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Who is aisy? Aisy is you at your best, at your most relaxed. Like warm summer nights with your best friends around you, feeling that breeze off of the water. We like to think that we’re that glass of wine you could really use, combined with that peace you feel when you’re up early but rested well. We also like to think you’ll love to live our lifestyle and indulge in our products - that’s the world to us.

Our emblem. Our emblem is created from two main elements, the word ‘aisy’, and the flower background. The word aisy is written in Archer Semibold, our brand’s main font. This font was chosen for it’s beauty, boldness and femininity. The round serifs on the ends of the letters add a special touch of character that you don’t often find in today’s fonts. The word aisy is then cut out of a circle with flower-like petals around the border. This shape resembles both a flower, and a cake from an aerial view. This shape was chosen to play to aisy’s first product, cake shaped bath bombs. So even when aisy transforms into more of a lifestyle brand, that heritage and humble beginnings will still carry on in the logo. Whenever you use the word aisy in a sentence, make the font Archer Semibold for brand recognition and consistency with how it is written in the logo.

Our swatches. The colours of aisy are very important to the makeup of the brand. The colours all have a natural hue to them, while still being fun, expressive and energetic. They were chosen specifically to create a sense of warmth, while remaining feminine and giving appeal to our target demographic. When using a gradient background, like on the page you are reading, don’t mix the colours, just use the lightest shade and the darkest shade of the same colour as the two gradient points. In regards to text, when using a coloured background, choose white text as it is clean and simple. But on a white background, use the middle or darkest hue of the colour that best relates to what you are speaking about.

c 13 m 13 y 19 k 0

c 23 m 21 y 31 k 0

c 37 m 36 y 54 k 3

c 7 m 38 y 28 k 0

c 13 m 54 y 48 k 0

c 18 m 73 y 61 k 3

r 221 g 213 b 200

r 198 g 190 b 173

r 163 g 149 b 122

r 232 g 171 b 164

r 217 g 137 b 122

r 199 g 98 b 92

# ddd4c7

# c6bdad

# a29 479

# e8aba3

# d98879

# c9635d

c 17 m 19 y 0 k 0

c 36 m 35 y 6 k 0

c 53 m 50 y 18 k 0

c 0 m 15 y 66 k 0

c 0 m 29 y 93 k 0

c 0 m 48 y 100 k 0

r 205 g 200 b 239

r 164 g 159 b 197

r 131 g 126 b 163

r 255 g 215 b 113

r 255 g 187 b 43

r 255 g 151 b 8

# cec7ef

# a49fc5

# 847fa4

# ffd670

# ffba2b

# ff9607

Our typeface. Archer is the main typeface for the aisy brand. It is strong yet feminine, and a perfect combination of a formal serif and an informal sans serif. The curvature on the serif ticks – as seen on the f, a, c, and more – add a whimsical feel to the presence of this font. It can be used as a heading or as the body font, and is also the font of the word ‘aisy’ in the logo.

Archer as a heading font. Arher will be used as both the heading and the body font. When it is used as the heading font, the size must be a minimum of 48pt and used as Archer Book, only use Archer light when the heading size exceeds 96pt. Each heading must end in a period, because although this may seem more forceful and serious, it comes across more casual in it’s delivery.

Archer as a body font. When using Archer as the body font, please size the font at a minimum of 10pt, any smaller than this ends up making the brand appear too formal, and can be hard to read. Another important rule to keep in mind is the line spacing. Always make the line spacing large enough so that the paragraphs are spaced evenly, just like the one you are reading now. Please use Archer Light when the font size is 12pt or greater, and Archer Book when it is 11pt or smaller.

Our imagery. The imagery of aisy is made up of six distinct facets that all relate back to the brand. These are defined as interiors, ingredients, people, nature, textures and products. We chose this variety of images to reflect the lifestyle brand that aisy will become, and because everyone relates to images differently. When choosing imagery to use for aisy, keep in mind that the natural ingredients used in the aisy product line need to be reflected in the natural beauty of the photos. So choose images that are filterless and appear to be lit with natural light, not in a studio setting.

Interiors. Choose interior images that reflect a clean, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere. The pictures can be during the day or at night, but always have an overwhelming sense of calm to them. Photos that are lit by natural sunlight during the day or natural moonlight and interior lights in the evening.

Ingredients. Aisy’s products are created using natural ingredients which reflect a product or smell in everyday life. These include lavender, coffee, lemon, and more. Choose photos that reflect these ingredients in their natural environment. Such as a lavender field, coffee beans, or a lemon tree.

People. Our products are made by people and for people, so using photos of people is important in reflecting the purpose of our company. Choose photos that show women in a natural environment; an un-posed photo with a sense of peace, joy and warmth in their expression.

Outdoors. When choosing photos of nature, choose images that are warm, peaceful and serene. This could be a beautiful autumn morning, or a hot summer night. Just be very careful to stay away from images that give you the feeling of being cold or uncomfortable.

Textures. The amount of textures we come into contact with every day are incredibly vast and diverse. Choose textures that are soft to the touch and warm in your hands. Do your best to stay away from sharp or smooth surfaces, unless the feeling specifically calls for that type of image. Also, choose texture images that have depth, shape and dynamic light, do not use an image that looks flat.

Products. Product photos play a very large part of the aisy brand. It is how we display our products and generate interest in them. Please display our products in a natural environment. This may include a bathroom, a wood floor, an old table, the outdoors, and more. Stay away from studio photography such as a product on a white background, or in a clearly staged atmosphere.

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Aisy Brandbook