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The Creative Team Our background - a strong background in both landscape construction, garden designs and installations. We are confident our knowledge and experience can offer insight and inspiration for all your landscape projects.

We know what you want creative products, creative solutions, competitive prices, value added customer service, and the opportunity for you to engage in dialogue with a depot who listens. We also understand the importance of prompt delivery. To put it simply, we’re here to assist you. Who we are - a destination where home owners and the design & landscape professionals connect, inspire, and prosper through partnership and award winning landscapes!

Living Creative

Lobsinger Lin


Weber St. North

Our direction - to develop a new approach to the landscape depot sector. We source new materials that offer you different choices, yet of course don’t forget about the basics. Our Inventory is selected to create the best landscape ideas! Looking for a fifteen foot slab of natural rock, or expanded shale for decorative use? We have it... If not, we’ll find it.


Trust us - we understand that landscaping can be overwhelming at times. We can guide you in selecting the proper aggregates, decorative stone, landscape rock, interlocking pavers, natural stone steps, flagstone, or just that one special rock for your property. After all, a rock is just a rock until you get creative!

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April - August Monday - Friday 7 - 6 Saturday 8 - 4 Sunday 10 - 4 September - December 15 Monday - Friday 7 - 6 Saturday 8 - 4 (December Closed Saturday) Sunday - Closed December 15 - March Monday - Friday 9 - 3 Saturday - Closed Sunday - Closed Office 519 - 664 - 0225 Fax 519 - 664 - 0226 1175 King Street North St. Jacobs, Ontario N0B 2N0




DESIGN PROFESSIONALS •Porcelain Tile 110 •Aquascape Water Systems 60 - 65 •Creative Bird Feeders 56 - 59 •Wheelbarrows 26 •Slatescape 18 •Nincompoop 16 •High Performance Bedding Sand 17 •Urns 42 - 51 •Wallmount Fireplace Units 38 - 41 •Cortina & Bravo Firebowl 36 - 37 •EZ Grass Synthetic Turf 22 - 25 •Garden Art 52 - 55 •Grass Seed 16 •Divot Mix 16 •Black Polymeric Sand 28 •Pennsylvania Natural Stone 102 - 103 •Ridge Wall 85 •Borealis Paver 70 •Jet Black Indian Tile 108 •Polished Basalt 101 - 101 •3ft Rustic Step 116 •Rustic Random Step 116 •Wiarton Steps 78








CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATION Policies & Procedures 8 - 11 Delivery Polices & Pricing 12 - 13 Product Conversion Charts 13 Installation Guide for Hardscapes & Veneer 14 - 15 Installation Guide for Sealers & Cleaners 31

GROUND & BED COVERS Soil 16 Aggregates 17 Decorative Stone 18 - 19 Mulch 20 - 21 EZ Grass 22 - 25

ACCESSORIES Wheelbarrows 26 Edge Guards & Restraints 27 Stabilizer Sand 28 Marking Paint, Adhesive, Spikes 29 Landscape Fabrics & Barriers 30 Sealers & Cleaners 31 - 33

HOME ACCENTS Creative Lighting 34 - 35 Creative Fire Bowls 36 - 37 Creative Fire Units 38 - 41 Valencia Fire Kit 83 Creative Urns 42 - 51 Garden Art 52 - 55 Creative Bird Feeders 56 - 58 Stone Art 59 Aquascape Water Systems 60 - 65

INTERLOCKING Pavers 66 - 83 Wallstone 84 - 91

NATURAL STONE Armour Stone 92 - 95 Decorative Stone 96 - 103 Coursing & Wallstone 104 - 105 Flagstone, Sandstone, Porcelain, Cobble 106 - 111

STEPS Natural Stone Steps 112 - 113 Random Slabs & Treads 114 Pre-Cast Steps 115 - 117

COPING & CAPS Natural Stone Coping 118 - 119 Pre-Cast Coping 120 - 125

EDGING & CURBING Pre-Cast Edging 126 - 127 Natural Stone Curbing 128 - 129

VENEER STONE 130 - 137



POLICIES & PROCEDURES Return & Refund Policy • Original reciepts must be present at time of return, refunds will be provided by means of original method of payment. • Any cheque payments requesting a refund are subject to a 15 day clearance, and will be refunded in cash. • All returned items are subject to manager’s discretion. • Please note that returns will be managed in a timely manner, and current sales may take precedence. • Returns are the responsibility of the buyer, and therefore any request for pickup is subject to standard delivery fees listed in our delivery policies. •All requests for product pick-up will be done so upon truck availability, and are subject to additional fees and any potential complications. •Please ensure all material is packaged appropriately before pickup, as our drivers are not responsible for packaging.

Returnable Products

(restocking fees applicable and subject to change) • Original - undamaged and unopened product in its original packaging. • All stocked items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. • All non-stocked items are final sale • Full layers of interlocking pavers or wall systems in their original pattern.

Non-Returnable Products

• Soil, mulch, aggregates, or decorative bulk material. • Bulk products bagged by Creative Landscape Depot. • Interlocking or wallstone that is less than a full layer, or does not meet original package pattern or volume requirements. • Cut, chipped, or tainted natural stone. • Custom orders. • Natural stone shipped direct to client from supplier (unless approved in advance). • Clearance or sale items. • Any products that are no longer sold by Creative Landscape Depot. • Damaged product.

Pricing and Catalogue

Estimating Policy

Gift Certificates

Custom & Large Volume Orders

Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please note that our procurement is responsible for offering fair and competitive pricing.

Our staff may assist you when estimating quantity of product required for your project.

Consider the many options with such a simple yet valuable gift.

Any request you have is realistic. We use our network of suppliers to create and cut whatever your project requires, or your ideas demand.

Marketed or printed pricing is susceptible to market fluctuations. We negotiate with all suppliers the longest pricing terms available, and therefore try to minimize any errors or potential changes. However, external changes often affect overall input cost which may raise or lower the selling price of our products. Due to the nature of print, please note that there is always potential for error, involving pricing, literature, and colour. Please note that certain products become limited from time to time, and therefore available quantities may differ. We try our best to inventory appropriately for timely handling of your product, and to minimize all potential errors in our marketing efforts.

Please note, that without visiting your site, we use the tools available to us, and the dimensions that you provide, to offer an educated estimate to the best of our ability. We are not responsible for over or underestimating, and therefore encourage you to double check your measurements before time of order.

Our certificates are available in any denomination, and subject to use on our entire product selection. There is no expiry, and no dormancy. Interest fees will not be charged. Our gift certificates are a wonderful way to create ideas and open doors for friends, family, and corporate relationships.

Please refer to our product coverage chart, and return policy, to best understand your order.

Imagine a gift that adds value to your property, and offers endless concepts and creativity in design.

Manufacturing runs of product can differ slightly in colour and tone. Be sure to order and purchase the necessary quantities to complete your project.

Our selection of product has the opportunity to turn any gift into a lifetime of landscape ideas. For the many holidays and events that we share, consider our Creative Landscape Depot gift Certificates a wonderfull way to gift.


1175 King Street North St. Jacobs T: 519-664-0225 F: 519-664-0226

Allow us to reach outside of our large inventory, and work with you on any unique products you require. Our specialty is creativity, so bring us whatever concepts your have in mind! All orders regarding larger than normal volumes are subject to custom pricing. We understand the value of bulk purchasing, and will work with you on an individual basis to best price your project. Call us to discuss your ideas. Please refer to our return policy for terms and conditions on custom orders




Pick up Guidelines and Loading

We supply the highest grade product available in the landscape industry.The products we support meet all industry requirements, standards, and possess all necessary certificates. We stand behind our products, as they are the superior materials available in the marketplace, and therefore have minimal opportunity for error or defects.

Please note that we offer an extremely efficient delivery service which may save you time, effort, and money. Please refer to our delivery section for further detail.

Vehicles must be loaded by our operators, as they have been trained on the operation of skid steers, and safety of product handling.

If you choose to pick up material, please note that our products are heavy, often dirty, and can be problematic or dangerous to transport. Please refer to our product weight chart for weights based on quantity.

To protect your vehicle, please provide wood sheeting for the base of your vehicle, padding or blankets to prevent debris from scratching the walls of your car, and bring straps to tie down any loose material. We load at your risk, and are not held responsible for any potential accidents. Please consider our delivery system for safe and efficient handling.

Our strict purchasing and receiving policy filters out poorly graded products from our yard and product selection. What you will find at Creative Landscape Depot is premier material and considered A-Grade product. Our suppliers offer warranties defined in their policy. Each manufacurer’s policies differ. Please call or visit us to learn more about our suppliers warranty policies. We do our best to mediate any concerns from all of our clients.

Please understand your vehicles payload before requesting product. Our staff may assist you using our product weight chart to best load your vehicle. Our staff reserves the right to refuse the loading of specific products or vehicles. We are not accountable for the safety of your load, but we promote the highest safety standards available. Note the tire pressure, strength of your springs, functionality of your lights and blinkers, electronic brakes (if applicable), and overall condition of your vehicle and compartment where you wish to place the product you are purchasing.

Our staff reserves the right to refuse any loading requests based on all relevent conditions. We focus first on safety, and will make any recommendations to ensure you are loaded as safely and securely as possible.The safety of everyone on the road is very important to us.

Credit Policy

Clean Fill Dumping Regulations

Sample Policy

A $30 fee will be charged to any client or account where returned cheques or banking charges apply.

Dumping of the Following Material is Permitted at the Depot: • clean fill • topsoil, excavated earth • sod • long grasses and plant clippings (no tree branches or stumps)

We offer samples to provide our customers with fair service, and the ability to match colours, textures, and size of our products to their existing landscape and home.

(approved or commercial accounts only) All credit accounts are subject to fill out our credit application. All information requested is required, and will be followed through by our finance department to ensure each account and all information meet our credit conditions. All credit accounts offer a Net 30 days payment structure from date of invoice. A 2% interest charge will be added to any balance over the payment terms. A 2% fee will be added on any additional months balance, including the prior intersest charges that were already added. All credit accounts are considered a privilege, and will be monitored for positive payment history and account liability. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any application or existing account at any time.

Dumping of the Following Material is not Permitted at the Depot: • plants or hedges (including roots) • tree stumps or branches • concrete • mortar • asphalt • old fencing or wood (including posts) • wire, string, metal clips, nails, screws, hardware • no garbage (coffee cups, cardboard, cans, bags, plastic, gloves, etc) • contamination of any kind Notes • prices for dumping are provided by our office at time of drop • prices are subject to change at any given time • if you have questions regarding your material please call the office • you must confirm with the office before dumping your material on site • if you do not comply with our dumping regulations you may lose your clean fill dumping privilege

Any sample provided requires a credit card number to secure the item and its value, and a receipt will be issued. Credit cards will not be charged for one month. At that time, if the product has not been returned, CLD will charge the value of the sample. Upon return, we will credit the value back to your credit card. Please note that receipts must accompany the sample upon return. Damaged product will not receive a refund and is subject to management’s discretion.


DELIVERY POLICY & PRICING We offer scheduled delivery of all of our products. Our delivery system is an affordable, safe, and reliable service that can save you time and effort. Please note that our materials are generally very heavy, and can be problematic in handling. Allow our trained delivery staff to handle your product with the ease of our equipment and fleet of delivery trucks. Please note that we offer placement of material to assist you and your landscape needs. Based on your placement requests, we will choose an appropriate time for your delivery based on both parties availability. Please refer to our Delivery Fee Chart for additional time expenses for placement.

Delivery System

• Payment is due prior to delivery. COD is unavailable.Taxes are additional. • Our fees are subject to change, due to fluctuating gas prices. • All material is either scaled by weight or volume to ensure accuracy. Our scale and buckets are measured annually to ensure accuracy. • Orders can be taken over the phone or in person, please ensure you understand the material you are ordering. • Our drivers reserve the right to refuse specified drop spots. Please note our trucks need additional space when offloading or dumping product. (Refer to objects such as overhead branches and wires, strength of asphalt or driveway surface, weight and size of product being delivered, inclination or angles of desired drop spot, compaction of earth). • If our drivers are not confident or able to meet your drop request, you may be called to arrange changes, and/or your product may be returned to our yard at your expense. Rescheduling of your product is subject to a delivery fee. • We offer split loads, meaning multiple products can be delivered at the same time. Our capabilities are determined by the weight and volume of the product requested. Our split system can save you money, and multiple drop spots can be requested to save you time and effort. All above requests are subject to our staffs discretion. • We schedule deliveries in increments, based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please order well in advance to secure your desired time allotment as our client traffic varies per season. (note: deliveres are a variable service, and therefore we can not gaurantee an exact delivery time) • Any request for pick-up of material will be subject to the appropriate delivery fee.



(Kitchener/Waterloo and 25 klm zone) Split Load Dump Truck (up to 8 yards aggregate and 20 yards mulch) $65.00 Tri Axle Dump Truck (up to 25 yards of product) $85.00 Machine Offload / Stone Delivery (includes up to 30 minutes offload or placement) $120.00 Exterior Delivery Zones ($ please ask)

Release of Liability

Any material delivery beyond curb line is the responsibility of the customer. We require direction and/or signature to delivery beyond this point, therefore releasing Creative Landscape Depot, our drivers, and our contractors of potential damage, claims, and liabilities that can take place.

Stone Weight per Cubic Foot = 180 lbs Pounds Required = (Length x Width x Depth) x 180 Tons Required = (Length x Width x Depth) x 180 / 2000 Square Footage (sqf) = Length x Width Volume = Length x Width x Depth Coverage Per Yard = Volume / 27

Depth Conversion Chart Depth of Aggregate (inches) % for Equation 1 = 0.083 2 = 0.167 3 = 0.250 4 = 0.333 5 = 0.417 6 = 0.500 7 = 0.583 8 = 0.667 9 = 0.750 10 = 0.833 11 = 0.917 12 = 1.000


• Although we schedule deliveries appropriately to meet our objectives and commitments, factors such as traffic, changes in current deliveries, requests from clients for placement of product, and equipment failure, may affect our daily delivery schedule. • We guarrantee curbside delivery only. • We deliver on your property only, and will not enter neighbours or land that is not yours. • Our equipment is heavy and therefore the driver will decide if the desired area of delivery will support the weight. Please note that wet weather creates softer than normal surfaces and ruts. • Angles and inclinations of desired drop spot. • New asphalt or asphalt on a hot day will be more susceptible to our heavy equipment. Newly paved or backfilled areas require appropriate amounts of time to settle, and we therefore hold no liability to potential damage created by our equipment or material. • We do not require you to be present for your delivery, and we use your description and notes to meet your required drop spot. Please mark or define the desired location with chalk or another object to show us where to place your material. We are not responsible for dropping in an unmarked area, as notes can be misinterpreted. We also hold the right to refuse drop requests if the area has limited space for our equipment. • Our drivers will not accept payment upon delivery • Our drivers take placement direction from our clients, and are not responsible for your design or landscape.

