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When Handa Travel opened in 1976 we knew that we wanted to share our love for travel with everyone. We had no idea how successful this would be. Our original Student Trip concept was to ‘unite students with their friends to celebrate their high school career’. To start these trips were just a group of students traveling to the same resort together. We were a traditional travel agency, with a handful of staff, having fun and learning something new each day. Our Student Trips became a success, growing in size every year. Expansion was on the forefront, with our core values of safety, responsibility, fun and affordability leading the way. Exciting changes were made, including the formation of S-Trip!, our official student travel division. But one thing always remained the same; a passion for travel, excitement and learning that marked us as an innovator in the student travel market.


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Today S-Trip! is a leading expert on student travel in North America! We now provide life-changing programs to over 25,000 students annually in over 40 destinations. Our core values, passion for people & places and thirst for knowledge is what drives us every day. Ski Trip has evolved into an all-inclusive ski/snowboard program at Canada’s premier mountain destinations. Busaway has become the ultimate city getaway as students immerse themselves in the lifestyle and culture of a new city. More than your typical trip, it’s about travelling with your friends and making memories to last a lifetime. Our team is now over 100 members strong with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and the Dominican Republic. We now offer programs for students to experience the beauty of the Caribbean, travel and gain academic credit, volunteer and make a difference and explore the history and culture of Europe. At S-Trip! we’re extremely proud that many students consider S-Trip! to be their most memorable high school experience. It is these types of results combined with our love of travel and commitment to satisfaction that keep us doing what we do best - providing the experience of a lifetime.

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11-08-05 11:07 AM

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11-08-05 11:12 AM


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S-Trip! has programs, el av tr of ed ent-bas thousands rs Expe a ar, tens of running stud e ye e Y nc ch 5 ie 3 Ea er r . p e el Ov s of ex udent trav 35 plus year dards in st ip! With over ading stan le y e with S-Tr tr nc us ie d in table exper developed et rg fo un y Council of joy an Protection students en Customer ed with the Travel Industrh the Travel d n a n o ti register ccredita rdance wit Industry A ensed retail travel agencyon BC, operating in acco on Authority Act. S-Trip! ents ti ti lic ar ec a ec ents and p mer Prot S-Trip! is sumer Prot rating. Stud s and Consu O) and Con ’ ce IC ‘A ti (T ac an io h Pr it s ar Ont Busines business w ct and the accredited S-Trip! Industr y A eau (BBB) e safe with ur B ar s s es an in pl us el B r av te tr t et is B uden dent that st can be confi

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11-08-05 11:20 AM


g at leavin rstand th e d n u e e !w meon At S-Trip care of so d in the is is why h T . e your chil m e worriso b n ring a e c ff e els s on o ourselve . Our rt o p p we pride su parent e ic answer rv to e -s le full availab is ff a st ring u friendly to and d ns prior io st e u q all the trip.


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NDA LEXANDRE J. HAed in and A T N E D SI E PR ve liv ABOUT OUR y life. I ha h g part of m rope, Sout

been a bi India to Eu Travel has me to tries, from un co y ve exposed an explored m journeys ha way to t y es M b e a. si th d A ve travel is ie el America an b I d ltures an different cu mind. we g person’s un yo ellers and a open t-time trav rs ion fi at e or ar pl r students ssion for ex ching Many of ou at velop a pa W de s. ill m w they r progra hope that d keeps through ou periences inspiring an ex is w e ne nc d de an day. en p y de er in ev p velo enthusiasm h it w students de ce fi into the of me coming PASSPORT T PASSEPOR

11-08-05 11:39 AM


ay and night! d n o ti c a p to n-s ation with no t with your friends. c a v i k s te a the ultim ki resor Get ready for and head to an amazing s ar Pack your ge

Get ready to ride


During the

Take a break

Rip up the slopes

Shred some powder Ride a giant tube RENTALS and LESSONS

Ski with friends 8_Ski_trip-overview-1.indd 1

Don’t worry if you’re new to winter sports! Ski or snowboarding lessons are available and equipment is available for rent. S-Trip! will be available to help you fill out the Student Information Sheet, so we know your skill level and size.

11-08-05 11:15 AM

Carnival Masquerade



Go big

Tight N’ Bright

Graffiti YOUR PROGRAM INCLUDES: Round trip coach transportation Hotel Accommodations Lift ticket

Jump right in

Make new friends

Scheduled events and activities* Meal plan** *Some events and activities are available at an additional cost. ** Meal plan varies for each destination. Exact details available online.




S-Trip! staff will meet you and your parents at your departure point. We’ll help load the bus and answer any final questions. Staff ride the bus with you and make travel fun and exciting with movies and games. And don’t worry we’ll take pit stops along the way to grab a snack and stretch your legs.

We spend countless hours researching and choosing the best hotels for students. Our locations are central so that you have access to everything your destination has to offer. Hotels are fully equipped with facilities and amenities tailored to travelling teens. Details on your hotel are available online.

