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Tal Berman and Amir Liberman

How to find out what is true or not - Questioning Tal Berman (Translated from Hebrew: Original copy,7340,L-2935232,00.html)

Suppose Tal and you are having a conversation. How can you tell if he's lying? So first of all, “Tal never lies as you know". Secondly, it turns out that a neat little device called a lie detector will enable you to easily find out if he is lying or not from his voice. Amir Liberman, CEO at Nemesysco explained about the activities of the company and the lie detection device. Nemesysco develops systems used for various security identification- requirements, all based on its unique voice recognition technologies. The company's product list is interesting and versatile: GK1 - Security check – has simple graphics and interface for immediate and mass-use LVA 6.50- Investigation tool - a system made to serve several security purposes , from vetting work candidates and applicants for sensitive jobs, investigate intelligence sources, conduct in depth analysis of ambassadors and heads of foreign states (mental development, production of secret intelligence information), exposure of information from wiretapping on intelligence sources. LVA includes the combination of three different systems – Polygraph like, open investigation (free dialogue) and analysis of the pre-recorded audio files.

Clicking buttons on the machine will start the test and show graphs of emotional activities, excitement, false statement, involvement and willingness to speak. And now the test, Tal will be asked to answer some questions to see in which of them he is giving false statement:

What's your name? “Tal Berman” (the machine indicates truth) Where do you live? “Tel Aviv” (true again) Do you want to move? “No” (machine indicates excitement and false statement) Amir: I guess you don't like the city and want to leave but it's probably not in your plans yet. And the last question: Where do you prefer to appear at the morning news show or science news? Tal: The truth, look me in the eyes, the old fashion way -I really enjoyed being here with you!

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Amir liberman  

Amir Liberman has deveoped LVA i.e. Layered Voice Analysis technology. Amir Liberman has applied the science and techniques of mathematical...

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