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Grade 2 Personal Narratives            

Going to  the  zoo  for  sleep  over!!!  

By Anita   When  we  are  driving  to  the  zoo  it  took  an  hour  and  I  got  car  sick  and  I  felt  that  I’m  getting  dizzy.  But  I  was  so   exited  so  I  just  didn’t  think  about.  When  we  were  in  the  zoo  I  was  really  nervous  because  it  was  all  dark.   When  we  were  there  it  was  summer  so  it  was  very  hot  but  there  were  little  winds  blowing  at  us  so  it  was  not,   really  really  hot.    And  we  didn’t  need  to  sleep  on  the  floor  we  can  sleep  in  the  zoo’s  house  when  we  looked   out  of  the  window  we  can  see  lot’s  of  animals.  We  can  even  feed  animals,  in  the  zoo.  We  can  also  learn  and   see  baby  animals.  The  baby  animals  are  nervous  but  they  still  look  really  cute.  I  saw  a  gorilla.    The  gorilla  was   very  funny  but  I  hate  gorillas.  When  we  went  home  there  were  chickens  on  the  road  so  my  dad  got  out  of  the   car  and  tried  to  shoo  them  away.    When  we  went  home  mom  bought  a  new  dog  for  me,  I  named  him  Cherry.   He  was  good,  smart,  funny,  and  cute!  I  can’t  wait  to  go  back  to  the  zoo  again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The                        End!                      

Halloween By  Ashley  

What is  your  favorite  holiday?  I  really  like  Halloween.  Last  year  Halloween  was  so   fun.      We  walked  on      a  yellow      line  to  show  off  our  costumes.  Then  we  sang  a   song  called,  Morris  the  Little  Spider.    It  was  fun  and  when  we  finished  everyone   clapped.  Then  we  went  to  get  candy  from  other  classes.  I  got  a  couple  pieces  of   chocolate  and  I  thought  it  was  a  little  too  sweet.    We  also  played  some  Halloween   games  where  we  all  had  a  real  pumpkin  and  we  cut  it  and  we  counted  who  has   the  most  seeds  in  the  pumpkin.  We  had  about  32  seeds,  we  didn’t  win  but  it  was   fun.    When  we  played  games  we  ate  some  candy  at  the  same  time.  Do  you  know   why  I  choose  Halloween?  Because  it  is  fun  and  interesting  to  write  about.  My   favorite      candy  is  the  ring.  I  was  dressed  like  a  princess.  My    mom    was    dressed     like    a    witch    and    my    dad    dressed    like    a    spider.    It  was  October  31.  It  was  very   cold.  I  felt  very  interested  in  all  the  activities.  I  can’t  wait  for  the  next  Halloween.                                                                              

Disneyland Have  you  ever  been  to  Disney  Land  before?    Well  I  have!    When  I  got   there,  there  was  a  garden  with  Mickey  Mouse’s  face!  My  family   checked  in  and  I  took  a  few  pictures  with  Aladdin  and  Jasmine.  After   that,  my  brother  and  I  wanted  to  play  with  the  water  fountain.  Then,   my  Dad  and  I  took  a  scary  roller  coster  with  real  bats,  caves  of  gold,  and   dinosaur  bones!    I  wanted  to  go  again,  but  Dad  said  that  we  needed  to   pick  up  my  brother  &  mom.  They  were  waiting  for  us  at  Dumbo’  s  roller   coaster.    After  we  were  together  again,  we  went  to  look  at  Harry  Potter   clothes.  Then,  we  went  to  a  Disney  Land  restaurant.  We  shared  some   lemonade  &  spaghetti.  After  lunch,  we  got  our  face  painted,  played   Dumbo  again,  got  a  spooky  safari  adventure,  played  a  boring  merry  go  a   round,  road  warrior  trucks,  played  shooting  balls  in  the  ball  pit,  went  on   a  pirate  water  roller  coaster  &  got  a  few  signatures  from  Mickey,   Donald,  Miney,  Goofy  and  Pluto.  When  we  were  finished  playing  the   games,  it  was  night.  After  a  few  seconds  I  got  a  huge  headache  because   loud  horns  blasted.  They  were  popping  my  ears  off!  They  were  having  a   parade!  I  saw  bubbles  &  fireworks.  After  the  parade,  I  bought  an  Ariel   set  &  went  home  on  the  Disney  Land  bus.  I  flopped  on  the  bed  when   we  got  home.  I  had  such  a  fun  day!  I  felt  so  happy!  It  was  all  thanks  to   my  parents.  Would  YOU  like  to  go  to  Disney  Land?   By  Ashley  W  

