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Service and product Design Portfolio

JORDAN Ware ... I am a 3rd Year Design For Industry student studying at Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne. There are many reasons that led me to pursue a career in design, the primary one being that I have a passion for making life more simple and I thrive on the use of creativity to produce ergonomic solutions to everyday problems. I turn problems into opportunities through a user based approach taking into consideration uses, life-cycle, stakeholders, ethics and emotions in order to craft innovative meaningful experiences and products. I believe that products and the experiences these create should be simple and fulfil needs as well as creating a sensation of delight for the user. I firmly believe that almost anything can be designed to produce a creative logical solution to almost any problem. I have a special interest in product-service systems, interactions, research and concept generation, sustainable scenarios, products and technology in general.



Studying (BA) Design For Industry at Northumbria University from 2013, I am currently studying the third year of the course.

My education has advanced and provided me with in depth skills in the following fields.

I completed my ‘A’ Levels in summer 2013 at Queen Elizabeth High School Hexham in which I received the shown grades in the following subjects • • • •

Product Design : A Geography : B Biology : D General Studies (AS) : A

GCSE Certificates in 12 subjects including English , Mathematics and all of the sciences grades A* - C gained at Queen Elizabeth High School Hexham.

Creative Thinking Problem Solving Primary Research Co Design Consumer Research Ideation Concept Generation Analysis And Understanding Adobe Creative Suite Rhino Solid Works Microsoft Office Package Sketching Model Making Photography and Editing



2015/16 RSA Design Awards

Pure Insight Design Intern April 2015 - June 2015

2015 Design Innovation Plastics 2014 Lexus Annual Design Award 2013 nORTHUMBERLAND yOUNG dESIGNER (rUNNER uP) 2012 nORTHUMBERLAND yOUNG dESIGNER (winner)

BeL VALVES Design Intern June 2015 - July 2015 Hadrian Hotel and Country Pub Bar Staff / Waiter and Kitchen Assistant October 2012-Present Day Northumbria University Student Representative September 2014 - Present Day

Interests Photography













improving rural life


airport link


improving terminal links.

The Talon Forestry Series



External WOrk.

Using Plastic to innovate

Start a Cart Business Plan


Ankle foot Orthotic

Some of my work ... This sample portfolio contains six compact examples of recent projects that I have carried out, either individually or as a member of a team. The projects chosen to feature contain a wide variety of service design techniques and methods that have been used to create feasible user orientated solutions to specific problems and opportunities that have been put forward.

Live Local is a community orientated app that rewards you for rewarding the community. Collect Community points by shopping in local business , gaining points for each and every transaction in a participating Live Local business. When certain points goals have been reached incentives will be offered. Community scores can be used in housing applications to determine the most suitable community orientated candidates.

Project Rural / /




55.1450째 N 2.2540째 W

The Live Local community development scheme has been co-designed alongside the small village of Bellingham in central Northumberland and Northumberland National Parks. 1,334 people live in this region making it the most sparsely populated local authority area in England





Younger generation do not use local shops and businesses in the area. They tend to only use chain stores or recognized brands. 71% of the areas population are under the age of 65.

Young adults in the area tend to be employed by the lower paid primary and secondary sector labour intensive jobs. As a result of this, average income is low which in turn means it is difficult to get onto the property ladder due to competition.

95% of the county will have Fibre Optic Broadband by 2017, this will open up the opportunity to new technologically advanced products and services such as mobile applications.

Between 2000 and 2007, average house prices in the area increased by 263%. This causes huge difficulty for youngsters trying to make the step onto the property ladder as competition is great and affordable housing is diffcicult to find.

Co-designed with the village of Bellingham and Northumberland National Parks Committee. Primary questionnaires and trend cards were used to help identify key problems within this region.

Project Rural / /



House Prices an affordable housin there is as there for it. This in-tur to get onto the the first time.

Fibre Optic Broadband recently installed into the area, this will open up opportunities to new technologically advanced products and services. Potential to help the area.


Community spirit

Community spirit has all but disappeared from the area for a number of reasons. The convenience of the local supermarket selling everything that may be required is the main factor behind this, along with the large amount of villagers commuting to work in more urban locations. This in turn minimising their involvement within the community.


nd lack of low cost ng is a huge issue as e is a high demand rn making it difficult property ladder for


Younger generation do not utilize local shops and businesses in the area, using only chain stores.

