paint rain barrels based on a specific theme. This year, the theme was “prairie.” Participants had five weeks to paint and return their barrels. There were a total of 24 artists chosen to participate with a total of 25 barrels returned to be on display at the Southpointe Mall throughout the month of April. Two of the barrels, however, were not painted by one single artist, but rather 57 artists from Southwest that are enrolled in one of Julie Walstrom’s beginning painting or drawing classes. “There are many good design ideas that are submitted from southeast Nebraska. We were thus very excited to be asked to do not just one, but two rain barrels,” said Dr. Walstrom. A rain barrel is an above ground container that is connected to a downspout to collect rainwater that will be

used for non-drinking and many others. purposes. The typical Students from Dr. rain barrel holds 55 Walstrom’s Beginning gallons of water. The Painting and Beginrain barrels have a filning Drawing class ter that prevents mosthird term, were all quitoes from entering given the opportuthe water supply. At nity to participate in the bottom of the barthe painting of the rel there is a spout for rain barrels. Each regulated uses. The student created a barrels have an overdesign and the deflow pipe to get rid of signs were posted, excess water that may discussed, and evalube collected when the ated by each of the barrel is full. students. The draw“People in my class ing and painting of went around the room the designs was then and voted on different completed by student designs and decided One of the various rain barrels volunteers involved on the final design. Ev- on display around Southpointe in Mrs. Walstroms eryone had the oppor- Mall painted by Southwest’s be- class. The students tunity to participate in ginning drawing and painting entitled their pieces creating some part of classes. Courtesy Photo “Our Prairie Through the rain barrel,” said Time I & II”. Freshman Seth Lamb. The application process required Some local artists who were cho- that ideas from artists be submitted sen to participate included Michelle for review. These ideas were considAsher, Tyler Collins, Vonda Hartshell ered by the Watershed Management

Artistic Rain Barrel Program committee and some of the ideas were chosen for completion on a actual rain barrel. “It was a learning process, students needed to incorporate elements and principles of design in their work as well as think of what kind of subjects could ‘tell a story’ about a prairie theme,” said Walstrom. The barrels were displayed in numerous stores at the Southpointe Mall. “My favorite part is the journey the students took to successfully initiate and then produce the designs. They not only learned about art, they learned history and environmental science as well. It was fun to see how much the community valued their work as well,” said Walstrom. The Barrels are available for purchase and all proceeds the barrels bring support the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center’s educational information for exhibits and other environmental education programs. Each barrel is priced at $250 and can be purchased from the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center Website.

By Griffin Day On the first Friday of every participating month, several of the 50 art galleries in Lincoln participate in the Art Walk, or as it is more often referred to, First Friday. First Friday showcases paintings, sculptures, photography, clothing, music and other pieces of artwork from local artists all held in different exhibits throughout downtown Lincoln. First Friday Art Walks start at 5 p.m. and go until around 10 p.m. The largest network of art galleries open to the walk are located from 7th to 17th Streets East to West, as well as the UNL campus to the State Capitol North

to South. Some of the more popular curators that hold exhibits displaying local talent are Indigo Bridge Books, Crescent Moon Coffee, The Public and the Sheldon Museum of Art. The First Friday held on May 2 was the first of the year that was able to embrace spring weather with outdoor galleries at locations such as the Burkholder Project on P Street which held a gallery titled “Abandoned” and featured photographs by Randy Mittan, Gayle Mittan and Sarah Moldovan. Gallery 9 on 9th Street used First Friday to showcase “Far From Home,” a gallery that featured paintings

students, seeking to show how the world is viewed within the community. Another student-based gallery was held at the Historic City Hall through the Community Learning Center. Student artists from elementary, middle and high schools shared their art to visitors. Among the art was two paintings made by the joint after school program students of Brownell and Norwood Park Elementary. Just as the name implies, the next First Friday Art Walk will be held on the first Friday of every month. The walks are free to the public and a great way to get out and enjoy the spring and summer weather.

First Friday Art Walk by Vonni Sparks and a few other pieces that were completed through collaboration with another local artist, Robert Esquivel. For Sparks, First Friday was a reception night for her latest works, which will stay on display for the rest of the month. Though the Art Walk offers professional artists the opportunity to present their art, a few unexpected artists made their way to the scene. At the Grand Manse Gallery, East High Beginning and Advanced Photography students showcased their exhibit, “The World We Live In.” The exhibit featured photographs of both film and digital nature taken by the

Plans for the Last Day of School Junior Eric Ullman: “I will go out with my friends to Red Robin and hang out for the rest of the day.”


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Junior Emily Berzonsky: “I will be running the 2 mile at State track.”

Sophomore Sarah Osgood: “I’ll be getting ready for my trip to Disney World.”

Compiled by Quinn Hullett Senior Makaria Kirianov: “I will be going out with friends and getting ready for graduation.”