My Birthday   When  it    was  my    

birthday    I    told      my    friends  to  come    to      my        

home  then      they      come    and      give    me      a      present.  They  gave  me  

Lego Star  Wars,  Lolly  Pops  and  a  yo-­‐yo.  I  felt  extremely   happy.                                                                                                                                        

Then      we      ate      pizza        and      chicken.    When      we      finished          eating       our        food        we      went      out        then      played        some        games.  We   played  mushroom  tag  and  another  game  where  we  ran  around.          

Then    we    w

ent    inside        and        played          

Lego    and      some      board        games.    But  the  people      that  were   playing      with  Lego  said      “I      want      to  be  Luke      Skywalker”.      So      they       all  were  fighting.      I  said  don’t  fight  and  lets  go  out  and  play        another         game.      So      I        asked        my            mom        “May        I          play        computer           games?”    “NO!”      Mom      said.    Then  it  was  time  to        go.  I        said      “bye       bye.”      Suddenly        my        dad        come        and        said        ‘I      have        present           for        you.        “Thank        you.”      I  said.      This      is        why        I        like        my         birthday  and  I  can’t  wait  until  my  next  birthday  on  May  15th.       By  Chris  

The Spelling  Bee   By  Duncan  

Have    you  ever    done    spelling    bee    before?  Then  come  and  take  a  look     at    how    to    do    it.  First    we    go    up    to    the    stage,  and    then    you     spell     the    words      that    the    teachers    say.  There  will  be    three    winners.    First     we    have    a    paper    of    the    spelling    words    .    then    when    you    are     finished    ,    you    are    ready      to    go    on    the    stage    .    There      lot      of   parents  and  children    there    .    I    only    spell    one    wrong    ,    but    I    got    the     third    winner    .    I    was    in    grade    1    ,    but    we    had    grade    2    words    .    The   grade  2  words  are    not    very    hard    .    I    spell    the    grade    2    words    like    :     island    and    reptile    .    I    wish    I    have    spelling    bee    every    day    .    I  want  to   win    a    spelling    bee    now    .        


Lala   On  Sunday  we  to  buy    a  pet.I  picked  out  a  rabbit     nameLaLa  I  like  she  very  much.LaLa  is  feel  sad  my   Birthday  gift.My  rabbit  cloer  isblue  and  wite  spot.2/7   date.Weather  is  Snow.My  house  is  in  Japan.I  because   LaLa  is  lost.Iy  is  a  baby  rabbit.   By  Heather    


Recess Time!    

I like  to  play  with  the  chalk  and     nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo  soccer  game.     Playing  chalk  games  are  very   fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.  I  play   the  chalk  game  with  Shido,  William  and  Takahiro.  I  think   recess  class  is  a  lonnnnnnnnggggggggg  time.  I’m  so  happy   at  recess.     My  favorite  class  is  Mr.  burt`s  class(P.E.  and  computer)and   Mr.  Cotter`s  class(ESL).   My  favorite  classes  to  play  are  soccer,  P.E.  and  computer.   By  Hyeon  woo  


