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Promotional Poster

I put the chosen image onto a A3 sized template so that I know how big I shall have to make the image.

I then adjusted the size accordingly, so that can clearly see the artist and so that she takes up mostly half of it.

Which I then flipped it as I want the text to be on the left hand side so that the people flicking through the magazine shall see the image first and shall take interest in that.

After that I turned it into a black and white image to go with my house style like my CD digipak.

Like my Digipak I adjusted the curves and levels so that the image has more contrast to it and looks a lot more bolder.

Of which I then began to add a black overlay gradient to make the left side a lot more blacker. I also duplicated the layer before I started adding this.

Which I kept repeating until the left side was all mostly covered with blackness so that the text will stand out more

I then changed the overlay gradient to white and a radial gradient to go over the artist to add more light to the image.

With this layer I adjusted the opacity slightly to tone it down a bt.

After that I added the text to the left hand side. Am using the typography from the front of the Digipak so that there is an obvious house style to it.

And then just the rest of the text which I have kept quite simple using the space under the heading.

Screenshots for promotional poster  

screenshots for poster