Conversions and Product Facts

Soil, Mulch,Aggregate, Decorative Stone Coverage (1 cubic yard)

Custom Delivery & Placement

Machine / dump truck delivery in st. jacobs $10 / $25 Machine placement or excessive offload time $100 per hour Dump truck rental (includes our driver) $90 per hour

1” = 325 sqf 2” = 162 sqf 3” = 108 sqf 4” = 81 sqf 5” = 65 sqf 6” = 54 sqf 8” = 40 sqf 10” = 32 sqf 12” = 27 sqf

Flagstone Coverage (1 ton) .5” = 250 sqf 3/4” = 180 sqf 1” = 140 sqf 1.5” = 100 sqf 2” = 80 sqf 2 .5” = 50 sqf

16 519 - 664 - 0225


Soil is the naturally occurring, organic material at the surface of the earth that is capable of supporting plant growth. Soil influences many areas of our lives. It is an integral part of our ecosystem. The composition of the soil in an area has a direct effect on the plant and animal life there. Soil is comprised of sand, silt, and clay, mixed with varying amounts of organic matter, water, and air.

Screened Topsoil

• used for leveling out uneven areas and holes on lawns • used for sodding, general planting including trees, shrubs, and perennials • economical approach for lawn care • 2248 lbs

$30 yard $6 bag

Contractor Triple Mix • rich, dark, high organic multi-purpose planting soil • triple mix is an eco-friendly alternative to heavy peat soils • ideal for new plant and vegetable gardens • blend of composted bark, leaf/yard compost, soil • 1912 lbs

$41 yard $6 bag

Top Dress • attacks thatch • encourages grow-in of grass • benefits turf layer and root zone • flows through top dressing equipment • apply with or without grass seed • plenty of organic matter and nutrients • blend of composted pine bark, leaf/yard compost, sand • 1363 lbs

$49 yard $6 bag

Grass Seed

• certified Speare grass seed • overseed with quality soil in the spring & fall (1/2” - 1” thick soil) • watering new seed is crucial - never allow the soil to dry out

$27 - 10lb bag $65 - 25lb bag $125 - 55lb bag

Divot Mix

Divot Mix has been improving playing conditions at premium golf courses for over a decade. Organic and sand amendments are carefully selected to balance water retention and drainage, which optimizes seed germination and establishment. Increased organic matter and microorganism population ensures a healthy turf stand in early establishment stage. •optimum moisture retention •high microbial activity for increased disease suppression •organic nutrients •increased germination rates

$full loads only please ask

Nincompoop Compost

•provides a rich growing medium, and a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals •provides nutrients in which plants can flourish •mix with your soil to produce loam for the desired texture and nutrition

$9 bag




Aggregates are used for the foundation of new construction and renovations. Many granulars can be compacted while others self compact and therefore do not require machine use.

Crushed Stone


3/4” Crushed stone has many names. This aggregate is self settling and requires no compaction. Used for permeable paver applications, drainage, window wells, foundations of all structures, and many other base installations. 2550 lbs

$36 yard $6 bag


Stone Dust

$29 yard $6 bag

$29 yard $6 bag


Pea Stone

$35 yard $6 bag

$36 yard $6 bag

used for screeding base for interlocking pavers and for permeable paving applications. 2265 lbs

$36 yard $6 bag

A-gravel is great for the base of driveways, walkways, patios, and is used to mix mortar. 2720 lbs

A highly permeable aggregate, often used for the bedding layer below interlocking applications. Sand is also used for play areas, sand boxes, and volleyball courts. 2521 lbs

High Performance Bedding Sand (HPB) self-compacting for base preperation / 2265 lbs

$52 yard

Stone dust is used as the thin screeded base for interlocking pavers and wall stone. 2663 lbs

Peastone is a decorative granular, offering an aesthetic approach for drainage. Peastone is great for bordering walkways and filling urns, yet is often used as a base granular for flagstone installations. 2573 lbs

18 519 - 664 - 0225



4-8¨Granite River Rock

Midnight Granite

Spanish Tile

Granite Boulders

2833 lbs

2622 lbs

1811 lbs

2650 lbs

Caramel Cream

Chocolate Chip

1-3¨Granite River Rock

2550 lbs

2550 lbs

2853 lbs


1-3¨Natural River Rock

4-8¨Natural River Rock

White Polished Pebble

Black Polished Pebble

2500 lbs

2680 lbs

2651 lbs

$30 bag / 25kg $0.65 lb

$30 bag / 25kg $0.65 lb

Decorative Stone is a permanent landscape solution that brings a clean and fresh look to any landscape design. Stone mulches will enhance raised landscape beds, tree wells, patio edging, pathways and perennial beds. Decorative Stone is also great for filling urns - whether indoor or out, and used for decorative interior designs such as filling vases or bowls. Adding the colour and texture of stone indoors creates a wonderful atmosphere and ambience. When properly installed using our edging and landscape fabric, your decorative stone will give lasting beauty year after year. The aesthetic and functional use of stone mulch will save you the yearly cost of mulching with bark mulches. Decorative Stone Benefits: •retains soil moisture in gardens •prevents weed growth •enhances drainage •prevents erosion of soil and other plant material •do not attract insects or harbor weed seeds •does not blow away, rot, or change colour •easy maintenance of garden beds •available in many colours, sizes, textures •adds accent colours to overall landscape designs


$180 yard $15 bag

$140 yard $12 bag

$62 yard $8 bag

$90 yard $10 bag

$62 yard $8 bag

$129 yard $12 bag

$129 yard $12 bag

$140 yard $12 bag

$105 yard $10 bag

Silica Pebble

2700 lbs

$180 yard $15 bag

$260 ton

Pea Stone

$105 yard

2700 lbs

$36 yard $6 bag


21 519 - 664 - 0225

MULCH Nothing adds to the splendor of a healthy, well manicured lawn like a beautiful mulch bed. The best thing about mulch is that it promotes healthy plant growth. A base of 2-3 inches of shredded Nincompoop mulch around your plants and under your shrubs Mulch 600 lbs adds organic matter to the soil which is vital to healthy plant growth.

Playground 600 lbs

721 lbs

Black Beauty

$50 yard $12 bag

$50 yard $12 bag


777 lbs


739 lbs

Composted Pine

739 lbs

$50 yard $12 bag

$55 yard $14 bag

$62 yard $14 bag


800 lbs


Red Devil

Natural Cedar

527 lbs

$49 yard $12 bag

$50 yard $12 bag

730 lbs

Shredded Pine

768 lbs

Organic mulches improve the condition of the soil. As these mulches slowly decompose, they provide organic matter which helps keep the soil loose. This improves root growth, increases the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms. Apply mulch when the weather gets warm. Don’t put mulch down too early in the spring, give the soil a chance to warm up. Mulching too early will actually slow down the warming process. Mid to late spring is the best time to apply mulch.

Benefits of Mulch •moderates extremes in temperature •conserves moisture •controls weeds •prevents erosion •improves soil aggregation, granulation, and overall soil quality •provides habitat and sustenance for beneficial soil organisms •improves the efficiency by which plants take up fertilizers •prevents soil compaction and improves aeration •allows air and water penetration into the root zone •aesthetically pleasing by adding texture and colour •makes surface areas more usable for paths, play and sitting areas •makes landscaped areas easier to maintain •helps provide unity among a group of planting beds

$9 bag

$49 yard $12 bag

$49 yard $12 bag



23 519 - 664 - 0225


EZ Grass Ez-Grass premium synthetic turf (artificial grass) is designed for residential & commercial landscapes, playgrounds, putting greens, and sports fields.  Artificial grass is extremely eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for watering, mowing and harsh weed chemicals. reduced maintenance costs. •drastically reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care •perfect grass all year regardless of weather or drought conditions and it is weed free •eliminate the need of pesticides, fertilizers & insecticides and decrease your environmental impact •synthetic grass can be installed in many places natural grass may not: (rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas) •synthetic grass is available for use anytime, no matter the climate: (may be used immediately following precipitation or heavy rains without the dirt and mud) •the average return on investment is estimated between 4-5 years •our synthetic grasses are warrantied

EZ Lawn Pro •premium synthetic grass for residential and commercial landscapes •luxury synthetic grass lawn  •recommended for upscale residential and commercial •dog and pet friendly •royal green and olive green fibers with extra thick thatch •very soft to the touch •no in-fill required •thick and extremely lush •resilient and durable •10 year manufacturer’s warranty •112 oz per sqf fiber total weight

$5.50 sqf

EZ Lawn •quality synthetic grass at an affordable price •recommended for residential and commercial use •great for dog runs •royal green and olive green fibers with thick thatch •very soft to the touch •little or no infill required •thick and extremely lush •resilient and durable •8 year manufacturer’s warranty •88oz total weight

$4.75 sqf

EZ Lawn Elite •for those who want the very best •premium quality artificial grass for home, commercial or pet use •simply the best in premium synthetic grass •utilizes the SPINEGRASS™ technology •recommended for upscale residential and commercial properties •dog and pet safe •royal green and olive green fibers with extra thick thatch •super lush, super durable yet soft to the touch •no in-fill required •resilient and durable •total turf weigh 124.8 oz


24 519 - 664 - 0225




EZ Golf Pro •the ultimate putting surface •utilizes TRUROLLTM technology •bi-color green and dark green fibers •20mm height for better golf ball reaction to shots •no In-fill required •resilient and durable •95 oz per sqf fiber total weight •pet-safe •good for up to -30 / +40 degrees

$5.50 sqf

EZ Paw Synthetic Grass for Pets •perfect solution for dog runs and kennels •shorter pile height for ez-clean up •durable yet soft to the touch •stain free •pet-safe •good for up to -30 / +40 degrees

$4.50 sqf

EZ Grass Sports Turf •player friendly •excellent UV Stability •available to meet FIFA standards •pet-safe •good for up to -30 / +40 degrees

$5.50 sqf


27 519 - 664 - 0225

WHEELBARROWS Creative Wheelbarrows

All Creative Wheelbarrows are extremely sturdy! The dual position plates ensure stability for heavy loads and wheels are replaceable. Recommended for trades and DIY clients.




Snap Edge

Pro Slide Aluminum Edging

Our unique "Snip & Flex" feature allows total freedom when designing your driveway or sidewalk. You can create unlimited curves and angles in minutes, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and structurally superior project. This flexibility and strength has made Snap Edge the premier edging choice of professionals.

Pro Slide is a complete series of professional grade aluminum landscape edgings designed to function in professional landscapes. ProSlide sections telescope together utilizing channels along its top and bottom edges. This secure connection provides for a fast and simple installation process, and ensures long-term performance. The connection requires no stakes, allowing for uniform stake placement along the length of the edging section.

8ft sections, can be cut to become flexible, accepts spikes, connects at both ends, 24 units per bundle.

•550 lbs capacity •6 cubic ft •unit weight 37 lbs (5 parts, easy assembly, 7 bolts) •strong quality finish, all-welded steel frame •back brace for extra heavy loads •16" pneumatic or solid rubber heavy duty tire

Includes heavy-duty 12” interlocking aluminum stakes that securely anchor it into the ground. 1/8" x 4" / silver and black

$18.00 unit


PX161-2 (green & orange) •750 lbs capacity •10 cubic ft •unit weight 44 lbs (4 parts, easy assembly, 7 bolts) •basically unbreakable poly basin •28” wide for small areas •16” pneumatic wheel with wide tread for rough or soft terrain •can be changed from 2-wheel to 1-wheel system


TK100 (green) •450 lbs capacity •6 cubic ft •unit weight 33 lbs (3 parts, easy assembly, 7 bolts) •1 piece steel zinc frame with reinforced leg braces and wear plates •extra thick poly bucket with a deep spillproof design •16” pneumatic wheel


Brick Block Aluminum Edging $15.20 unit

Brick Block is an economical aluminum paving restraint system that is designed as a permanent, reversible edging that is easy to install and out-performs plastic, PVC and steel systems. Brick Block has two base options, each allowing one part to be used for both straight and curvilinear applications. Brick Block’s low profile promotes healthy turf growth, and allows for irrigation heads to be placed along the paver’s edge. 8ft sections, 2.75” high, used for interlocking and hardscape edging, available in silver

$15.00 unit


29 519 - 664 - 0225



EV Evolution Stabilizer Sand


50lbs per bag 56 bags per pallet

Our adhesives are the industry standard used by contractors for the most industrial applications. These glues are used to bond copings to all retaining wall stone, pool edges, step treads, locking caps on top of columns and pillars, or anything else you may need to bond to natural stone or interlocking products. $7.00 10oz

Polymeric Sand is the industry standard joint filler used for all hardscape surfaces. These sands have an adhesive within the ingredients which allow the product to set in the paver joints like concrete, yet has flexibility and will not crack when the earth moves throughout the different seasons. • no haze formula • can be used for regular and wide joints up to 4” • helps prevent erosion due to wind, rain, snow & ice • sets in one hour from time of application of water in warm & sunny weather • sets in temperatures as low as zero degres • perfect for sloped surfaces, around pools, driveways, patios, & walkways • prevents weeds from sprouting, damage caused by insects, erosion

Beige $23 bag Grey $26 bag Black $28 bag An informative, step by step installation video to guide you through a profesional polymeric application

$11.00 28oz

sets in about 20 minutes 11oz & 28oz tubes 12 per case

Spikes Our 10” spikes are non galvanized to promote rusting once set into the earth. The rust buildup acts as an anchor and supports a stronger hold as it staples itself into the ground. These spiral spikes are used in conjunction with our Edge Guards and are often used to peg down our Geotextile products or Filter Cloth. approx. 220 spikes per case

$0.49 spike

Flexlock Ultra Polymeric Sand • can be used for paver joints up to 1” • starts to set as soon as water is sprayed • fast setting • sets at above freezing temperature (0°C – 32°F) • can be applied even if rain is expected (minimum 1 hour after sand installation) • does not stain paving stones • intact pallets can be stored outside • prevents erosion of sand, insect damage, and sprouting of weeds or grass

$please ask

Marking Paint white, yellow, orange, red, black Use our marking paint to shape your hardscapes, softscapes, or any outdoor living areas before you start to dig. By drawing out your garden areas or patios, you can get a better vision for the scale of each area, angles and curves of all edges, and gain the confidence for the work ahead.

$7.50 unit

30 519 - 664 - 0225





ACCESSORIES Jeric Stone and Interlock Sealer

available in 4, 6, 8, and 12ft rolls, or by the linear ft from each Commonly known as filter cloth or landscape fabric, these weed barriers are used in all landscape projects. Our industrial grade fabrics are available by the square foot, and are used for: • lining the base of garden beds • lining the base of an excavation for all hardscape surfaces • lining the backs of retaining walls • framing french drains • separating unique aggregates or decorative products • wrapping pipes to prevent sediment in permeable applications

Our water based sealers are formulated to minimize potential mistakes and risk of poor weather interfering with the application. Jeric sealers are available in natural, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes.

$ please ask

• generally 1 gallon covers 200sqf • protects against oil, dirt, and salt • help maintain the original colour of the paver • enhance colour of stone • makes cleaning easier • seals jointing sand and assist in water run-off

$0.22 sqf

Greentape available in 6 & 12ft rolls or by the linear ft Greentape is a synthetic version of Geotextile. The product offers the same benefits as Geotextile yet is not as permeable as the traditional landscape fabric. Greentape is commonly used to line the excavation of hardscape surfaces, to ensure no migration of the new sub-base with the native soils below.

Geogrid Sealer Installation Guide

$2.60 linear ft

An industrial grade product that is used between courses of large retaining wall installations. Geogrid is laid between the stones layers or courses, exhaling from the back of the wall into the earth which is being retained. The placement of this wire mesh is to anchor the wall to the native soil behind, providing more strength and lifespan.