May 15, 2014

Girls With a Heart By Jordyn Champoux their social circles. This year, girls Every year, there are 20-25 girls in took a modeling class and learned long red ball gowns escorted by their how to talk to others and present fathers to the Heart Ball, thrown by themselves in situations that may be the American Heart Association. These uncomfortable, such as job and college elegant ladies in red are part of a interviews or rushing a sorority. group known as the Sweethearts. The girls also take different classes The Sweethearts are junior and that prepare them for the future in the senior girls from high schools all over course of the year. The classes consist Lincoln and some from surrounding of etiquette class and how to introduce cities. yourself to others, CPR certification, The main event this group attends finance and college loans, makeovers is the Heart Ball. This year, the Heart and a personal defense class to Ball was held on February 15. The prepare for the future. Sweethearts were in long red ball The Sweethearts program also dresses, former Sweethearts wore offers girls the opportunity to volunteer. short red dresses and everyone else The girls volunteer at many events dressed in black. The costs of the throughout the year, like the Red Dress dresses and where they were purchased Dash, putting together goodie bags to from was not important; the dresses deliver to heart patients at Christmas just needed to time and be long and red. Go Red for “We don’t W o m e n , want to pressure which is the any girl on American having to have H e a r t that perfect Associations expensive day of dress, so we outreach to give them some inform women ideas on where about Heart to go to get a Disease in long red dress. women. Some have N e t z sewn their own,” has high said Robin Netz, expectations the founder of for the Sweethearts. Sw e e t h e a r t s Sweethearts and American Heart Assosiation “My red dress employees visited the Capital to talk to sena- and holds was long with tors about supporting Heart Health bills in the them to those a sweetheart legislature. Courtesy Photo standards. neckline, with After every beading on the top,” said junior event, she has the girls send thankCarolyn Hove, who is a member of you notes to the people who led the Sweethearts. class within a week of the class taking The girls were escorted by their place. Netz believes that thank-you fathers at the Heart Ball, and debuted notes are a lost art, and are important before dinner. to send to let people know that their “The one thing I have been looking time was appreciated. forward to all year is the Heart Ball. “I hope they are leaders. I hope I think it’s really neat how our dads they come into the program wanting escort us to the dance,” said Hove. to learn as much as they can. I want So what exactly is Sweethearts? them to make lifetime friends. I also “Sweethearts is a program for want girls that respect themselves Lincoln girls that helps prepare them to and have good morals and values, as be college ready. I wanted a debutante they do represent the American Heart type of a program where the girls Association of Lincoln,” said Netz. could dress up and be introduced to Sweethearts is in the midst of its the public,” said Netz. fourth year and has 25 girls involved; Sweethearts helps young ladies seven of which attend Lincoln learn how to present themselves in Southwest. settings other than school and within After the Heart Ball, the Sweethearts

March 4, 2014

5Feature.indd 3

don’t have many big events coming For incoming female juniors up but will have makeovers on the and seniors who are interested in Monday of Spring Break, and later in Sweethearts, the current Sweethearts can recommend other girls that would be good candidates for the program and then applications are sent to those girls. Other girls that weren’t recommended can obtain an application form online, fill it out, answer the essay question and send the application into the American Heart Association. Netz and Sara Brown select the next years Sweethearts From left to right: Ellie Wiltfong (12), Carolyn from the recommendations Hove (11), Morgan Meeks (12), Alexis Rienks and from the applicants. (12), Amanda Nelson (11) and Jordyn Champoux (11). These are six of seven Southwest Applications can also be students that participated in Sweethearts on found by going online to Feb. 15. Courtesy Photo Facebook and looking up the American Heart Association. April they will take their self-defense You can also call the AHA office at 402class. The monthly meetings are not 489-5115 for more information. mandatory for the girls to attend, but most of the Sweethearts try to get to every meeting they can.


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2/26/14 8:39 AM

LSW Students Playing Lacrosse By Jordyn Champoux Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and is also very physically and mentally draining. Several LSW students have joined in on the fun. Lincoln’s only lacrosse team, Lincoln Rampage Lacrosse, has players from every high school in town and is growing fast. Last year, they won their third consecutive Nebraska State Championship, which made league history. Last season the team had 36 players, and it is expected to grow more this year. “It’s a great sport and easy to pick up,” said junior Marty Gospodarski. Gospodarski got interested in lacrosse when he saw it on TV in sixth grade and thought he would try it out. Lincoln Rampage Lacrosse has gone to tournaments in Kansas City, MO., Tulsa, Okla., and plans to go to Texas this year. They have an average of three games per week leading up to playoffs in June. The team has practices five days a week for three-anda-half hours during the season. Lacrosse is similar to hockey and soccer. It has similar penalties to hockey but is played on a soccer field. “If the ball goes behind the goal, the person closest to the ball gets it,” said junior Nick Healey, who is in his first year of playing the sport. Just like any other sport, there are moments of

frustration when playing the sport. hockey did in the past few years, and we could have “When you have an open shot on the goal and a couple LPS high school teams,” said Gospodarski. you miss, that’s super frustrating,” said junior Brady “If enough people would sign up to play and Stock who is also in his first year of playing lacrosse. would commit to the team it would be fun to play “Messing up or a bad pass is frustrating. Oh, and other high school kids,” said Healey. “Not many peolosing,” said Gospodarski. ple come out to watch the lacrosse team play.” said Gospodarski also coaches his own lacrosse team Healey. of younger players. According to Healey, the people that mainly come “It’s fun to see out and watch are the players’ them in practices, family members, or a few people when their hard work from the community. pays off in games Lacrosse may be a sport that and to see their faces not a lot of people know about, but when they win. I like is a sport that a lot of people would coaching and being enjoy. able to help them beThe official lacrosse season come better players hasn’t started yet, but they are who realize their pasgearing up for their Spring 2014 sion for the game,” season. There are five fields in Linsaid Gospodarski. coln that they have access to pracAs of now, there Lincoln Rampage Lacrosse Team won their tice on and prepare for the 2014 isn’t an organized LPS third Nebraska State Championship last year. season. high school team in Courtesy Photo. “If you’re interested in playLincoln. There are talks ing lacrosse, start playing it with a of starting a high school lacrosse team for LPS high friend and see if you like it,” said Healey. school students if it gathered enough interest. Both Registration for the spring season will be startGospodarski and Healey would want to start a la- ing soon. Registration and more information can be crosse team if they could get enough people to sign found online at up for it. “It would be cool if it were to branch out like