Our 35+ years of experience in student travel has taught us the importance of great food. We eat at both local restaurants and at our hotel. Our focus is on providing the necessary fuel to energize you and keep you going throughout the entire trip. Details on your meal plan are available online.

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11-08-05 11:18 AM

Famous Champagne Powder


Venture into the BC Interior to experience one of the hottest ski and snowboard destinations in Canada. Big White is filled with perfect winter weather, big mountains and open areas to practice your freestyle skills! If you’re new to the hills, certified instructors will be on-site to help you become a pro! There are 16 lifts and an uphill capacity of 28,000 skiers and riders per hour! Off the slopes, you’ll enjoy great daytime and nighttime entertainment, restaurants and shops that will keep your schedule busy. S-Trip! will be on-site to suggest activities that best suit your skills and interests!


With abundant snowfall and plenty of sunshine this is the ideal place for skiers and riders of any level. Get ready to experience the powder the local’s call “Hero Snow” because it makes you look so good!

Ski & Board School* Learn from instructors as they teach you the basics. With lessons catered specifically to your ability you’re in for a perfect day on the slopes. Feel great on the hill

Gear up

Extreme Tubing* Don’t forget to catch your breath as you slide down the hills. We promise you wont be able to shake off that exhilarating feeling!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Brighten up the hill

Program Director, Nick Lalonde

I love seeing the students’ reactions to the slopes at Big White! They’re always amazed at the epic runs this resort has.

“The slopes, events, and the staff made my time here at Big White the best ever. Fiona, Vancouver

10_Ski_Big_White.indd 1

Check out Big White’s 60 foot high Ice Tower Learn from qualified ski and snowboard instructors Chill with friends after a wicked run on the hill Ride on the longest Big White run - 7.2 km Themed events

“Big White equals mega

After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor.

fun and sick slopes! I already booked my trip back next year. Josh, New Westminster

*All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-05 12:06 PM

True Mountain Paradise Lift Pass INCLUDED

When people think of skiing or snowboarding, Whistler always comes to mind. Home to alpine skiing during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, this site is the ultimate winter getaway. At Whistler, you’ll find two of the best and biggest mountains in the world with accumulating snowfall and local attractions that will keep you and your friends busy. Check out the Peak 2 Peak gondola that will transport you between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, home to the largest acreage in North America. Off the slopes, spend some time in the thriving community of Whistler Village!


With some of the most diverse terrain and snow conditions in the world this mountain is perfect for all levels. Explore over 8,100 acres of terrain with 200 marked trails from beginner to advanced.

Whistler Blackcomb Snow School* Whistler is known for attracting some of the best instructors on the planet. We’ll set you up with the perfect lesson for your level so you’ll be ripping like a pro in no time. Blaze through the powder

Coca-Cola Tube Park* Feel the wind in your face as you cruise down this exhilarating tubing hill. There’s no skill or equipment required - just a sense of adventure and a desire for excitement.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Explore one of the largest ski resort villages in North America Ride Blackcomb’s legendary Nintendo terrain park and pipe Experience the mountain that hosted the 2010 Olympics Jump on one of the 38 lifts located on the resort Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11_Ski_Whistler.indd 1

Catch your breath

Incredible views

Program Director, Jay Hamilton

I’m stoked to bring you to Whistler and Blackcomb! This Ski Trip promises to be an unforgettable one.

The weather was perfect and the slopes were wicked! I’m coming back! Adam, Vancouver

“Whistler lived up

to my riding expectations! This place is a must-go! Jason, Seattle

11-08-05 11:33 AM

Reach New Heights


With tons of features and variety, Sun Peaks is built for some serious fun! Sun Peaks is located in beautiful British Columbia, and has 3,678 acres of terrain. How amazing would it be to shred in the one of the biggest ski areas in all of Canada? For the adventurous type, Sun Peaks is home to three mammoth mountains that will take your breath away. We want you to discover your passion for ripping while still having a blast. The possibilities are endless here at Sun Peaks. If you’re looking to really set it up with all the trimmings then this is the place for you!


Get ready for gladed areas, bumps, steeps, long cruisers, alpine bowls and a progressive park on Sun Peaks’ three unbelievable mountains. The closest you’ll get to another person is on the chairlift.

Sun Peaks Sports School*

Explore the village

The Sun Peaks Sports School offers you great programs delivered by some of the top snow professionals in Canada. No matter what your ability level, we’ll get you in ski or snowboard lessons just right for you.

Tube Park* Get excited for a cruise down the hill with this parks curving lanes. This Tube Time ride is unlike any other you’ve ever been on.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Snowboarding for all levels

Make friends on the slopes

Program Director, Nick Lalonde

I can’t wait to show you why Sun Peaks is Canada’s very own winter wonderland!

