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The Life of Mr. Anderson Do you know what happened to Mr. Anderson’s hair? A flea jumped into Mr. Anderson’s hair. Mr. Anderson asked all the HIS students if they put something into his hair. But do you know what they answered? No of course not! At night Mr. Anderson used too much water. When I knocked on his door the only sound I heard was SPLASH, SPLASH, gl, gl, pop, pop, The SPLASH was really loud. When I opened the door, guess what I saw? I saw Mr. Anderson swimming and the water did not stop! Soon Mr. Anderson stopped it. Guess what? I was very itchy too. I ran home and went to my Science room. I looked at the Science book and turned to page 61. Phew! I started making the best super duper medicine in the world and I spent 10 days making the medicine. I put a little bit in my hair and it worked! I made 101 bottles and gave one to Mr. Anderson. Everything was better .Mr. Anderson was so happy.

By: Veronica Kuo

A Short Story by Veronica  

Short Story

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