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FEATURE Maps The thing about heading out into the unknown, is that you’re in the unknown, and it’s easy to get lost out there. Carrying a GPS is a handy bit of tech, but you know, a good old-fashioned topographical map will never run out of batteries. Find maps for the area you tend to explore and don’t be scared to write down trails, markers and need-to-know information to help guide you back out to civilization or for future missions.

ways of emitting light. Which ones will work best for your situation? Stay tuned; we’ll have a full rundown of how each type works, and what is best for a particular situation. First Aid Kit Rarely have I been on a 4x4 trip where blood hasn’t been spilt. A g oo d f i r st aid kit is an absolute must in your rig, because anything can happen and chances are you’re a long ways away from a place where an ambulance can pick you up, let alone a medical centre. Don’t cheap out, get the big packs, and even put a couple of extra goodies in there like matches, candles, gloves, and thermal sheets in case you need to spend the night out in the woods. High-lift Jack Believe it or not, tire punctures have been known to occur in off-road conditions. And guess what, now that your rig is six inches taller than stock, that roadside jack ain’t going to get the job done. A good high-lift jack not only makes the job of getting your truck up into the air easier, it also comes in handy for all sorts of other jobs, like lifting a wheel out of mud to lay down a dry surface.

Tow Strap One of the easiest, cheapest and most overlooked items you can have in your rig. If you are a newb, you’re going to get stuck. Hopefully you are smart enough to go out into the bush with others while loosing your virginity, so you can hook up with

another truck to get you out of a sticky situation. However, it is important to note that not just any piece of rope will do. Be sure to get a proper trail-rated tow strap like that seen here. These will not only handle the added weight of pulling a heavy truck out of mud, but can also be used as an elastic, giving extra pulling power while not ripping your bumper off. Tow Points The absolutely most overlooked bit of kit for your truck is tow points. If you have a buddy with a winch or a tow strap, you

Jerry Can It goes without saying, if you are heading to a destination that challenges the range of your fuel tank, you are going to need a reserve. Rough terrain burns up fuel faster than smooth roads, and the same goes when you get stuck. Long idling and hard shots of throttle in 4-low is going to drain your tank quick. It’s always a good thing to have a Jerry Can of fuel as back-up; it beats walking. FEB / MAR 2013

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