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Constructing Environments Week 1 Journal Entry For the first week of constructing environments; we participated in an ice breaker activity which involved building towers out of wooden blocks. The activity focused on the concepts of structure, tension and weight distribution. The winning group was the one that reached the greatest feat in terms of height. My group started off with some discussion about whether or not to go with a circle, square or something else. We decided to give a circular structure a try, and devised a block system shown here. We began building. It became obvious quite quickly that our design was a slow paced one, although fairly sturdy. So we decided to try another tactic to gain more height more quickly. This is shown at right. However; we soon realised that we were compromising on our strength. So, we decided to go back to the initial design and work from there onwards. It was clear that our design wasn’t the most effective; so we decided that we would attempt to start removing some blocks from the tower. We ended up getting a few out, but it became apparent that the design would not hold up. A design that overlapped would have been much more suitable. Jordan Stones

2013-1_Reflection_Student Journal  

Constructing Environments