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Ten Things You Need To Have When Off-Road

What newbies need when heading out into the bush for the first time Story by Budd Stanley, photos courtesy of ARBUSA, Warn


irst of all, for those who have spent many a night out in the bush at the wheel of your prized 4WD, you will likely already know what we are talking about here. Not to worry, your time is coming. However, for those just getting into the game, taking your 4x4 off into the far reaches of nature can be a magnificent experience. At the same time, it can be a very dangerous one if you are not well prepared for the unknown. Now, you may have spent great sums of finances and your child’s college fund to get your rig to the point where it can climb up and over a small hatchback. However, performance off-road modifications aside, there is a list of the bare essentials you need when traveling out into the unknown. And so here we go: Winch Many might say that a winch is not a must-have basic, but in my time in the back woods, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere north of a logging road without one. The good news is, a winch will not only get you out of a sticky situation, it improves the capabilities of your rig when certain modifications are not made. The bad, they are the most expensive item on this list. Be sure to account for the weight of your truck along with conditions you might find yourself stuck in, to work out a tow rating that works best for you; it’s not a case of one size fits all. 44 Trucks Plus

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Good Off-Road Lights Again, another item that might be controversial, but you just can’t beat a good set of auxiliary lights hanging off the front of your truck. The added light-flooding power is key when night crawling and even if you don’t plan to off-road at night, nature has a funny way of switching things around on you, and you’ll find these are a worthwhile investment. Trouble is, there are literally thousands of different styles that use many different

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