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Baylor Greek Life

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here! A WORD FROM THE GREEK LIFE STAFF: Considering membership in one of our Greek organizations will provide you with the opportunity to learn how these organizations can help you excel as a student at Baylor University. Whether it is through academics, leadership, service, friendship, or spiritual growth, being Greek at Baylor offers a unique opportunity to succeed. Joining a Greek organization is one of the most significant experiences for a college student. It is our hope that you enjoy your experiences as you explore Greek Life and take advantage of what the Greek community has to offer. Greek Life is a valuable and respected part of campus life across the nation. Many of our key administrators and faculty members are alumni of the Greek community. Membership provides you with a unique challenge for personal growth, so take full advantage of it! Remember to utilize the resources of the governing councils or the Greek Life staff if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you soon as a member of our Greek community!

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SCHOLARSHIP • Research suggests students who belong to a Greek organization are more likely to graduate. • At Baylor, the All-Greek grade point average is consistently above the All-University undergraduate average. • In 2012, the All-Greek GPA was 3.27.

“Sisterhood has had a profound impact on my college experience. I can’t imagine how my college experience would have been if I didn’t have the sisters I have right now.” -Mariam Erkin, BA ‘13 2012-13 President of the Multicultural Greek Council

“Kappa Kappa Gamma and Order of Omega have helped me excel in my academics leading to my acceptance into pharmacy school.” -Ellie Littlefield, BS ‘13 2012-13 President of Order of Omega Greek Honor Society

BROTHERHOOD & SISTERHOOD • The friendships our members make within their chapters may last a lifetime. • Brotherhood and sisterhood are bonds of unity and friendship unique to the Greek community. • By becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority, you may experience an easier transition to college and gain a “home away from home.”

SPIRITUAL GROWTH • As a member of one of our Greek organizations, you will find a place just for you to grow in your faith throughout your college career. • Baylor Greeks are active in various churches in the Waco community. • Many Greek members share their message by participating in small group mission trips to other parts of the country and the world.

“Phi Delta Theta has contributed to my personal spiritual development by properly aligning my own personal priorities so that I can effectively lead others.” -Rick Betori, BS ‘15 Interfraternity Council External Vice President

Digging Deeper into Greek Life...

Service & Philanthropy • Many of the Baylor Greek organizations host All-University events to help raise awareness for their philanthropies. • Being Greek affords members the opportunity to get involved with the surrounding community through chaptersponsored activities as well as individual or small group activities. • Greek organizations at Baylor contribute over 30,000 hours of service to the community and over $60,000 to local and national charities each year.

“From the moment I joined my fraternity, I was given opportunities to cultivate leadership abilities, challenging and pushing me to pursue opportunities on campus.” -Kelly Rapp, BBA ‘13 2012-13 Student Body President and member of Kappa Omega Tau

“Service is one of the principles that our sorority is founded on. It is always a part of what we do.” -Miesha Dunn, BA ‘13 2012-13 President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

Leadership • Within each chapter, members have a chance to assume a wide variety of leadership roles ranging from treasurer, recruitment chair, intramural chair, or even president. • Each chapter provides resources for members to develop as leaders through educational programming. • Many serve as leaders in an array of campus organizations from Student Government and Hispanic Student Association to Baylor Religious Hour Choir and Student Foundation.

Eligibility Questions... Can I join as a freshman?

According to Baylor policy, a student must have completed 12 Baylor hours and earned a 2.5 cumulative GPA to join a fraternity or sorority. However, many organizations require all potential new members to have a higher GPA to join their individual chapter. Grades are not rounded up.

What if I’m a transfer student? A student is classified as a transfer if he or she has attended a college or university during the fall or spring semester after high school graduation. If the only college work completed is dual credit or advanced placement, the student is not considered a transfer. Transfer grades do not apply to the Baylor GPA. In order to join during his or her first semester, a transfer student must transfer in a minimum of 24 hours and a GPA of 3.0 or above. Grades are not rounded up in determining eligibility.

Member Organizations Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Sigma Lambda Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Iota Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon

The Interfraternity Council... primarily made of nationally affiliated fraternities in the North-American Interfraternity Conference. These organizations are dedicated to leadership development, academic achievement, brotherhood, spiritual growth, and service to the Baylor and Waco communities. Fraternal activities include: • Intramurals • All-University Sing • Homecoming Parade • Steppin’ Out • Community service projects • Sorority mixers • Take-a-dates and/or Formals The Interfraternity Council sponsors educational speakers and collaborates with the other Greek councils in planning and sponsoring All-Greek activities.