Manual Labour Jobs


Youths and young adults in the area tend to be employed by the lower paid primary and secondary sector industries , this results in difficulty when trying to get onto the property ladder.

Project Rural / /


The concept

Shop Local In Participating Stores

Shop locally in the participating rural local businesses shown nearby, using the map within the application or stickers on participating business windows.

Collect Community Points

Reach Points Goals To Gain Rewards

Collect points using the application, every time a transaction is carried out in one of these stores. Amount of points per transaction is 10 % of total spend.

Home location determines the rewards available when certain points goals are reached. Rewards are constantly updated, e.g. use of local facilities, or a free coffee in the local cafe.

Apply For Housing Using Community Score

High Scores used to select Suitable Candidates

Points collected can be used when applying for housing within rural locations. In situations where the demand for a house is high, a person with a high community score would be selected over someone with a lower score.

The Live Local community score helps to select valuable community orientated individuals who are helping the local community thrive by selecting housing applicants with a high community score.

Project Rural / /


stakeholder benefits Educates the user on the products and services sold within local businesses.

Rewards incent for collec community sc po

Individual Users

Shows info and overview of all nearby businesses.

Saves travelling further afield to shop. Thus saving fuel.

Rewards encourage other members of the community to join the scheme.

Creates a self sufficient, friendly, thriving community


Creates A busy thriving community where local businesses are booming.

Application allows flexibility and creates a link between business to collect community points.

Helps Estate Agents to select suitable housing candidates.

Digitalised to improve usab and convenie

s are tives cting core oints.

o bility ence.

KEY Local Participating Businesses Shown In App Shopping Locally In Local Businesses. Collect Community Points Per Transaction Allows individuals to be rewarded for hard work within the community.

Rewards Available When Points Goals Are Reached Rewards Available When Points Goals Are Reached

Encourages individuals to shop locally to improve their chances of being accepted for a property.

Increased footfall and sales within the local businesses and community.

Rewards encourage users of the app to continue collecting points and spending.

Community orientated members move into the area, therefore using local businesses more.

Local businesses

Publicises Local Businesses, displaying info about them.

Collecting Points encourages higher average transactions so that more points can be gained.

For use in housing application, the more points the better, this again encourages spending within the community.

Project Rural / /


Key App Features The simple home screen layout makes navigation quick and simple.

Quick 3 stage instructions highlight the key features to the users, showing them how the service works.

Sign in or register for Live Local with a few quick steps.

Points collected using the QR code on screen. Live total is displayed on-screen along with a link to the analysis of points collected.

Set home location to view participating Live Local businesses and view the rewards available for this area.

Track and add family members to view and compare their community score

Rewards are shown on this screen, housing applications can also be submitted from here.

This page shows a breakdown of points collected by category and date for analysis.

Settings page can change home location , personal details and much more.

The range of App screens shown , display the key features to be incorporated into the App to address the key issues and help the area flourish.

Project Rural / /

11 3


I visited the area to acquire feedback on my concept and present my solution to the local population.

Clive Coyne

Head of Forward Planning and Rural Development Housing is a huge issue in rural Northumberland. The lack of affordable housing and the difficulty to get a mortgage has really had a huge impact on the purchasing of houses for first time buyers. There is a lot of competition for affordable low cost housing or government owned properties.


Live Local addresses these issues whilst helping the community as a whole. It almost sets off a chain reaction by bringing more and more community orientated individuals into the area.

� Project Rural / /


motHerapy unIt Co-designing with the North Yorkshire NHS trust, to provide a service that could maximise the amount of patients receiving chemotherapy in the North Yorkshire region without increasing the strain on the staff,the hospital facilities and finances, whilst making sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /



A meeting with NHS North Yorkshire management staff was arranged to discuss and outline potential problems with existing chemotherapy treatment in the North Yorkshire area. Research process started by brainstorming all main aspects of the chemotherapy process and researching different problems associated with the existing chemotherapy process at York General Hospital. The theme we focused our research on was the geography of the area.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /



The Two Interviewed members of the community, the NHS staff member and former cancer patient outlined key issues with the area and the current service.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /




From conducting the research and talking to patients up with a range of insights and problems associated therapy treatment.These in


Travelling to a mobile chemotherapy unit creates a demand for parking. With cancer rates rising 30% yearly more and more people are travelling to the York Chemotherapy Unit.This is putting huge stress on parking in and around the Hospitals. Not only this but the patient may be put under large amounts of stress and discomfort when trying to park.