Competition With a Cause By Mattison Merritt thing like a service project for our team, but it’s “It’s going to be very loud,” said senior T.J. Bur- hard because we are always so busy. I just thought bach, predicting the atmosphere of this year’s Wres- this way we could sort of incorporate a community tling Senior Night. event, a fundraising event with our competition,” Burbach was right. Not only was this year’s Wres- said Wrestling Coach Aaron Finley. tling Senior Night honoring the Wrestling team and Finley said he had a hard time deciding between their seniors, but it was also a a lot of great charities, but because benefit for disabled veterans in of the large amount of active or reLincoln. tired military personnel in town, On Jan. 22, “Takedowns For “Takedowns For Troops” was choTroops” kicked off with the Jusen. nior Varsity and Varsity wrestlers “Disabled American Veterans, taking on rival Southeast. The you don’t hear about them a lot. I evening was filled with matches just thought that would be a nice between the two schools, but for thing to raise money for,” said Fina good cause. The LSW Booster ley. Club donated $15 for every takeThe senior night involved recogdown that evening, whether it nizing the senior wrestlers, parents was from Southwest or Southand managers, along with recogeast. Other local businesses innizing alumni members that were Senior Matt Greenfield won his cluding Super Saver and Runza invited back. match on Wrestling Senior Night. matched the overall donations Senior wrestlers that were honPhoto by Mattison Merritt/Hawk as well. There were also donaored included T.J. Burbach, Zach Talk. tions from Wellman Heating and Roeder, Caden Husky, Kenneth Plumbing and Duteau Chevrolet. Pillow, Michael Langfeldt, Matt “I always wanted to do someGreenfield and Bree Samani, the


10Sports.indd 2

10 Hawk Talk

senior manager. Finley explained how many of the seniors this year have really stepped up in order to fill in the Varsity lineup. A lot of the seniors moved up from Junior Varsity because of so many injuries during the season. Many of the seniors that did step up, have done very well. “That’s probably what I will remember most about them,” said Finley. Burbach, a four-year Varsity wrestler, agreed with Finley’s observation about this year’s team. “It’s been a rebuilding year,” said Burbach. Burbach will miss spending time with his team and the family aspect of wrestling. He isn’t planning on wrestling in college when he attends the University of Nebraska-Kearney next year to study respiratory therapy. Burbach won his match against his Southeast opponent and helped Southwest win the dual against the Knights, 36-33. “Takedowns For Troops” raised over $3,000 for disabled veterans in Lincoln. Not only was the evening full of memory sharing, excited fans and senior and alumni recognition, but it was a great competition for a great cause.

February 7, 2014

2/3/14 12:12 PM

Bringing Brazil to Lincoln

By Jordyn Champoux After the construction of the Pinnacle Bank Arena, many new and different restaurants were built in the Haymarket. One of the new restaurants is Rodizio Grill: The Brazilian Steakhouse. Located across the street from Lazlo’s and up the street from Ivanna Cone, at 737 P Street, Rodizio’s is within walking distance from the Arena. Rodizio’s is different than any other restaurant in Lincoln. From the paintings on the wall to the Brazilian music playing, Rodizio’s is very warm and welcoming. The Gauchos (waiters) are friendly and give information on all of the meats offered when brought to your table. Rodizio’s has options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Rodizio’s offers two menu items, The Unlimited Gourmet Salads ($17.99) or The Full Rodizio ($27.99), which is also where the restaurant gets its name. The salad bar has over 21 salads, pastas, soups, fruits, vegetables and breads. Some of the salad bar options offer traditional Brazilian foods and more American options.

10 Hawk Talk


10A&E.indd 2

The salad bar also houses alfredo bar, and over 14 meat, poultry, pork nana popper, Polenta which is a Brapasta, mashed potatoes, fruit, mozza- and fish options. They also offer cara- zilian version of cornmeal and Pao De rella and many more salads, rolls and melized pineapple and a chicken heart Queijo which is Brazilian cheese bread different soup options. Some unique for the brave. made with Yucca flour and cheese. All items on the salad bar include Salada The meats are all cooked and sea- appetizers are included in your meal Rodizio which is a B.L.T. salad price. and Ovo De Codorna which is One of the more distinct items marinated quail eggs. on the salad bar is Farofa, which is If you choose the Full Yucca flour that is usually sprinkled Rodizio the Gauchos bring on beans and rice and is a Brazilian around meats on large metal favorite. kabob and slice you off a piece Rodizio’s also offers rich tradiof meat. Each Gaucho has a tional Brazilian desserts, such as different meat option to offer the traditional Flan, Bolo Brigayou. When seated a host will deiro, which is a three layer chocobring you an indicator with a late cake, and Rabanada, which is green side and red side. Paa cinnamon pastry served with vatrons flip it to the green side nilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Rodizios Grill is located at 737 P Street in downtown when you want the Gauchos With plenty of options in both to bring meats to your table, Lincoln. Courtesy Photo the salad bar and the “Full Rodizio”, and flip it to red when you Rodizio’s has something that evwant to get a chance to eat some food soned specifically to the type of meat. eryone can enjoy and is a unique resand pause the meats. When the Gauchos bring around the taurant to Lincoln and worth checking The “Full Rodizio” has meats that meats and make it to your table they out. are common to the United States are hot and every slice of meat is just Whether celebrating birthdays, anbut are given the traditional Brazilian as delicious as the last. niversaries or just trying out a new name such as Assado, Alcatra, Miolo With both options, guests get three restaurant, Rodizio’s will have you Da Paleta and Raquete. traditional Brazilian appetizers to try. coming back for more. The Full Rodizio, offers the full salad The Bananas Frita which is a fried ba-

