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Mexican axolotls

Amphibian ď‚— . An AmphibiAn is An

AnimAl thAt lives pArt in the wAter And pArt on land has smooth and moist skin, lay eggs in water, uses gills to breathe when young and lungs when they get older and look different from their parents when they are born.

ď‚— It lives around water.

ď‚— The parts of its body it uses to move are its arms and legs.

ď‚— Its body is covered with skin.

ď‚— It has adapted by having a horn that looks like seaweed.

Interesting facts  they can live up to 15 years  they eat worms, insect larvae.  The white kinds are more common in captivity.

ď‚— I like this animal because it is beAutiful.

Thanks for listening

ď‚— By Taemin

Mexican axolotls  
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