“Skiing in winter

paradise - check! George, Vancouver

Meet a bunch of new friends Race down one of the many trails with your friends Ski down one of the most travelled terrains Show off your amazing snowboarding skills Themed events

“I’ll never forget these amazing memories, Thanks S-Trip! ”

After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti

Katy, Kelowna


12_Ski_Sun Peaks.indd 1

11-08-05 12:07 PM

Mountain Lifestyle and Powder Paradise Lift Pass INCLUDED

Kimberley offers everything you’re looking for on a Ski Trip making it perfect for student groups. Located in the spectacular Purcell Mountains in British Columbia, Kimberley Alpine Resort is known for consistent snowfalls, short lift lines, and an abundance of sunny days. Skiers and riders of all abilities will find fun and excitement with gentle, rolling, groomed runs dispersed throughout North America’s largest gladed terrain, the Black Forest, where fun and adventure await and powders stashes last for weeks! With a unique Bavarian-themed downtown featuring a variety of restaurants and shops to explore you won’t want to leave.


Enjoy an awesome combination of sun and light powder! With over 1,800 acres of terrain, 80 runs and glades, and a variety of beginner to expert terrain, there’s plenty to discover at Kimberley.

Telus Winter Sports School* Improve your skiing or riding this season with a clinic from one of Kimberley’s certified pros. Our staff will help you find the right program - whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran.

Try new runs

Snowshoe Mountain Decent* Take the chairlift to the top of the historical Northstar mountain and learn about how Kimberley came to be through an unreal snowshoe tour. Keep up your strength with drinks and snacks!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Check Out the acres of terrain waiting for you to shred Discover a mountain like you’ve never seen before Experience the unbelievable fresh powder Learn how to ski and snowboard with the pro’s Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


Awesome views

Tear up the terrain

Program Director, Jordan Sullivan-Lapp

Once you’ve hit the slopes at Kimberley you’ll want to come back again and again. If you’re lucky I’ll show you my favourite run.

“Best trip ever! I made

so many new friends and had so much fun skiing. Melissa, Calgary

“Everything is better

in theme, thanks for the wicked events S-Trip! Ethan, Vancouver

13_Ski_Kimberley.indd 1

11-08-05 11:41 AM

Experience Legendary Powder Lift Pass INCLUDED

Fernie is a winter dream destination. Each year, riders from across North America come to experience the famous powder and incredible terrain – featuring five open alpine bowls, beautiful glades and challenging steeps. With nine lifts and an uphill capacity of 13,716 skiers and riders per hour, you’ll be able to rip non-stop. Need a break? Hit up Cornerstone Lodge to grab a hot chocolate and warm up. Off the mountain Fernie has an authentic ski town atmosphere and tons of history, including the legends of the Griz, Ghostrider, & Sasquatch - all believed to live here! Join S-Trip! for an unforgettable time in Fernie with your friends!

Get ready for some of the best shredding of your life. With an annual snowfall of over 29ft, varied terrain for all abilities and the most bowls in North America Fernie will not disappoint.


Fernie Ski & Snowboard School*

Ski with style

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert Fernie’s team of fun ski & snowboard professionals will instruct and guide you to your best mountain resort experience ever!

Snowshoe Safari* Slow things down with a snowshoe walk through park paradise. Explore the homes of grizzly bears at Island Lake and stay toasty warm with a cup of hot chocolate.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Ride with friends

Deep powder

Program Director, Jordan Sullivan-Lapp Those who come to Fernie, do all the same thing - eat, sleep and ski! I can’t wait to meet you.

“Fernie is the

place to be when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. Thank you S-Trip! Paul, Calgary

14_Ski_Fernie.indd 1

Explore the wicked resort grounds of Fernie Discover why Fernie was voted the best little town in B.C Compete with your friends for ultimate ski champ Relax and swap ski stories in your cabins

“Those in Fernie,

Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor.

live and breathe skiing. When you’re there, you’ll realize why!

Michelle, Lethbridge

*All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-09 3:16 PM

Ride the Rockies Lift Pass INCLUDED

Banff is a picturesque skiing and snowboarding town welcoming international tourists year round. In the winter, skiers and boarders flock to Banff to experience Mt. Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine Village. With a variety of terrain to suit every level including groomed runs and some of the world’s most extreme in-bounds challenges, you`ll never face a dull moment in Banff with the S-Trip! crew! Off the slopes, Banff is home to a number of boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. Be sure to keep your camera handy because everywhere you turn there`s always a photo opp.

Get ready to experience two of Banff’s incredible ski resorts in Sunset Village and Lake Louise. Make sure you’re up early to catch first tracks and be the first to rip the powder.


Ski & Snowboard School* There’s no better way to meet new friends, explore the mountain and improve your ability than with the pros. We’ll set you up with a group of students at your same level. Snowboard with friends

Mt. Norquay Tubing* In Banff, it’s always a great day to go tubing! Mt. Norquay offers huge sliding lanes to help ensure you and your friends will have a solid time sliding down the hill!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Tear up the slopes at Sunshine Village Watch for the glaciers located near Banff National Park Sport your ultimate ski or snowboarding gear Enjoy non-stop fun with your friends Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


15_Ski_Banff.indd 1

Sunshine Village

Celebrate at night

Program Director, Brandon MacDonnell

Banff rocks! I love showing students what the mountains have to offer. It’s a guaranteed good time whenever you’re in Banff.