Travelling too one of the only chemotherapy units in the area at York can add too the already congested cramped space of the hospital. This congestion can cause patients to be late for their treatment and potentially cause them stress and discomfort.

Travel sickness

Travelling large distances from rural areas can mean long journeys down difficult dangerous roads. This may cause nausea for the patient on the journey to the hospital.This may also result in treatment being postponed and unnecessary journeys for the patients.


Human Geography

s and members of staff at the hospital we have come with the geography of North Yorkshire and chemonsights are outlined below..

RURAL Locations

Rural locations make journeys difficult across such a large county. The large distances that are to be travelled can be inconvenient and cause increased anxiety as it allows excess thinking and worrying time for the patient.

Lack of Venues

The suitable treatment facilities around the area of North Yorkshire are not good. This is due to the lack of community centres and village halls across this rural areas.


A great deal of NorthYorkshire is well above sea level and rural, this means that the weather can have a huge effect on travelling to chemotherapy treatment session. The treatment is vital so it is important that the weather does not cause any delay.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /


Concept Central Hub sends data to UNITS Data is added onto the system and sent back to Hub

After treatment has finished, the nurse and driver will keep the patient comfortable and monitor them as needs be whilst they are inputting the data from the treatment into a mobile device.

Drugs are collected from the hub by the driver and nurse for the scheduled day ahead. Data is programmed into cars onboard computer.

Treatment Delayed

Treatment is causing a delay due to a complication so a backup team is dispatched to the next location from one of the hubs so that the schedule isn’t disrupted.

Treatment carried out

Treatment is carried out by the nurses in the comfort of the patients own home and familiar surroundings making the patient more comfortable.


The unit can be tracked via the a When the unit arrives, equipmen the desired location within the h


Mobile unit on the move

The Mobile Unit departs to the patients house or Hub following the route displayed on mobile device.

app all the way to the home. nt is unloaded and set up in house.

Our design concept was a mobile unit operated by two nurses that would be dispatched daily from a hub.The hub would be either a doctors surgery or pharmacy where chemotherapy drugs could be correctly stored and daily routes could be planned. The route and patient data would be loaded onto an ipad at the central hub before being given to the nurses.The area of North Yorkshire is divided into four zones to maximize time spent with patients. Each unit will stay in the specific zone it has been assigned to . Depending on demand, cars can be moved around zones.Treatment is taken to the comfort of the patients home.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /


Operator Equipment

The nurses will record and monitor their own and the patients welfare through the day via the ipad application. The application will be used as a satellite navigation system for the nurses whilst traveling to the destinations and it will also act as a checklist system before, during and after the treatment of the patients. This app ensures that nothing is forgotten and also keeps track of the patients and nurses welfare. The app allows contact with the Hub at all times so if any problems should arise the hub can be notified and another unit or emergency service unit can be dispatched.




Breaks down all the tasks to BREAKS DOWN ALL THE TASKS TO ensure all ARE completed. ENSUREthey THATare THEY COMPLETE



Once completed, info will be sent ONCEto COMPLETE WILL BE back the hub INFO to inform them SENT BACK TO HUB TO INFORM everything is okay.

Each nurse will have a unique ID EACH NURSE WLL HAVE A UNIQUE No. and password ensuring only ID NO. AND PASSWORD MEANING they have to the TO app, ONLYcan THEY CANaccess HAVE ACCESS allowing hub to track theTO THE APP &the ALLOWING THE HUB TRACK THE OFincreasing EACH location ofLOCATION each nurse NURSE INCREASING SAFETY safety.



Only informationYOU you ONLY THEthe INFORMATION NEED TO SEE ATatTHAT require thatTIME timeISis DISPLAYED displayed.