Writing My Poem About Jungmin, My Sister                Can  you  imagine  what  this  story  is  about?   I  think  this  story  is  the  best  story  ever!   This  story  is  about  writing  my  poem.   It  was  October  2  and  there  was  my  classmates  and  Mr.  Anderson.   It  was  windy.  It  was  1:30  in  the  afternoon.  It  was  in  the  playground.   I  cried  because  I  bumped  my  head  when  I  was  on  the  climbing  bar.   So,  I  mean  I  fell  down  when  I  was  trying  a  new  thing,  so  I  cried.   When  everybody  was  reading,  (except  Mr.  Anderson)  I  sneezed  a  lot.   And  Mr.  Anderson  was  talking,  so  I  listened  carefully.   “Stop  reading,  everybody.  I  want  you  guys  to  write  15  minutes,  and   write  poems.  For  example,  I  like  basketball  basketball  basketball.  Like   this.  You  don’t  need  to  write  many  rhyming  words.”   I  woke  up.   I  walked  to  Mr.  Anderson’s  desk.   I  asked.   “What  can  I  do  now?”  

“You can  write  poems.”  

Yipee! I  was  so  glad  that  I  can  write  poems,  too!  

But…….. It  didn’t  take  long  about  my  feeling.   Because  I  should  think  what  the  poem  is  about.   Phew………   And  I  thought  and  thought.   I  thought  very  very  very  veeeeeeeeeeery  hard.   And  do  you  know  what  was  gonna  write  it?   It  is………….   My  sister,  


And………………………….. I  should  think  again,  because  if  I  don’t  know  what  I’ll  write,  then!!!!   I  can’t  write  about  

Jungmin ,  of  course  about  other  things  like  

the second  grade!!!!!!   But………….   I  get  it!!!!   So  I  wrote  quickly,  because  I  should  write  quickly  about  my  feelings.  

<My Lovely  Sister>   Lovely  Lovely  Lovely  Sister   Sister  helps  me  Homework  Lovely  Lovely  Sister   If  I’m  crying  always  helps  me  Sister.   Sometime  funny  sometime  smart  I  love  you  Sister!!!!!!   Lovely  Lovely  Lovely  Sister   If  I  give  sister  a  mat,  she  will  give  me  a  cat.   A  cat  and  a  mat.   I  love  my  sister.   GOOD  OLD  Sister   Phew………….that’s  my  poem.   Poems  are  killing  me.   I  was  so  tired  that  I  wanted  to  DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!   When  I  was  walking  to  Mr.  Anderson’s  desk,  suddenly……  

Ashley W.  said  “May  I  see?  May  I  see?  Please~~~~~~~Lovely  Lo…”   “

Don’t look!’’

I cried.   And  Mr.  Anderson  asked.   “What’s  going  on?’’   “Oh,  here  you  are!  Can  you  check  my  poem??’’  

“Of  course!!!”   And  quickly  read  (Ashley  W  read  it  too):                                                      “  <My  Lovely  Sister>   Lovely  Lovely  Lovely  Sister   Sister  If  I’m  crying  always  help  me,Sister.   Sometimes  funny  sometimes  smart  I  love  you  Sister!!!   Lovely  Lovely  Sister   If  I  give  sister  mat,  she  will  give  me  a  cat.   Cat  and  a  mat.   I  love  my  sister.   GOOD  OLD  Sister   Wow.  That’s  a  great  poem!!!!”  Mr.  Anderson  said.     I  learned  that  making  poems  is  very  fun.   I  was  glad,  and  happy.   And  next  morning,  he  asked  “May  I  put  this  up?”   I  said  yes,  and  that  made  me  excited.  I  love  writing  poems.        

By: Jungwon

About my  Mom   Do  you  care  about  your  mom?  Well  let’s  see.  I  started  caring  for  my  mom  when  I   was  5  years  old.  I  started  with  making  cards  and  buying  roses.  I  love  my  mom   more  than  my  dad.  When  I  grew  bigger,  I  continued  to  buy  roses  and  making   cards  for  my  mom.  I  also  started  to  get  prizes  for  my  mom.  My  dad  would  take  me   to  the  store  to  buy  these  things.  And  sometimes  I’m  too  lazy  to  make  any  cards  or   songs.  So  I  don’t  worry  about  it.    I  only  make  cards  and  buy  roses  on  my  moms   Birthday,  Mother’s  Day,  and  Valentines  Day.  I  get  to  choose  the  decorations  on   the  roses.  In  September  I  bought  nail  polish,  blush,  and  primer  to  give  to  my  mom   and  that  made  her  very  happy.  I  was  so  proud  of  myself.     When  my  mom  is  out  I  make  cards  and  snowflakes  out  of  old  stuff  to  give  her.   And  finally  I  always  get  a  kiss  and  a  hug.  This  make  me  feel  loved  by  my  mom.    


