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Grade  3  at  the   Science   Museum      

The Best  Science  Playground!   By:  Abigail  Kang   My  favourite  place  in  the  Science  Education  National  Park  was  the   Science  Playground!   The  first  slide  was  long,  small,  and  it  squeezed,  but  it  was  pretty  fun.   The  second  slide  was  bit  big  and  it  could  move  up  and  down.   The  question  can  make  you  curious  and  fun.  It  can  let  you  know  why   this  thing  will  happen.     Some  fun  things  make  me  fun  and  dizzy!  Wilbur  got  hit  by  something  to   his  tummy,  and  I’m  sure  he  is  OK.       I  wish  on  every  single  trip  we  can  go  to  Science  Educational  Museum   and  go  to  the  Science  Playground  and  play!      

The End            

The Great  Science  Playground    

Our field  trip  was  to  a  museum  for  kids.   We  did  a  lot  of  fun  things  there  and  I  think  they  did  a  very  good  job.   There  was  a  3D  theater  and  an  earthquake  room.  It  was  a  lot  of  fun.                 The  best  was  the  science  playground  because  it  was  fun.  It  was  also  a   lot  of  interesting  science.   They  tell  you  how  much  weight  you  can  lift.     I  can  lift  75kg.    There  was  a  bike  that  you  have  to  race  your  friend  and  I   beat  my  friend.  The  best  place  was  the  science  playground.     By  Alexander                      

Science  Playground  

By Gorden     My    best    playground  is  the  Science    playground    because    we     could    play    many    things    that    I    like.    Did    you    know    my    best     playground    is    something    that    only    two    people  can    play?     First  you  need    to    go    up,    and    the  thing  will  pull  you  up  and     you  need    to    slide  down.  One    other  thing    you  need  is  to    sit     up  to  this    chair    and    other    people    will    turn    and    you    will  feel     like    you    are  dead.    I    think    only    these    two  things  are  so  good     and    funny.                          

Science playground So far I think the science playground was the most awesome exhibit in the science museum. Really, it was awesome..... mind-blowing


I think it was the best because we could try lifting up a car!!!!!!!! I couldn’t do it. I also thought my bones were going to break!!! I lifted 352 kg. We also had to pick a gigantic ball up with a crane for 20 seconds. I was thinking “Wow!” “This ball is as big as 2 of me!!!!!!!

Since we took balls and balanced them on air, I thought it was great so I tried it too. You had to push buttons to turn the air on. That is why I liked the science museum the most.

By: ayden emmerson smith                          

SCIENCE  PLAYGROUND     By:Bill                     I  liked  the  science  playground.  It  is  awesome  and  crazy,  like  the   amusement  park.     I  liked  the  pulley  that  could  pull  a  500  pound  car,  and  it  is  crazy!  I   can  lift  it.  You  know  that  a  kindergartener  can  lift  it.   The  ball  thing  is  so  cool,  as  it  shows  which  angle  is  best  to  roll   down  and  the  bending  angle  is  slower  than  the  straight  one.   Also  the  beach  ball  is  a  ball  floating  on  a  blowing  machine.   Balance  the  ball  on  the  machine  for25  seconds  and  you’re  done.   The  science  playground  is  brilliant  and  fantastic.                          

First Field  Trip  at  H.I.S       On  Thursday,  May  1st,  we  went  to  the  Taipei  National  Education   center.  My  favorite  exhibit  was  the  5th  floor’s  Science  playground.  My   brother  and  I  had  a  lot  of  fun  there.    

The  first  reason  I  like  it  is  because  there’s  an  angle  slide.  First,  the   angle  slide  will  be  0°.  Then,  it’ll  become  27°  and  we’ll  slide  down.  There   can  only  be  2  people  sitting  on  there.     Another  reason  I  Iiked  the  science  playground  is  because  I  can   play  with  the  beach  ball.  That’s  a  silver  ball  made  of  metal  machine  and   there  is  2  buttons.  We  pressed  the  button  and  there  was  wind  to  blow   the  beach  ball  up.  It  didn’t  even  fall  down  once!     The  last  reason  I  liked  it  was  because  I  could  lift  a  little  bit  of  a  500   kg  car!  There’s  a  500  kg  car  and  a  rope,  and  you  have  to  pull  the  rope   until  there’s  the  red  line  and  the  red  light  comes  out!     Because  there  were  lots  of  fun  things  and  games,  my  favorite   exhibit  is  the  science  playground!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     BY  :HANNAH                