April 15, 2014

4/9/14 1:41 PM


Do It Yourself: Picture Monogram

By Jordyn Champoux Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have become popular in the last few years. Pinterest has thousands of DIY crafts and projects you can make on your own. Among these are picture monograms. They are easy to make in a few hours, and allow you to display multiple photos in one area.

Things you need… - wooden letter($3.99) - Modge Podge($4.92) - pictures (printed in black and white or color) - scissors - sponge brush($0.50) - paint ($2.00) - paint brush($1.00)


1 2 3 4

Print out the pictures you want to use on picture paper or regular printer paper. Paint the wooden letter the desired color. Once the paint has dried, lay out your pictures on the letter how you want them. Cut your pictures to the size of the letter so they fit perfectly on the wooden letter.


Take the pictures off and paint a layer of Modge Podge on the letter using your sponge brush.


Start laying the pictures back down onto the letter on top of the Modge Podge.


Paint one layer of Modge Podge on top of the pictures and on the sides. Wait 15-20 minutes for the Modge Podge to dry and then paint one final layer of modge podge all over the letter again.


Let it completely dry and you’re done!

Umm... Hawkward.

When the staff photographers are photographing different school events, we can’t help but stumble upon a few pictures that make us question what in the world is going on. If you think you can put a witty caption to this, email it to to enter for the possibility to win. Winners will be announced in the next issue.

February 7, 2014

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Hawk Talk

11 A&E 1/31/14 3:04 PM

Looking Back On Basketball By Madicyn Deiro & Kenzie Wolfe With Basketball coming to end, both Varsity Girls and Boys teams have had a great season. Though both teams had some losses and some victories, they had a season of achievements and memories they’ll never forget.

10 by the end of their season. Going into Districts, the team was ranked an eighth in the “Omaha World Herald.” Senior and fouryear Varsity member of the team, McKenna Dodd, has had a lot of confidence Varsity Girls Basketball in her team During the Varsity Girls this year. Basketball season, the team “We’ve played many competitive had a lot games against teams such of close as Millard West and Omaha games this Central. Senior McKenna Dodd signed season, but “The girls are doing a with Doane College to continue I feel that good job of accomplishing playing basketball. Photo by we have a goals, they’re playing hard Talon Staff good chance and competing. This year’s at the top team has done a great job teams in the of playing together,” said Coach Lis state,” Dodd said. Brenden. “All of our games have been The girls played everyone in the top highly competitive and it’s been a fun

season. Bellevue West has been the biggest challenge that we have faced,” Brenden said. Girls State Basketball will be hosted by Southwest on Thursday, March 6.

we would gain it,” said Coach Duane Baack. In terms of working together, the team made a lot of improvement since the beginning of the season. “We kind of figured out our Varsity Boys Basketball identity,” said senior Jon Freese, who T h e has been playing basketball Varsity Boys for Southwest since his Basketball freshman year. team also While their record may not had a have been the best they’d challenging, hoped for, the season was but strong rewarding for every player, season this especially for senior Avery year. Prai, who shot six 3-pointers “As a at the Northeast game, team, we setting a new school record. knew that “We are much better we didn’t now than we were at the have enough beginning,” said Baack. experience “These kids have grown to win Senior Griffin Thomas played together and are very team early in the for the LSW Varsity Boys Bas- oriented.” s e a s o n , ketball team. Courtesy photo but we knew that

Umm... Hawkward. When the staff photographers are photographing different school events, we can’t help but stumble upon a few pictures that make us question what in the world is going on. If you think you can put a witty caption to this, email it to to enter for the possibility to win. Winners will be announced in the next issue.

Sophomore Jack Espinosa is a member of the LSW Dive team. Photo by Talon Staff

March 4, 2014

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Hawk Talk

11 Continued 2/26/14 8:47 AM

Make Memories This Memorial Weekend By Jordyn Champoux Country Club of Lincoln, Hillcrest CounMemorial Day (May 26th) is a great try Club, The Knolls and many of the time to spend time with family and city’s public pools will be opening Mefriends outside, while remembering morial weekend as well. With the sumthe men and mer heat sure to arrive women who before Memorial Day, have served going to the pool is a our country great way to cool off. to protect The Nebraska our freedom. Crossing Outlet Mall in There are Gretna, Nebraska will many activialso have many sales ties going on going on throughout in and around the week of MemoLincoln in the rial Day. Many stores days leading will be offering 50 up to, on Mepercent off of their almorial Day, One way to cool off during Memorial ready low outlet mall as well as Day is to go to one of the many pools prices. With the outthe days fol- around Lincoln/Courtesty Photo let mall being an outlowing. Many door mall, it is a great stores will have seasonal sales and time to enjoy the warmer temthe pools finally open for summer. peratures while hunting for good Memorial Day weekend is the first deals. weekend of summer vacation for LPS Another Memorial Day activity is students. With many of the country fishing at Holmes Lake or tubing at clubs and public pools opening up for Branched Oak Lake. The Nebraska business once again for the summer Game and Parks Commission has reseason, many people will be head- ported that there are now 4,000 Raining to the pools to celebrate Memorial bow Trout stocked in Holmes Lake. Day weekend. Some of the country For Memorial Day, many families club pools that will be opening include can head out to Branched Oak Lake

