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JORDAN industrial design


EXPLORE design for the community year sophomore 2013 3 weeks duration materials plywood from Mt. Baker Plywood In a competition sponsored by Mt. Baker Plywood, individuals of the Sophomore ID class were challenged to design and build a piece of furniture for a local organization. Explore is a multipurpose piece of children’s furniture. By teaming up with Blossom Childcare, a simple solution was found and implemented, earning 4th place in the competition.


Traditional children’s playtoy furniture is usually tailored for one purpose. If it is multipurpose, it is very large.


Generated through sketching, and further developed through foam core models ,the finalized concept was designed and fit to the amount of material allowed.

objective Design within the limits of one 4x4 foot by 3/4 inch piece of maple plywood. Create a multifunctional play toy for the children at Blossom Childcare.

solution Explore combines the attributes of a ladder, stepping stool, chair, and tunnel into a small child friendly wooden playtoy.

FLIP UPCYCLE MATERIALS FOR CHILDREN’S TOYS year junior 2013 4 weeks duration materials gift cards, vinyl, rivet screw Teaming up with Ideal Carefully Curate Goods, the Junior ID class was given the prompt of designing a childrens toy made from recycled material.


Project aimed at upcycling materials and increasing their retail value.

ReMade is an annual project between Western Washington University and Ideal Carefully Curated Goods where Western’s industrial design program creates a line of upcycled useful goods to go on sale at Ideal. This collaboration brings attention to pressing environmental issues that involve everyday disposable materials. The goal for each student is to upcycle a discarded material and increase its usefullness



Gift cards and hotel key cards have a single use nature. They get used one time and are thrown out creating more waste in landfills.


Inspired by post it note flipbooks, create a children’s toy made from upcycled material.


Covering one side with white vinyl creates a writeable, eraseable white board surface for creating flipbooks.

production 20 Flips were to be made to sell at a design shop as part of a ReMade show.

solution Flip combines the properties of these great materials to provide a blank canvas for creating an animated story again and again.

BRACELIT CREATE FOR URBAN SURVIVAL year junior 2013 4 weeks duration materials accessory cord, steel, magnet, mini LED Partnering with McNett Corporation, the Junior ID class was challenged to design and create a product tailored to urban survival sold as an impulse buy in a hardware store marketed with a primary demographic towards women.


There is never a flashlight when you need it.


Choosing and developing on a specific concept.

solution Bracelit pairs the utility of a LED light with an everyday wristband for quick and easy use.

SKILLS Computer and hand RENDERINGS programs rhino + keyshot adobe photoshop adobe illustrator tools

pen and marker

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