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A brief visual account of Skinhead culture. by Jordan-River Low

Words Toby Mott Photography Gavin Watson Derek Ridgers Toby Mott

This is an unbiased view of the punk-influenced Skinhead era of the late 1970s and 80s in England, showing how right-wing politics crept into the culture and changed people’s perception, Extremist groups such as The National Front targeted patriotic working class groups like the skinheads. These extremists began cultivating a real hatred for the Asian and Black communities. Suddenly all skinheads were branded the same, and known as racist violent enforcers. “MADE IN ENGLAND” is a truthful snapshot of the confusing skinhead culture – a way of life that seems very dated now. It’s more than an identity, it’s about being apart of something, sticking up for your mates, and standing by what you believe in.

"Made in England"  
"Made in England"  

A brief visual account of Skinhead culture