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Technological inventions that you did not know

jorge melo

Table of Contents: 1. Short description of each of the inventions.

2. Technical comparison of two of the inventions.

3. Write and Improve level.

4. Glossary.

5. Sources.

First part: The first invention that is shown in the video is the “Klax”. This invention, is literally an ax head adaptable to any type of sleeve that the person needs to build, has certain additional functions that would help in certain activities such as camping and are in three different models. The next invention is the “Zcan wireless”. This invention is a mousse with a little scanner in the back part, you can use to pass paper documents to digital media and no more. This invention is followed by the “leap motion” What this invention offers you is a small scanner with more than twenty-four reference points that topman each of your fingers separately, this project a 3D image of your hands on your monitor allowing you to interact with different applications for professional use or daily. Now we are going to talk about the Microsoft Hololens. This invention is nothing more than a VR glasses like many others on the market, I do not see the need to comment much more about this, so let's move directly to the “Hydra light” This lamp wants to achieve that people have the ability to generate light without the need to continue to

pollute the planet with conventional batteries, this is achieved through the use of a chemical reaction with a saline solution and a carbon nucleus. Now the “Drumi” is a little washing machine, but it doesn’t use electricity, this small plastic basket use the centrifugal force that you provided by using a pedal, after that, the washing machine has a small drain, so when it is completely dry you can also dry your clothes. The “tap strap” The commercial of this invention shows us the classic solution to a problem that does not exist, this invention shows us as a guide that only with touching surfaces, manages to write anything on your mobile device, but in reality it does not show us how it is calibrated to find each one of the letters that the person needs, apart from that, it does not have a very comfortable way because of what is seen in the video and they show it as the thing with which you did not know that you could live without having knowledge of it. And finally the “Skarp” It is a razor that stops using the traditional metal blades, to propose a laser technology to cure the facial hair without damaging the skin of the face and avoid the typical cuts suffered by men when shaving, but there is only one problem and is that the video does not specify what type of batteries use the razor or if you have a charger which is a big disadvantage for the product.

Second part: In this part in this part we will focus on two specific inventions of the video, we are going to use the “Skarp” and the “Klax”. I selected these two inventios, because both are in the category of blades or Sharp-cut objects. The fist one is the revolutionary razor that use laser to cut that undesirable beard, and the Klax is an ax head, no more than that, but both inventions are committing stupid mistakes. Let's start with the ax, it is perfect the concept of a portable ax, that is not the giant and heavy tool in which people always think but, there it’s a problem, it is not an ax it is a head only that, so if you don’t find a stick or a branch rigid enough to support the head of the ax, so the improvised handle of the ax will break up. Now the razor had two important problems, the first one as I mentioned in the beginning is that the product doesn’t says does not say what is the way to charge the shaver, also the other mistake is the we don’t know the price of this shaver so it can cost 50 USD to 1000 USD, and I said this because even though no product has the price, you can imagine an approximate cost, but you cant really know the price of an laser razor.

Third part:

Fourth part: Glossary Shaver: Electric razor that is equipped with small blades that cut the beard or hair dry by vibration or rotation.

Razor: Machine formed by a handle and a piece perpendicular to it that holds a blade with shaving.

Sharp-cut: sharps are those that by their sharpness or tip have the ability to easily penetrate the skin.

Fifth part: (2018). Real Academia Española. / YouTube. (2018). 10 Inventos Tecnológicos que No Conocías #9 - YouTube. / YouTube. (2018). 10 Inventos Tecnológicos que No Conocías #9 - YouTube.

Technological inventions  

Tecnological inventions

Technological inventions  

Tecnological inventions