to go boating, tubing and fishing. The Great American Road Trip tour at Picnics on Memorial weekend are 6:30 PM. a great way to get outside and spend Another downtown activity is gotime with family. Lincoln has many ing to The Grand Movie Theater, in parks that have grassy fields or shel- downtown Lincoln. They will be showtered areas that are open to the pub- ing new movies over Memorial Day lic to be able to have a picnic lunch. weekend. “X-Men Days of Future Patrons can also rent out one of the Past”, “Blended”, “The Angriest Man in shelters to host a birthday party or a Brooklyn”, “Tracks and Words and Piclarge gathering tures”, are all beof family. Holmes ing release on May Lake, Pioneers 23, over MemoPark, Centennial rial Day weekend. Mall, Densmore, The Grand CinIrvingdale Park ema has recently and many other put in recliners in locations around one theater room Lincoln, are placand has certain es where families showings that alcan go to have a low moviegoers to picnic or spend have the experia day outside. ence of seeing a Ever since the The Grand Cinema is a great place to movie in theaters, Pinnacle Bank recline and sit back during Memorial but in the comfort Arena has come to Day/Courtesy Photo of recliners like at town, many weekhome. ends are filled with Husker games, but With different events happening now that basketball season is over, all over Lincoln on Memorial Day and there are concerts coming on those over Memorial Day weekend, there is weekends. Over Memorial Day week- plenty to do in town, from spending end, on May 24th, the Zac Brown Band the day outside to watching a movie will be performing at the arena, for their in new recliners at the Grand.

Low Cost Summer Glow

By Dana Okazaki It’s almost summer, so let’s face it; you want the sun-kissed skin that many other people have. But who wants to go to a tanning bed and spend hard-earned cash on something that is bad for you and will eventually fade away? Before you go out and use a tanning bed, try out these few home remedies and products that will give you the summer glow that you’ve been looking forward to all year, but won’t empty your pockets. 1.) D.I.Y self tanner (sunless) This method offers immediate results, and will be the most cost friendly option. You will need: -Rubber spatula -Baking Cocoa powder -Any desired body lotion (try-out “Hempz” lotions for extra moisture) -Bowl Directions Mix together the lotion and cocoa


12 Hawk Talk

powder in a small bowl. Use the rubber it gradually darkens your skin. spatula to apply the self tanner. How What you will need: much cocoa powder -Gloves you use will determine -Exfoliating scrub or brush how dark it will be; Directions start with ½ tsp and Exfoliate your skin thoroughly to add cocoa powder until ensure that the gradual tanning your reach the desired product you use will absorb shade you want to use. evenly and apply like normal 2.) Gradual tan products lotion. To prevent your hands such as Jergens, from staining put gloves on or Olay, Nivea and any wash your hands thoroughly. other common lotion 3.) Outdoor Tanning (sun) brands with gradual Outdoor tanning is free tan claims (sunless). and can be done during any The cost of gradual daylight hours. You can still tan tan is going to be slightly outdoors in overcast weather, more than traditional but just know that it will not be lotion. Gradual tan Gradual tanning as fast. When you are outdoors products typically lotions help create be aware that you must use a run around $9-$17 more permanent Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at depending on the brand tans/Courtesy least SPF 15; if you burn easily you select. They provide photo consider using a higher SPF. moisture like normal Products are available that lotion, but each day that it is applied; are meant to accelerate the outdoor

tanning process. These products generally run around $8-$15. Some products that you can check out are “Australian Gold Dark Tanning accelerator” and “Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil sunscreen spray.” Before tanning, exfoliate your skin before applying sunscreen and products. Exfoliating skin beforehand removes all dead skin cells allowing healthy skin to tan more easily. After you have finished tanning, make sure to moisturize skin regularly. This will make your tan last longer, and will help your skin tan faster in the future. Whether you burn easily, are looking to save some money or just want to cut back on sun exposure, these methods will give you the summer glow that you’ve been looking for. Some are completely free of cost, while others are completely sunless and UV free.

May 15, 2014

4/9/14 1:31 PM

Prom Dresses?

By Caile Birdwell With prom coming up, I’ve seen a lot of girls arguing in the halls about prom dresses and whatnot. In an attempt to better understand the prom dress craze that seems to be sweeping the building. I’m going to write an article explaining what I think of what girls are saying about prom dresses. I saw some girls arguing about ‘dress sizes,’ and that was one of the few things that I understand about these conversations. However, they were talking about “size one dresses”. Now, I wear size 30-32 jeans, so I have no idea how they’re planning to fit into a size one. They use a lot of complicated terms when they get into these arguments. Once, I heard a girl talk about a bodice... I think that’s a kind of gum? I also heard some girls talk about trains. And another girl had been talking about a waistline, which I’m assuming is a line that goes across the


