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Green Sea Turtle Please save me!!!!!

By: Isaline and Michael

What does it look like? • The green sea turtle has a flattened body with large teardrop shape shell and has gills to breath in water. Hi!!!!

What does it eat? • It eats algae and sea grass. I eat these things.

What is the size of Male and Female? • Both male and female have an average size of 71 to 153 cm and mass of about 205kg I swim at 2.5-3 km/h too!!!

Environment • The green sea turtle roam the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean.

Habitat • The green sea turtle have three habitat types. The first type is the beach. The second type is the shallow, coastal water. The third type is the time they spend five years in the open ocean.

Life cycle

Is the green sea turtle a consumer or a producer? • It is a consumer.

• • • •

S top polluting the water! A green sea turtle is endangered! V eterinarian help the green sea turtle! E ndangered animal is close to be extinct!

• I will help the green sea turtle! • T ogether we can save the green sea turtle! • This is a save it poem

How can we save the green sea turtle? • We can take up the trash on the beach.

Why are they endangered? • People eat them. • People cause water pollution.

Green Sea turtle  
Green Sea turtle  

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