$1.45 linear ft (6ft roll) $2.90 linear ft (12ft roll)

• you will require a pressure washer or garden hose, goggles, rubber gloves, stiff brush, broom, point roller or pump sprayer • determine which cleaning products and quantity of protective sealant is needed. This is done by thoroughly inspecting the surface to be treated and measuring the total square footage of the stone or concrete • read all instruction on product labels and data sheets found on the sealers package. Be sure to read the materials handling and safety section to ensure you understand its hazards • clean all stains, spills and debris from the area you are sealing, using either a scrub brush or pressure washer. If stains are not removed, the sealer can magnify these unwanted blemishes. Removing them will be more difficult once sealed • wait until surface is completely dry before applying sealant. Usually 24 hours is sufficient. Also make sure the polymeric sand is completely dry • apply sealer using an industrial pump sprayer or paint roller • block the area that was treated. Prevent anyone or anything from contacting the treated area. Usually 4 to 24 hours, depending on the product type and weather conditions • please note that we recommend using a professional installer


SEALERS & STAIN REMOVERS Stains on your stone, tile or grout happen easily - juice, mustard, olive oil and dirt can leave permanent stains. Protect your surface against both oil-based and water-based stains with the right sealer. Sealing also makes everyday clean-up easier.

Sealers Choice Gold (gallons & quarts) A premium, no-sheen, natural look, water-based, penetrating sealer formulated to $115 gallon provide maximum stain protection, especially in food preparation and serving areas. $38 quart May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. 519 - 664 - 0225


ACCESSORIES Nano Scrub (quarts) An abrasive cream cleaner designed to work where other cleaners won't. It utilizes nano-sized particles to penetrate into small surface pores where it can effectively work to remove surface stains and residues. Effective for cleaning all stone and tile surfaces. Also removes coating sealers, light grout residue, rubber and pencil marks, light mineral deposits, ground-in dirt and most sealer residues.

$32 gallon / $15 quart

Grout Haze Cleanup (quarts) Penetrating Sealer (gallons & quarts) An economical, no-sheen, natural look, water-based, penetrating sealer designed $130 5 gallon to resist stains. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Allows moisture vapor $33 gallon transmission. Can be used as a grout sealer.

A safe and effective concentrated cleaner that is added to the grout cleanup water for removal of cementitious grout haze and latex additive film from tile during the grout cleanup process. It may also be used full-strength to remove light grout residue within the first 10 days after grouting.

$9 quart

Sealer & Coating Remover (quarts) Ultra Solve Sealer (gallons & quarts) A premium, no-sheen, natural look, solvent-based, penetrating sealer formulated $145 gallon to provide maximum stain protection, especially in food preparation and serving $38 quart areas. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Allows moisture vapor transmission. It is also an excellent grout sealer.

A nonflammable, multipurpose stripper formulated to stay wet longer which gives the product time to remove most sealers, epoxy grout haze, urethane coatings, synthetic finishes, adhesives and paints. Also dissolves deep-set stains and removes heavy grease buildup.

$45 gallon / $20 quart

Eff-Ex Remover (gallons) Pro Solve Sealer (gallons & quarts) An economical, no-sheen, natural look, solvent-based, penetrating sealer formulated to resist stains on porous stone and tile. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Allows moisture vapor transmission. It is also a good grout sealer.

Enrich N Seal Sealer (gallons & quarts) A premium, no-sheen, enhanced-look, 100% polymer-solid, penetrating sealer formulated to darken, enrich, and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural stone.

Removes and inhibits efflorescence. Eff-Ex is a non-acidic (pH 7.4), heavy-duty cleaner.

$ please ask

Ex-Treme Remover (gallons) $190 gallon $62 quart $34 pint

A nonflammable, heavy-viscosity acidic cleaner designed to remove years of accumulated discoloration from air pollution or carbon buildup, stains from smoke, soot, red soil and rust. It is a safer alternative to traditional harsh acids.

$45 gallon

Stone Deep Clean (quarts)

Seal N Finish Low Sheen (gallons & quarts) A specially formulated water-based blend of acrylic polymers that provides both a stain resistant surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish eliminating conventional two-step methods utilizing a sealer and finish. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer.

$28 gallon $16 quart

$165 5 gallon $37 gallon $13 quart

A concentrated heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser formulated to clean stone surfaces that have been neglected or subjected to heavy use.

$23 gallon / $11 quart


CREATIVE LIGHTING 519 - 664 - 0225

Our collection of lamps is inspired by nature as each one is composed mainly of natural stone. Our Creative lights are made of different materials including: marble, lava stone, onyx, greystone, limestone, sandstone and even river bed stones. Our one of a kind designs are exclusive creation and addition to the entire Creative product line. These lights are all 100 % handmade. All crafts persons possess the skills and experience required to ensure the highest quality of refined objects, which make for a beautiful ambient lighting.







Greystone Floral Bowl (10kg) h30 / w35 / d35cm maximum 60 watts with candelabra bulb


$320 unit

Limestone Floral Bowl (13kg) h30 / w35 / d35cm maximum 60 watts with candelabra bulb

Limestone Large Tower (includes top) (6kg) h30 / w15 / d15cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$320 unit

Limestone Medium (4kg) h38 / w13 / d13cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$340 unit

$550 unit

$150 unit

Greystone Tower (4kg) h30 / w15 / d15cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

Limestone Large (17kg) $320 unit h50 / w25 / d25cm maximum 100 watts with candelabra bulb Lava Stone Small (3kg) $190 unit h23 / w13 / d13cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$160 unit


Limestone (27kg) h50 / w25 / d17cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$210 unit

Greystone (15kg) h50 / w25 / d17cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$210 unit


Greystone Cocoon (20kg) h50 / w30 / d25cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb Limestone Cocoon (30kg) h50 / w35 / d25cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$295 unit

Bolon Natural River Stone Satay 12'' x 7'' x 7'' cylinder shade white 9'' x 9'' x 9'' maximum 100 watts with incandescent bulb 18lbs

$230 unit

Lava Stone Medium (6kg) $265 unit h38 / w13 / d13cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

Greystone Corner Cut Tower (22kg) h50 / w25 / d25cm maximum 100 watts with fluorescent bulb


Lava Stone Large Burger (21kg) h23 / w38 / d38cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb


Limestone Corner Cut Tower (32kg) h50 / w25 / d25cm maximum 100 watts with fluorescent bulb $340 unit


Greystone Large Burger (16kg) h23 / w38 / d38cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb Limestone Burger (13kg) h23 / w38 / d38cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb


$475 White & Black Marble Burger (21kg) h22 / w30 / d30cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$630 Black Marble & Onyx Burger (30kg) h22 / w36 / d36cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

Greystone Small (2kg) $130 unit h23 / w13 / d13cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb Greystone Medium (3kg) $180 unit h38 / w13 / d13cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb Greystone Large (12kg) $320 unit h50 / w25 / d25cm maximum 100 watts with candelabra bulb Onyx Small (5kg) h35 / w15 / d15cm maximum 60 watts with fluorescent bulb

$350 unit

Onyx Tall (27kg) h50 / w25 / d25cm $800 unit maximum 100 watts with fluorescent bulb





37 519 - 664 - 0225

The Creative concrete fire pits and urn collection is a cutting edge modern line of lightweight concrete fire pits, planters, architectural and decor pieces, furniture and wall tiles that embody the highest levels of quality, design, craftsmanship, and materials. All of our products are made with pride and by hand in Canada by Canadian artisans. Our proprietary material is less than half the weight of regular concrete and 70% lighter than competitor concrete products. Strength and durability are uncompromised while rendering a product that is weather resistant, and able to take extreme heat and cold, all while achieving a striking resemblance of real stone, marble , slate, travertine, and limestone.



HOME ACCENTS Ivory Beachstone

Slate Beachstone

•heat-treated decorative rocks •imported from peru •withstand heat, and are resistent to cracking or splitting •10 lbs per bag

Alea Fire Pit

32L x 32W x 12H

$2395 unit The Alea offers a contemporary appeal to all hardscape surfaces. This fire pit inputs the warmth of fire and stone to your landscape elements.

$100 bag

Element Fire Bowl

20L x 20W x 16.5H •chrome on / off key •natural gas or propone connection


$1695 unit

Bravo Fire Pit

32L x 32W x 13H


•chrome on / off key •natural gas or propone connection

$2445 unit

Sierra Beige

Avera Fire Pit $3195 / $3595 unit

48 or 60L x 24W x 14H / chrome on/off key / natural gas or propone connection

Serenade Fire Bowl

32L x 32W x 15H A beatiful garden decoration for all landscapes. •chrome on / off key •natural gas or propone connection

$2395 unit

A beautiful centre piece for patios, pergolas, and most living areas. The Avera is a masterpiece of modern design and will completethe ambience of relaxation.


CREATIVE FIRE 519 - 664 - 0225

Redefine one or many of your favorite spaces with a gorgeous electric fireplace. Our Creative fireplaces offer the widest array of top-quality designs, and of course offer the benefit of heating and adding ambiance to your space.

Chalet Wall Mount Amsden

The sleek and contemporary design of this mantel enhances the beauty of the realistic Opti-myst flame. The Amsden has an incredibly patented 3-dimensional flame effect that creates an illusion of fire and smoke. 120 volts remote included 56.5 x 40.25 x 18.25

$2000 unit

Rustic meets chic with the Chalet wall-mount fireplace. This unit offers a new drift wood and river rock interior that is eye-catching and beautiful, adding a calming element of nature to any room, style or dĂŠcor. 120 volt 43 x 19.75 x 7 remote included pedestal included

$700 unit


HOME ACCENTS Dusk Wall Mount

The Dusk offers a modern, simple design with contemporary clean lines. The back-painted glass offers a mysterious edge while the solid black finish and pinstripe boarder compliment the bed of crushed glass ambers to add a minimalistic appeal.

120 volts 49 x 19 x 6 remote included pedestal included

The LED flame dances on a bed of crushed and slivered glass pieces creating a modern and clean effect. The heat comes from the front of the fireplace allowing our sleek and elegant design to be installed flush to the wall. 120 volt & 240 volt 74.25 x 19.5 x 7.5 thermostat control remote included

Celebrity Wall Mount

The Celebrity wall-mount fireplace is the perfect balance of form and function. This unit creates a warm appeal with high-impact. The minimalist design and realistic patented LED flame make this unit a favorite.

Galveston Wall Mount

$1800 unit 120 volt 43 x 19.5 x 6 pedestal included remote included

Strata Wall Mount

This daring and stylish design is not only contemporary, but also relaxing and peaceful as it pairs high gloss black clean lines with elements of nature. The Strata will make a bold architectural statement in any room with the introduction of travertine-like end caps that perfectly frame the beautiful viewing area.

$600 unit

$800 unit

120 volt 43.5 x 19.75 x 6.75 pedestal included remote included

$700 unit


41 519 - 664 - 0225


HOME ACCENTS Synergy Wall Mount

Lacey Wall Mount

The Lacey adds sophisticated ambience to any room with its modern black frame and wide glowing ember bed. The tempered front glass provides an astonishing reflective surface, beautifully show casing the patented flame technology, bringing your room to life.

The Synergy is a fireplace like no other. The large 50 inch width viewing area, attractive black finish, incredible patented flame technology and beautiful glass ember bed makes this fireplace a must have for any home. Can be framed by the Cohesion Surround Unit.

The dramatic black and walnut frame of the Lexi & Terra wall-mount fireplaces, coupled with the sleek, wood ember bed create a contemporary look that adds style and warmth to any room.

Traverse Wall Mount

The Traverse offers a daring and stylish design that blends contemporary clean lines with elements of nature. The bold travertine-like frame completes the look of this showstopping piece. 120 volt 44 x 19.5 x 6 remote included thermostat control

$please ask

Maddox Wall Mount

The Maddox wall-mount fireplace features rich earth toned stones that make up the ember bed as well as a bold mocha frame. 120 volt 35.5 x 19.75 x 6.5 remote included thermostat control river rock ember bed

$please ask

120 volt 35 x 19 x 6.5 remote included

120 volt 50.5 x 19.5 x 7 remote included glass ember bed 120 volt 43 x 19.75 x 6 remote included

$please ask

Lexi Wall Mount

Terra Wall Mount

$1400 unit

Cohesion Surround Unit 62.5 x 31.75 x 7.75

The Cohesion frame made specifically for the Synergy wall-mount surround makes a seamless addition to any modern space.

$please ask

$please ask



43 519 - 664 - 0225


Made of the highest grade PolyResin, which helps to retain soil moisture, provide UV protection and extend product lifespan to over 10 years. Manufactured from recycled inputs, the PolyResin used is an environmentally friendly product with a limited carbon footprint. Our planters are fully resistant to the elements - these planters are designed to withstand temperatures below freezing without cracking or splitting.


The Kobo design can be used as an outdoor statement piece or a table top accent. Available in three different sizes and three colours. Grooved texture.





Kobo 14´´ $50




Kobo 18´´ $80




Kobo 22´´ $105







Tall and distinctive, the Midland design is an ideal addition to any front entrance. Available in two different sizes and three colours.  2 textures.





Midland 28´´ $115




Midland 32´´ $150







Sleek and solid, the Midori design is ideal to anchor large, tall plants. Available in three colours and two styles - square and long.  Flat texture.





Midori Square 31´´ $130


Midori Long 39´´ $275









45 519 - 664 - 0225



Metallic Pyramid Metallic Long Box $210 unit (small) $420 unit (large)

Metallic Pedestal $275 unit (short) $500 unit (tall)

Metallic Cube $260 unit (small) $365 unit (medium) $550 unit (large)

Small $275 unit Tall $500 unit

Grey Nobleton $60 unit (13�) $70 unit (18�)

Planter Box $please ask


47 519 - 664 - 0225


HOME ACCENTS Nantucket Tall Planter

Why limit your style to the indoors? Our patio planters will transform your property into a personal retreat with outdoor flair. Have the look of wood without the upkeep with our high-grade polyethylene planters. Long-lasting beauty, durability and quality make our planters the logical choice. A built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves.

Style and functionality come together perfectly with the Nantucket Tall Planter creating an elegant finishing touch to any porch or patio.

Cambridge Tall Planter

The Cambridge Planter offers a blend of modern and traditional design. The curved shape creates a unique and classy look providing a beautiful accent to the entrance of any home. white / black / clay 16" x 16" x 28.5"

Nantucket Window Box Collection

The new Nantucket Window Box features a bowed front, raised panel design, pronounced crown molding detail and built-in overflow drains.

$125 unit

white / black / clay 32" x 15.5" x 15.5

$140 unit

white / black / clay / green / red

2ft Window Box 24" x 11.5" x 10"

Berkshire Storage Bin

Our multi-purpose storage bin offers a perfect blend of style and function. The Berkshire is ideal for a backyard waste bin and includes a set of hooks to hang your waste bag. This Storage Bin is a great way to hide children's toys, gardening tools, bird seed, or bags of salt for the winter months. white / black 38.8" x 20" x 20"

$205 unit

3ft Window Box 36" x 11.5" x 10"

Conserve with style! Beautifully detailed, collect rain from your downspout to water your flowers and save money on your water bill. Complete with a planter top to display beautiful flowers or plants. white / black 9.5" x 22.5" x 35" 40 gallon water capacity

$250 unit

$135 unit

4ft Window Box 48" x 11.5" x 10” $165 unit

5ft Window Box 60" x 11.5" x 10”

Madison Rain Catcher

$125 unit

$195 unit



49 519 - 664 - 0225


Fairfield Collection Have the look of wood without the upkeep with our high-grade polyethylene planters. Long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. Built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves.