Easy to input small amount of EASY TO INPUT SMALL data GPS for quick and effective AMOUNT OF DATA FOR QUICK departures. AND EFFECTIVE DEPARTURES


Settings/options are easily SETTINGS OPTIONS ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE & QUICKLY AND accessible and easily changed. EASILY CHANGED



Easy to navigate back to EASY TO NAVIGATE BACK TO main page. MAIN PAGE

CONSTANTLY ABLE TO Constantly able to refer REFER BACK TO THE back CHECKLIST to the checklist Chemotherapy Treatment / /



We have chosen to use the BMW X3 ,with the loan of the vehicle for ÂŁ321 a week on a 38 month contract.This is a much cheaper alternative to buying and refitting, as vehicles can be rented as required and be ready to dispatch within a few hours.This would mean that there is never a surplus of unused cars. X3 Fuel Capacity is 44 MPG , one of the best fuel efficiency for 4x4 vehicles.The1870 litre boot capacity is more than enough to store the equipment needed for treatment. As the vehicle is rented, no permanent modifications can be made.The equipment would be extremely simple as it would be a dashboard mounted ipad, charged from the cigarette lighter socket , this is a simple solution that is cost effective and does not damage the car The boot storage unit is made up of 4 colour coded drawers to store individual equipment for patients, a colour coded fridge and a storage drawer.This colour coded system per patient stops cross contamination and avoids confusion.The fridge is powered from the cigarette lighter in the boot of the car and allows the drugs to be kept at the correct temperature to prolong life. The storage unit is compatible with all BMW vehicles as it simply lifts into the boot of the car and slots into the parcel shelf clip were it is firmly held in place. To view the concept in action scan the QR code or follow this link.

Chemotherapy Treatment / /


on a tyne Co - creating a unique concept to increase footfall and revenue within the Seven Stories Centre For Children’s Books. The concept also encourages learning and reading within the age groups of 7-12.

Seven Stories / /


Research And Insights




We visited successful interactive exhibits at the Centre For Life in Newcastle.We also conducted surveys with children in he specified age range and carried out questionnaires in children’s book stores. The image above summarises our key findings.The 3 main points we aim to focus on within this project are shown to the left.

Seven Stories / /



The title and headers will be designed less bold theme.

Once once upon upon a a tyne tyne

The comic book style inspired logo for headings and a graphically designed materials.



i m o

k o Bo

d again in the comic book style but with a


n o i it

once upon a tyne

ib h x

For more formal materials and information booklets, this logo will be used. It still uses the comic book style in the Seven Stories font.The iconic Tyne Bridge is also used to show that Once Upon A Tyne is specific to the city of Newcastle.

Seven Stories / /


Concept 1




The proposal was to create 16 cardboard cut out stands 1800mm x 1200mm. On each of these stands there would be an image with a character on for the child to interact with by placing their head through the hole to allow a photo to be taken. Outside of Seven Stories: Nine stands will be purely for advertising and be placed in the Newcastle Gateshead cultural venues (NGCV).The idea is that the child will see the advertising stand, and collect a leaflet from the perspex box on the front which explains the whole concept . Inside Seven Stories:


Seven stands will be positioned around the building.These will be more interactive, encouraging additional play e.g, some will have multiple head holes, magnets and whiteboards to make the stand more personal to themselves before having the photo taken.These photos can then be uploaded onto a special section of the Seven Stories website and the child can create their own unique story from this. Each photo will be a different page of the book and then the last page will be completely customisable so that they can create their own ending.

Seven Stories / /


THe Task Once the previous stage is completed, the publish button can be pressed.This creates a unique online book called Once Upon A Tyne containing the child’s personalised story.


Upload photographs to the designated area of the Seven Stories website. Sounds and animations can be added to create a unique story.Text may also be added but is not compulsory.,This can help the child to communicate their story.

There is an option to download the personalised book and to submit it for judging by the Seven Stories judging panel. Prizes would be advertised and offered as incentives for the children to carry out this extra activity.

Pages can be turned just like a real book, with the sounds and animations being shown on each individual page.

Seven Stories/ /



We created a briefing document for Seven Stories staff and external illustrators.The document contains all costings, sizes , material specifications, illustrator briefs, stand locations and much more.This has been designed to create the most simple journey for all involved when starting this project.

once upon a tyne

This concept is currently being created and is due to be exhibited in Seven Stories National Centre For Childrens Books as part of the comic book theme exhibition in

February 2017

Seven Stories/ /


To cope with the increasing volume of travellers at Auckland airport a rail link is to be proposed. Auckland and New Zealand is renowned as an outdoor ,exciting country that is renowned for experiencing new thrilling adventures to exhilarate the body and mind .The Airport rail link follows this philosophy, creating an efficient unique service that reminds the user that they are in the breathtaking country of New Zealand.