By Mattison Merritt With winter bidding “Adieu” and spring REAL floral print: Floral prints have saying “Guten Tag,” there has been an inbeen popular for awhile now, but we are flux of unique new trends that are sweeptaking things one step further. Attach real ing the halls of LSW. While unique bouflowers onto your outfit. Have some bortiques and four-floored Forever 21’s seem ing old denim shorts? Staple some lilacs to have some of the latest trends, the real on those bad boys. Don’t just stop with styles are ones that you can find at home. flowers, use all vegetation! Need to spruce That’s right, vamp your wardrobes with up your work suit men? Actually attach a everyday items! spruce tree to it. Zippers where they don’t belong: Macaroni Jewelry: Talk about a You can purchase new zippers from most throwback. According to the new spring fabric or craft stores. All you have to do lines from designers like Versgetti, Pradais sew (or even hot glue) the new zippers chini and Rob Kardashian, that kindergaronto items that should not have a zipper ten art project your mother has in a box in on them. Socks, beanies, sweatpants or the attic could be a serious staple of your running shoes. Really anything that would wardrobe this season. Even Swedish watch look ridiculous with a zipper on it, put a company Swatch is expecting to release zipper on it. their Lo mein inspired watch next month.

Von Maur High Living Up to Its Name

waist. At least that one makes a little bit By Madicyn Deiro of sense. Superintendent Melissa McCarthy has Some girls talked about skirts, and recently informed the Lincoln Southwest at least I know what they are. Then they student body that a mini strip mall will be started yelling about a hemline. Doesn’t replacing the Media Center in the upcomthat have something to do with farming? I ing 2014-2015 school year. After McCarjust don’t know anymore. I’m assuming it thy spent a day at LSW and surveyed her has something to do with hems, which I’ve surroundings closely, she has decided that also heard the girls also yell about. Hems Starbucks, Forever 21 and, of course, Von are chickens, right? Maur, should be opened in the strip mall I’ve also heard the term “embellishment” and will most benefit at our school, due to once or twice, and have concluded that its success with students outside of LSW. it’s something that you put on a bell to Starbucks will be supporting LSW by make it ring louder. As soon as I figured undergoing a Silver Hawk theme. Drinks that out, I got the term ‘silhouette’ thrown will be renamed Hawkuccino, Hawk Chocoat me. I know that has something to do late and many other clever “Hawk” themed with shadows, so I guessed that’s what the names. Beverage sizes will now include dress looks like when the light hits it, which egg, hatchling and Silver Hawk. seems to be of little or no importance to Though clothing at both Forever 21 and me. Von Maur will not follow Starbucks’ Silver I still have no idea what girls are talking Hawk theme, all proceeds will go towards about when they argue over dresses. As a creating a Quidditch team and will be used freshman, I don’t think that I want to go to to purchase flying broomsticks. prom anymore. It seems like a lot of work. McCarthy will be offering LSW students the chance to participate in work-study

credit hours by becoming an employee of any of the three businesses, though Starbucks has an age minimum of 18 and positions will only be open to senior students with a family income greater than $500,000. “I think the strip mall will offer students a chance to learn about fashion and coffee and important stuff like that,” said McCarthy. Due to the selection choices from Forever 21 and Von Maur, students have no reason to wear the same outfit twice. If sighted doing so, they will promptly be given a lunch detention and sent to change immediately. If all goes well this upcoming school year, McCarthy has plans to expand the school mall into the cafeteria and replace it with a mini Scheel’s and six other Starbucks’. Daily school lunches will no longer be provided to students, because clothes and coffee are far more important than a library and cafeteria.

the scope of our future

By Madicyn Diero Aquarius (1/20-2/18) Are you feeling unlucky? Soon a leprechaun will gift you with a pot o’ gold. Spend wisely. Pisces (2/19-3/20) Peek over your shoulder. Watch your back closely; someone is following you. Aries (3/21-4/19) A famous singer will walk into your life and enchant you with a personal serenade. Don’t expect it to be bad boy Justin Bieber. Taurus (4/20-5/20)


Clean your room, Taurus. You’ll be surprised with your findings...spoiler alert, it’s a lot of dust. Gemini (5/21-6/21) When was the last time you took a break? Have a Kit Kat. Cancer (6/22-7/22) Stop worrying about the little things, like how the whole lunchroom saw you slip on a banana peel. Leo (7/23-8/22) Watch Frozen if you have not yet. Virgo (8/23-9/22)

Stop feeling so stressed out. Summer is coming up! Libra (9/23-10/22) Are you feeling loved? your pets? Scorpio (10/23-11/21) When was the last time you went to a concert? Plan on one in the future! Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) Are you feeling blue? At least you’re not in jail! Capricorn (12/22-1/19) Join a club of some sort…underwater basket weaving is becoming popular.


4Fake.indd 3

XOXO, Rinse and Repeat

By Jordyn Champoux I saw Dana Okazaki sneaking multiple tea bags into her purse and downing free samples at Teavana after school on Monday. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Rumor has it that after Miss Benson had sent over 25,000 tweets to Zac Efron over the course of two days, they are now happily engaged and planning a High School Musical themed wedding. Benson has decided she will make a hybrid last name of Ben-Fron. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat I heard that Caile Birdwell spends his free time male modeling for Vogue and asks for only green M&M’s and 158 yellow gerber daisies in his dressing room. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat After the Miley Cyrus concert Matty Merritt was seen chasing Cyrus’s tour bus through the streets of Omaha carrying with her a life-sized cutout of the star herself. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Leah Fagen has been spotted stealing goats from the petting zoo to start her own organic goat dairy farm. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Rumor has it that Griffin Day’s hair is naturally magenta and not its usual ferocious golden. He has been spotted bleaching his hair at the hair salon multiple times this month. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Over Spring Break, Madicyn Deiro forced fellow cruise passengers to reenact movie scenes from the Titanic, and even took her grandmother’s pearl necklace and dramatically threw it overboard. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Last Friday, Kenzie Wolfe rode her trusty steed, Purple Beauty, to school because her car was taken away. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Quinn Hullett, lover of books, has accumulated over $2 million in book fines in the Media Center. She has started a Harry Potter fund to help pay off the debts of her book misuse. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat Sources have confirmed that Sofia Lunbery-Fox transferred to Lincoln Southwest this year to sell previously written newspaper articles to the school newspaper in Alliance. - XOXO, Rinse and Repeat After recently deciding to attend Creighton next year for college, Natasha Naseem is attending school there to become the school’s first quarterback for their new football team. Hawk Talk staff says since she is so kind in giving criticism she will make a fantastic quarterback.