3ft Window Box 36" x 11" x 10.8"

$135 unit

4ft Window Box 48" x 11" x 10.8"

$165 unit

5ft Window Box 60" x 11" x 10.8"

$195 unit

Fairfield Tall Planter 16" x 16" x 28.5" white / black / clay

$125 unit

Fairfield Planter

15.5"L x 15.5"W x 13"D

white / black / clay

$150 unit

Fairfield Window Box Collection

Accent your home with our New England design Window Boxes.

Fairfield Planter

31"L x 15.5"W x 13"D white / black / clay

$210 unit



51 519 - 664 - 0225


Enjoy the look of wicker without the risk of weather damage. (black, expresso & white)

Cap Cod Collection

Upgrade your outdoor space and enhance the look of your patio or front entrance with a selection of our Cape Cod planter collection. With a rich architectural detail and a variety of sizes, you can easily transform your patio into your own personal retreat. (entire collection available in black & white)

16” x 16” x 28” 16 gallon


Cape Cod Patio Planter 14” x 14“ x 16” / $100 16” x 16” x 18” / $120 20” x 20” x 20” / $160

Yorkshire Window Box

The Yorkshire Window Box has an East Coast charm while offering a low maintenance solution. Compliment the appearance of your home with a product that cleans up with the simple rinse of a garden hose. Made from high quality vinyl and providing a wood appearance, the Yorkshire is a great investment for your home. (includes mounting brackets) (available in clay & white)

Cape Cod Window Box 3ft / 36” x 11” x 10.75” / $135 4ft / 48” x 11” x 10.75” / $160

Cape Cod Tall Planter 32” x 15.5” x 15.5” black & white


Window Box 2ft / 24” x 12” x 10” 3ft / 36” x 12” x 10” 4ft / 48” x 12” x 10” 5ft / 60” x 12” x 10” 6ft / 72” x 12” x 10”


The Creative Lakeland planter has the look of wood without the upkeep. Molded from highgrade polyethylene, this planter offers a classy choice for your outdoor decor! (black, expresso & white) 16” x 16” x 16” / 5 gallon


20” x 20” x 20” / 11.5 gallon


/ / / / /

$115 $125 $160 $188 $210



53 519 - 664 - 0225

Our Creative garden features are not only original designs and pieces of art, but they are innovative to the concrete casting industry. Each unit is hand sculpted by artisans who specialize not only in creativity but in quality driven concrete products.

HOME ACCENTS Giddian Gargoyle $130 9" x 9" x 13" x 30lbs

Head of Buddha

11" x 12" x 24" x 100lbs

Hortus Reginae


Our products are suitable for outdoor use, being manufactured from proprietary blends of concrete and having unique weather resistant finishes applied. Outdoor pieces are cast in grey cement and aggregate mix and then stained. In order to produce a top-quality concrete that will not deteriorate in the winter, two additives are used: •air entraining: this puts microscopic bubbles in the concrete that contract and expand during the freeze/thaw cycle •water reducing plasticizers: less water in the mix equates to a higher strength, more enduring concrete


12" x 10" x 30" x 140lbs (2 pieces) $300

Buddhist Gong

22" x 8" x 30" x 75lbs (3 pieces) $315

Benedict Gargoyle $375 21" x 17" x 25" x 220lbs

Barry Frog

Brunello Bench Curved 44" x 14" x 17" x 160lbs (3 pieces)


9" x 13" x 16" x 60lbs


Japanese Table & Bench Classic Garden Bench 45" x 13" x 17" x 170lbs (3 pieces)


Giant Giddian Gargoyle

Giant Ramsis



20" x 18" x 26" x 220lbs

20" x 17" x 30"

26" x 13.5" x 16.5" x 1851bs (2 pieces)


Mikan Gargoyle 8" x 8" x 13" x 20lbs



15" x 13.5" x 28.5" x 140lbs

Large Buddha

12" x 11" x 16" x 70lbs




55 519 - 664 - 0225


Rapa Nui Face Mother Nature Pot $270 22" x 22" x 17.5" x 200lbs

Professor Frog / 11" x 12" x 12" x 75lbs

Mongolian Buddha

$75 small 7" x 4" x 9" x 4lbs medium 17" x 11" x 22" x 75lbs $190 large 24" x 16" x 34" x 210lbs $375

Peter Frog $148

10" x 10" x 22" x 65lbs

Polynesian Tiki Mask large 10" x 6" x 30" x 80lbs


Rapa Nui Birdbath


medium 11" x 9" x 14" x 50lbs $please ask large 20 " x 16" x 30" x 150lbs $330

Sumo Wrestler

17" x 8" x 20" x 75lbs


12" x 12" x 28" x 145lbs (2 Pieces)

Hanging Portrait of Mother Nature $85 small 11" x 5" x 15" x 20lbs medium 18" x 5" x 19" x 40lbs $150 large 25" x 9" x 25" x 80lbs $250

Portrait of Mother Nature

Beneath the clouds lives the Earth Mother from whom is derived the ‘water of life,’ who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men. Algonquin legend In many cultures, dating back since the first civilizations, Mother Nature or the Earth Mother has been associated with plentiful harvests, fruitfulness and fertility.

$45 small 15" x 8" x 16.5" x 65lbs medium 22 " x 12" x 23" x 110lbs $145 large 28.5" x 12.5" x 33" x 100lbs $320

Tiki Head Easter Island

7" x 6" x 20" x 40lbs


12" x 9" x 36" x 180lbs



CREATIVE BIRD FEEDERS 519 - 664 - 0225



Creative Bird Feeders

Add a touch of colour, style, and a whole lot of life to your landscaping with our selection of Creative Bird Feeders. Our unique & innovative collection of feeders attract all sorts of birds and other small wildlife to your yard!


A modern twist in style for feeding wild birds.

Bumble Bee Fun Feeder

•ideal for use with sunflower hearts and peanuts •threaded base for use with Flower Stick •fun designs to add colour to the garden and attract a wide variety of birds •0.9kg capacity

finished in metallic jet black 7.5” x 9.5” x 8”

$50 unit

$25 unit

Donut Peanut Feeder •contemporary styling •stainless steel rain cover •9” diameter

$38 unit


Finished in metallic jet black 11.5” x 16” x 4”

$55 unit

Bamboo Leaf Roosting Pocket Natural protection from the elements & sourced sustainably 6” x 7.5”

$20 unit

Donut Seed Feeder

•contemporary styling •stainless steel rain cover •9” diameter

$38 unit

Donut Suet Ball Feeder

•contemporary styling •stainless steel rain cover •9” diameter

$38 unit

Wreath Peanut Feeder

•unique easy access peanut feeders •attract jays, woodpeckers and other peanut loving birds •decorate with a bow for the holiday season 12.5” x 2.75” x 12.5” $20 unit




CREATIVE BIRD FEEDERS 519 - 664 - 0225



Our clients come to us with so many creative ideas for their gardens! Here at our depot, we hand select and help to hand craft an array of garden features which contribute to a beautiful outcome and functional garden. We carry a variety of stone benches, stone tables, and stone inukshuks at our yard, and are more than happy to help you build your own custom piece by hand or machine!

Pine Roosting Pocket 6” x 7.5”

•natural protection from the elements •sourced sustainably

$20 unit


stone benches, stone tables, inukshuks & more

Read Weave Roosting Pocket

6” x 7.5”

$20 unit

Water Feeder

4.5” x 12”

Poly Window Feeder 8” x 5.25” x 4.25”

•heavy duty construction •quick release base for easy cleaning •removable water bottle •attractive & fun colours

•includes suction cups for window hanging

$16 unit

$40 unit

Wasp Catcher

6” x 8.5” $13 unit •available in blue, green & clear glass •heavy-duty glass construction •removable glass top

Silver Birch Nest Box

•ideal for most garden birds •carved from a silver birch tree •thick walls for insulation •1.25” hole size

$35 unit

Silver Birch Robin Nest Box

•open front makes an ideal shelter for robins •carved from a silver birch tree •thick walls for insulation

$35 unit

stone bench made from imported basalt skin & sawn cut basalt pedastals

custom 12ft inukshuk for cottage entrance



61 519 - 664 - 0225

Looking for a little stress relief? The sound of water trickling over a brook or bubbling from a fountain or bubbling rock can do wonders for your mood. As homeowners look for more reasons to enjoy their yards, many are turning to water features. Ponds, waterfalls and fountains are ideal for relaxing and turning an ordinary yard into a multi-sensory experience. The biggest advantage of water features is that they add another element to the landscaping that you can't get from other means. Water is a natural draw for many people because it enhances whatever space they have.


Designed to take the guess work out of installing hand carved stone, brass fountains, and bubbling urns. The AquaBasin® is a great way for any contractor or homeowner to quickly and easily install this popular style of water feature.

Small AquaBasin® small 30" x 30" x 10"

There are many ways to add water in a landscape, whether you are starting fresh or trying to revitalize an existing garden. Water features are also available in a wide variety of sizes and prices making the investment possible for everyone!

•350lbs max weight capacity •17 lbs unit weight •pump access panel •40 gallon water storage capacity

$315 per unit

As you debate whether to add a fish pond, a stream, or a dramatic bubbling rock, think about how much space you have and how you plan to use it. Is it for quiet relaxation or entertaining large crowds on the patio? Many people design their water feature near their patio or deck. Others like to create a dramatic entrance to their home, tucking a running stream with a waterfall near the front walkway.

Large AquaBasin® large 45" x 45" x 14"

•1200 lbs max weight capacity •46.5 lbs unit weight •2 access panels •75 gallon water storage capacity

Water features can also enhance the indoor experience, adding interesting views and/or sounds from an open window. In those cases, the pond or waterfall should be strategically positioned so it can be seen or heard from specific areas of the home. When selecting a location, look for a spot where it can be seen and heard without being too far back in the yard. Some people look for a low spot in the yard because it reduces the amount of site preparation needed. That strategy can work as long as the water feature is close enough to be enjoyed or near the most utilized area of the existing landscape. When you go outdoors to relax you will want to see and hear the feature! The scale of the water feature also is important, as it should coordinate with the size of the house and yard without overpowering the space. If a pond is too large or a fountain is too small, it would seem out of place; If you don't have the scale right, it just ruins the look.

article continued on next page......

$535 per unit

Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillway

The new stainless waterfall spillway has the strength to survive our aggressive changes in temperature and seasons. This spillway won’t crack or twist due to surrounding elements, and is resistant to corrosion. •generally used to create waterfall effects from retaining walls •clog free, open-top design reduces maintenance issues •does not have to be removed during winter months •16” wide / 1” plumbing port handles (2000 gallons per hour) •available with WaterWall Spillway Kit (please ask)

$230 per unit


CREATIVE WATER Just Add Water!......continued from previous page One popular water feature, particularly in suburban homes, is a pond. Ponds can take many shapes, from oval ponds surrounded by a decorative fence to those that are designed to nestle around a few perennial beds. Most ponds have rocks shaping the edges and a water element, whether it is a waterfall or an underwater pump that circulates the water. The movement is needed to help reduce mosquito growth and add some interest.

63 519 - 664 - 0225


Ultra Pumps are the complete solution for small ponds, fountains and water features. This all-in-one kit includes a three-way diverter valve and multi-size hose connection making it adaptable to almost any hose or tubing size. •extremely energy-efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional water pumps •magnetically driven or mag-drive motor technology is simple and easy to maintain •durable pre-filter cage design protects pump and reduces pump maintenance •oil-free design prevents pond contamination •provides years of trouble-free operation

Water elements also can mask outside noises. If a house is near the entryway to a subdivision or backs up to a busy roadway, a waterfall could be strategically placed to divert attention away from the street noise.

Ultra™ Pump 400

While water features are ideal for many large yards, they also can fit into smaller spaces. In a narrow city lot, for example, you could add a fountain against one wall or on a table. In medium-size houses with existing gardens, relocate one perennial bed near a patio to make room for a small pond or fountain. Don’t forget that a featured bubbling stone can make for an easy install and wonderful water effect for a small space!

8ft max head height

Once you find the balance between location, size and scale, materials, and overall design, the sights and sounds of nature will take over!

7.5ft max head height


Ultra™ Pump 550 $130

Ultra™ Pump 800 9ft max head height


Ultra™ Pump 1100 12ft max head height


Ultra™ Pump 1500 16.5ft max head height


Ultra™ Pump 2000 20ft max head height




AquaSurge® second-generation asynchronous skimmer and waterfall and filter pumps accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, and flow and ease of maintenance, make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. •extremely energy-efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional water pumps •asynchronous motor technology provides high torque, trouble-free performance at higher head heights •designed for use in skimmer and falls filter systems •oil-free design prevents pond contamination •provides years of trouble-free operation •made for continuous use •will not corrode or rust •rubber feet prevent noise and vibration •can be used vertically or horizontally

AquaSurge® 2000

12.5ft max head height


AquaSurge® 3000

15ft max head height


AquaSurge® 4000

18.5ft max head height


65 519 - 664 - 0225

HOME ACCENTS Pondless® Waterfall Kits

The pondless®, all-inclusive kits create a pondless waterfall with up to a 26ft stream. Add rocks and complimentary landscape products in and around the water feature and enhance your back or front yard. The ease of installing a water feature using an Aquascape kit makes the project fun, and the outcome professional.

Small Pondless® Waterfall with up to 6ft stream $1550 •10ft x 10ft liner underlayment (100 sqf) •10ft x 8ft stream liner •pondless® waterfall vault •waterfall spillway •small AquaBlox® (3 units) •AquaSurge® pro 2000-4000 pump •1.5" x 25ft flexible pvc pipe •pump check valve assembly and installation kit •get your feet wet door hangers

Medium Pondless® Waterfall with up to 16ft Stream $2005 •10ft x 12ft liner underlayment (120 sqf) •10ft x 20ft stream liner •pondless® waterfall vault •waterfall spillway •small AquaBlox® (5 units) •AquaSurge pro 2000-4000 pump •2" x 25ft flexible pvc pipe •pump check valve assembly and installation kit •get your feet wet door hangers •1 watt, 12v LED waterfall lights (2 units) •60 watt transformer with photocell •3 way splitter and 25ft LVL extension cable

AquaSurge® 5000

24ft max head height


AquaSurge® Pro 2000-4000

12.5 - 18.5ft adjustable head height includes remote control (adjust the flow of water, on/off button)


AquaSurge® Pro 4000-8000

18.5 - 28ft adjustable head height includes remote control (adjust the flow of water, on/off button)


Large Pondless® Waterfall with up to 26ft Stream $2600 •12ft x 15ft liner underlayment (180 sqf) •10ft x 30ft stream liner •pondless® waterfall vault •pondless® waterfall vault extension •waterfall spillway •large AquaBlox® (5 units) •AquaSurge® pro 4000-8000 pump •2" x 50ft flexible pvc pipe •pump check valve assembly and installation kit •get your feet wet door hangers •1 watt 12v LED waterfall lights (3 units) •60 watt transformer with photocell •3 way splitter and 25' LVL extension cable


67 519 - 664 - 0225





Tresca Slab


Introducing a beautifully sculpted cobblestone paver. With many colours to choose from and such an ancient mold, this paver can be used as a splash of accent to any hardscape surface or the focal point itself.

