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KitFisto KitFisto is my character’s name. He is tall, good and he is cool because he is strong. He is good because he is on the light side.

He swims, uses the force and fights with a light saber. He feels powerful, he likes swimming, he gets angry and he likes to kill battle droids. KitFisto saw himself in the mirror and got sad. He was a frog. He didn’t want to be a frog. He thought and thought and thought. Three whole minutes later he got a really good idea! He went to Emperor Palatine’s Jedi Council and said can I be a Jedi please? Emperor Palatine smiled and agreed. So, Emperor Palatine used his transforming force lightning and turned KitFiso into a good, cool looking Jedi. Then, KitFisto had a Light Saber and the force. But, he was not so powerful and

also didn’t know how to use a Light Saber. So, Emperor Palatine gave KitFisto good, strong power. KitFisto had to train to know how to use a Light Saber. Then KitFisto was a complete Jedi!

The end.

A Story by Ayden  
A Story by Ayden  

Short story