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Re: What happened to our British childhood? Hello my loyal readers I see the sites founder has tried his hands at the art of blogging. I’m very impressed Jordan well done; I was inspired to write a response. Well where I start, in the 21st century the apples of our eyes are not the days spent outdoors with our friends they are the apple products ipads, ipods, I need to get a life! It is a classic young minds being suckered into buying the latest gadgets by being bombarded with complicated words making them instantly think it is something they need. I have to admit that I can be pretty bad with technology I am typing this article up on my tablet. But come on we all guilty, none of us are innocent, in a common house hold you can’t walk five feet without spotting a piece of technology. However technology does have its uses I don’t think I would be anywhere without the internet or my laptop so i could do coursework. Used in the right way it can be beneficial to your life it is very addictive and hard to tear yourself away from Facebook or spending a few minutes on YouTube which quickly turns into an hour or so. I didn’t know David Cameron had taken steps to make trips a lot easier but I must say it’s a bit of a late realisation. I am a big fan of David Cameron but I’m not holding my breath for any dramatic change. The process of organising school trips is covered in so much red tape I could use it to wrap about 50 years’ worth of Christmas presents. Maybe it isn’t the process of organising trips that needs to be changed but the attitudes that some people

seem to have about children. Has it ever occurred to anyone that kids stay in too much because school trips do not happen often enough or they are not inspired to get up and do something productive or fun? All because as parents they are too protective over their children or that there is too much stereotyping that kids will only become vandals or gang members. Jordan & I spend the majority of our time on our education and this website. When we do go and see friends or go outside, you will not find us causing trouble and if we are wearing a hoddie it does not imply we are trouble makers. And yes ok not all teens are like us but you don’t know every teenager so you can’t judge us! We can therefore conclude that the British Childhood something of a bye gone era in terms of traditional ways. Even in a century of constant modernisation yes change is good but surely there is nothing wrong with sticking to the old ways? I mean it didn’t do us any harm being outside. Kids cannot be held back in life out of fear of something happening to them. Holding them back is holding them back in developing key skills in life. Keep your kids safe of course but it is crucial to keep the balance between the two as well as a healthy dose of technological influence in their lives.

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Well where I start, in the 21st century the apples of our eyes are not the days spent outdoors with our friends they are the apple products...