A rectangle paver that still has its application. The Standard paver offers endless design options, and is commonly installed using the traditional herringbone pattern, or for bordering / soldier coursing hardscape surfaces.

For a grand approach, and elegant design, the Tresca ranks amongst the best! Although available in each individual size, which may allow for wonderfull hardscapes, all 3 sizes can also be blended to create a more natural and modular pattern.

A great choice for a modern outcome, the Basketweave is simple in colour and texture, but the simplicity is also its contemporary secret and elegance!

3.93 x 7.87 x 2.36

Pallet Specs 94 sqf

Pallet Specs 106 sqf per pallet *can be mixed with Double Standard square paver

9.96 x 5.24 x 2.75

$5.39 sqf 7.6 x 5.24 x 2.75 $5.74 sqf ultra black

23.62 x 29.52 x 1.75 (25 units) 23.62 x 23.62 x 1.75 (25 units) 15.75 x 15.75 x 1.75 (50 units)

$2.21 sqf

5.24 x 5.24 x 2.75

Moderna The Moderna paver is a masterpiece in design. With its simple “L� shape, each stone fits like a puzzle, yet offers no consistency in the overall joints, therefore offers a completely modular outcome.

Flagstone Slab

9.84 x 9.84 x 2 (small square) (120 units)

Flagstone is a perfect stepping stone for crossing through your gardens, or creating that stepping stone design through a grassed area. Also great for patios and walkways, this large square slab presents a marvelously textured surface that appears to be natural stone pulled from the earth.

9.84 x 19.68 x 2 (rectangle) (60 units)

$3.35 unit

$5.43 unit

Strada Nova

19.68 x 19.68 x 2 (large square) (40 units)

$9.80 unit

Standard Press

The Standard Press is a brick pattern slab used in both commercial and residencial applications.

4.13 x 6.88 x 2.75 (78 sqf) 6.14 x 6.88 x 2.75 (84 sqf) 8.19 x 6.88 x 2.75 (80 sqf)

16 x 12 x 2.75 Pallet Specs 62 sqf 8 unique pavers / dummy cracks

$4.70 sqf

23.62 x 23.62 x 1.75 Pallet Specs 25 units

$7.25 unit

10.28 x 13.78 x 2.75 (72 sqf)

23.62 x 23.62 x 1.75 (25 units) 15.75 x 15.75 x 1.75 (50 units)

$5.75 unit $4.50 unit

*available in circle kits of 40 sqf

$4.09 sqf $4.32 sqf black

$9.20 unit $8.28 unit $5.00 unit

The Strada 4-piece paver offers the traditional modular laying pattern that is popular amongst interlocking hardscapes. Strada can also be layed in a linear fashion, allowing endless opportunities to your creativity. With a nice smooth, yet rustic appeal, the Strada paver is a popular selection.


69 519 - 664 - 0225




The Galleria has a strong texture on the face and edges. This paving stone is an easy choice and presents a modular or linear laying pattern,.


The Villa is a classic cobble-like, 3-piece set. The easy application and blend of the 3 sizes, and the large colour selection makes the Villa an easy choice. For walkways, patios, driveway, or pergola areas, this paver is a compliment and does justice to all landscapes.

A wonderful choice for contemporary designs or adding a touch of detail within a hardscape surface. Use the Adelaide for soldier coursing, or banding throughout your interlock.


Trevista is where craftsman engineering and rustic charm meet in luxurious fashion. This large format paver provides grand elegance to any environment.  19.5 x 13 x 3.2 13 x 13 x 3.2 6.5 x 13 x 3.2 Pallet Specs 83.6 sqf 41.8 sqf per section 2 sections

6.5 x 13 x 3.15

Pallet Specs 98.4 sqf 14.5 sqf per section 7 sections

$5.39 sqf


The Richmond offers a sleek approach to any interlocking surface. With one consistent shape and size, the Richmond offers simplicity mixed with a modern texture and mix of colour.

5.91x 8.86 x 2.36 (large rec) Pallet Specs 100 sqf

$2.78 sqf

5.91 x 5.91 x 2.36 (square-mix bundle) 2.95 x 5.91 x 2.36 (small rec-mix bundle) Pallet Specs 85 sqf

4.72 x 7.09 x 2.36 (large rec)

$2.80 sqf

Pallet Specs 89 sqf mix bundle 89 sqf

4.72 x 4.72 x 2.36 (square-mix bundle) 2.36 x 4.72 x 2.36 (small rec-mix bundle) Pallet Specs 89 sqf mix bundle 89 sqf *available in circle kits of 94 sqf

Pallet Specs 98.4 sqf 14.5 sqf per section 7 sections

6.5 x 13 x 3.15

$5.39 sqf

$5.39 sqf

70 519 - 664 - 0225



A modern interlocking slab that offers the strength and longevity of concrete, yet has a soft and appealing wood aesthetic. Work this paver into your landscape design, weather it have a modern or traditional approach.


$4.60 sqf

Install Hera Square and Hera Rectangle individually or combine the shapes, depending upon the appearance wanted. An elegant, economical paving stone that adds value to your landscape in whatever pattern you choose.

Pallet Specs 124.2 sqf 11.29 sqf per row 11 rows 3540 lbs 2.38 x 6.25 x 6.25 2.45 x 6.25 x 9.38


An unusual stone with inimitable charm. Antika paving stones give walkway and patios the allure of an ancient cobblestone courtyard, and can stand alone or be outlined by a beautifully sculpted curbstone.

2.5 x 30 x 30 Pallets Specs 106.25 sqf 17 unit of 6.25 sqf 2976 lbs


Land of stone....From its craggy peaks to its deep lochs, Scotland was carved and sculpted by time, over billions of years. Its dramatic lines and rugged beauty can be had today in the Aberdeen.

$9.23 sqf 2.25 x 30 x 20 Pallets Specs 70.83 sqf 17 units of 4.17 sqf 2007 lbs

$7.82 sqf

Pallet Specs 87 sqf 9.67 sqf per row 9 rows 2230 lbs

Pallet Specs 2.25 x 5 x 30 75 sqf 2050 lbs

$6.21 sqf

$10.07 sqf

2.25 x 30 x 10 Pallets Specs 35.42 sqf 17 units of 2.08 sqf 1040 lbs

$7.82 sqf

Flagstone Victorian

Victorien is a structured paving stone with even edges that imitates true brickyet is more durable and much easier to install.

2.38 x 4.25 x 8.5 (60mm) 3.13 x 4.25 x 8.5 (80mm) Pallet Specs 123.7 sqf 11.25 sqf per row 11 rows 3500 lbs

$3.68 sqf (60mm) $4.51 sqf (80mm)

The Flagstone paver is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone which appears to be the work of a highly skilled stonework mason. In reality each unit is identical in shape and easily installed. By manipulating the carvings on the surface of each unit, Techo-Bloc has created a multitude of shapes and sizes without affecting the productivity of installation. 3.13 x 16.19 x 23.69 3.13 x 16.19 x 23.69 3.13 x 16.19 x 23.69 3.13 x 16.19 x 23.69 3.13 x 16.19 x 23.69 3.13 x 16.19 x 11.88 3.13 x 16.19 x 11.88 Pallet Specs 81.6 sqf 8 rows of 10.2 sqf 2960 lbs

$6.44 sqf


73 519 - 664 - 0225


The Mista Embraces avant-garde culture by combining rugged and natural-looking textures and contours of various dimensions. Through crisp lines and strong textures the Mista is a long way from your traditional paver. 2.56 x 7.88 x 3.94 2.56 x 7.88 x 7.88 2.56 x 7.88 x 11.81


This versatile new paving stone is available in three lengths and two widths. Install a single width to achieve a sleek, linear look, or combine both for a more traditional random pattern. Linea’s crisp lines and clean look can direct the eye to a focal point, be it a grand entrance, a patio or an outdoor kitchen. Small Rectangles 2.38 x 3.94 x 8.88 2.38 x 3.94 x 12.81 2.38 x 3.94 x 16.75

2.56 x 11.81 x 11.81 (Large Square / separate pallet which contains 120 units)

Pallet Specs 126.99 sqf 12 rows of 10.58 sqf 3590 lbs

Pallet Specs 116.2 sqf 10 rows of 11.62 sqf 3450 lbs

Large Rectangles 2.38 x 5.88 x 8.88 2.38 x 5.88 x 12.81 2.38 x 5.88 x 16.75

$4.60 sqf

Pallet Specs 121.22 sqf 12 rows of 10.10 sqf 3429 lbs

$6.56 - $6.85 sqf (colour dependent)

Mista Grande The newest addition to the Mista Collection. The Mista Grande has all of the beautiful specs of the regular Mista paver, yet steps up the size of each stone and thickness to 80mm, allowing for incredibly strong and durable applications. 3.13 x 11.81 x 5.88 3.13 x 11.81 x 11.81 3.13 x 11.81 x 17.69 Pallet Specs 93.04 sqf 8 rows of 11.63 sqf 3474 lbs 32 units of each

$5.70 sqf

1.75 x 13 x 6.5 1.75 x 13 x 13 1.75 x 13 x 19.5 Pallet Specs 127.44 sqf 12 rows of 10.62 sqf 2560 lbs

$4.14 sqf

Blu 45mm

The Blu Veneer line offers the opportunity to cap existing or new treads, porches, walkways, patios, or whatever other surfaces may show wear and tear, and therefore their age. Blu 45 has the same face as the Blu 80 and Blu 60, and can therefore be used in conjugation for a more consistent landscape outcome.


75 519 - 664 - 0225


Blu 60 offers the same aesthetic beauty as the Blu 80. These two product lines are available in our traditional Slate & Aged finish, and our two new contemporary finishes, Smooth & Polished. With matching textures, contours, shapes and colours, these product lines can be used together, on larger projects where the thickness or strength therefore of the paver is not required, introducing blu 60!

INTERLOCKING PAVERS Blu 60mm Aged Blu 60mm Mix 2.38 x 13 x 6.5 2.38 x 13 x 13 2.38 x 13 x 19.5

Blu 60mm Slate Blu 60mm Mix $3.91 - $4.45 sqf 2.38 x 13 x 6.5 (colour dependent) 2.38 x 13 x 13 2.38 x 13 x 19.5

Pallet Specs 116.82 sqf 11 rows of 10.62 sqf 3125 lbs

Pallet Specs 116.82 sqf 11 rows of 10.62 sqf 3125 lbs Blu 60mm Grande 2.38 x 19.5 x 32.5

$4.72 sqf

$6.72 sqf

Pallet Specs 96.71 sqf 9 rows of 10.75 2698 lbs Blu 60mm Rectangle 2.38 x 13 x 6.5 Pallet Specs 116.05 sqf 11 rows of 10.55 sqf 3230 lbs

$4.43 sqf

Blu 60mm Polished Blu 60mm Smooth $4.20 sqf

Blu 60mm Mix 2.38 x 13 x 6.5 2.38 x 13 x 13 2.38 x 13 x 19.5 Pallet Specs 116.82 sqf 11 rows of 10.62 sqf 3125 lbs

$6.72 sqf

Blu 60mm Grande 2.38 x 19.5 x 32.5 Pallet Specs 96.71 sqf 9 rows of 10.75 2698 lbs

$6.90 sqf

Blu 60mm Mix 2.38 x 13 x 6.5 2.38 x 13 x 13 2.38 x 13 x 19.5

Pallet Specs 116.82 sqf 11 rows of 10.62 sqf 3125 lbs Blu 60mm Grande 2.38 x 19.5 x 32.5 Pallet Specs 96.71 sqf 9 rows of 10.75 2698 lbs

$13.63 sqf



77 519 - 664 - 0225

Blu’s simple elegance is both classic and contemporary, the look modern, yet eternal. Vibrant color blends add to the opulence, borrowing from the rarest of natural stones. This is a luxury paver, offering the latest in texture and marvelous contours on the face of the stone.

Blu 80mm Slate 3.18 x 13 x 6.5 3.18 x 13 x 13 3.18 x 13 x 19.5 Pallet Specs 84.96 sqf 8 rows of 10.62 sqf 3110 lbs

INTERLOCKING PAVERS Blu 80mm Polished 3.18 x 13 x 6.5 3.18 x 13 x 13 3.18 x 13 x 19.5

Pallet Specs 84.96 sqf 8 rows of 10.62 sqf 3110 lbs

$8.88 sqf

$5.80 sqf

Blu 80mm Aged 3.18 x 13 x 6.5 3.18 x 13 x 13 3.18 x 13 x 19.5

Blu 80mm Smooth 3.18 x 13 x 6.5 3.18 x 13 x 13 3.18 x 13 x 19.5 Pallet Specs 84.96 sqf 8 rows of 10.62 sqf 3110 lbs

$5.80 sqf

Pallet Specs 84.96 sqf 8 rows of 10.62 sqf 3110 lbs

$6.44 sqf


TECHO-BLOC San Marino $6.56 sqf Rich texture gives San Marino its old-world character and timeless appeal. Two widths can be combined for a natural, random pattern. Alternately, for the more orderly, linear effect shown here, install San Marino in single-width lengths. Small Rectangles 2.38 x 3.94 x 8.88 2.38 x 3.94 x 12.81 2.38 x 3.94 x 16.75 Pallet Specs 126.99 sqf 12 rows of 10.58 sqf 3347 lbs Large Rectangles 2.38 x 5.88 x 8.88 2.38 x 5.88 x 12.81 2.38 x 5.88 x 16.75 Pallet Specs 121.22 10 rows of 10.10 sqf 3261 lbs

79 519 - 664 - 0225

INTERLOCKING PAVERS Mezzo Slab Leading someone down the garden path can be a charming adventure with Mezzo. These practical stepping stones are deeply chiseled and naturally textured. Great for transitional purposes, marrying one outdoor space to another, or to create a whimsical path providing access to flowerbeds and gardens. 4 unique shapes Pallet Specs 2.44 sqf per unit 78.22 sqf 32 units 1800 lbs

$24.61 unit


$6.67 sqf

As urbanization increases, so too does the concentration of pavements, building foundations and other impervious surfaces. During rainstorms, these surfaces generate additional water runoff, contributing to erosion, and carry harmful pollutants that may contaminate sources of drinking water. In response, Techo-Bloc has created the Permea Paver, a stone that promotes the proper percolation of surface water to the ground, thus allowing the water to return naturally to its source. 3.13 x 9 x 9 3.13 x 9 x 12 3.13 x 9 x 14.94 Pallet Specs 72 sqf 8 rows of 9 sqf 2470 lbs



81 519 - 664 - 0225

INTERLOCKING PAVERS Venetian Cap 1.75 x 14 x 16

Villagio Founded in 1642, Montreal is one of North America’s oldest cities. The centuries-old streets of its bustling historic $6.31 sqf (60mm) quarter, with their timeless charm, provided the inspiration for our Villagio pavers, equally charming and durable. $6.67 sqf (80mm)

Pallet Specs 48 units 64 lnf 8 rows of 8 lnf (6 units) 1.33 lnf per unit 1500 lbs


Venetian Series

(available in slate & smooth finish) The Venetian slabs resemble antique Italian carved stone, transforming plain steps into elegant staircases of intricate detail. The Venetian offers practical features such as durability, resistance to de-icing salt, a lifetime transferable warranty, and can serve as the perfect covering for deteriorating concrete steps while adding beauty and value to your home.

