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Advertising Design ART 450.001

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Table of Contents Bio & Artist Statment Bogart Assignment Product/Brand Development

Campaign Scenario: Levi Jeans’s Market Share Advertising Campaign Project: Dove Soap Campaign

riginally born in New Rochelle, New York, Jordan moved to the south at a young age, when he began developing an interest in the arts. Once his parents noticed, they enrolled him into Morhead Elementary School which is located in Greensboro, NC. There, he began learning what art was and how it was used. His interest in the arts grew as he explored acting, music, and visual arts. By the age of eight, he made his first real decision as to what he wanted to do for a career,mechanical engineering. Soon after, as he became older, he changed his mind and considered between being an artist, or an architect. Jordan graduated from Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC and enrolled in North Carolina A&T State University, where he decided to become an animator and illustrator. His current goal is to leave a positive impression with his work and be capable of innovating the community. Most importantly, he desires to make the arts his living and produce the best work he can create. Driven by his Eagle Rank training from the organization, Boy Scouts of America, Jordan works diligently to make a change for the better and always does his best to leave a positive example, from his mannerisms to his attitude.


Artist Statement As a student of art, I am learning new depths to how great visual design is and how much power it has. My biggest influence would be my oldest brother, who graduated from A&T with a degree in eletical engineering. By that time, I was in the fourth grade, building machines, homes, and cities with my legos and other toys. The most fascinating to me about art is the fact that the definition of art means skill and also the ability to manifest imagination into reality. To have the skill to make your thoughts become real to you and others is an amazing power that I want to explore and refine. I believe that this is a tool that everyone should be intouch with at some point in time. When I first lerned what engineers do, which is making thing once thought of real, I made my decision and although I considered other professions, I really wanted to stay on the path of a creator. Another influence would be my family that supported me and all the times when I was able to solve a problem. The challenge would always inspire me to come up with a solution to explore, even when I found one solution and didn’t want to look at the other possibilities, I was so wrapped into making it work. I still have it today and as I mature, I am taking in more appreciation for the arts as time passes by and after each success I have. If there is anything of value I would have to say to anyone who follows the path of art would be this: “The powers to envision, solve problems, and a neverending will to ‘make it happen’ are essential for an artist to have.”

Bogart Assignment The first assignment in our advertisement design class was to develop an ad for a product called the Shopbike, which was produced and sold under the company name, Handsome Bicycles Co. The first design was from the original understanding of the assignment. The goal was to generate an ad for a product that, at the time, we thought was the Bogart. We needed to include the company name/logo, the name of the product, and the tagline which is a catchy impression like phrase that helps people annotate the quote to the product.

Other Versions This design was under a similar set of logic. The font of the text refers to the time period people think of when the words “Classic” and “Bikes” are put in the same sentence. The composition is the same, displaying the Bicycle’s mechanical parts which seemed to give the bike more definition to its character. The tagline is a play of words. “A new throwback” give a message, similar to the tagline in the first design, that the new standard has now been established. The “throw out” in the tagline is referring to the bike products that used to be trendy, or recently was trendy as being so obsolete that it is better to throw the viewer’s bike away and get this new one as a replacement. The title for the product has changed from Bogart to Shopbike, which is the current name for the product, hence the change in title in the design.

Other Versions This was the last ad design I had made of the product, now known as the Shop Bike . I began exploring another concept about the name and the font of the type. I looked at the elegance of the curves in the tail of the “h” and the “e” and the idea that I had of the name relating to buying something led me to a concept that “beauty is something that cannot be bought”, in some people’s opinion, but the beauty of this bike can be the closest thing to beauty that you can buy. So as the viewer, who may be someone who may be looking for the “perfect beauty, sees this ad, they look and believe that this bike, the elegance of its shape and curvature along with the elegance of the font complimenting the bike, as a thing of beauty that may be bought and does not need much to keep up compared to the constant attention the viewer may have to pay towards the upkeep of their beauty.

Product Development The instructions for this assignment was to develop a sports product that will compete against other sports accessory brands while developing your own brand. This project consisted a presentation, a pitch, a logo, tagline, company, etc. For my idea, I decided ot look into compression suites and see what have they not done with the suites. The first idea was to augment the suite to have compartments that stored ountment to relax the muscles during and after workout. As the user moves in the suite, a little bit of ointment is released into the person’s system via pores in the skin. The result is the reduce chance of getting muscle cramps and internal injuries due or overworking the muscles. Later on, I changed the idea to instead of having compartments that stored ointment in them, just have nano fibers that vibrate as the user moves and as a result, the muscles are gently massaged during workout so chances of cramping or injury stays low.

Concept Sketch of the Suite

Package Designs The packaging for the design will be in something the consumer could use as a water jug or a water bottle. So the idea is to have the image of the product and attached to the conainer with a diameter of about 5.5 inches and a height of about 10 inches. These package images will be 6 inches wide and 5 inches in height.

