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You CAN Quit Produced By: Healthkick This is your personalized plan to help you give up smoking. This booklet should be delivered by a Healthkick Clinic. Copyright, Healthkick 2012Š

Healthkick is a not-for-profit company under backing the future. This Booklet was produced by: Jordan Meade

Did You Know? After only three days of quitting the carbon monoxide levels in your body will have dropped dramatically. If you are able to last ten days eight days without smoking you will no longer crave cigarettes. If you last for more than one week you are four times more likely to quit faster.

How can this Booklet Help You? This booklet is aimed at students aged from 11 to 14. It has all the information that you will need, in order to quit successfully. By reading this booklet you can lead a happier, healthier and more active life. Smoking does not only effect your body, it will also leave you broke! Quitting Smoking is one of the biggest challenges that you will ever face, however if you accept the support that we are offering, then you will be on the right track to quitting. Failing to quit could make you seriously ill in later life, but the HCA Zone Foundation will provide you with all the support that you could ever need.

“This is a map to the journey of your life” Just by reading this far you are already on track to quitting smoking. Well Done! But before you begin to think “What is the Point?” or “Man this is not cool” just have a look at the advantages of quitting smoking:

20 Minutes

2 Hours

8 Hours

24 Hours

36 Hours

48 Hours

72 Hours

2-12 Weeks

5 Months

9 Months

•Blood pressure and your pulse rate will return to normal.

•Circulation in your hands and feet improve. •Blood Oxygen increases back to being normal. •Carbon Monoxide leaves the body. •The Lungs clear of Mucus. •The Body is now nicotine-free. •Your taste and smell will begin to improve. •Breathing is easier, you will be better at sports now, as your energy levels will increase. •Circulaion will now improve, goving you less chance of getting a blood clott. •Walking and exercise will get easier.

•Breathing will now inprove, your lung efficiency will increase by 1015 per cent.

Looking at the facts above it is common sense that smoking damages your bodies. So the fact is that from the very moment that you stub out your last cigarette you body will begin a journey of recovery. If you still are interested in quitting then read on. Your health is in your hands.

Disadvantages of Smoking You must now know that smoking does not do your body much good, however just to recap look at the disadvantages below.

Physical Problems •Wheeing, coughing, shortness of breath. •Lack of energy •Poor concentraction •Gum disease, tooth loss and ulcers •Bad breath

Financial •Huge costs, it costs a 10 a-day smoker £1300 per year! •Less money to have fun with your mates •Waste of money, you are paying to damage your body. •It is illegal for adults to buy cigeretts for people under 18.

Emotional •Your life is being controlled by cigarettes •Present sense of guilt •Less chance of pulling a date, if they don't smoke. •Pressure from exams and a smoke-free society

Physical Problems •Skin damaged by Smoke •Hair, Clothes and Hands smell of smoke. •You will look 25 years older •Lines around the mouth from drawing your cigarettes.

So what makes up a Cigarette? You may think that a cigarette is nothing more than a paper tube filled with tobacco, with a filter at one end. However in reality a cigarette contains an array of dangerous, cancer causing chemicals.

The dangerous parts of a cigarette: Tobacco Leaf The tobacco in normal cigarettes is made from the stem and other bits of the plant that would otherwise be waste parts. The tobacco is the added to water and various flavourings and additives, all which will damage you later on in life. Additives The tobacco industry adds loads of additives to their products. These often include sugars which make the smoke easier to inhale. They also often add flavourings to take away the nasty taste of smoke. Even though it sounds harmless most of them can have damaging effects on our bodies. However

around the world 600 additives are permitted by law, not all of them are good. Full lists of legal additives are available on the Department of Health’s Website. Chemicals In an average cigarette there are many gases, chemicals and metals. They are all in the smoke and almost every one of them are damaging to your health. Below is a full list of the damaging chemicals that are found in Cigarette smoke. Acetone






Hydrogen Cyanide

Nitrosami nes

•Found in nail polish remover •Used in tear gas and bleach •A deadly poison •Used as a solvent, it causes cancer if inhaled •Highly poisonous metal found in batteries •Used in anti-freeze •The most toxic chemical, which causes headaches, dizzness and omiting •Very dangerous, it causes cancer in both humans and animals, mainly dogs.

Tar Tar is a sticky brown substance. It does not only fill up the lungs of a smoker, but it stains their teeth and fingers. When you inhale the smoke about 73 percent of the tar given out stays inside your lungs. The substances in this tar are scientifically proven to cause cancer. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous, odourless and tasteless gas which can be rapidly fatal. It is formed in a process that has not been completely combusted or when a flam has lack of oxygen, i.e. a cigarette. It is also found in a car exhaust. When you inhale smoke CO takes the place of oxygen in your blood. This will eventually cause you breathing PROBLEMS. This causes the development of coronary heart disease. Nicotine This is a drug that is just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. It has many effects on the body including increased heart rate, high blood pressure. The

withdrawal of nicotine causes a number of symptoms on the body, including; moodiness, anger, anxiety dizziness and increased appetite. Many smokers feel that smoking makes them relaxed (this is the effect of nicotine) and this is why giving up is a challenge. The addiction to nicotine is why many people fail to quit, however if you are determined to quit then you will find the power to overcome these cravings.

Smoking is NOT cool Many teenage girls are lead to believe that smoking makes then look cool and attractive. However it does the complete opposite. Smoking makes you look unattractive as it ages your skin. If you are smoking 5 a-days now in 10 years time you will look like a 40-50 year old. On average teenage boys in the UK and America are less likely to date a girl that smokes, would you snog an ash-tray? Just think would you like to date a boy with rough skin, bad breath and yellow nails? Smoking may make you look cool amongst your mates; however is it cool to make yourself ill? If you are worried about being lesspopular or even losing friends because of quitting don’t worry, after all if they were your mates they would support your choices. Before you even consider stopping you will need to realise that there are more disadvantages than advantages. In the next few years you may begin to discuss with your partner about having a baby. However talking may be the only thing that you can do, this is because smoking gives females less chance of become fertilised and even if you do become pregnant youth smoking may have damaging effects on your baby caused by lack of oxygen or nutrition.

This booklet is just a small guide the disadvantages of smoking, but at the end of the day it is you alone that decides what life choice you will take.

Are you ready to Quit? What I like about Smoking: •I Like Smoking Because...

Reason 1

•I Like Smoking Because...

Reason 2

•I Like Smoking Because...

Reason 3

My Reasons for stopping:

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

Reason 4

Reason 5

•I want to quit because...

•I want to quit because...

•I want to quit because...

•I want to quit because...

•I want to quit because...

Do you honestly wish to Quit Smoking? (Circle one)




Unless your answer is YES then you need to request more help. Please do not be afraid to ask for help, it is what we are here for.

Before you set a quit date you will need to feel confident about quitting. This next question will really reflect if you are motivated enough: On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to stop smoking? 1 being low and 10 being high











How did you choose this number?

If your number was less than five then you need more emotional help. It is advised that you book an appointment with your local Healthkick Clinic. One thing that I will no longer have to worry about is:

The people that will be really pleased with me are:

I will be proud of myself because:

When you smoke you affect a number of people. It is important that you know who you cause problems for. i.e. your parents, boy/girlfriend, siblings ect...

People that I am affecting:


__ ME Smoking



Girls Smoking Booklet  

A quit pack for girls

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