April 15, 2014

4/9/14 1:33 PM

Changing the Clocks “Just 'Cause”

and we don’t need lollygaggers,” claimed Applebee. While these are all essential parts of the band, the band agrees that there has to be one instrument that carries the group. Scott Skultety carries the group with his master whistling skills. He has been whistling since the young age of four. His sound helps the band take the rock band genre up to a higher level of rock music.   “I don’t know what the others said, but whistling is some hard-core stuff, man,” said Skultety. If you wish to see “No Guns, Just Roses” perform for the first time, that is unfortunate because they don’t plan on playing a live show for at least five years. This allows them time to reprioritize their band and members.

By Leah Fagen Get ready to rock, Southwest! A few teachers have developed a rock band, calling it “No Guns, Just Roses.” The group has been meeting secretly on Tuesdays for the last two months, when they are supposed to be at the PLC teacher meetings. They will not admit to it, but their absences from the meetings has been noted. In the band there are five different parts. Mr. Marco Pedroza tears it up on the drums, while Mr. Mike Geist jams out on the bass guitar. Apparently, there was some controversy about who should be privileged to play the bass, and Geist was none too pleased about it. “I honestly think that I deserve the bass, but it’s whatever. I mean, he doesn’t even know how to play guitar,” said Geist. On the opposite end of the opinion, Pedroza had a few choice thoughts about his position in the band. “I get how awesome I am on the drums, but come on; I think we all know that I would totally rock on the bass,” commented Pedroza.     Brian Albrecht is the lead guitarist in the organization. He has apparently been playing the guitar for three months and decided that it was enough practice. “Yeah, I’m pretty awesome when it comes to the guitar. Some people have it, some people don’t. I just ended up being one of those that does,” said Albrecht. Keri Applebee, the lead singer, believes that three months of playing the guitar just isn’t enough. She also thinks that he could improve for the band. “It’s insane! He has three months of practice and doesn’t even know what he is doing. We are a high quality group

Another teacher stated that, despite the heinous amounts of student paperwork she is presented with every day, it gives her, “something better to do.” Before discovering the accessibility of the clocks, staff members filled their open time with moping around in the hallways or recreations of WWE matches in the forums. There once were reports of Mr. Raatz building a tree fort near the outdoor classroom. “This one time I found a sweet roll of twine behind the school,” commented a teacher. “It kept me busy for awhile, but it wasn’t as sick of a find as the clocks.” While some staff members used the clocks out of boredom, others were just happy to see some change being made in the school and students’ lives.

By Griffin Day A new study shows that the everchanging clocks at Southwest are nothing other than curt jokes conducted by the faculty, “just ‘cause.” “We found out where to adjust the clocks one day and just sort of went with it,” said an anonymous teacher as he wiped spilled coffee off of his khakis. “I guess it kind of keeps students on their toes.” Tens of different staff members have admitted to adjusting the time ahead or behind a minute or two every couple of days. “One time I sat on top of the adjuster button without knowing it for like, three minutes, and the clock went crazy,” a Main Office faculty member teacher reports.

The Big Secret in Southwest

April 15, 2014

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By Leah Fagen ATTENTION: Southwest’s mascot, Silvester, is still missing. Students are devastated by his absence. He disappeared one month ago, leaving LSW mascot-less. Students and staff still suspect that One Direction stole Silvester. The Assistant Athletics Director, Kim Carson is furious about the supposed thievery of our cherished Hawk. “We will not put up with this! I demand that Niall and his crew returns our mascot! They have finally taken things too far,” said Carson. Southwest’s sports teams have become emotional and the coaches are trying their best to keep the teams together. They believe that the games just aren’t the same without him and the students are petitioning at a 1-D concert. A shrine has been built on the sidewalk, commemorating our favorite Silver Hawk. People have begun making stuffed Silvesters and t-shirts in his honor. You may buy them in the school store in the front of the building. Harry Styles, known for his luscious locks, denies that the band took the bird costume. They have allowed a few school security guards to search their double decker tour buses. “We don’t have your ugly bird! Leave us alone,” Styles said. The school does have liable reason to believe that 1D stole Silvester. Southwest and the band have had run-ins with each other before and they were pretty intense. Our principle is tempted to bring the police into this matter. Also, Josie Loos, the person inside the mascot, is still missing.