Venetian Riser 1.75 x 7 x 16 Pallet Specs 48 units 64 lnf 4 rows of 16 lnf (12 units) 1.33 lnf per unit 740 lbs

$7.65 unit

Venetian Slab 1.75 x 12 x 12 108 sqf 12 rows of 9 sqf (9 units) 1 sqf per unit $4.26 unit 2120 lbs

6 unique shapes 2.25 x 23 x 31

Maya Slab 2.38 x 5.13 x 5.13 2.38 x 5.13 x 6.31 2.38 x 5.13 x 7.31 2.38 x 5.13 x 8.44 Pallet Specs 117 sqf 11 rows of 10.64 2935 lbs

$27.95 unit The Maya stepping stone is a wonderful way to enhance the country feel in one's backyard. When you need to create sturdy, attractive walkways across lawn areas or between plantings, consider a stone path with the Maya stepping stone.

Pallets Specs 4.95 sqf per unit 93.3 lbs 17 units 1666 lbs



83 519 - 664 - 0225



Like the sun-warmed limestone of southern Tuscany, Monticello’s rich colours are rendered still more dramatic by its distinctive, undulating surface texture. Deeply chiseled edges speak of strength and endurance, underscoring the timeless grandeur of these impressive slabs.

Travertina has the elegant allure and subtle matte finish of the honed Travertine limestone used in the great masterpieces of Italian architecture. Modern, polished and sophisticated – wherever and however it is used – the Travertina slab brings luxury above all. Now available in ivory, rock garden brown and riviera colours to create your customized masterpiece.

$7.82 sqf 2.25 x 10 x 20 2.25 x 20 x 20 Pallet Specs 70.83 sqf 17 units of 1.39 sqf each 17 units of 2.78 sqf each 1905 lbs

Valencia Fire Pit $4.77 unit

A circular garden wall, or when used with the Valencia Fire Bowl Kit, converts to a fire pit. Accessory Kit

$669.30 kit

Mix Bundle 2.25 x 10 x 20 2.25 x 20 x 20 Pallet Specs 75.06 sqf 9 rows of 8.34 sqf 1986 lbs

$8.60 sqf

Large Rectangle 2.25 x 20 x 30

Large Square 2.25 x 30 x 30

Pallet Specs 75.06 sqf 9 rows of 8.34 sqf 1988 lbs

Pallet Specs 106.25 sqf 17 units x 6.25 sqf each 2820 lbs

$8.60 sqf

$10.06 sqf

Spark screen: 16" height x 28.5" diameter Firebowl: 30.5" diameter - 7" depth Log support grill: 17" diameter Poker stick

84 519 - 664 - 0225





Escala Double Sided Wall Escala is designed to offer you greater flexibility by allowing you to create 7� steps that can be integrated directly and harmoniously into your wall. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, Escala offers a panorama of practical possibilities for creating an impressive and refined wall design.

Parkwall is a versatile wall system that will build straight or curved walls, and allow you to build 90-degree corners without issues. This collection of wallstone is extremely easy to work with and has an elegant and natural outcome. Cap the Parkwall with the coping unit or look into our Coping selection for many other ideas and options for that final touch of detail.

7.87 x 11.61 x 5.9 (regular) (30 doubles)

$ 9.00 double unit

3.56 x 9.19 x 10.63 x 8.69 3.56 x 9.19 x 14.19 x 12.19 3.56 x 9.19 x 15.75 x 13.75 3.56 x 9.19 x 15.75 x 14.75

7.87 x 11.61 x 5.9 (tapered) (30 doubles)

Pallet Specs 27.65 sqf 7 rows of 3.95 sqf 2900 lbs contains 7 right and 7 left corner units

$ 8.85 unit

$ 16.89 sqf

7.87 x 11.61 x 5.9 (corner) (24 units)

$ 9.73 unit

23.62 x 11.81 x 2.95 (coping) (32 units)

14.96 x 8.85 x 4.92 (mix set)

Garden Lock Wall

9.84 x 8.85 x 4.92 (mix set)

Allow the Garden Lock to simplify your wallstone installation. The units come in a 3-piece kit for a rustic and random design. The Garden Lock also comes in a wedgestone that allows for curved walls or curves within sections of your retaining wall structure. An easy stone to work with and a classic tumbled design.

7.48 x 8.85 x 4.92 (mix set) Pallet Specs $10.37 sqf 27.5 sqf

15.74 x 10.23 x 2.95 (coping) (64 units) $6.90 unit

Ridge Wall (Best Way Stone)

8.07 x 8.85 x 4.92 (wedge) (125 units) $3.10 unit

This architectural wall is generally used in commercial or industrial applications where a strong load bearing is required. However, the Ridge Wall can be softly placed in any residential design and can often be an inexpensive approach to larger retaining walls.

8.23 x 10.23 x 2.95 (wedge coping) (125 units)

$3.10 unit

Antico Stacker Wall Antico is a wonderfull and easy wallstone to use. Famous with the professionals and still and easy install for the DIY. Antico is commonly used for knee-high walls, double sided walls, benches, bbq’s our countertops. 7.87 x 11.81 x 3.93 (96 units)

$3.80 unit

Standard / Coping 6 units per skid 39.5 x 17.25 x 8


45 Degree Corner Unit 6 units per skid 39.5 x 17.25 x 8


Corner Unit 37 x 17.25 x 8




87 519 - 664 - 0225


Crafted with the appeal of aged and tumbled stone, the Mini-Creta Pillar can be used at the entrance of a driveway, walkway, or patio. 2ft x 3ft Pillar (3” stone) 2.88 x 8 x 16

Mini-Creta 3” Double Sided Wall

Techo-Bloc’s most versatile wall stone. Mini-Creta Plus boasts an aged finish on both sides of the block, making it perfect for a freestanding wall around your patio, or as a partition between disparate areas of your landscape. Any way you look at it, Mini-Creta Plus is a beautiful stone.

Pallet Specs 6 rows 48 units 1560 lbs

2.94 x 9.81 x 9.06 x 7.06 2.94 x 9.81 x 11.81 x 9.81 2.94 x 9.81 x 14.75 x 12.81 2.94 x 9.81 x 14.75 x 13.75

$13.97 unit 2ft x 3ft Pillar (6” stone) 5.88 x 8 x 16 Pallet Specs 3 rows 24 units 1510 lbs

$17.25 unit

Mini-Creta 6” Double Sided Wall

The Mini-Creta 6” can be used in conjunction with the 3” wall system to create a very modular and rustic design. This double sided wall has a very natural face and cutting design, allowing for easy installs and a great accents into your landscape. 5.86 x 9.81 x 9.06 x 7.06 5.86 x 9.81 x 11.82 x 9.82 5.86 x 9.81 x 14.75 x 12.82 5.86 x 9.81 x 14.75 x 13.75 Pallet Specs 24 sqf 8 rows of 3 sqf 2430 lbs contains 8 right and 8 left corner units

$17.53 - $18.55 sqf

colour dependent

Pallet Specs 30 sqf 5 rows of 6 sqf 3065 lbs contains 5 right and 5 left corner units

$17.53 - $18.55 sqf colour dependent


TECHO-BLOC 519 - 664 - 0225



Semma Split Face Wall

A 6" x 16" double-sided segmental retaining wall, with tapered sides and an independent mechanical interlockallowing for a vertical or battered wall. Semma also has tremendous shear strength (block to block contact), void fill interlock (4 cored system with contractor gravel-filled cores), and a ½" bond for joint dispersion. Semma Wall, with an integrated corner on every layer, makes a great solution to the raised patio quandary:building a structural wall and topping it with a parapet (free-standing wall). Regular Set

$12.77 unit 5.88 x 11 x 16 x 10.5 5.88 x 11 x 16 x 10.5

Pallet Specs 26.25 sqf 5 rows of 5.25 sqf 40 units 2300 lbs

Corner & Pillar Kit 5.88 x 16 x 10.5 Pallet Specs 24 units 4 rows of 6 units pillar height 35.44 1495 lbs

Semma Polished Wall

A modern approach to the Semma Split Face wall, with a clean and smooth polished face and the strength required from most landscape designs. 5.88 x 11 x 16 x 10.5 5.88 x 11 x 16 x 10.5 Pallet Specs 26.25 sqf 5 rows of 5.25 sqf 40 units 2300 lbs

$19.85 unit



91 519 - 664 - 0225


Manchester Wall Adaptable units that can be used to build planters, walls, steps, edge restraints, pillars, fireplaces and exterior kitchen components.

$20.70 sqf

Techo-Bloc patented this stone in 2002 as the worlds first manufactured stone with the same hand chiseled and handcrafted look of actually quarried stone. The different sized blocks available in two heights can be combined in an infinite array of patterns, providing unmatched versatility. The stature and impeccable workmanship of Quarry Stone blends seamlessly with nature for a pure and natural appearance.

3.94 x 7.88 x 11.81 Pallet Specs 90 units 6 rows of 15 units 29.10 sqf 2760 lbs

$4.26 - $5.45 unit

colour dependent

Quarry Stone 100mm * 3.94 x 9.06 x 7.88 x 5.88 3.94 x 9.06 x 11.81 x 9.81 * 3.94 x 9.06 x 11.81 (can be used vertically) 3.94 x 9.06 x 15.75 x 13.75 ** 3.94 x 9.06 x 15.75 (can be used vertically) 3.94 x 9.06 x 15.75 x 14.75 (can be used as regular unit and corner)

** Pallet Specs 23.25 sqf 6 rows of 3.87 sqf 2160 lbs


Quarry Stone 200mm 7.88 x 9.06 x 7.88 x 5.88 7.88 x 9.06 x 11.81 x 9.81 * 7.88 x 9.06 x 11.81 (can be used vertically) 7.88 x 9.06 x 15.75 x 13.75 7.88 x 9.06 x 15.75 (can be used vertically and as a corner unit)

Pallet Specs 23.25 sqf 3 rows of 7.75 sqf 2220 lbs


93 519 - 664 - 0225


Imagine an impressive, secure Armour Stone retaining wall framing your poolside with the tranquil flow of water streaming from an impressive waterfall. Consider a backyard patio with accent stones adding dimension and weight, or sitting stones circling your outdoor fireplace - perfect for entertaining your family and friends. We offer limitless possibilities for your project and landscape ideas. The possibilities are endless when you can choose from such a wide selection of colours, sizes, textures, and shapes.

NATURAL STONE Stackable Armour Stone

$220 ton

Economy Armour Stone

Premium Charcoal Armour Stone 10”-16” (one-man) (200-800lbs)

$320 ton

This cubical limestone makes for beautiful garden accents, sitting walls around a fireplace, and for easy construction of natural stone retaining walls. The cubical and consistency in height make this stone easy to stack and handle.

16”-24” (800-2600lbs)

$320 ton

Our stackable armour stone is named for its consistency in height and depth. Traditionally deeper set stone, the stackable armour offers a strong retaining value.

Premium Charcoal offers a rich contrast to many bricks and natural stone homes. This stone is widely used for accents within garden beds, retaining walls, book-shelving steps, and adding depth to any landscape.

600-2000 lbs

$220 ton

Peninsula Sugar Cubes 8”-14” (200-800 lbs)

$320 ton

Peninsula Armour Stone 12”-16” (750-1400lbs) 17”-24” (1400-2600lbs)

$220 ton Our Peninsula Armour is flawless in its consistency. Available in grey, buff, and a blended wash of the 2 colours, the Peninsula makes for an easy match to all landscapes.








95 519 - 664 - 0225


Wiarton Armour Stone

Waterfall Armour Stone

The sharp, delicate, and fine charcoal lines are what define a true Wiarton Armour Stone. Available in all heights, depths, and shapes, the Wiarton limestone will add a definite appreciation to your landscape.

These beatiful stones are used to add weight and dimension to your gardens, or that special focal point in your landscape. The sharp veins and crevices separate the Waterfall Stone from the rest.


$300 ton

10”-16” (one-man) (200-800lbs)

$320 ton

16”-24” (800-2600lbs)

$220 ton

Rustic Armour Stone Small One-Man Buff Armour

Our Buff Armour comes in many shapes, and sizes, and are great for small gardens or hard to get at areas. These stones are generally manageable by hand and offer a soft brown earth tone with at touch of grey.


$320 ton

Skidded Armour Stone


$320 ton

Our custom pre-cast Rustic Series includes the Rustic Armour Stone! These Armours look so realistic that you, nor your neighbors will question their validity. Cast from perfectly shaped, ideal natural stones which generally weigh 450lbs, Our Rustic Stones weigh in at only 125lbs. The light weight and manageable size of these stones make for easy transportation, placement, and replacement for your ever-changing landscape design. The Rustic Armour Stone was designed for small retaining walls, decoration within flower beds, and for backyard installations where access with equipment is not an option. 12” x 20” x 20” 4 unique shapes solid grey, or buff / brown mix 125lbs

$72 unit


97 519 - 664 - 0225


Add an array of naturally-occurring colours with lasting beauty to your garden by carefully selecting and placing our Moss Rock throughout your landscape. Their rugged texture brings definition and provides the perfect contrast to the hosts of delicate flowers in your garden.  Harvested from a variety of exotic locations, our carefully-chosen Mossy’s reflect their indigenous surroundings with a sense of character and history.

Generally used for water features, stepping stones, or decorative stones subtlety placed peaking out from the gardens soil.


Large Moss Rock

Unique, cratered, colourful, and covered in moss, our Large Moss Rock selection is exciting to chose from. 400-2500lbs

Flat Moss Rock


$ 400 ton

$ 220 ton

One-Man / Crated Moss Rock

These small placement stones are inventoried in crates, and can be hand selected and installed. They are great for filling corners and bedding water features or creating a dry river bed. 20-400 lbs $ 400 ton








99 519 - 664 - 0225

NATURAL STONE Granite Feature Stone

Cap Rock

The Cap Rock is the top layer of all stone surfaces. Naturally curved and cratered by the weather, a Cap Rock creates a dry riverbed effect, and are typically larger, thin slabs of stone. 1000-3000lbs


$360 ton We call this the Feature Stone because the richness in the black hues is unique to this Granite Product! Each Granite Feature Stone has a special character, shape, and incredible fine black streaks throughout its veins. Use this stone for water features, decorative stone, and accents.

$280 ton

Granite Boulders 50-1500lbs

$260 ton Decorative Granite Boulders and rounds are commonly used for creating water features, lining ponds, and shaping river beds. The circular shapes and random sizes can be used for decorative stones in your garden, or as a low maintenance ground cover.

Lava Rock

200-2000lbs The warm green, purple, and earth tones of Lava Rock are an eye catcher. They are available in all sizes and shapes, and are wonderful for garden accents, bubbling rocks, building water features, or for the focal point of your property.

$500 ton


101 519 - 664 - 0225




Basalt Skins

Basalt is a foreign stone to our region, and offers unique purple and green tones which compliment our domestic landscape products. Our Basalt selection is grand, and the possibilities are endless with the range of sizes, shapes, textures, and custom cut products we have imported and inventoried.


200 - 600 lbs Skins can be used to create stone benches or natural stone croppings that heave from the earth.

Basalt comes to us from many distant parts of the world, making it a foriegn gem to our stone collection. This uniquely shaped rock is formed by the earth’s heaving crust, fiery volcanoes, and colliding terraces. In most cases, Basalt sheds from the earth in long, thin columns, making the harvesting process and ultimate contours of the stone very unique to standard hardscape products.

