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THE Superior Brewery and Logistics Campus within a day of 50% of the US Population

BREWER’S POINTE Columbus is a young, vibrant, and ambitious city with a fervent desire to stand out, grow, and make a difference in the community. The city and region ranks #1 east of the Mississippi and #4 nationally for economic growth since 2010. Additionally, the Columbus Region has the greatest reach to the US and Canadian populations among all major logistics hubs--a ten hour drive reaches 144 million Americans. Brewer’s Pointe is located in the heart of the region, featuring a near-19-acre campus that provides a superior environment for large-scale brewing operations. The campus has ready access to high-quality and high-capacity water found in sandstone and sand-and-gravel aquifers and connection to interstate rail and Interstates. The character of the site is unlike any in Central Ohio, looking down over the skyline of Columbus on land that is beautifully wooded and enveloped by a conservation ravine.

Brewer’s Pointe benefits from an exceptional convergence of infrastructure, natural resource, culture, and proximity to market. Service by two rail carriers Within a mile of major freeway access routes with low-impedence access Within 500 miles from 50% of US Population and the Ontario Market Located within the Port Columbus International Airport Region Robust municipal utilities available and plentiful fresh water from sandstone aquifers Within the Central Ohio region which boasts 32 craft brewing licenses, an Anheuser Busch plant, and a progressive and creative social and corporate concience A natural, campus character to the site Among the lowest average wages by any industry in the United States

BREWER’S POINTE Franklin County: Population: 1,195,537 Households: 467,314 Median Age: 33.6

Labor Force: 628,566 Median Income: $49,670 Unemployment Rate: 6.4%

Columbus, Ranked: #1 Opportunity City - Forbes #1 City for Training and Networking - Thumbtack #2 Intelligent City - Intelligent Community Forum #4 Per Capita GDP Growth - New Geography #6 Best U.S. City for Culture - Property Shark #7 Buying & #10 Renting Market for Millennials - RealtyTrac #8 Metro for Economic Growth - CityLab #10 Emerging Beer Towns - The Pour Fool #12 Hardest-Working Town in America - SpareFoot #14 Best City for Millenials - Forbes #15 Most Sustainable US City (over 250,000 pop.) - Grist #20 Best Job Markets for Young College Graduates - CityLab #20 Most Affordable City (over 600,000 pop.) - Forbes Secret Foodie City - Forbes Ohio, Ranked: #1 State with Most Pride - Movoto #4 in Annual Barrels Produced - Brewers Association #8 Strongest Impact from Beer Industry - Beer Institute $10.01 billion in economic impact Supports 82,370 jobs and $2.9 billion in wage #9 Top State for Doing Business in 2014 - Area Development #14 State for Personal Income Growth - BizJournals

Brewing Heritage

World-Class Events

Passionate Fans

History and Character

























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“Brewer’s Pointe is engaged with the industry as a whole, and would be the perfect partner” - Mark Bivenour, The Brew Kettle




6 16 “Their ability to shepherd your business through regulatory, finance, and investment needs is unprecedented” - Gavin Meyers, North High Brewing Company

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Brewer’ s Pointe & Central Park of Gahanna Are Proud Members of: 7







BREWER’S POINTE Examples of other breweries, to scale, at Brewer’s Pointe


Dogfish h Head Brewery Br Milton, M ilton, DE


New Belgium Brewing B Brew ing Company Fort Collins, CO

Route Rout te to Raill Loading Access

Route to Interstat Interstate Access

Route to International Airport


Site Selection Information

Beer Economy in Ohio $1.3 Billion Economic Impact in Ohio from Craft (2012). 1,097,955 barrels of Craft beer produced per year; #4 in the US (2013). 124 beer manufacturing permits issued in State of Ohio. Ohio Craft Brewers Association represents 81 of Ohio’s Craft Breweries and empowers and advocates the close-knit membership. Strong distribution and logistics network in Central Ohio proven by presence of Anheuser-Busch plant since 1968.

Workforce and Industry Columbus Population grew 17% since 2000, 4.3% greater than national average (2014).

Zoned for Food and Beverage Manufacturing. Land is conditioned and zoned to enhance and expedite the USGBC LEED certification process with 7 potential points before construction. Site is enveloped to the West and North by a protected conservation ravine and natural habitat, which satisfies open-space requirements for the immediate site. Greenfield land with few geotechnical concerns. Frontage on two new primary roadways.

Both Ernst & Young and KPMG rank Ohio’s tax climate in the top five nationally.

Labor force of 436,800.

