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he purpose of StreetBound was to showcase the best work from some of the brightest young fashion photographers currently making work in London. As students on the BA Fashion Photography course we felt privileged to be surrounded by so much talent, and wanted to create a platform where this talent could be expressed. We wanted to document this moment because soon the photographer’s featured here will be heading in different directions and following their own paths towards becoming the fashion images makers of tomorrow.


iane Arbus once said 'You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw.' To notice the flaw of a complete stranger allows us to connect with them; in these fleeting moments, it gives us the knowledge that they are human, just like us. It is the serendipitous nature of the street that continues to inspire us all. The street - which has influenced Diane Arbus as well as other great photographers - ignited an interest in the students of the BA (Hons) Fashion Photography course at London College of Fashion. This inspiration has helped to create some beautiful photographs. Alexandra Leese's forgotten people of Hong Kong; all of whom, live in cages and cramped accommodation or

The theme was the street, and in true creative style it was interpreted in more ways than anyone expected possible. In these pages there are ethereal interpretations of streets imagined, fashion stories inspired by street style clothing, the street taken within a studio concept and documentary explorations of what we love most about the street: it’s diversity and differences, a theatre where fashion can live breathe and perform. Teän Roberts Co-Editor-In-Chief

completely alone. As well as the kaleidoscopic images made up of Bulgarian prostitutes by Mario Mendez. Pixie Levinson's insight at women so obsessed with plastic surgery, they have become a caricature. Not to forget the amazing fashion shoots inspired by skinheads, road markings, and architecture. StreetBound will take you half way around the world and back: from the chaotic streets of China to deserted villages in Spain, Canada's sundrenched fields and Paris' tree-lined boulevards. I hope this showcase will continue to inspire the same inspiration that drove our team to put so much effort into creating it - for years to come. Well done, second years!

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Aaron Levi Simic Co-Editor-In-Chief

s t r e e t b o u n d

Editors -In-Ch ie f Teän Roberts Aaron Levi Simic

Art director Jordan Holder-Mansfield

Creat ive Directo rs Gabriella May Kaamilah Nahaboo

ch ief P icture Edi to r Amandine Paulandré

P icture Edito rs Janne Joakim Kristine Joramo Ridhima Sekhria Veronica Wang

cover image by Rokas Rachlevicius

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he street. It both takes inspiration from, and is the inspiration for the runway. It is the chicken. It is the egg. It acts as the mouthpiece for the thousands of Londoners who roam the city without saying a word to one another. It is me. It is you. It has no rules. It has no winners. It is a reflection of who we are. To say that every street is a catwalk is a cliché. To say that every street is my catwalk is honest. It is life. It is love. It is a billion pound industry. It is how I portray myself to you. It is how you understand me. It is art. Love is art. Sex is art. It is the dress from the department store that everyone has. It is the vintage t-shirt that no one has. It is confronting the world. It is not a chore. I smile at you because, although I do not know you, you have made an impact on my day. It is standing out. It is blending in. It is because I don’t care where you are from. It is neutral ground. It is what we have in common. I look at you because by nature we are connected. By habit we are disconnected. I look from afar. I look from behind your paper. Can we be friends? It is whatever we want it to be. It is fashion. It is style. It is organic. It is a sense of belonging. It is a sense of family. Is it because you are from East London that you dress like that? It is trying too hard. It is not trying hard enough. It is because I woke and thought this top would look good with these trousers. It is because in five years time I will look back and wonder why I ever thought that top looked good with those trousers. It is because I want what you have. It is jealousy. It is admiration. It is a compliment. It is because for 10 years of my life my mum dressed me. It is because I can do what I want. It is because I think I am the next Vivienne Westwood. It is because I am the next Vivienne Westwood. It is the beginning, the middle, and the end. It is what it is. •

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he apex of urbanity is too oft regarded as universal expedience. As the industrial revolution turned into the electronic revolution, one point has been consistent; we want it all, and we want it now. As I make my way to central London for evening drinks, I am surrounded by hordes of besuited people. Avoiding eye contact, as all seasoned users of the Underground do, I only understand the travails of a city banker's day when a heavy lapel wafts into my face, or when a damp shirt presses against my hand as I keep a firm grasp on the rail. He could be wearing Christopher Bailey or he could be wearing sack-cloth. All that really matters is it's a hindrance. Fashion flourishes in urbane environments: London, Milan, Paris, New York, because this is where people come together for ideas to accelerate. Compressed, we are saturated with inspiring imagery. But when we are literally pushed underground to make our high-tech conurbation easier to traverse, given less space than the average batteryfarm chicken, our preening must be sacrificed. Clothes become hurdles, obstructions in the furious race from A-B. If this commute is a quotidian requirement, it is all too easy to desire practicality over beauty.