Science Playground   Opinion:  I  think  the  Science  playground  was  the  best  exhibit  in  the  field  trip.   Reason  1:  Because  we  got  to  race  our  partner,  and  I  beat  my  classmate.  If  I  tried  the  hard  one  I  would  still   win.   Reason  2:  Because  I  got  to  slide  down  at  an  angle,  and  I  slid  down  at  50  degrees.  I  slid  down  later  than  my     partners.   Reason  3:  Because  I  got  to  blow  up  a  beach-­‐ball.  Mine  blew  for  ten  seconds  and  I  got  3  points.   Conclusion:  I  think  the  Science  playground  was  the  best  and  I  wish  I  could  go  again.



Science Playground   By  Julia-­‐Mona  Dimitrov    

I  think  I  liked  the  Science  Playground  the  most.  I  mean  did  you  see  how  fun  it   was?   I  think  the  Science  Playground  was  the  best  because  you  got  to  pull  the  car.  I  think   I  pulled  about  500  pounds.  I  did  it  all  by  my  self.   Since  the  Science  Playground  lets  you  go  down  something  a  bit  like  a  slide.  It  was   really  fun  but  I  could  only  go  down  it  3or  4  times.   I  also  think  the  Science  Playground  was  the  best  because  I  got  to  go  on  a  bike  race   on  a  bumpy  surface.  I  did  not  race  anyone,  but  it  was  still  fun.   Therefore  I  think  the  Science  Playground  was  the  best.  The  other  exhibits  were   good  but  not  as  good  as  the  Science  Playground.                          

Science    Playground   By:Shin   I  liked  the  Science  Playground  the  most  in  the  Taipei  International   Education  Science  Museum,  because  I  liked  the  Flying  balance  thingy.   If  you  ride  and  turn  yourself  you  will  almost  fly  in  the  air  and  almost  bump  in  the  wall.     I  Also  liked  the  Gravity  head  down  seat.     First  you  sit  on  the  seat.   Then  someone  will  push  the  seat.   Third  you  go  fly  in  the  air.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.     I  liked  the  bicycle  race.   I  raced  with  my  friend.   It  was  bumpy  and  round.   The  tire  was  square.       Lastly,  I  liked  the  Science  playground  the  most  because  it  was  awesome!  


Trip in  Taipei   On  Field  trip  my  favorite  place  was  the  world  of  math.   When  I  went  inside  it  was  AMAZING  and  I  couldn’t  believe  it.  I   have  a  reason  why  I  liked  it.  I  will  tell  you  why.   One  reason  is  that  one  is  straight  and  half  of  the  circle.   It  was  so  amazing  that  I  couldn’t  believe  my  eyes,  and  it  was  cool.   Another  reason  is  that  when  I  touched  the  big  sphere  that  has   lightning  it  almost  touched  me  and  it  was  so  scary  that  I  almost  jumped.   Last  reason  is  that  when  you  press  the  button,  the  ring  will  go   around  the  rope,  and  it  Tickled  me  pink.   So  I  like  the  world  of  math.  I  want  to  go  there  again!!       By  Taichi                

Science Playground VERONICA I think that the science playground was the best place. The science playground had some unusual things like an electronic slide. You could imagine my classmates are kind of arguing to go first on the slide. It seemed like 2 minutes to get to the slide because 2 people could be seated at 1 time.

When you press a button the slide

(part) will automatically go to a 30 degree angle.

I rode an interesting bicycle. The wheels are square

instead of circular. We needed to ride on bumpy surfaces so the bicycle could move. Otherwise, you needed a lot of pressure to move the bicycle a tiny bit. I wish that everywhere in the science playground had bumpy surfaces so I could ride the bicycle anywhere I want. I played a kind of beach ball filled with different colors. My friend put it in a kind of leaf blower. It seemed like it wass floating like a ghost! Then we learned something…Pressure pushes the ball up, when it gets far away from the leaf.