Low private sector unionization rate at 5 percent.

Columbus region has a median age of 35.4, 3 years younger than national average (2012).

170 food and beverage manufacturing establishments with more than 10,000 employees in Central Ohio.

41.6% of Columbus population holds an associate degree or higher.

Gahanna maintains a 1.5 percent income tax rate; 1 percent lower than most Central Ohio municipalities.

$93 billion of farm products sold within a day’s drive. 62 colleges and universities that enroll more than 140,000 students annually. *Lower than all comparative cities in the region (Source: Columbus Region 2014 Factbook)

Zoning Regulations and Site Conditions

Business Climate

Utilities Electric service supplied by American Electric Power at site with primary voltage of 13.2 Kv. Gas service supplied by Columbia Gas at site with main size of 3” at pressure of 4 Mcfh. City of Columbus can deliver over 225,000 gallons a day to Gahanna master meters. Columbus’ Hap Cremean water plant has a hardness range of 83-123 ppm, with alkalinity within 50-100 ppm range. Plant averaged 1.466 ppm of sodium chloride with very rare swings. Gahanna’s wastewater collection system can handle 100,000 gallons a day. Within the robust Columbus Region fiber optic network, with speeds reaching 100 Gbps with low-to-medium latencies.

The Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute are aggressive science, tech, agricultural, and business development partners in the region.

Transport and Logistics Located within the Port Columbus Airport Region, which services 31 destination airports with over 10 million passengers per year. 20 minute drive to Rickenbacker International Airport--a high-speed, international, multimodal logistics hub. Access to rail lines that serve CSX and Norfolk Southern lines, interfacing the Heartland and National Gateway Corridors, which connect to ports along the east coast. Site surrounded by interstates accessing most of US, and entry to Mexico and Canada.

Quality of Life Wide range of entertainment, sporting event, and recreation options. Home of the #1 ranked zoo, public library, and science museum in the nation. Affordable housing market; diverse housing communities. Healthcare providers among the best in the country. Cost of living well below other metro areas. Low risk of natural disasters, a balanced climate, and is located outside of the Midwestern lake effect Snow Belt.

Supplementary Site Selection References Available*:

Columbus Region Economic Development: Quarterly Economic Update 2014 Agbioscience Pamphlet Columbus Region Factbook 2014

City of Gahanna Zoning Documents Ohio EPA Aquifers and Water Quality Fact Sheets Traffic study for Central Park of Gahanna Monthly Weather Averages for Gahanna List of Craft Brewing licenses in Central Ohio * Other information by request

BREWER’S POINTE Central Park of Gahanna Brewer’s Pointe is located within the Central Park of Gahanna development. Central Park enjoys a premier location within the Airport Region, located ten minutes east of Downtown Columbus and within a forty minute drive for 70% of the Central Ohio workforce.

Numerous Food and Beverage Manufacturing Operations

On-Premise Golf Facility

Central Park of Gahanna blends a business and logistics campus with a true recreational corridor, combining a professional business setting with a relaxed and creative environment for employees. Central Park has been designed to reflect the great college campuses that bring together study and innovation with recreation and relaxation. Fusing the existing business presence in the immediate proximity of the site, Central Park is uniquely positioned to encompass large-scale recreation and sport uses, creative office spaces, brewing manufacturing, and other complementary uses that make Central Park the Go Do! District in Central Ohio. The wooded conservation land which carves through Central Park provides an important natural aesthetic to the spectacular views and surprising natural setting of these sites, which exist amidst an otherwise developed urban logistics hub.

The site for Brewer’s Pointe has been selected not only for its logistical and natural resource value, but for its accessibility and proximity to the cultural core of the State of Ohio. While many suburban communities in the United States are distant from the vibrant core of the principal city, Brewer’s Pointe is not only near Downtown Columbus, but is within fifteen minutes from the vibrant character neighborhoods of the Short North, Grandview Heights, Olde Towne East, King-Lincoln, Bexley, Franklinton, German Village, the Brewery District, the University District of The Ohio State University, and Clintonville.


Wooded Streetscape

Natural Setting

Welcoming Community

For Questions Regarding: Brewer’s Pointe: Jordan Fromm Owner’s Representative Central Park of Gahanna 614.446.0367

Real Estate Transactions: Jim Hendrix Senior Vice President Continental Realty 614.402.8984

The Columbus Region: Matt McQuade Director, North American Business Development Columbus 2020 614.225.6920

The City of Gahanna: Anthony Jones Director Development Department of the City of Gahanna 614.342.4015



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