Airport Link / /



Currently 11 Million passengers pass through the Airport each year, this number is expected to rise to 24 million by 2025 (15 million international and 9 million domestic).This figure is expected to rise to 40 million by 2044. Plans are underway for a new domestic terminal. Auckland and New Zealand is renowned as an outdoor ,exciting country that is renowned for experiencing new thrilling adventures to exhilarate the body and mind .The Airport rail link follows this philosophy, creating an efficient unique service that reminds the user that they are in the breathtaking country of New Zealand.

Airport Link / /


FOcus China 4.7%

Australia And New Zealand 66.2%


Uk And USA 9.1%

PASSENGER Origin / Destination

Other 19.9%

Aircraft Positions ,

expected to rise to



by 2044

travellers daily.

Airbus A380 Capacity 853

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Capacity 335

Airbus A350 Capacity 555

Boeing 777 Dreamliner Capacity 451


of all international visitors to the country arrive or depart from Auckland every day.

operational a year

24/7,365 days





Blue creates the image of water, a lot of the countries major tourist attractions and areas of natural beauty are water based. The large expanses of fresh or salt water are key to sustaining the countries eco systems.

Black represents the All Blacks , New Zealand national rugby team and it also represents the tattoos of the Polynesian cultures of the country.

Grey represents the precious metals, jewels and other elements extracted from the islands. These commodities are key parts of New Zealand exports. Auckland is the 4th best place to live in the world and this colour also represents that, as grey has a modern sophisticated clean simplistic feel about it.

Green comes from the nickname of a New Zealander (kiwis) and the beautiful natural landscapes of the country. This colour will represent the large expanses of hills and natural areas.





The different climates mean that there are a broad range of timbers available for export in the country. This creates a lot of solutions for construction and architectural projects and it also creates a representation of the different climates and ecosystems within the country.

Another of the countries commodities that is very valuable to the construction industry. This sleek material represents the high quality, sleek, sophisticated living conditions of the 4th best country in the world to live in.

This is another key commodity that is exported from the country. The rustic oxidised iron shown in the image above could represent natures impact on the country. The country is established around nature and the deteriorating condition of iron over time can be a good representation of this.

Steel is one of New Zealand’s most exported commodities, the steel exported is renowned for being one of the highest quality steels in the world.. Environment is also a key factor as the future of the landscape is considered at every stage of the mining and refining process.

Airport Link / /


The Experience

Monorail system with rubber wheels and suspension to improve ride quality and reduce noise on the journey. One driving wheel and 2 stability wheels allow the corner to be banked. News screens on the wind protector panels keep the users informed of world news, the weather and local advertisements.

Large Panoram user the experi underwater loo the surrounding

Slick fast shape , with slit windows to represent travelling through a forest.

mic glass roof gives the ience and feeling of being oking up and around at gs.

Airport Link / /


The COncept

System contains 2 trains, Wuru the Green natural landscape train, that creates the feeling of travelling through a forest and Kouru the water train. These trains represent two of New Zealand’s key parts, the green natural landscapes and the deep blue of the oceans, rivers and lakes. The train is designed to give the passenger a sense of excitement due to the slight banking of the track and the shape of the train, this creates the sense of speed for the passengers and provides a quirky uniqueness in the airport.

Airport Link / /


Interior and Advertising

Large open spaces on the train , with plenty of room to stand and sit depending on how busy it will be. Mood lighting from the floor as shown in the render. AC units in the corners of the roof keep the carriages cool maintaining a calm relaxing atmosphere on board the train. Mood lighting located in floor and air-con in roof panels, lying flush to surfaces, maximising storage also under seats. Monorail system with rubber wheels and suspension to improve ride quality and reduce noise on the journey. One driving wheel and 2 stability wheels allow corner to be banked. Renders to the right show potential advertising and branding of the units, to highlight key features such as doors and advertising spaces to generate income.

Airport Link / /


The Talon Forestry Series

Currently Log grapples are made from solid steel and steel components. Individual brands of grapples are specific to individual brands of cranes and forestry equipment. Replacement parts are costly and take time to be distributed. To combat these issues I have designed a plastic alternative that is lightweight, cost efficient and easily shipped whilst maintaining the same features as the steel original.