“One look at Banff and you think, I’m in ski heaven. It’s absolutely unreal! Melissa, Calgary

When you think of a picture perfect ski resort, Banff should be on the top of your list! Ethan, Edmonton

11-08-05 11:25 AM

Altitude with Attitude


Are you looking for the ultimate ski destination? Then we’ve got you covered! Marmot Basin is not like any other resort. Located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park, Marmot operates over 80 runs on a 3,000 vertical feet drop. If that’s not enough, it also has the longest high speed quad chair in the Rockies. Needless to say you’ll be in true winter paradise your entire trip. Because Marmot Basin is located near winter hotspot, Jasper, everything you’ll need is at your finger tips! Summer may not be a guarantee in Marmot Basin, but winter sure is!


Marmot’s safe and friendly mountain is the ideal place to experience the thrill of skiing & snowboarding. Marmot’s terrain is nicely varied; from gentle, winding novice runs to steep alpine bowls and chutes.

Snow Sports School*

Race down the hill

Lessons are offered for skiers & snowboarders of all abilities and taught by certified pros. Lessons emphasize fun, safety, and education; you’ll be tearing up the mountain by the end of the day.

Columbia Ice-field Glacier Adventure* Embark on a journey across the ancient Athabasca Glacier, six kilometres long and one kilometre wide. Get the chance to walk along the ice that was formed up to 400 years ago!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Grab lunch with friends

Have fun free styling

Program Director, Brandon MacDonnell You’ve never experienced real riding until you’ve shredded in Marmot! I know you’re going to have the time of your life.

“I thought I knew how

“There wasn’t a dull

to board but the staff here showed me a thing or two! Adrian, Edmonton

16_Ski_Marmot_Basin.indd 1

Ride the high speed quad chair all the way to the top Experience why so many come back year after year Flaunt your skills on the legendary hills Have the adventure of a life time Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor.

moment in Marmot, I can’t wait to S-Trip! again! Max, Calgary

*All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-05 11:37 AM

Think Big, Think Washington Lift Pass INCLUDED

Ever wondered what it is like to ski in one of the most spectacular coastal alpine settings? Then you’ll be stoked to shred in Mount Washington! Featuring a view of the Pacific Ocean on one side and Strathcona Park bordering the other, this is the perfect place to make all of your skiing dreams come true! With 60 marked runs and two terrain parks, there’s always another amazing adventure just around the corner. Plus, Mount Washington receives an average of 10.6 metres of annual snowfall so it’s likely you’ll always be ripping in fresh powder. Not too shabby!


Home to one of North America’s deepest snow packs, Mount Washington is famous for its powder. Its 1600 acres of terrain and views of the Pacific Ocean will make for an unforgettable experience!

Snow School* Learn from certified pros to challenge yourself and improve your technique. The snow school’s small class sizes mean that you get to spend more time skiing and snowboarding and less time waiting in lines!

Have fun at night

Ozone Snow Tubing* Got a need for speed beyond skiing and snowboarding? Try zooming down the hill in a giant inflatable tube!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Toast to the killer moves you’ll nail Feel the adrenaline rush of snow tubing Laugh ‘til you cry as you make memories with your friends Connect with the locals and find the hottest spots Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


17_Ski_Mount Washington.indd 1

Check out the village

Team up on the hill

Program Director, Jeff Batchelor

I can’t wait to show you all the amazing runs at Mount Washington. You’re going to love this place!

“As a first time skiier, the instructors made me feel safe and comfortable! Karen, Victoria

I’m going back for sure! From the skiing to the night events this trip was awesome! Jenn, Seattle

11-08-05 11:45 AM

Thrills on the Hills


Québec is known for its culture, history and incredible ski hills! This winter, swap your winter boots for some skis or snowboard and take a trip to Mont-Sainte-Anne. It won’t disappoint! When entering Mont-Sainte-Anne, you’re faced with 63 trails and 2,050 ft. vertical drop. Try extreme tubing at Village Valcartier, which runs other fun winter sports like snow ziplining! Mont-Sainte-Anne is also home to the Snowboard World Cup and its massive 17 foot half-pipe. Mont-Sainte-Anne has a number of shops and restaurants with authentic French food that will make your trip here a memorable one.


Gear up and get excited for a fun packed day of skiing or boarding on one of the greatest hills in the east. S-Trip! will have you riding the slopes all day with your friends.

Tubing - Village Valcartier*

Speed down the hill

Take a day off skiing and experience tubing like never before. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you ride a giant tube down a snow covered hill with your friends.

City Tour - Old Québec City* This walking tour will take your through Old Québec City where you’ll see famous sites including the parliament building, Château Frontenac and Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Meet up après ski

Chill with friends

Program Director, Dougal Bruce

Students always have a blast at Mont-Sainte-Anne. I’ll be here to show you how to get the most out of your trip.