Basalt Columns 200-1500lbs


Our selection offers all heights, thicknesses, and unique shapes. These columns are often used for book-shelving a stone wall, pillars for marking the entrance to a walkway or patio, or an impressive feature within a garden.

Basalt Dish 200-1500lbs

$0.48lb Place a Basalt Dish in your garden, front porch, back patio, or subtly placed under a tree. Our selection is available in both natural and polished top, which all have beautiful hues of purple, blacks, greens, yellows, and whites. A Basalt Dish will bring the presense of local bird life to your gardens, as they will clean and play in the small pool of naturally collected water.

Basalt Gurgler

Polished Basalt Gurgler


$please ask

100 - 1500 lbs

400 - 1500 lbs

Basalt Pedestal 50-150lbs

$70 unit (14”) $105 unit (18”) The Basalt Pedestals are sawn cut both top and bottom for the ease of creating an easy stone bench. With so many bench tops to chose from in our stone slab selection, these Basalt Pedestalsmake for a charming footing.



103 519 - 664 - 0225

Pennsylvania Stone Our imported Pennsylvania stone offers colour options and unique shapes of stone that are not available in our local environment. With the introduction of Steppers and boulders, we are able to connect to exciting landscape designs and watch the creativity of our clients as they incorporate the pennsylvania product line into their landscape!

Pennsylvania Wallstone 27 cubic ft per pallet 1.5 tons per pallet 1” - 3” thick 3” - 6” thick 6” - 10” thick



Pennsylvania Fieldstone Boulders

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Steppers

Rustic, round boulders that offer unlimited design opportunities. Use these boulders as croppings within your gardens or build a timeless drywall for a focal point!

Small Steppers 14-20 stones per pallet

2-3 Man Fieldstone Boulders 8 - 12 stones per pallet 1.5 tons per pallet

Large Steppers 2 - 3 stones per pallet 8” - 16” thick

Medium Fieldstone Boulders 3 - 4 stones per pallet 1.5 tons per pallet

Medium Steppers 4-6 stones per pallet 1.5ft - 3ft deep 2.5ft - 3.5ft long 4” - 8” thick



Rocky Mountain Creek Rounds 5” - 8” diameter smooth finish 1.5 tons per pallet

$please ask



105 519 - 664 - 0225

Our large inventory of Coursing & Wallstone allows you to select exact products that will best suit your landscape design and surrounding ambience. The range of colours, sizes, natural faces and sawn cut ends, and options to mix and match all of these features within each category of coursing makes designing and building easy..


$400 ton

Rustic Wallstone (concrete)

$21 unit

Coursing is generally a brick or stone used to face a home, building, or wall. Coursing typically has a 4” bed or depth which is the standard for most mason and bricking applications. No matter how much you use on your home, natural stone coursing adds interest to traditional and contemporary exteriors. If you're looking for a stately presence, include a natural stone in your renovation or new build design. Wallstone is commonly used for rustic wallstone or building applications. These products range in sizes and can have a variation in all dimensions, allowing the builder to create a modular and random laying pattern and outcome. Riata has a soft grey tone, that makes for an easy match to most domestic landscape materials.

Guelph Buff $340 ton

The Rustic Wallstone is a pleasure to work with due to the consistency in the sizes and colours. Available in grey and antique brown, this Rustic stone can be used for edging a garden, walkway or driveway, building small retaining walls, or small risers for grade changes. 9 unique shapes and faces available 8”x 7” x 12-14” 80-90lbs

If your design calls for a natural mix of brown hues, Guelph Buff will meet your requirements. Available in either light - brown or a wash of all brown tones, our Guelph Buff Coursing & Wallstone is a compliment to all landscapes.

Wiarton Eramosa $340 ton


The strength, shine, and metallic sheen that a Granite Coursing & Wallstone has makes this stone a favorite for borders of gardens and hardscape surfaces, and retaining walls.

$800 ton The mix of light and dark grays is what defines the rich Eramosa Coursing & Wallstone. The Eramosa often has fine running streaks of deep charcoal lines that add to its character.

$400 ton

The elegance of a true Wiarton stone, cut guillotined into a beautiful Wallstone or Coursing only highlights the strength of this limestone product, and the richness of its grey, blue, and charcoal blends.


107 519 - 664 - 0225


NATURAL STONE Ebel Jumbo Flagstone


Jumbo Flag 3-4”

Flagstone is thin layers of rock, hand sliced from larger layers of stone. The process is manual and tedious, from the harvesting stage to the final install. Commonly used for patios, facing of concrete porches or walls, caping of retaining walls, or stepping stones through a garden. Our flagstone selection will be sure to offer you the sizes, colours, and textures that you require for your landscape design.

Thick Jumbo Flagstone slabs can be used for step risers throughout your landscape, connecting two unique grades to one another. They are generally used for stepping stones throughout gardens or walkways connecting two areas of your landscape.

Known for its rich black colour, our Ebel Jumbo Flag is flawless in texture, consistent in its thickness, and can turn a hardscape design into dreams.

$380 ton (0.75´´) $300 ton (1-2´´)

$450 ton

Granite Flagstone Oversize Flagstone 1-2”

Our Granite Flagstone has a blend of pink, white, blue, and greys. The strength of granite surpasses a standard limestone, making this $980 ton (1.5”) product a lifelong decision, and wonderful for heavy traffic areas. $750 ton (2”)

Oversize slabs of Flagstone minimize the amount of joints within a hardscape, allowing for a stronger and less busy visual outcome. Oversize Flagstone can make for a quicker installation as the square footage per stone is increased. The consistency in thickness and size is immaculate and therefore effortless to work with.

$380 ton

$400 ton


FLAGSTONE Banas Flagstone Banas Stone is proud to offer a complete collection of high quality natural stone pavers in many attractive colours and textures. The elegance of Banas Stone is a sure way to add value to your home and landscape. These sandstone and limestone products add a sense of class and are suited for all designs, including: gardens, porches, driveways, walkways, pools and all interior and exterior applications.

109 519 - 664 - 0225

NATURAL STONE Square Cut Flagstone Considered one of the most elegant and formal natural hardscape products, Our Square Cut Flagstone creates gorgeaus landscapes. Available in a mix of random square and rectangular shapes, and a variety of grey, charcoal, brown, and black hues. Square Cut stone offers endless opportunities for complimenting your landscape design.

Banas Square Cut Flagstone is available in both hand-rocked and sawn-cut edges, depending on what best suits the other surrounding materials and ambience. The overall beauty of Banas Stone offers limitless possibilities which is left in the hands and creativity of your architect, designer, or trade.

$6.95 sqf


Jumbo Square Cut Slabs

$please ask

Consider a Jumbo Square Slab for your hardscape surface, facing of an existing concrete surface, capping a wall or counter, or for a formal stepping stone throughout your gardens. Our Jumbo Square Cut Slabs are available in many sizes and colours.


PORCELAIN & COBBLE 519 - 664 - 0225



Porcelain Tile

A favorite for designers when adding pin stripping, banding, or soldier coursing to any hardscape. 2x4x4 / 2x4x8 / 2x8x8

The introduction of porcelain tile offers a unique approach to formal design. Porcelain is rated stronger than natural stone tile, and therefore has a load bearing suitable for all applications. This smooth and consistent finish makes for a contemporary and clean finish, with a perfectly smooth texture. Porcelain tile is perfect for outdoor areas, urban squares, recreational parks, public transport stations, shops, driveways, patios, facade cladding, and very popular for roof-top patios as it works in conjunction with a pedestal system which facilitates roof-top plumbing and wiring.

$11 sqf

Benefits & ISO Standards •colour uniformity (little colour shading) •no internal cracking •made from 25-42% recycled material •water absorption 0.5% (similar to granite) •frost resistant •breaking strength (stronger than natural stone) •stain resistant •slip resistant Sizes & Packaging 12 x 24” (2 units per carton) 24 x 24” (4 units per carton) 8 sqf per carton 32 cartons per pallet 256 sqf per pallet 7 colours

$13 sqf

Pennsylvania Full Colour Flagstone Our beautiful blue & grey stand-up flag has the hues of pennsylvania stone which add a unique flare to our local landscapes with a soft earth tone and texture. 2” - 2.5” thick




113 519 - 664 - 0225

STEPS Random Cut Back Stone Steps

Dimensional Stone Steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,10ft long

$180 3ft $220 4ft $280 5ft $350 6ft $425 7ft $500 8ft The crisp corners and perfect rectangular cuts of our Dimensional Steps are what make them so formal and therefore elegant. Easy for stacking, yet often used as the single step leading to a front porch or patio, our Cut Backs are available in many colours, textures, and unique finishes.

$180 3-4ft $215 4-5ft $245 5-6ft $280 6-7ft $345 7-8ft Our large selection of Random Cut Back Steps is due to the recent popularity of this stone. These steps have a traditionally rectangular shape, but offer a completely natural face and both ends, while the back of the step is sawn cut for easy placement against foundations, decks, or continuing a walkway of interlocking off the back.

Banas Sandstone Steps $180 3ft $220 4ft $280 5ft $350 6ft $425 7ft $500 8ft

Ebel Steppers Beautiful deep charcoal and black natural stone steps, the Ebel dark tone is famous amongst landscape designers and architects. The consistency in each irregular or natural shaped step is immaculate and makes for an easy installation.

$400 ton

Sandstone Steps add the elegance of natural stone to your landscape by offering a well crafted and hand dressed natural stone face and surface. These steps are carefully rock-faced and finished by craftsmen that create an organic beauty and natural flow. natural top, natural or calibrated bottom, rock faced edges 16� wide / 6� thick / 4ft, 5ft, 6ft long


115 519 - 664 - 0225




Maya Step

Random Slabs are great for stepping stones, large single step entrances, long meandering staircases cutting through a natural earths slope, or often table tops. Our inventory is limitless and offers all shapes, sizes, and colours to best suit your home.

Introducing the first precast random slab, offering 4 unique shapes and a natural stone look for its many landscape applications. The maya step makes beautiful staircases randomly stacked and overlapping one another, leaving that natural finished look that every landscape aims to have. Use the maya step as a large stepping stone through your garden, or as a nice landing stone leaving your porch.

Random Treads

all dimensions available

Pallet Specs 4 unique units 10.6 sqf approx. 646 lbs approx. per unit 2584 lbs per pallet

$340 ton

6 x 32 x 48

$230 unit

Rocka Step

The rocka step is a natural looking pre-cast step, that is finished on both sides for many applications. Typically used for steps and staircases, the rocka can also be used for capping stone walls or making small benches. Rocka helps you create an elegant pathway regardless of topography. these impressive steps provide a wonderfully wide walking surface. 6 x 14.63 x 48

$105 unit

Granite offers the strength and longevity that all designers demand in their projects and they are always complimented with strong variations in colour!

Granite Treads

$please ask

Pallet Specs 8 units 32 lnf weight 361 lbs per unit 2890 lbs per pallet

6 x 15 x 60

$140 unit

Pallet Specs 6 units 30 lnf per pallet 460 per step 2760 lbs



117 519 - 664 - 0225


Ridge Step For a great look, natural stone finish, great price, and easy install, you have the ridge step awaiting your landscape. Although heavy for 2 people, these slabs are movable by hand, and offer a commercial strength with a residential aesthetic.

Rustic Step

Our custom Rustic Steps have an extremely natural stone finish, yet have a third the weight of a natural stone product. These steps are sure to compliment your new or existing landscape, and can be used in conjunction with our other products in the Rustic Series. 3ft (7” x 20“ x 180lbs)


4ft (6” x 18” x 245lbs)


39.4 x 19.6 x 7

Rustic Step Stacker


Step Stackers act as risers within a set of stairs, and support each step beyond the initial landing. We recommend using adhesive between each stacker and aggregate under each step.

Pallet Specs 6 units

$48 unit

5ft (7” x 18” x 420lbs)


rustic brown & deep grey 3 unique faces

Rustic Random Slab


A precast, yet solid random slab that aesthetically enhances any staircase and offers some consistency for an easy install.

York Step 60”

An economical and gorgeous approach to compliment your home or garden with a natural stone formed pre-cast step. From transportation to installation, working with a precast step is much easier, and offers a fantastic aesthetic appeal. 6 x 15 x 60

Pallet Specs 6 units 30 lnf per pallet 462 lbs per step 2750 lbs per pallet

$140 unit


NATURAL STONE COPING Banas Hand Rocked Coping

119 519 - 664 - 0225


$14 sqf

Banas Hand Rocked & Bullnose Coping Wall Coping is an essential part of all wall systems. Copings acts as the final stone to cap a wall. Our natural stone Copings add value, and provide protection for your wall design by preventing rain and weather from entering the cavity of the wall. Pool Coping adds a distinctive and elegant feature to your pool. The naturally textured surface offers non-slip qualities to the edges of your pool. The skills and expertise of highly trained masons create some of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing natural stone edgings that will ornament your pool for decades. natural top, calibrated bottom, rock faced or bullnose edges

Bullnose Coping

$18 sqf

Pier Caps complete, protect, and accentuate the look of a pillar or column. These caps offer a pleasing architectural finish and effective protection for your pillars.

Banas Column & Pier Caps


$33 sqf

natural top, natural or calibrated bottom, sawn or hand rocked edges 20” x 20” 24” x 24” 28” x 28” 30” x 30” 3” thick

Banas Jumbo Slabs

$33 sqf

Jumbo Slabs can be used for many landscaping projects such as: exterior countertops, BBQ slabs, coping and jumbo paving stones. natural top, natural or calibrated bottom, rock faced edges 2ft x 4ft / 2ft x 5ft / 2ft x 6ft 2.5ft x 5ft / 2.5ft x 6ft 2” thick

12” and 16” width 24”, 48”, 60”, 72” length 2” thickness

Custom Cut Coping Wiarton Coping Refined and hand crafted here in ontario, the Wiarton Coping is considered the most elegant product in its category. These copings come in a variety of grey and brown blends, and have a beautiful natural surface that will enhance all hardscape designs.

$19 sqf

$variable based upon request

Our large inventory offers a variety of unique and Custom Cut Copings. For specific sizes please ask and we will be happy to source and create whatever custom cut stone your design requires. In other words, if we dont have it, we’ll find it!




TECHO-BLOC Bullnose Cap and Pool Coping $3.59 - $3.95 unit

colour dependent

121 519 - 664 - 0225

COPING & CAPS Aged Double Sided Cap

Compatible with all wall stones. Aged Cap can be used for wall caps and/or step treads.

