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jordan zauel architecture portfolio

Jordan Zauel

395 W. Delhi Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (734) 476-0005



University of Cincinnati

Varsity Tennis

Aug. 2017 - Present GPA: 3.74 Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in French - University Honors Program - Dean's List - Cincinnatus University Scholarship - National Outreach Award

2013-17 Captain - MHSAA Scholar - All State 2017 - All Catholic League 2017 - Coaches Award 2016-17

Father Gabriel Richard High School

National Honor Society

Aug. 2013 - May 2017 GPA: 4.04 - Senior Top Scholar - Summa Cum Laude 2016-17 - Magna Cum Laude 2014-15 - Scholastic All Catholic 2014

2015-17 Secretary

Drama Club Member 2013-17

Experience: Dry Goods - Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 2017 - Present Seasonal Sales Associate work and organize sales floor in women's retail store

New2You Thrift Store - Cincinnati, OH

Sep. 2017 - Dec. 2017 Student Volunteer reorganize and design layout of sales floors in second-hand clothing and housewares store off campus


- Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit - Certificat D'honneur 2016 - Advanced Art 2D Award 2017 - Advanced Art 3D Award 2016

Skills: - Proficiency in French - Proficient in Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Rhino, Windows OS, Microsoft Office, SketchUp



collage exercise and rendering


form cube progression


threshold delineation


addendum gallery proposal

11 collage




photoshop coalescence


form cube progression




mausoleum study


collaborative site proposal

collage exercise



this project was focused on creating a series of collages, followed by choosing one and then rendering it using a variety of drawing techniques. the rendering above allowed me to experiment with different types of hatches, thus expanding my pattern vocabulary.

form cube progression



the concept behind the project was to imply a cube with the help of key design elements such as volume, line, and plane. through the use of concentric forms created with line, I was able to create the cube shape and further imply it with the use of repetition as shown in the above model.

threshold delineation

the threshold project focused on stripping a building down to its basic geometry and function in order to effectively diagram concepts such as threshold, circulation, and context. With the help of a diagram matrix, I was able to form a diagramatic model combining all three concepts together.

addendum gallery proposal process

this design process began with three collages, focused on atmosphere of the Alms building, and a precedent of our I developed a design idea for a gallery insertion based on attempting to create a form that married the orthogonal and the organic irregularity of the surrounding landscape.

the context and choice. from there the context nature of Alms,

addendum gallery final proposal


photoshop coalescence

the and the and

point of this exercise was to select a residential building an institutional building, and marry them into one. I chose Detroit Institute of Arts, and added to it the balcony, roof, windows of a country house.

form cube progression



like the line cube, the purpose of this project was to imply a cube using plane. from this cube I was able to draw construction lines and create the gouache plane study on the left.

mausoleum study

this project began with visiting Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, where a folly was selected and then rendered in different ways - hand drawings, hand-drafted, AutoCAD, and Photoshop.

collaborative site proposal Sarah Auger, Andrew Clark, Jennifer Dillon, Evan Hammans, Madison Maurer, Colin Mcallister, Wilson Othersen, Sabrina Ramsay, & Haylee Teutsch

as a group, we had to create a master plan for the snake of follies our program would design together. our proposal's location was based on topography of the site, and its design was meant to act like puzzle pieces - similar lines and plans coming together to form a larger shape that would promote movement through the space.

thankyou (734) 476-0005

Architecture Portfolio  
Architecture Portfolio