“The instructors at

rocked! I learned the basics and at the end of the trip I was able to ski down on my own. Brianne , Montréal

18_Ski_Mont_St_Anne.indd 1

Learn how to ski from the pros on Monte-Sainte-Anne Race against your friends down the hill Explore the Laurentian Mountains Show off your skills as you tear up the slopes Themed events


After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor.

is a must if you’re a ski or snowboarding lover! This place rocks! Charlie, Hull

*All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-05 11:47 AM

Ski The Best In The East Lift Pass INCLUDED

Can’t make it out to the Canadian Rockies? Well, you have to visit eastern Canada’s best winter destination – Mont Tremblant. Named the number one ski experience east of the Rockies, Mont Tremblant is set in the striking Laurentian mountains and home to 94 runs serviced by 14 lifts and includes 18 acres of ramps, rails, and jumps. Give your legs a break by relaxing in the summit lodge, Grand Manitou or indulge at one of the many restaurants and shops in the village. With S-Trip! by your side in Tremblant, your day will always include a combination of great riding, events, shopping and fun.


Spend a day in snow paradise as you tear up the slopes of Tremblant with your friends. With 94 runs for all levels you’ll be sure to have a legendary day on the slopes.

Tremblant Snow School* Let professional instructors teach you all you need to know to start racing down the slopes. You’ll also get priority access at the lifts so no waiting in lines.

Race to the bottom

Tremblant Snow Tubing Centre* Enjoy an awesome day with your friends as you fly down the trails on giant tubes. With eight trails and two rope tows, this tubing park is the perfect daytime activity!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Race down more than 600 acres of skiable terrain Soar above the highest peak in the Laurentian mountains Explore Mont Tremblant a.k.a “trembling mountain” Jump on the Cabriolet, an open gondola Themed events After a full day on the slopes, it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


19_Ski_Mont_Tremblant.indd 1

Take a snowboard lesson

Buddy up

Program Director, Dougal Bruce

It’s so much fun to hear all the stories the students have after a trip to Tremblant. Look forward to hearing your stories!

“The ski hills were

“S-Trip! in Tremblant was

wicked. I’m definitely coming back with S-Trip! Scott, Waterloo

the best! I’ll never forget how much fun I had with my friends. Tenley, Kingston

11-08-05 11:50 AM

nbeatable u n a s e id v o r p way! Busaway ta e g t c ur own age! fe o r y e p le p e o e th p r d fo ts an Prepare culture, even , g in e e ts h ig mix of s

Experience the history


During the

Explore with friends

Make friends for life

Cruise through the city Check out the view

Strike a pose 20_Busway-overview-1.indd 1

11-08-05 11:14 AM

S-Trip! prom


Explore cool shops



Tight N’ Bright YOUR PROGRAM INCLUDES: Round trip coach transportation Hotel Accommodations City tour or Village Valcartier Scheduled events and activities*

Make new friends

Meal plan** *Some events and activities are available at an additional cost. **Meal plan varies for each destination. Exact details available online.

Take a break TRAVEL



S-Trip! staff will meet you and your parents at your departure point. We’ll help load the bus and answer any final questions. Staff ride the bus with you and make travel fun and exciting with movies and games. And don’t worry we’ll take pit stops along the way to grab a snack and stretch your legs.

We spend countless hours researching and choosing the best hotels for students. Our locations are central so that you have access to everything your destination has to offer. Hotels are fully equipped with facilities and amenities tailored to travelling teens. Details on your hotel are available online.

Our 35+ years of experience in student travel has taught us the importance of great food. We eat at both local restaurants and at our hotel. Our focus is on providing the necessary fuel to energize you and keep you going throughout the entire trip. Details on your meal plan are available online.

21_Busway-overview-2.indd 1

11-08-09 3:06 PM

Summer Style & European Flare City Tour INCLUDED

This summer, set out on a French adventure to one of Canada’s trendiest cities! Montréal is filled with a variety of museums, historic quarters and a number of reputable restaurants and boutiques. A must-see on the trip is SaintCatherine Street. Spend your afternoon perusing the number of shops and cafés located on this popular area. At night, venture to Crescent Street, home to the city’s greatest nightlife! If history is your thing, don’t miss out on a tour of the cobblestone streets of historic Old Montréal, one of the oldest urban areas in North America and gasp in awe of buildings more than 400 years old.


Get your camera ready for this bus tour of Montréal’s most famous sites. Along the way you’ll see Old Montréal, Olympic Stadium, Chinatown, Mont Royal, Saint Joseph Oratory and Dorchester Square.

La Ronde* Check out the 2nd largest Amusement Park in Canada! With over 40 themed rides, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun! Away we go!

Montréal Biodôme* Having fun is key on S-Trip! and learning a thing or two is a bonus! At the Montréal Biodôme you can do both as you wander through this replica ecosystem full of incredible wildlife.