Personas So far as personas are concern, I have developed a character that the audience could relate called Terrance. Terrance is a college student in his early twenties with many interests. He is involved with several major organizations in his school and they are all stationed on several places on campus. As a college student, Terrance does not have a car, or a pass for the car. Every day, he travels across campus multiple times on foot to go to his classes, followed by his meetings and the occasional visit to the GYM. Terrence was also a former athlete with old injuries that may have some effect on his joints and muscle tendons. After a lot of walking and leg movement, Terrence’s legs give away or cramp up often and at random times of the day. He also has them in class and in meetings which can be quite a distraction for either activity. He uses my product to help stabilize his legs so as he is walking throughout campus, the suite is giving him a form of massage therapy by rubbing the muscle relaxing ointment on the skin. The compression of the suite also helps improve circulation, making it slightly easier him to walk around without draining the life out of his poor legs from his daily and lively activities. Terrence can now attend meetings without the random muscle spasms that stop him from doing what he does best, investing in his interests.


Another persona is of a young woman named Ashley. Ashley is a track runner who competes on a national level. She works out every part of her body and cardio to get an edge during the competition. She strives to be the best and even better, she has arthritis. When she performs, she trains herself to ignore as much of the pain as possible since she cannot focus on applying the pain relief cream on her joints. With my product, she can surpass her limits, achieve her goal, and obtain excellence without the toll on her body and especially her joints that already cause her pain. This suite provides full on support so when she runs the 400 meter dash, she knows that she has one less thing to worry about when she is competing.

Word Exploratory The product, “Retain and Reconstruct” was made based on its function, to retain the level of stress the muscles go through (which will prevent levels from rising) and as a result the muscles can be reconstructed without the worry of damaging the body as much. After writing down the name of the product I gathered, a couple of people and I looked at the title. Several words came out similar to “maintain, construct, and keep.” While some words leaned to a deeper level, such as “Renew, remake, rebuild. “ to more abstract things such as “blue, post, and shield.” After dumping all the ideas out of people who have seen this title, I began to look for other names and think of shorter and catchier ones to replace “Retain and Reconstruct”. Retain and reconstruct is appropriate in regards to its function, however, it is too long and too “wordy”. The words revolving the meaning, “renewing life/living” or “Life armor” are being considered to help develop a new name for the product. The research I have looked into that competes with my product is in different products in different fields. The gel-packs that contained the ointment for the muscles has competing ointments such as bengay, tiger balm, anicare, muscle rub, and icy hot. Other products in regards to the compression suite is the under armor brand of compression clothing, Nike, and Zoot Sports. My product seems to be the only product that has the feature to apply muscle ointment to the body.

The Brand After making my decision on the product name, “Vive� I began developing a brand and a logo. The concept behind the name is that this product will help sustain your health. It assists and addresses the life within your body and works to help sustain your body. This seems to bring me to some former research I did on the concept of the tree of life. The tree of life, in a summarization and in the world of biology, is the diagram and symbol of biological evolution. in the theological and philosophical nature, it is the progression to understanding and building a relationship to God. It also illustrates the connection of how the spiritual nurtures the physical. In this series of logo designs, the concept the the spiritual and intellectual ( the geometrical design above the name ) is connecting and giving its benefits to the physical ( the sphere at the bottom of the design, below the name. ) and the composition of the overall design is in reference to the Egyptian symbol of life. The color differences in the circles on the design differ for a reason.

The top most circle is in blue (or the lightest color) , symbolizing the best wisdom; knowledge; and understanding, and the bottom circle is red (or the darkest color ) to represent the worn body, the physical flesh. The rest of the circles are green (or a neutral color) provides support and substance for the body and to the body from the highest circle. The shapes to the side of the title resemble the human form to help the connection of the lowest circle being you, the physical person.

Brand Development The final descision was to refine the simple design and shange color scheme. The image to the right is the final design for the logo, which leads to the brand name, “VIVE�. Vive was developed as more than just a company that sells sprts products. Vive is designed to help the progression of humanity. The colors are suppose to be soothing and relaxing so I developed a color palette from pleasing images, such as the beach or a pool or a pond next to a hiking trail, and applied te same color scheme to my logo design. Vive is design to help humanity with any and all needs in order to grow and evolve to a more advanced society. Selling the suites were just a method for generating money that can be used in research, and more product development that addresses other human issues (be it physical, social, mental, etc.

The image to the right is the Print Version.

This is the promotion ad for the brand. This is to be displayed on the TV and computer screens.

Cover to Style Guide JORDAN ROBINSON


This image to the left is the simple display version.

