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What does it look like?

The Proboscis monkey is a mammal. It is a reddish brown arboreal monkey. The size of the monkey is about 60-70cm. It weighs up to 23kg.

What does it eat?

The Proboscis Monkey eats leaves, seeds, unripe fruits. They also sometimes eat insects.

How does it survive?

Large eyes to see predators‌

Is it a consumer?

Yes ,the Proboscis Monkey is a consumer.

Where does it live?

Proboscis Monkeys only live on the island of Borneo and Sarauark . They live in Mangrove trees.

What eats it? The crocodile eats the Proboscis monkeys.

Where does it get food? It gets food near its habitats.

Why is it endangered? The Proboscis monkey’s habitat is destroyed. Only about 3,000 monkeys are left.

How can we Protect the Proboscis monkey? To protect the Proboscis monkey you can: demand environmental protection of rainforest.

What can children do? They can respect nature and talk to an adult about the endangered species. I want to save the endangered animals!


Extra Facts A male and a female gives birth to one baby 6 months later. They are good at climbing, swinging through trees, walking on land, and swimming too.

Proboscis Monkey  
Proboscis Monkey  

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