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Architectural Design III Door Window Stair Fall 2008 Professor White

The Context and Door Window Stair models were then combined. Upon further analysis the transformation of the context evolved into a transformation of scale

Door n. an entryway

Window n. an opening to admit light or air Stair n. One in a series of steps

A model of the spatial implications for each a Door, Window, and Stair were then constructed. Rather than view a door as simply a door or opening, it is viewed more as a threshold.

“Architecture holds the power to inspire our day-to-day existence. The everyday act of pressing a door handle and opening into a light washed room can become profound when experienced thrgh sensitized consciousness. To see, to feel these physicalities is to becom the subject of the senses.� -Questions of perception: Phenomology of Architecture, Steven Holl

Architectural Design IIIB  
Architectural Design IIIB  

A r c h i t e c t u r a l D e s i g n I I I D o o r W i n d o w S t a i r F a l l 2 0 0 8 P r o f e s s o r W h i t e T h e C o n t e x t a...