Campaign Scenario: The next progect was a scenario. Levi has lost its place as the number one brand for blue jeans in the market and it was up to me, and whoever else that chose this from the other scenarios, to help strategize how to restore the market share for Levi. For this project, I chose to work with a small team of people to address this problem. We decided that even though we would be working together, each of us will present our own ideas. This way, the client can have options and will chose which route to go to. The first step was to do research into everything there is to know about Levi. We looked into the history, sales numbers, the products, etc.

After research, we discovered several things about the situation. We discovered that they have gone on the same attributes since their foundings in the late 1870’s, “Durability and Pioneering”. We also believe that the market share decreased in the 1980’s when the youth population in Levi’s market share decreased. The cause of this was due to celebrities. Celebs started looking for other designer jeans, or ran their own clothing line, that attracted the younger audiences. Amongst the team, one suggestion was to make the ads relate to the younger generation. Later on, another solution was present. The African American population is capable of generating plenty of income and the Levi commercials that we saw did not seem to cater to the African American community, hence the levi ads did not leave much of an impression (the story Levi was selling did not reach the Black Community).

In response to the lack of advertising targeting the African American, or Black, community, I developed print ads targeting African Americans using celebrity endorsing. In this example, I used celebrity, Rhiana, to endorse the products Levi owns. Another idea was to develop a commercial, portraying the African American community as pioneers. Looking into African American history, it is argued that the culture does have some reputable influences in today’s society, from having black inventors whose products we use to this day, to governors and politicians that have helped develop or change laws to be more supportive of the community. This commercial tells a story of black history and what was achieved. Remarking on the significant footprints they have left, the commercial is designed to also send the message that “We the black pioneers, are the pioneers that America needs”. This method will give Levi an image lift and help restore market share.


Onother solution that seemed to have gained interesting feedback, was to stay the route and methods that Levi has been doing. From what I was reading in Max Sutherland’s “Advertising and the Mind of the consumer: What works, what doesn’t work, and why”, I learned that some great advertising ideas get shot down too early due to lack of monitoring. When a campaign is launched someone usualy, or should, monitor what is happening to the sales when the commercials on on TV. Over a period of a a year, or a little more the company should look at the overall growth. What often happens is that a little less than a year, the plug is pulled and didn’t need to be pulled. So my other solution was to continue what Levi is doing but monitor it for a longer period of time and also span it to a global level than just national. This may attract more atention to people from other countries that can be added into the market share. As an example I looked on Levi’s blog and saw they were looking for inspiration form sailor stories and I made an ad relating to the story of Mody Dick.

Campaign Project: Dove

The Report The last project was to develop a strategy plan for a campaign for dove. This project required us to rely on everything we have learned during the semester. I chose to work with a group again and together, we researched and brainstormed. Our research led us to the conclusion that Dove is pursuing an building more on their brand as a company that is making beauty as a “source of confidence instead of anxiety”. What was interesting was that despite Dove’s reputation for selling products to the female consumer, they had also made products that catered to the male consumer as well. As a team, we chose to retarget the male population. Apparenty the male products did not sell too well the first time and so we planned a year long campaign. The Final Decision After much brainstorming, we decided run a series of commercials of a man named “Joe” who is getting ready for the day, and in the shorts joe is going through his day to day life appearing confident and gains the attention of the people around him. Then, following up to the super bowl at end of the campaign, Joe is standing at the stairs where the bleachers are and walks to his seat. Everyone does the wave and he stands up only to reveal that he is wearing nothing. The message this is suppose to show is that dove, makes men comfortable and their own skin.

Before coming to the final decision that was made, each of us had several ideas to present to see where could we go. I was asked to develop print and web ads to promote the Dove’s Men Care products. Since Dove was targeting real women, I targeted real men. I gether a few of my colleagues and we did a photo shoot of them talking, telling stories and having fun. I then took bits and pieces to put together all the pieces to portray the idea of being comforratble and confident. The best way to portray that, was to “be yourself�. People are their most comfortable and are most confident when they are being themselves. Listed here on the right are some of the designs for the print ads. The two at the bottom was to be an animation of the products being phase in and out and the slogan appearing.

Be Comfortable. Be Confident. Be You.

Other Ideas

Dove Matrix Commercial Another idea was to to create another commercial that will play before anyone can play their video on YouTube. The commercial is no more than a minute. The following is a storyboard of. The male is in the white room (a spin off of the white room in the matrix) and asks for something that will make him “look his best.” and the operator puts a program in tat give the man all the products in the world that he can choose. As he searches through the items, he looks at the dove and chooses to use those. He then puts it on and looks a lot better than before. and thatks the operator. She sees him off as he goes into the real world and celecbrates another job well done. then Dove for men care shows up along with the slogan “Be Confident. Be Comfortable. Be You.”









To the right is the cover for our group’s final report, decision, and strategy to complete the assignment. A copy of this document is available upon request.

Thank You for Your Time

Portfolio - Advertising Design  

This was my first portfolio I made from Art 450, Advertising Design