How To Join And What To Look For:

• Any freshman or transfer student can start by looking for IFC recruitment information throughout campus in the fall and spring. • Make sure to register for recruitment only for the semester you decide to join a fraternity. • Even though you can’t join a fraternity your first semester at Baylor, you can still meet each fraternity and get to know them before you narrow down your choices for the following semester. • Once you’ve picked a few, go to their recruitment events during the semester you decide to join. • Each fraternity has a different selection process, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before going through it all.

We’re sure you have questions. Scan the QR code to the left to ask an IFC officer for more information or visit: to view the IFC web page.

The Multicultural Greek Council... ...was created to encourage community service and philanthropy, support high academic standards, develop campus and community leaders and to educate all Baylor students about diversity. The council is comprised of seven sororities and three fraternities. MGC strives to unite its member organizations in order to share ideas and resources, promote mutual respect, equality, and provide a support network for involved students. The council continues to encourage positive relationships among its member organizations, the Greek community, and the Baylor and Waco communities.

Member Organizations alpha Kappa Delta Phi Beta Kappa Gamma Delta Epsilon Psi Delta Kappa Delta Delta Phi Omega Gamma Alpha Omega Kappa Delta Chi Kappa Phi Gamma Omega Delta Phi Sigma Iota Alpha

How To Join And What To Look For:

We’re sure you have questions. Scan the QR code to the right to ask an MGC officer for more information or visit: to view the MGC web page.

• Students can start by attending recruitment and information events such as Meet the Greeks held every fall semester. • Feel free to get contact information about each organization from the website. • MGC Organizations also have their own recruitment weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for their Rush/ Recruitment Week announcements on the Baylor Horizon or through chalking around campus. • Attending events like Mosaic Mixer, Indian Subcontinent Student Association Mixer, Hispanic Student Association Mixer, and the Asian Student Association Mixer all held at the beginning of the semester will get you in contact with those organizations that are in attendance.

Member Organizations Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Psi Phi Phi Beta Sigma Zeta Phi Beta

The National Pan-Hellenic Council... the unifying and governing body for the historically African-American fraternities and sororities chartered at Baylor University. The activities of its member organizations include: • • • •

Community service projects Step shows Leadership development Educational programming

NPHC sponsors mixers, forums, guest speakers and cultural events throughout the year. The council also awards an annual scholarship for an undergraduate student. NPHC hosts a “Greek Informational” during the year to inform and educate students about the history, community service, and social aspects of each individual organization.

How To Join And What To Look For:

• Each NPHC chapter has an independent membership selection process and its own GPA criteria. • NPHC hosts Greek 101 at the beginning of each semester, an informational session designed to answer questions about the intake process. • Each chapter holds thier individual informational sessions to meet prospective members. • To get involved, make sure to research the various chapters and attend the informational sessions to indicate your interest and meet with the individual chapters.

We’re sure you have questions. Scan the QR code to the left to ask an NPHC officer for more information or visit: to view the NPHC web page.

The Panhellenic Council... ...guides Baylor’s eight National Panhellenic Conference sororities and organizes the activities of mutual interest and concern for all member organizations.

Member Organizations Alpha Chi Omega

When you join one of the eight Panhellenic sororities at Baylor, you not only become a member of that particular organization, you also become a member of the greater Panhellenic community at Baylor, across the country, and beyond.

Alpha Delta Pi

Membership in a Panhellenic sorority at Baylor enhances your college experience through leadership development, academic support, social events, service opportunities and a network of friends.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Beta Phi Zeta Tau Alpha

How To Join And What To Look For:

We’re sure you have questions. Scan the QR code to the right to ask a Panhellenic officer for more information or visit: to view the Panhellenic web page.

• Formal recruitment is the main process our sororities use to recruit new members in January. • The recruitment process starts in the fall with orientation, registration, Sorority Meet and Greet, Meet your Gamma Chi’s and various other opportunities to meet sorority members. • The registration process starts in September and ends in early December. • During the recruitment events, women will have the time to ask questions about sorority activities, financial obligations, new member programs, scholarship, community service, and sorority life in general.

Independent: Beta Upsilon Chi Sigma Phi Lambda

Local: Kappa Chi Alpha Kappa Omega Tau Phi Kappa Chi

Local & Independent Chapters... ...are included in Baylor’s diverse Greek community. These organizations are involved in all aspects of campus and Greek Life and work to support the Baylor and Waco communities. Fraternal activities include: • • • • • •

Intramurals All-University Sing Homecoming Steppin’ Out Community service projects Sorority and Fraternity mixers

We’re sure you have questions. Scan the QR code to the right to get more information about each chapter or visit: to view the Local & Independents web page.

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