Science Playground   By  Wilbur   The  science  playground  is  the  best  because  I  got  to  play  a  lot  in  there  like  the  square  bicycle  and  other   fun  stuff.  We  also  pull  up  a  car  and  it  was  fun.  We  had  so  much  fun  today  on  the  field  trip  and  we  also   threw  the  ball  in  the  science  playground.  It  was  fun.  The  reason  why  I  liked  the  science  playground  so   much  was  because  we  could  play  in  the  science  playground  spinning  chair.    It  was  fun  too.     It  was  great!  I  had  a  fun  day  on  Thursday  when  we  went  to  the  Taipei  museum,  it  is  a  lot  of  fun.  WHAT   was  great  in  the  science  playground  is  we  get  to  see  a  balllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll                              

Science Playground  

bY    Antonio    

I  liked      the  science      playground        the  best  because      we       could        play    on    the        slide.       We      can      pull        the  car      and    the  car      was          so        heavy.    We       play  on  the    bicycles    that      are      so        hard        ride        because      the   wheels      are      square.   We    need      to    let    the      ball    fly  ,  so    I      liked      science       playground.                              

The Science  Play  Ground   By:  Phionna  Ng   On  Thursday,  May  1st,  we  went  to  Taipei  International  science  museum.  I   liked  the  play  ground  center  the  most  because  it  is  fun.     I  liked  the    play  ground  because  I  got  to  play  on  a  slide  many,  many  times   and  it  was  so  fun  and  cool.  It  was  very  steep  and  I  still  can  hold  it  for  a  while   and  I  slid  down.   I  also  liked  the  play  ground  I  got  to  pull  a  car  that  is  about  500kg  but  I  could   only  pull  300kg  of  the  car.  It  was  cool  that  I  could  pull  so  much.   I  liked  the  play  ground  because  I  could  ride  a  bicycle  with  Veronica.    Veronica  won,  and  I  was  a  little  sad  but  it  was  very  fun.   That’s  why  I  liked  the  play  ground  the  most.  I  enjoyed  the  slide    most  of  all.       The  end  

Science Playground   By:Shunta   Everything  was  fun  but  my  favorite  thing  was  the  Science  playground,  because  I  got  to  play  with   the  Iron  slide.  The  slide  was  so  fun  to  play  with  so  I  wanted  this  slide.  The  first  reason  it  was   very  fun  is  since  I  ride  a  square  tire  bicycle  I  won  a  race  with  Taichi,  so  I  was  very  happy.  Next  I   pulled  a  car  and  I  had  to  pull  it  with  a  rope  and  hold  it  until  351  kg.  It  was  super  super   ssssssuuuuuuppppppeeeeeerrrrrr  hheeaavvyy.  Reason  3  is  because  I  got  to  blow  a  beach  ball   up  in  50  seconds  and  I  really  did  blow  it  until  50  seconds.  Reason  4  it  was  good  is  because  I   pulled  a  thing  and  it  was  a  pretty  heavy  light  green  ball  and  I  caught  it  with  a  machine.  Reason  5   is  since  I  also  moved  the  bicycle  tire  and  I  think  it  weighed  like  15  kg.  So  I  almost  let  it  fall.  So  I   enjoyed  everything  in  Science  playground  so  you  should  go  to  T.N.S.E.C.  in  Taipei.                                

Science playground   By  Maria  Takahara   I  think  I  liked  science  playground  a  lot!  I  wish  that  everywhere   would  be  like  the  science  playground!   I  liked  it  because  it  had  an  electricity  panel!  When  I  put  my   hands  on  the  panel  I  thought  that  I  was  controlling  the   electricity  (It  hurt  my  hands  a  bit)!   The  fun  thing  was  that  Moe  &  I  took  a  shadow  picture!  I  was  in     super  awe!     The  funniest  thing  was  that  we  pulled  the  car!  I  thought  I  was  a   strong  person!   That’s  why  I  liked  the  science  play  ground!      


Science Playground   By:  Moe     Did  you  go  to  the  National  Science-­‐  Museum?  There  are  many   exhibits.  I  like  all  of  them,  but  I  liked  Science  Playground  the  most!     I  always  had  something  to  do!  We  didn’t  just  read  or  listen…  We   pushed  buttons,  pulled  something,  and  there  were  other  things  we   could  do.  It  was  SOOO  much  fun  in  there!     Also,  we  could  lift  the  car  if  you  pulled  the  rope.  I  tried  with  my   friends.  Can  I  pull  it?  I  thought.  We  pulled  and  pulled  and  pulled  and   pulled…  The  car  started  to  fly.  We  did  it!!  “We  lifted  up  the  car!”  I  said.  I   was  SO  surprised  and  happy!     Another  reason  I  liked  the  Science  Playground  is  that  I  raced  by   riding  a  bicycle.                                        

Grade 3 at the science center  
Grade 3 at the science center