*Activites can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Tour the city with friends

La Ronde - Amusement Park

Program Director - Ally Pintucci

You’re going to love everything that Montréal has to offer. Once you’ve been here once you’ll be coming back again and again.

“Montréal was an awesome

“Montréal was awesome!

combination of history, arts, and shopping. I loved every moment of it! Abbey , Toronto

22_Busaway_Montreal_summer.indd 1

Experience the unreal view from the top of Mont-Royal Shop at the many boutiques on Saint-Catherine Street Indulge in French cuisine during your stay Explore the “Underground City” consisting of 2,000 shops Themed events After a full day exploring the city it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor.

It was non-stop fun day and night. I’ll be back again next year! Dave, Boston

*All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-05 11:11 AM

Old Montréal & Vibrant Nightlife City Tour INCLUDED

Experience a true mid-winter adventure and French Canadian charm in one of North America’s most exciting cities Montréal. The city is home to a number of museums, historic areas, great restaurants, nightlife and shopping. S-Trip! packs your days with so many options to ensure you get your perfect trip. Your morning could consist of waking up early and taking the S-Trip! shuttle to Ski Bromont. If you’re not an early riser, don’t worry! Wake up late and enjoy a latte in a café. Explore Montréal’s old neighbourhood, browse through the many boutiques on Saint-Catherine Street, and visit the quaint cafés in Old Montréal.

Ski Day at Bromont* In the summer it’s a tricked out water park. But in the winter Bromont transforms into a great ski hill. Freestyle riders will love their awesome park.

Old friends meet new friends

Montréal Biodôme*


Experience all the incredible sights Montréal has to offer. Along the way you’ll see Old Montréal, Olympic Stadium, Chinatown, Mont Royal, Saint Joseph Oratory and Dorchester Square.

Having fun is key on S-Trip! and learning a thing or two is a bonus! At the Montréal Biodôme you can do both as you wander through this replica ecosystem full of incredible wildlife.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Taste the best smoked meat and bagels in the city Celebrate at one of Montréal’s annual festivals Cheer along with fans of the Montréal Canadiens Stare in awe at the famous 767-foot Mont Royal Themed events S-Trip! will put on themed events for students to enjoy! Themes include Tight N’ Bright, Carnival Masquerade and S-Trip! Prom.


23_Busaway_Montreal_winter.indd 1

Live concerts

Montréal Cityscape

Program Director - Nicole DiMarco

Montréal is one of the liveliest Canadian cities. I look forward to showing you all there is to do in this incredible city!

“It was non-stop action

while in Montréal. I skied, ate like a king and toured the old quarters! Philip, Ottawa

“The food, the people,

and the endless numberof shops kept me busy the entire time. I loved Montréal! Ainslie, Windsor

11-08-09 3:30 PM

C’est La Vie Québec City Tour INCLUDED

It’s time to pack away those winter boots and say hello to the crisp summer breeze in Quebec City! Be whisked back to the days of New France and soak up the gorgeous surroundings. Around every corner is plenty of street entertainment, sidewalk cafés and public markets. You’ll find it easy to balance cultural education with entertainment in this worldclass city. You could spend a morning touring historical Old Quebec and your afternoon shopping in unique boutiques. Quebec City is the perfect place to kick start your summer with the memories of a lifetime! With everything at your finger tips, the rest of your adventure is up to you!


This walking tour will take your through Old Québec City where you’ll see famous sites including the parliament building, Château Frontenac and Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral.

Ziplining* If you’re a thrill seeker and love being on the hunt for the next exhilarating ride, then ziplining is your calling! You’ll be leaving with memories of a lifetime! Hang out with friends

Water Park At Village Valcartier* The ultimate Quebec City water park wouldn’t be complete without beach volleyball, on-site entertainment and so much more. So get pumped for a day full of laughs and a camera full of memories!


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Basilica De Notre Dame

The Saint-Louis Gate

Program Director - Jonathan Brock

Every time I come to Québec City it gets better and better! This place is the perfect summer get away!

I met a lot of great people in Québec City. I can’t wait to come back! Evelyn, Montréal

24_Busaway_Quebec_City_summer.indd 1

Themed events

“Old Québec City

was great! So many great shops, and the people here are so nice! Anne-Marie, London

Spend time relaxing with friends Immerse yourself in Québec City’s rich culture Experience the picture perfect sites of Québec City Dance the night away with all your best friends!

After a full day exploring the city it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


11-08-05 11:06 AM

Francophone Culture & Endless Entertainment Tubing Valcartier INCLUDED

With four centuries worth of Canadian history, S-Trip! will have you exploring the historic corners of Québec City! You’ll discover the Citadelle, which is considered the only walled city in North America! Next on the list is discovering the city’s picturesque alleyways and warm yourself in authentic coffeehouses along the Grande Allée. Venture onto the slopes by hopping onto a shuttle to visit ski hills only 40 minutes from the city. Try your hand at Mont-Sainte-Anne – with its 63 trails and 2,050 foot vertical drop. While in Québec City, you’ll enjoy some cool shopping, great restaurants, exciting activities and experience the French way of living.