Plastic Innovation / /


Research And Insights Average cost of a Grapple ranges from

ÂŁ1000 ÂŁ30,000

11 million

green tonnes of UK roundwood (softwood and hardwood) were delivered to primary wood processors in 2014.

Key insights gained are shown on the info-graphic to the right.They outline the key problems with spares in this industry and highlight the gap in the market for development,

Majority of spare parts have to be shipped from parent companies based in scandinavia.This can be costly and time consuming.

10 thousand hectares of new

woodland were created in the UK in 2014-15.


Plastic Innovation / /


Development 325.59












25 972.68








42 42























Side Plate Componen




Concept development drawings on this page show how the polyamide compound will work, theUNLESS page also shows the OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: FINISH: ARE IN MILLIMETERS development of the product and theDIMENSIONS breakdown of the components SURFACE FINISH: TOLERANCES: LINEAR: used. ANGULAR: NAME DRAWN CHK'D APPV'D



Plastic Innovation / /


The idea

A lightweight low cost claw that can be used on the majority of brands of forestry equipment and cranes with a simple hydraulic pin and bolt system to connect the hydraulics to. It is a lightweight rigid , strong reinforced and is strengthened with steel cross bars and a solid steel tip.This tip resists wear and maintains its sharpness better than the polyamide would.The lightweight polyamide reduces the cost of this component significantly and makes it easier and less expensive to ship around the world. The claws come in a range of 3 sizes, either XXL XL or XX.This meaning that the claws can be used from the smallest scale forestry operations , right up to some of the largest. • • • •

50% Lighter with the same properties as steel Cheaper to manufacture with the same mechanical properties as steel Costly anti corrosion treatments are non existent as plastic does not corrode. Colours and features can simply be added in the manufacture process with little added cost and time.



XX Plastic Innovation / /



The claw is made up from 54 % glass fibre reinforced Polyamide instead of the traditional Steel.This reinforced (Nylon) can match the properties of Steel when combined with triangular a ribbed structure.This means that less material is used in the production of the component but the mechanical properties stay the same. Each side of the claw will be 50 mm thick with ribs extruded to the depth of 20mm, this providing a 10mm solid backbone down the claw.


UniVersal Hydraulic Ram Attachment

Unique 2 Part Design

Rigid Economical Design

The two sides of the claw are joined using traditional solid steel bar 400mm thick on which a universal hydraulic mounting is fitted to allow the Talon Claws to fit all makes of crane on all brands of forestry machinery. Using glass reinforced Polyamide provides numerous other mechanical and physical benefits that do not exist on current traditional designs.

Plastic Innovation / /


After carrying out my second year placement with Pure Insight in 2015 I was contacted to return and do some freelance work for the company. The work I carried out was predominantly on producing an online store and new website for the company and I also carried out some graphic design work which can be shown in more detail upon request.

Freelance Work



Website User Experience Manual search

Search by category

Search y



Search by file type



ed y desir



All files and blurbs visible

to les

Small blurb about each file


e fi


bro ws




nu a

ch o



Identify desired files Thumbnails

Ad d

Contact Information

Remove from basket

View Basket sk et

Link to proper website

Proceed to checkout


About us


ac hf

Select File Add to basket button


Key Different areas of website. Links between pages of website Features on webpage Link to home screen or primary website Shows where the back buttons will lead too

Continue to paypal


tails b

Receive email with purchased content.

ma nfi r






p web





g Paypal app appears

ain to m urn

Link back to homepage on confirmation screen




Cancel purchase



e in basket


nal de

Review order

c pro




he tt

Cancel purchase


Proceed using paypal



Pa yp


f so


e ed

a few



h urc

Details Fill in

ed sir

. les

Details form to fill in


Freelance Work



Pure Insight Webpage

Check out site by scanning the QR code or visit :

Freelance Work



Pure Insight Graphic Design

Voice Of The Customer

13th-15th APRIL 2015


Human Factors For medical devices

Voice Of The Customer

Human Centered Strategies pure insight ltd enterprise House,valley Street darlington, dl1 1gY, uK

Pure Insight LTD Enterprise House,Valley Street Darlington, DL1 1GY, UK © Pure Insight 2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,without the prior permission in writing of the publishers

