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Last vacation Jordan Martinez Acosta. LEIN 300

On my vacations my mom and I went shopping in SanJosĂŠ when you could go out, , it was a lot of fun and we spent the whole day together

This is the capital of Costa Rica, located 2 hours from where I live.

After making the expected purchases we went to appreciate some art at the national theater located in the Plaza de la Cultura in San JosĂŠ

Since we were very hungry we bought a pizza to take home with the family, we ate enough and quickly there was nothing left.

As it was the Christmas season, my mom had this surprise for me and nothing goes wrong, I felt blessed that day.

That same day we went for a walk for a long time and so we exercised and we found this very beautiful landscape surrounded by nature and inspires peace.

This is me after that great day that I shared with my family and friends, the truth is that I had too much fun, a smile to brighten up the routine.

For me it was a great experience to share more moments with our loved ones, urges them that no matter how small a great action may seem to change and make a difference, I say goodbye with this image of a sunset in my place of origin, friars, homeless !!

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Last Vacation  

Magazine using ISSUU!!

Last Vacation  

Magazine using ISSUU!!

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