Combine speed and action and you’ve got the fun-filled sport of snow tubing. At Valcartier you’ll be having non-stop fun with tubing and all the other exciting attractions.

Ski at Mont-Sainte-Anne* After touring the city, hop on our shuttle up to Mont-Sainte-Anne, one of the best skiing and snowboarding destinations in the province.

See historic sites

Get pumped

City Tour* Explore historic buildings and let your imagination recreate pivotal moments in Canadian history, while you wander through delicious restaurants and neat boutiques.


*Activities can be enjoyed at an extra cost.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Québec City Explore Saint Jean St., the culture centre of the city Marvel at the beautiful Château Frontenac Experience the popular and unique Ice Hotel Themed events After a full day exploring the city it’s time to turn up the music and show off your moves on the dance floor. *All passengers receive a free T-shirt for Graffiti


25_Busaway_Quebec_City_winter.indd 1

Spend time out on the town

Program Director - Jonathan Brock

There’s no shortage of things to do in this city! I look forward to exploring Old Québec City with you.

“Québec City was the best trip ever! Me and my friendsare still talking about it. Dave, Ottawa

Québec City was such an awesome getaway because it was a perfect mixture of cultural learning and amazing entertainment! Mason, Oakville

11-08-05 11:04 AM

You’ve read what S-Trip!’s city getaway and ski trips are all about, you’re pumped, and it’s now time for you to learn how to register! Here’s a step-by-step process:


elp? Need some h t ll a a c a Give us




Go to and enter your trip code by clicking on ‘Enter Trip Code’ located at the top. Your group organizer provides the trip code. Please call S-Trip! at 1.866.627.8747 if you don’t have a code. Once you’ve entered your trip code, you will be directed to a page dedicated to the details of your trip with information on accommodation, meal plan, inclusions and program cost.



2. REVIEW TRIP DETAILS Select your room occupancy preference and review trip details to ensure you’re booked on the correct trip. Requests to change rooms can be made prior to your final payment. Once final payments are made, room occupancy cannot be altered. Flight details will be provided once you’ve made your final payment.

3. FILLING OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION All personal information details, including your passport number, will be filled out using this online portal. A parent/guardian will also need to fill out their details and highlight an emergency contact number. Please check your e-mails often as S-Trip! will be sending updates.

4. PURCHASING INSURANCE We provide all passengers with the option to purchase RBC Youth & Student Comprehensive Insurance. This protects students in the case of injury or sickness while travelling. We recommend you purchase this insurance for peace of mind.

26_How_to_register-1.indd 1

11-08-05 11:07 AM

5. PAYMENT INFORMATION All payments must be made by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or Interac. Payments are processed on a secured online server.

6. YOU’RE ALMOST DONE! Remember to review and confirm all your personal information is entered correctly. After reading and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of your program, click on ‘Sign Up’ and you’re booked! You will receive an e-mail confirming your booking. Now you can relax and prepare for the best trip of your life!



A deposit of $75 must be submitted when you register online. Your deposit will secure your space in the program. If you are purchasing the Youth & Student Comprehensive Insurance, your payment must be included with your deposit. Once we have processed your registration, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you.

If a student withdraws from a program for any reason prior to departure, a refund will be calculated based on the following protocols:

Additional payments of $50/month are due at the end of each month until the balance of the program fee is paid. Full payment of the program fee is due a minimum of 90 days before departure.

• After the final payment date, all payments are non-refundable.

• The initial deposit is non-refundable. • Cancellation prior to the final payment date results in a refund of all payments in excess of $150.

PROGRAM DOES NOT INCLUDE • Personal spending money • Optional activities • Ski Lessons and/or rentals • Hotel damage deposit • Optional RBC Youth & Student Comprehensive Insurance Note - S-Trip! reserves the right to alter the program dates, travel itineraries and other program details in the best interests of the program.

Go To

27_How_to_register-2.indd 1

11-08-04 4:34 PM

FAQ Who is S-Trip!? We’re proud to be Canada’s Student Travel Experts with over 35 years of experience in the travel industry. Our goal is to create exceptional, fun, memorable and safe travel experiences that enable high school and university students to discover the world. We have offices across Canada and employ a staff of over 100 energetic and passionate professionals dedicated to superior customer service.

GOT A QUESTION? 28_Got_a_question-1.indd 1

During your trip, all S-Trip! staff will be in uniform, so you can spot them from afar. S-Trip! staff can also be easily found at the information desk from 9 am - 10 pm. daily, located in the lobby of your hotel.

What will the travel day be like?