$9.03 linear ft

2.94 x 12.5 x 8.88 x 6.5 2.94 x 12.5 x 11.81 x 9.44 2.94 x 12.5 x 14.75 x 12.38 2.94 x 12.5 x 14.75 x 13.56

Pallet Specs 66 lnf 8 rows of 8.25 lnf

The rounded edges of the bullnose cap give poolsides, seat walls, and steps a softer appearance. The smooth texture to this coping offers a modern outcome. 2.38 x 12 x 5.88 Pallet Specs 180 units 88.6 lnf 4 rows of 22.15 lnf 2435 lbs

Antique Step $14.03 unit Give your staircases a relaxed, old world appearance with this step stone. Techo-Blocs Antique Step is ideal for designs requiring a deeper runner, or tread. 2.94 x 14 x 20 Pallet Specs 46.70 lnf 7 rows of 6.67 lnf 1950 lbs


TECHO-BLOC Muro Double Sided Cap and Pool Coping A wonderfully textured wet cast cap, used for treads, steps, pool copings, and offers a random 3-unit design. 3 x 14.5 x 12 x 9.5 3 x 14.5 x 15.75 x 13.75 3 x 14.5 x 19.25 x 17.5 Pallet Specs 58.3 lnf 8 rows of 7.29 lnf 2500lbs

$13.39 linear ft

123 519 - 664 - 0225

COPING & CAPS Escala Double Sided 3.5� cap The Escala Cap offers a rustic and natural stone face, and smooth tread, deep enough for a very comfortable step. Compatible with many wall systems, the Escala is a sure compliment to the stone which it caps. 3.56 x 14.94 x 8.82 x 6.5 3.56 x 14.94 x 11.81 x 9.44 3.56 x 14.94 x 14.75 x 12.38

Pallet Specs 21 units per size 56.70 lnf 7 rows of 8.10 lnf 2936 lbs

$9.03 linear ft

Prima Double Sided Polished Cap $24.15 unit 2.94 x 14 x 16 Pallet Specs 48 units 64 lnf 8 rows of 8 lnf 1.33 lnf per unit 2655 lbs

Prima Double Sided Regular Cap Our Prima Coping is wonderful for capping walls as it has a double sided finish. The Prima also functions as a step tread with its deepness allowing for a comfortable step. The new Prima Polished Cap is now available with the same dimensions yet offers a very smooth and contemporary finish.

$10.35 unit 2.94 x 14 x 16 Pallet Specs 48 units 64 lnf 8 rows of 8 lnf 1.33 lnf per unit 2655 lbs



2.25 x 14.5 x 11.75 x 9.38 519 - 664 - 0225

Portofino Edge and Pool Coping

A multi-piece, multi-functional unit that can be used as a cap, border (soldier), pool coping, or step tread. Portofino is both tapered and double-sided to limit the time and expense of cuts.

2.25 x 14.5 x 15.88 x 13.75


COPING Venetian Cap (slate & smooth) The Venetian Series & Cap resemble antique Italian carved stone, transforming plain steps into elegant staircases of intricate detail. Ask us about the Venetian Riser for making stair cases.

Pallet Specs 50.22 lnf 1714 lbs

1.75 x 14 x 16

Pallet Specs 48 units 64 lnf 8 rows of 8 lnf (6 units) 1.33 lnf per unit 1500 lbs

2.25 x 14.5 x 18.81 x 16.5

$13.51 unit 2.25 x 14.5 x 19 x 19

Piedimonte Double Sided Cap $11.64 linear ft

Here is the ideal contrast to an environment that is richly varied in masonry materials. Used for steps, pool caps, wall caps and pillar caps, Piedimonte calms and harmonizes surrounding multi-textured Techo-Bloc products, adding definition and quiet sophistication to the environment.

$12.88 linear ft

Barollo Bullnose Coping

Pallet Specs 80 linear ft 32 units 2175 lbs

$please ask

The bullnose face is a soft approach for pool edging, wall copings, and step treads. The barolla has a smooth texture and the 10� width makes for a quick install. 9.84 x 12.48 x 2.95 81.18 lnf per skid

Wall Cap 2.25 x 11.75 x 30

$15.12 linear ft

$144.53 unit

Wall & Step Cap 2.25 x 14 x 30 Pallet Specs 60 linear ft 24 units 2000 lbs Pillar Cap 2.88 x 28 x 28


127 519 - 664 - 0225




Driveway Curb

Antico Curb

Looking to border your garden bed, sidewalk, driveway, or walkway? The Antico is the curb stone for you. with a strong tumbled face, and nearly 6” of rise, this user friendly curb offers strength and style for all retaining designs.

The Driveway Curb has the strength needed to support those areas with constant movement and pressure. Exactly as the name explains, this curbing unit is great for bordering all driveway surfaces, and provides a wide enough face for your lawnmowers wheels to cross over, making the cutting of your lawn and overall maintenance easier.

Avignon Curb

A multifunctional border great for lawns, mulch beds and interlocking pavements. The Avignon’s structural integrity resulting from its weight, width and integral clip system, combined with its alluring aesthetics slate textured side and rock-faced top, renders it one of the most complete border systems in the industry!

Give your landscape a distinctive edge Slightly more refined then some other curbing products, the Pietra resembles a textured granite stone. By varying Pietra’s lengths, Techo-Bloc helps accent its already natural appearance. 4.5 x 3.13 x 8.88 4.5 x 3.13 x 11.82 4.5 x 3.13 x 14.75 Pallet Specs 96 lnf 4 rows of 24 lnf 1285 lbs 32 units of each

$5.69 linear ft

39.4 x 5.9 x 5.9


Pallet Specs 20 units *available regular & sloped

15.75 x 5.82 x 3.62

$12.65 unit

Pallet Specs 72 units 1.3 lnf per unit

Garden Curb

$5.00 unit

The Garden Curb offers 3ft of retainer per unit, which makes for a quick install and simple outcome. With less joints, and less curbing units therefore, the Garden Curb will level and have less heaving then other curbing products.

35.4 x 5.9 x 3.62

$10.25 unit Pallet Specs 44 units

7 x 4.5 x 12 Pallet Specs 90 units 90 lnf 6 rows of 15 lnf 2750 lbs

$7.65 unit

A unique edger used for lawns, pavement, plantings, and even as a transition unit for different plateaus in an outdoor living space. The Tundra’s distinct shape adds personality to any project, while its transition capability provides functionality. 3.56 x 6.31 x 4 x 8.88 x 9.81 Pallet Specs 64 units (4 rows of 16 units) 52.5 lnf (13.12 lnf per row) 2520 lbs

$5.98 unit



129 519 - 664 - 0225

EDGING & CURBING Natural Curbing

A natural stone always offers an ageless ambience to our landscapes. Our Natural Curb selection offers all lengths, widths, and depths of rectangular stone to best suit your home. These Curbs are guillotined on either 2 or 4 sides, offering the natural face and colours that each stone provides.

Rustic Wallstone (Concrete)

$400 ton

The Rustic Wallstone is a pleasure to work with due to the consistency in the sizes and colours. Available in grey and antique brown, this Rustic stone can be used for edging a garden, walkway or driveway, building small retaining walls, or small risers for grade changes. 7”x 8” x 12-14” 80-90lbs 9 unique shapes and faces available grey & antique brown

$21 unit

Granite Curbing

Granite Curbing is the most expensive yet extremely elegant approach to a curb stone. Available in 3 colours, black, grey, and beige.

$20 linear ft


MASONAL 519 - 664 - 0225

Ledgestone Collection The Ledgestone Collection is a mosaic of texture, colour, and shade, highlighting the creative artistry of a master craftsman. The random patterns of thinly sliced stones offers a beautiful outcome. Blue Mountain

$14.30 sqf F $18.90 lnf C

F = Flats C = Corners SQF = Square Feet LNF = Linear Feet


VENEER STONE Rustic Rubble Collection Stones in the Rustic Rubble Collection have one thing in common, they combine different shapes, sizes, and colours into an artisans collage.This collection conveys moods and tones that enhance ambience both inside and out. Elora Rubble

$11.00 sqf F $16.50 lnf C

Modern Ledgestone $12.90 sqf F


$26.60 sqf F $39.20 lnf C


$15.50 sqf F $22.15 lnf C

Old Rustic Ledgestone $14.45 sqf F

Glacier Blue Ashlar $17.50 sqf F


$12.80 sqf F $18.90 lnf C

Oxford Ledgestone $14.30 sqf F

Muskoka Ashlar $20.50 sqf F


$9.00 sqf F $16.00 lnf C


Muskoka Grey Ashlar $20.50 sqf F

Rustic Rubble Buff $11.25 sqf F

Sapphire Blue Granite $14.00 sqf F

Rustic Rubble Charcoal $11.25 sqf F

$24.50 lnf C

$24.50 lnf C

$26.15 lnf C

$30.15 lnf C

$18.90 lnf C

$14.45 sqf F $24.50 lnf C

$30.15 lnf C

$17.45 lnf C

Granite Collection

Our new Granite Collection has emerged from many requests by designers and architects. The ageless attraction of our Ontario granites inspire new colour palettes, including subtle gray’s and blues to the more traditional black and pinks. Sahara

$ 13.10 sqf F $ 18.00 lnf C

$22.60 lnf C

$17.45 lnf C


133 519 - 664 - 0225



Rustic Wilderness Collection

Valley Estate Collection

The Rustic Wilderness Collection includes a great variety of colours and textures of natural edged stones. The rectangular stones are reminiscent of old traditional stone buildings where masons split and shaped each piece to fit angular lines.

The Valley Estate Collection blends the beauty of natural stone with the sophistication of crisp detailed lines. Stones are cut to specific combinations allowing masons to tighten joints, lay patterns, and convey an elegance in fine detail.Â

F = Flats C = Corners SQF = Square Foot LNF = Linear Foot

Black Ontario

$12.10 sqf F $18.00 lnf C


$14.75 sqf F $21.25 lnf C


$11.70 sqf F $24.90 lnf C

Niagra Valley

$21.00 sqf F $31.10 lnf C


$12.10 sqf F $18.00 lnf C

Old English Blend

$12.90 sqf F $20.15 lnf C

Dover White

$15.50 sqf F $22.15 lnf C

Northern Grey Valley

$16.00 sqf F $25.50 lnf C


$11.80 sqf F $17.10 lnf C

Provincial Grey Blend

$12.10 sqf F $18.00 lnf C

Glasgow Valley $15.50 sqf F

Tiger Dark

$11.00 sqf F $16.50 lnf C


$13.30 sqf F $20.20 lnf C

Tiger Buff

$11.00 sqf F $16.50 lnf C

Hudson Valley

$13.85 sqf F $22.15 lnf C


$11.00 sqf F $24.90 lnf C

Guelph Buff

$11.25 sqf F $17.45 lnf C

Vancouver Gold $11.00 sqf F

Jasper Lodge

$17.05 sqf F $24.35 lnf C


$15.50 sqf F $22.15 lnf C

$16.50 lnf C

$24.50 lnf C

F = Flats C = Corners SQF = Square Foot LNF = Linear Foot


135 519 - 664 - 0225




Signature Blend Collection The Signature Blend Collection allows us to create contemporary masonry combinations that traditionally don’t exist. We take stones from all parts of North America and combine them to produce exciting new styles blending colour, texture and form.

Autumn Blend $15.50 sqf F

St Jacobs Country


Summer Blend $13.30 sqf F

$22.15 lnf C


$13.30 sqf F $22.20 lnf C

$13.30 sqf F $20.20 lnf C

$20.20 lnf C Black Galaxy Classy

$9.00 sqf F $9.50 lnf C

Autumn Blend Classy

$9.00 sqf F $9.50 lnf C

Egypt Copper Classy

$7.50 sqf F $8.00 lnf C

Silver Valley Gray Classy

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Extra White Classy

$9.00 sqf F $9.50 lnf C

Spring Forest Classy

$11.50 sqf F $12.00 lnf C

Sandy Grain Classy

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Wood Grain B Classy

$8.50 sqf F $9.00 lnf C

$13.90 sqf F $20.70 lnf C

Highland Thistle $13.90 sqf F

$20.70 lnf C

Spring Blend

$13.30 sqf F $20.20 lnf C

LNF = Linear Foot SQF = Square Foot C = Corners F = Flats


137 519 - 664 - 0225


VENEER STONE F = Flats C = Corners SQF = Square Foot LNF = Linear Foot

Autumn Blend Country

$11.00 sqf F $11.50 lnf C

Black Galaxy Thin

$10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C

Desert Gold Country

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Carbon Grey Thin

$11.00 sqf F $11.50 lnf C

Ebony Country $9.50 sqf F

$10.00 lnf C

Creamy Crystal $10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C Thin

Egypt Copper Country

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Wood Grain Thin

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Rainy Cloud Elegant

$10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C

Silver Wave Elegant

$10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C

Coastal Brown $9.50 sqf F

$10.00 lnf C

Extra White Hybrid

$10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C

Creamy Crystal

$9.00 sqf F $9.50 lnf C

Silver Valley Patterned

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

Ebony Streamy $10.50 sqf F

Sunset Streamy

$10.50 sqf F $11.00 lnf C

Egypt Copper Natural

Wood Grain A

$9.50 sqf F $10.00 lnf C

$11.00 lnf C

$11.00 sqf F $11.50 lnf C

Choosing a Landscape Architect or Designer is so Critical to a Good Design and Functional Space! •compliment the design and style of your home by examining your lifestyle and preferences •choosing the right products , borders, accents, and accessories that work well with your home and existing landscape or grading of property (mosaics) •scale and proportion of all elements within the design such as retaining walls, pergolas, patios, driveways, and fireplace areas •added value through incorporating the correct elements & products that exist in our industry •adding curb appeal that suits the neighborhood and surroundings •make the design safe and practical Anyone can dream about the space they have in their yard but planning the space takes experience and a lot of thought. Plans do not necessarily need to be a formal drawing, but they do need to be well planned out, and to scale in order to understand how best to use the space. This little bit of homework goes a long way and ensures your investment will be enjoyed for many years to come. Ask us about our home consulting and outdoor space design network.

Think about what you want - do you need a place for

kids to play? A place for the dog? For barbecue? For storage? Do you want a shady corner? Seating for a dozen? A work-shop? Make a list of your ‘have-to-have’ items.

Now think about function - you’ll want a soft surface

under a swing set, but might want solid pathways for well-traveled areas. Wooden deck or stone patio. Cost may help you decide which material to use. Play around with a plan on paper, but use a garden hose or can of spray paint to experiment with shapes on the ground. Paths should be wide enough to accommodate your lawn mower and wheelbarrow. Include the placement of doors, windows, access points and views.

Think about privacy - hedges are great living screens,

but take years to grow big enough to be effective and trimming can be a hassle. Vines can be effective screens. There are a variety of fence styles available as well.

Don’t create a drainage problem - water must drain

away from your house or it will drain into it, and long term can cause serious issues with your home. Keep it in mind when installing paths, patios or ponds.

Style, colour and texture play an important role in landscape design - they add interest, shade,

humour and pop. Garden tours, books, and the internet are all great mediums to see what other people have done and what outcomes and style appeal to you.

Plant the biggest items first - trees take several to many

years to mature, shrubs take a few years and flowers only a season or two. Think about the shade you create with a tree and make sure it falls where you want it. Obviously its easier to move a flower than a tree, so make your mistakes on paper.

Don’t be overwhelmed - you don’t have to do it all at

one time, or even all by yourself. A well thought out plan can be phased in as time and budget allow. A landscape designer or architect can draw up a plan for you and you proceed at your own pace.  Remember that your relationship with your landscape architect should be a two way street. It is your space but as a professional they can and should help you through any potential pitfalls and prevent wasting time and money.

Have fun with it - gardening is supposed to be a stress-buster not a stress-maker

Choosing a Professional Installer

We recommend the use of professional landscape contractors for your project. When considering & designing your homes landscape, you are making an important investment in your home. Don’t let poor workmanship turn your ideal plan into a disappointment. Proper site preparation with the correct grading, base material and compaction is key to ensuring that your hardscape or landscape looks great and offers longevity in your investment!




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