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Skills & Knowledge Awareness of diverse & global range of design cultures & languages I understand that designing can adapt in order to gain suitability for various different cultures. Although I have limited knowledge of this particular field I intend to become more informed through research and investigation. 

Experience of design research, analysis & synthesis I have gained experience of design research and analysis throughout college and university through completing projects. Research was a crucial factor towards gaining a greater understanding of a specific design by analysing it in depth, of which I shall continue to build on. 

Visualising / prototyping skills & aptitudes in a range of media & formats I have a good knowledge in both visualising and prototyping my designs through a range of media and formats. This is because I can envisage a design from a piece of paper into the completed product competently. I have been able to develop my prototyping skills throughout college and in the first year of university whilst using a wide range of different media, and I feel I continue to build upon this strength through projects. 

Aptitude in compiling interim & summative design presentations I do not have a great understanding in this area however throughout my studies and experiences at university I will improve my understanding of this and I will develop my skills on producing summative designs through projects I complete. 

Aptitude for designing through a digital platform I have always been able to learn computer programmes with ease and I feel I have a natural ability with understanding digital platforms. I have become quite competent in AutoCAD and Google SketchUp and I am keen to improve on my skills in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Knowledge & experience of process, component & production technology I am not the strongest when it comes to process and production methods, however to build upon this I intend to do thorough research into product construction and how its processes work in relation to industry. Consequently I believe that work placement would help to benefit my outlook.

Project Process Experience of design process & methodologies Interior Design and A Level Design has given me experience of utilising design processes and methods. The whole of my Interior Design course involves an intense process from the start of a concept idea to the production of the design. For doing this for so long I find this a natural progression and will continue to develop my experiences further. 

Experience of team leadership & management I have experience of team leadership and management through a previous job and a project, however from this I know it is a demanding position and intend to gain more experience of this through projects. 

Experience of costing projects & fee negotiation I do not have any experience in costing projects and fee negotiation but through my course I aim to gain knowledge and understanding. I aim to do this by obtaining a placement in a professional design company which amongst other things would allow me to gain experience in the financial aspect of project planning. 

Experience of planning & managing project activity I have limited experience of planning project activity through the projects in college, however I have gained experience from having to plan my time effectively in order to complete the final product for the given deadline. 

Experience of managing client relationships & collaboration My only experience of this is from my A Level course in 3D Design where I had to design and produce a client based product which involved being constantly in contact with the client and communicating my ideas and designs. I aim to strengthen this through work placements. Experience of a wide range of project types & scales of innovation My Interior Design course consists of being given brief after brief all of which require different subject matters and outcomes so this gives me a slight insight into this criteria. However, I feel this is an on-going subject matter that will keep developing throughout education and into industry.

Enterprise & Marketing Knowledge of design sectors & creative industries My knowledge of design sectors and creative industries is limited, however this should develop throughout University as I increase my knowledge within design and appropriate Interior industries. 

Experience of project procurement & client consultation During a project in college I had to organize a client consultation in order to collect vital research to allow me to produce a suitable product to meet client’s desires and requirements. I understand that client consultation is crucial in creating an accurate outcome for a project, and shall build upon this through university. 

Experience in planning continuing professional development Personal development was always reiterated in college as a necessity of professional development. I have been able to develop myself personally through demanding work modules, which have in turn allowed me to plan for future tasks efficiently and professionally. Experience and understanding of legislation & regulations I understand that there are specific regulations required in design, however I am not familiar with these but intend to improve upon this through research using books and internet as my sources. 

Experience of design budgets & account management I lack experience of design budgets and account management although I understand their necessity, and I aim to achieve this awareness through a work placement while at University to improve myself. 

Experience of design practice marketing & promotion Although I have limited experience of design practise, marketing and promotion, I do have an awareness of this from research at college and everyday occurrences. I understand that design marketing and promotion is an important factor in order to make the public aware of certain products, which will therefore gain the best outcome for the company.

Values & Vision Understanding & practice of ethical business standards I only have a basic understanding of this topic but hopefully in the near future I will improve my knowledge and understanding of the practice of ethical business standards to a professional level which I hope to achieve through work placement. 

Subscription to policies & standards of ethical design I feel I lack experience in this field, therefore in order to become more aware of ethical design I shall improve my knowledge through research into the topic and build upon this. Commitment to & understanding of the imperatives of professional practice In A Level Art I had to do a professional practise module which involved me to display a journey of my future life objectives and how I would prepare for this. For example, I planned my pathway into University to study Interior Design, and I also displayed my progression in this objective. This has given me a slight understanding of the importance of professional practise.

Awareness & appreciation of key design futures & innovation trends I am quite aware that design futures and innovation trends change constantly. To help me with this, I will subscribe to design magazines/websites to gain a broader insight into interior design. Awareness & practice of user centred design Whilst in college, a project I completed was client based. This allowed me to practise user centred design with the correct use of ergonomics and understanding of users needs which complied with safety regulations.

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