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Unrelenting progression isn't to be desired. Not only is this statement applicable to our cities, but our selves. We are pushed so hard to compete, to streamline, to prioritise the 'necessary', that we forget to look around, to enjoy what our eye beholds. The difference between a street and a road is that the street has its obstacles. And it is these obstacles which provide its character. At London's street level, our urbanity is palimpsest; blitzing, fires and boom-time development means that no one street is constituent of one form or aesthetic. Georgian houses dwell next to 60's Span developments. And this is reflected in people's sartorial choices. Out of the commuting mindset of unfettered achievement, we can not only breathe, but idle our eyes upon the most silent, yet most beautiful forms of self-expression; clothing. It's not that the suits don't look good, it's just that the context stinks. A suit on a Monday on Liverpool Street reeks of greed. On Saturday, it's coming up roses. •

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a f t e r w o r d Looking forward


ince the earliest days of photography the street has provided rich pickings. From the flaneur of the nineteenth century to the twenty first century citizen reporter, the street has offered a stage – a dynamic space where people come to work, trade, shop, eat, hang out, parade, demonstrate or just observe the spectacle. The street has been the raw material for this project. These images are a response to the urban environments our students inhabit. They are looking at the real, the everyday and the ordinary - for inspiration, ideas and interaction both in and out of the studio.

We challenge our students. We throw down the creative gauntlet whilst supporting their efforts and initiative. In the over-crowded marketplace of photography, their energy, dedication and vision will set them apart as image-makers. StreetBound is a work in progress report. A collaboration that puts theory into practice. We look forward to seeing them engage further with their studies and their target audiences, as they step up to their final year here at London College of Fashion before stepping out into the street. Edward Barber Director of Programmes/Fashion Photography School of Media & Communication London College of Fashion

W ith S p e cial T hanks T o : Pauline Fr anckle: Dean of M edia and Commu n ica tio n L ondon Colleg e of Fashion Edwar d Bar ber Paul Bur r oug hs Rob Bachelor M ar k L ebon R Booth L td Pr inter s

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Aaron Levi Simic

Alena Jascanka

Alexander Wilson

Alexandra Leese

Amanda Perera

Amandine PaulandrĂŠ

Chloe Orefice

Dante Pui Lui

Emma Gibney

Felix Kidd

Gabriella Rose May

Genna Soh

Haruki Horikawa

Gro H Pflughaupt

Helen Ka-Young Choi

Jack Soilleux

Janne Joakim

Jordan Holder-Mansfield

Jude Kendall

Kaamilah Nahaboo

Kahlen Younsun Jang

Katarzyna Suchecka

Kristen Blow

Kristine Joramo

Liam MF Warwick

Lucie Hollins

Mario Mendez

Marsý Hild Þórsdóttir

Maria Melachtchenko

Matthew Mumford

Mercy Jawino

Natasha Robinson

Nikoo Hamzavi

Pixie Levinson

Ridhima Sekhri

Rokas Rach

Saga Sig

Sophie Smith

Sandra Madelane

Stevie Bea Armitage

Sophie-Emma Buxton

Ted Mendez

Te채n Roberts

Tee Lovik

Tiffany Yuan-Chen Lin

Veronica Yinquu Wang

Val Buranastidporn

Xiao-Jing Peng

Yuliya Libkina

Yukiko Kinoshita

Created in Collaboration with Crop E-Zine: Issue 2 w w w. f a s h i o n . a r t s . a c . u k / s h o w c a s e / c r o p and The Printspace, 74 Kingsland Road, London. E2 8DL Hosting our Par tnership Exhibition on the T heme of the Street 27th September - 15th October 2010 Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm


StreetBound - A Showcase of work from 3rd Year Fashion Photographers at the London College of Fashion