Your safety is our highest priority and that’s why we ensure that all of the S-Trip! destination staff go through a thorough background check and receive comprehensive training including first-response tactics. The senior members of our team have travelled to the destinations on numerous occasions and are very familiar with the hotels and areas, making them adept at responding to any type of situation. In destination, our staff will oversee all activities and events while still enabling you to have a great and memorable time. You will be required to check-in with an S-Trip! staff member three times daily and our staff will be available to you around the clock for support, guidance, suggestions and assistance. Back at home, we offer a 24-hour emergency support number for parents and guardians.

On the day of departure, you’ll come to the bus departure point, where you’ll meet the S-Trip! trip leader. Trip leaders are talented, experienced with students and fun! Your trip leader will be your dedicated S-Trip! contact for your entire trip and will travel with you every day. They’ll always be around your group to show you the area, share a joke and make sure your trip is even better than your expectations. Once we arrive, we’ll guide you through the check-in process quickly. During the check-in process our destination staff will hold a briefing, during which they’ll introduce themselves and let you know about the program for the trip. They’ll focus on all the important Do’s and Don’ts that make for a responsible trip that will be fun and safe. They’ll also point out the highlights of your destination, the facilities of your hotels, and all of the city tours and activities you can check out! This is your chance to ask questions, review safety and insurance procedures, and get yourself settled. Once all your questions are answered, you’re free to explore!

Who are the S-Trip! staff?

What happens in case of an emergency?

Our staff come from a wide and eclectic background that includes travel professionals, Canadian high school teachers, counsellors, and sports and entertainment professionals. During your trip, we have one job, and that is to make your experience safe, memorable and worry-free.

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, our first priority is ensuring that the injured student receives immediate medical attention. One of our staff members will be with the student as soon as possible after the incident occurs until the situation has stabilized. We will then contact parents/guardians and the insurance company. Emergencies are handled by our most senior staff who will continue to monitor the situation as advised by medical professionals.

How does S-Trip! ensure student safety?


Where can I find an S-Trip! Staff while travelling?

11-08-05 11:01 AM

How often do I need to check-in with staff?

What if I have food allergies or special meal requirements?

Safety is our number one priority, so you will be required to check-in with your Trip Leader three times per day: morning, afternoon and night. Check-in must be completed in person; you will not be able to send a roommate or friend.

Your profile form will have a medical condition section where you should list all allergies or dietary requirements. These notes will be kept on file and communicated to catering staff on destination on your behalf. While it is your responsibility to be aware of your condition and what is being offered, our staff will be around to offer assistance as needed.

What are quiet hours? For both your safety and the consideration of the other hotel guests, quiet hours are from 10 pm – 7 am daily. During these times, there is to be no excessive noise in the hotel common areas or in your room. Final check-in is 1 am, at which time all students must be in their assigned rooms.

What is the age of majority? In the province of Quebec, the age of majority is 18. In all other provinces in Canada the age of majority is 19. The code of conduct, signed by all students, also outlines alcohol use and consequences for abuse such as reduction in privileges or removal from the trip.

What does my package include? Your S-Trip! package includes everything you’ll need for an incredible getaway! Every package includes roundtrip transportation, hotel accommodation, transfers around your destination, optional travel insurance with RBC, daily scheduled events and activities, and a meal plan. View your group’s trip flyer or the pre-trip information package to review the exact inclusions for your specific trip.

Should I purchase the Youth & Students Comprehensive Insurance?

Do I get to choose my roommates? Yes, you can choose your preferred roommates when you submit your reservation form for online booking. If you don’t know right away, your trip organizer will ask you at a later stage to make your roommate selection. Please review your invoice to see who your assigned roommates are and notify us immediately if there are any errors.

What documents do I need to travel? For Canadian passengers, please bring along your Canadian driver’s license as your main form of identification. Please also bring along your health card in the event of an emergency. For American passengers, please bring along your passports and health card as well. Please note it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents.

If you have questions that are not listed in this brochure, feel free to give us a call at 1.866.627.8747 or visit the FAQ section on our website:

We recommend purchasing the Youth & Students Comprehensive Insurance. This insurance includes limited trip cancellation and interruption, baggage and personal effects, as well as travel accident coverage. Please review your policy prior to departure.

29_Got_a_question-2.indd 1

11-08-04 4:31 PM



Surf studenttrip

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Education and Development through Global Experiences EDGE Academy offers high school students enriched travel experiences. Students will travel to a domestic or international destination where they are immersed in the local lifestyle and traditions. Students can travel & gain a high school credit, attend a surf camp, learn about leadership or embark on a volunteer adventure! Get ready to taste traditional cuisine, hear different language and see thousand-year-old sites!

e r u t n e v d A o r u E



rence! make a diffe Get out and er skills, discov Develop new become part passions and community. of a foreign

EuroAdventure e r u t n e v d A o r Eu

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31_S-trip_live_page-2.indd 1

11-08-05 12:01 PM

visit online become a fan follow us call us 1.866.627.TRIP (8747) do your part

Come Trip with


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Ski Trip and Busaway Brochure  

Break up a dreary winter with a Bus Trip to Canada's most exciting domestic destinations. Visit world class ski resorts, explore culture ric...

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