By Griffin Day Recent rumors pertaining to filling in the pool of the Southwest natatorium are ringing true as head football coach Mark King announced his intentions of creating an indoor football training center during a public press conference. King’s plans involve draining the pool and filling it with astro turf, removing the record boards and banners to be replaced with personal pictures of his family and a few prints of his amateur street photography portraits. The new field will also be championed with state-of-the-art field goals, line markers and a lush throne built atop of the remnants of his enemies. “You know, I just saw an opportunity to expand our program to really fan out our potential,” said King as he polished his crown and scepter. Other decisions made by King have sparked controversy in the past, such as his plight to replace the tennis courts with football player-exclusive locker rooms and recruiting the Girls Cross Country team as linemen. King also mentioned that he plans on expanding the indoor football field past the pool area and into the basketball courts and eventually into the classrooms. “Its about time we start living and breathing football at this school,” said King. “Then my plan for school domination will-, er, nevermind.”

How Could They?

Filling in the Pool

Talk With the Hawk By Jordyn Champoux What do you aspire to be in life? “…………………………………” What is the craziest thing you have seen? “…………………………………” Wow! I can’t believe that happened in front of our school! “…………………………………” What do you think of Southwest? “…………………………………” If you could be any other school mascot which school would you choose? “…………………………………” Thank goodness you didn’t choose to be the Knight Statue. “…………………………………” What’s it like to know you’re stuck here forever? Reporter Jordyn Champoux in“…………………………………” terviews the Silver Hawk. Photo Being stuck here forever is better than prison. by Madicyn Deiro/Hawk Talk “…………………………………”




Smoothie Recipes

By Dana Okazaki Breakfast has been declared to be the “most important meal of the day.” Yet 56 percent of Americans have been said to skip it several times a week. If a time crunch is what is causing your lack of breakfast try having a smoothie. It’s a healthy breakfast that takes little time to make in the morning, and you can even take it onthe-go. Banana Breakfast Smoothie 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (40 calories) 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (app. 110 calories) 1 sliced frozen banana (105 calories) 1 dash cinnamon 1 dash vanilla Total Calories: 285 Directions 1) Put ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth. Refreshing coconut smoothie 1 cup chilled unsweetened Silk coconut milk (45 calories) 3 kale leaves (36 calories) 1 tbsp stevia (a zero-calorie sugar substitute containing no aspartame)(0 calories) ½ cup pineapple (41 calories) Total Calories: 122 calories Directions 1) Put ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth. Basil Strawberry Mango Smoothie 4 basil leaves (1 calories) 1 cup mango pieces (99 calories) 5 sliced strawberries (19 calories) 1 cup water (0 calories) 3 ice cubes (0 calories) 2 tbsp stevia (0 calories) Total calories: 119 calories Directions 1) Put ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth.

Sweet Tweets

By Jordyn Champoux Throughout the course of the year there are millions of tweets, tweeted about any subject. The record number of retweets this school year was broken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Grammy’s. 140 characters lets tweeters get right to the point to share what they have to say. @TheEllenShow If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best Photo Ever. #Oscars


Just sitting around being 20.

@DrakeBell In honor of Kim and Kanye’s baby ‘North West’ I will be naming my first son ‘Taco’

May 15, 2014

@lswathletics Boys tennis gets 1st place with 1st place finishes at #1 Doubles #2 Doubles, and #2 Singles. #1 Singles gets second!! Congrats Guys!!!!

@thefabfran Dating tip, take your girlfriend/boygriend to showgun and if they don’t want to catch shrimp in their mouth, dump them then & there


I’m looking at the course catalouge for college, where is marrying rich 101?

Hawk Talk

15 Odds & Ends

Totally Trendy

Quirky Habits? Some of the students here at Southwest have some pretty weird habits. You can’t really put your finger on the weirdest, but we gathered a few that are pretty strange.

By Jordyn Champoux Jean Jackets In the last couple of months, jean jackets have become trendy once again. In the 70s, jean jackets were popular among many people, especially teens. Celebrities have been spotted wearing this reintroduced trend, such as Zac Efron, Kanye West, Emma Watson and Cameron Diaz to name a few. Jean jackets are also popular among LSW students. “I like the jean jacket because you can dress it up, or dress it down. It’s super versatile. I’ll wear it with anything,” said junior Erik Pawlowski. There are a wide variety of ways you can wear your jean jacket. You can put it over a colorful top with a scarf, Junior Erik Pawlowski shows off his or wear it with a sweater for those trendy jean jacket. Photo by Jordyn Champoux/Hawk Tawk cold Nebraska winter days.

Junior Maddie Gage wears her headband along with the rest of her fashionable outfit. Photo by Jordyn Champoux/Hawk Tawk

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR SPRING BREAK? Odds & Ends 16 Hawk Talk 16Odds&Ends.indd 2

Hippie Headbands In the 70s, headbands worn around your forehead were in style. Now, they are dubbed “hippie headbands” and are becoming trendy once again. Headbands worn around the forehead date back to 330 BC, Egyptian era. “Headbands can go with any outfit and can complete your look and show your personality,” said junior Maddie Gage. More popular headbands can have flowers on them, are studded or even beaded. Headbands can be a cute way to make your wardrobe more “Bohemian” or just another way to make an outfit original.


By Leah Fagen


Tap their fingers to the beat of the teacher’s lecture

2 3 Listen to music non-stop

Talk to themselves in their head and gesture

4 the eraser on their pencil 5 Rub against their scalp 6 Wear sandals everyday

Place their phone perfectly in the right corner of their desk

7 Wear fuzzy socks everyday


Coordinate their sock color with their shirt color

and re-dry their feet after 9 Dry getting out of the shower

10Pace for at least one hour a day


Of students are going on a family vacation

Of students are staying home and hanging out with friends



Of students are going on a vacation with friends

Of students are working over break Compiled by Madi Deiro

March 4, 2014

2/26/14 8:52 AM

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