© Pure Insight 2011. All rights No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted UnitInsight 3D, Enterprise Pure LTD House, Valley Street, Darlington, DL1 1GY, UK +44 (0)1325 526000in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,without the prior permission in writing of the publishers Enterprise House,Valley Street Darlington, DL1 1GY, UK2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, photo© Pure Insight copying, recording or otherwise,without the prior permission in writing of the publishers

An example of some of the graphic publications I produced whilst working at Pure Insight.The documents produced ranged from books, to certificates and research documents. Freelance Work



a cart Startacart is a service that offers small businesses a short-term portable platform on which they can sell their products without the overhead expenses of owning a shop or unit. The aforementioned portable platform is a bicycle cart with space to store products (in the same way as a market stall), with optional attachments that cater for their area of business. Our profit will be made by renting the bicycle carts to clients for an agreed period of time.

Business Awareness



The Idea

In 2014 the UK recorded 526,446 new businesses and Greater London had the largest market with 136,939 start up business. The ability to pack up and move your business to increase sales and improve your product awareness. To combat this we have come up with the simple idea of Start A Cart, The mobile sales platform that can be manufactured you your every need and rented from us on a fixed contract.

Number of carts owned by our company based on predicted growth.Years 1-3.

Large storage space Pull out section

Fixed Bike for transport Basic shell version

Quick and easy Transportation

Perfect for Festivals


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3

Large storage/display window

Optional Ad-ons

Business Awareness



Business Plan















The bike can be hired for a minimum of 2 days up to a month. The cart can then be purchased on a monthly contract if the client wishes to continue trading using Start A Cart.

Business Awareness



THE Future ÂŁ139,466.48 ÂŁ41,998.48



Expansion Goals Increasing our brand awareness and developing a connection with our clients in person and online. Festivals and one off events. Provide unique start up carts for the food and catering businesses Trade in more cities and towns across the UK

The new and unique way of selling an affordable service to start up companies that want to get up and running. London is the perfect place to do this and with our price point, we feel that its a viable and great way for companies to provide a new service for customers whilst branching out and making their ideas a reality. At Startacart thats what we are all about.

Business Awareness



Working as part of a team, we decided to completely change the image of an AFO by creating a sleeker and more desirable product, but still providing all the important medical benefits. Key features include, bespoke SLS printed components, a sliding mechanism to secure the product to the users leg, a front sliding plate that can be personalised to the users own lifestyle, the ability to be worn with the users existing footwear and a breathable design that can flex with the natural expansion and contraction of the leg during the day with disposable and replaceable sweat pads positioned in key areas for maximum comfort.

Ankle Foot Orthotic



Research And Prototyping

Researching younger generations with injuries associated to drop foot and Ankle Foot Orthotics. we managed to outline key problems with existing AFO products and the needs of the younger generation of users. Prototyping allowed us to find out key pressure points and uncomfortable areas of existing AFO products.

Ankle Foot Orthotic



Concept Design

Key features include, bespoke SLS printed components, a sliding mechanism to secure the product to the users leg, a front sliding plate that can be personalised to the users own lifestyle,

The ability to be worn with the users that can flex with the natural expansi with disposable and replaceable swea comfort.

s existing footwear and a breathable design ion and contraction of the leg during the day at pads positioned in key areas for maximum

The front panel of the design has the potential to be branded or even produced by notable designers to show a more trendy fashionable alternative to the traditional medical looking AFO.

Ankle Foot Orthotic



References If you require any references please feel free to contact any of the below.

David Parkinson

Laura Warw

Lecturer - Design for Industry

Lecturer - Design for Indus

phone: +44 (0)191 227 7273 email:

phone: +44 (0)191 227 377 email: laura.warwick@nor


Sean Warren


Managing Partner - Pure Insight


phone: +44 (0)1325 526 000 email:




Thank’S For your time

4 Mithras Court Wall, Hexham Northumberland, NE464DJ

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If you would like to view any more of my work or skills please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

JORDAN Ware Service and product Design Portfolio

Jordan Ware Service And Product Design Portfolio 2015  

A small selection of my work to date studying Design For Industry at Northumbria University.

Jordan Ware Service And Product Design Portfolio 2015  

A small selection of my work to date studying Design For Industry at Northumbria University.