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2018 AIESEC WZU MS Application Form -oGV

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Jordan Lee


Shin Ru Hou

Job Description -Manager of operation-

•Data collection- manage Leads & EP information (Salesforce, EXPA) •Arrange follow up mail & call for MB to leads/EPs •Educate customer flow to MB •Hold event (OCP of info or PR events) •Hold FM with VP •Cooperation with teachers and office in school

Job Description -Team Leader of CEM-

Lead the team to do physical attraction

Hold event (OCP of info or PR events)

Hold FM with VP

Educate LEAD to MB

Be responsible for consideration part of EP

Lead your team to do promotion in class together (班宣)

General Question 1. Motivation-
 What is your motivation toward this position?
 What do you believe in oGV?
 What is the connection of you and AIESEC? 2. What is the value of oGV, and why we do? 3. Use SWOT to analyze the situation of oGV in 2018 Q1Q2 4. Please describe your 3 strengths, 3 weakness and analyze 5. What is your wish of this function?

Specific Question -Manager of operation-

1. How to make sure 7 days to approve EP? 2. Who do you think we oGV can cooperate with? 
 (List down the departments or office or teacher in school)
 (Is there any external cooperation we can do? Why?How?) 3. How can we attract old leads to take our product? 
 How can we promote it efficiently?

Specific Question -Team Leader of CEM1. What is your way to lead a team? 
 Explain your leadership style.

2. How would you motivate your team and create team spirit? 
 How you deliver the value of oGV?

3. If you have tons of work to do, how you arrange them and allocate to your MB?

4. Any innovation to attract leads?

It is end of this application

NOTIFICATION— Application close date : 2018/07/23

OGV MS selection 2018下  
OGV MS selection 2018下