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Tools of the Trade

What helped me make it through the Outback

Story and Photos by Budd Stanley, additional photos courtesy of ARB, Banana Boat If you read the last issue of Trucks Plus Magazine, you would have read about my little adventure Down Under in search of a Guinness World Record. Well, the basics down in the Outback are much different to what an off-roader will need up here in the Great White North. While I’ll get to the ten things you didn’t think you needed for off-roading on this side of the equator, here is a quick look at what was absolutely necessary in the Outback:

will challenge adventurers with all manner of sticky situations, whether it be deep loose sand, rugged rocky terrain or even flash floods creating mud pools that will swallow vehicles whole, so a 4WD is a must. The best-suited for a romp into the Outback, and pretty much the only vehicles you see out there, are the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol diesel. Our trusty Patrol likely spent as much time off-road as it did on; anything less utilitarian than this would have spelt our doom. We found ours in used classifieds for around $4,000.

4WD – Nissan Patrol/Toyota Land Cruiser You only have to look at what all the locals are driving to know that a 4WD will come in handy in the Outback. The Outback

Bull Bar and Spots – ARB If there is one thing that I can say about Australia, it is that it is teeming with wildlife, even if that wildlife doesn’t seem to be too bright. During the 10,000 kilometres of driving that I did all around the country, the truck we were driving was in constant danger of being struck by the native species. From wild pigs, to koalas, sheep, cows, camels and of course, the ‘roos, a good quality bull bar is absolutely required, equipped with long-range spots to illuminate eyes of potential victims 48 Trucks Plus

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