Toroko Gorge     I  am  going  to  tell  you  about  the  coolest  place  EVER!  It  is  Toroko  Gorge.  I’m    going  to  tell  you  what  I  did   now.  First  I  hopped  in  the  car.  It  was  a  5  hour  drive!    I  was  so  carsick  I  wanted  to  puke.  I  really  wanted  to   just  jump  out  of  the  car,  but  luckily  I  didn’t  puke.  I  was  laughing  with  joy  when  I  got  out  of  the  car.  We   were  with  the  Bogles  .  I  was  so  so  happy  and  tired,  my  family  and  friends  were  so  tuckered  out  that  we   wanted  to  take  a  nap.  In  the  hotel  it  was  nice,  it  even  had  toothbrushes  and  floossers.    I  was    so   delighted  that  I  was  almost  screaming  !  I  was  galloping  all  over.    I  said  I  am  so  glad  to  be  here.  My  friend   Lucie  had  an  iPad  of  her  own;  we  were  playing  a  whole  bunch  on  it.  Ashley’s  friend  Lydia  was  having  a   very  fun  time  with  her.    It  was  Monday  when  we  left  for  Toroko  Gorge.  It  was  sunny  outside.  We  were   happy.  It  was  summer.  I  was  wearing  a  T  shirt  and  shorts.    It  was  September  30th  my  little  brothers   birthday.  He  got  his  presents  in  the  morning.  The  next  day  we  went  on  2  hikes,  they  were  so  fun.  On  the   first  hike  the  whole  time  I  was  saying  OH  YAH!  The  next  day  we  swam  a  whole  bunch.  Then  we  hopped   in  the  car  and  drove  for  5  hours  AGAIN!  I  was  sad  to  leave.  So  have  you  been  to  Toroko  Gorge  or  not   cause  I  have?                                                                                                                                                          


Christmas By Kristopher Do you like Christmas? I think it is the coolest thing ever! My mom takes me to a store. I go into the store and then I saw a game that is so cool. I played the game and it is so cool and fun I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to go home. My mom said I have to go home so I am very mad at my mom. My mom said we have to eat lunch. So I ate my lunch and my lunch was so yummy and I ate one more. I am so fat. I forgot what I had for lunch but it was delicious. After lunch my mom took me home to sleep in my bed to take a nap. When I woke up I played with my brother at my home. I told him about the game I played earlier. He asked me where I said I went to when I played that game which was so cool. I bought a toy for him because he did not go. Next time I will take him. At 6.00pm my family ate dinner on Christmas day and I am so happy because I can eat Christmas dinner. I ate my dinner and I took my gift and I opened it. It was a toy car and I was so happy I had anew toy car. When I finished my dinner I ran down to play with my new toy car. My car is so fun and I share it with my brother. Then I said this toy is very fun. My brother opened his gift and his gift was a plane. My brother shared his toy with me. When we finished playing we all went to our own room. We took a bath then we went to sleep. We are so happy about Christmas. Â

Soccer By  Shido   I  played  the  soccer  game  with  Yu  and   Sawa.   Playing  the  game  was  very  fun.     Sawa,  Yu  and  I  played  the  soccer  game   on  the  same  team.  We  won  the  game.     I  played  the  goalie.     I  like  soccer  game.    


Trip to Japan Every summer I go to Japan. Last summer I went with my mom and dad. First I got in a car and I was on my way to the airport. Then I got out of the car. Then I got on an airplane. I like to go on airplanes because it swings. When I’m on an airplane I like to watch TV. When I got to Fukuoka we landed and went to a train station then we got on a train and went to the hotel. When I got to the hotel I put my bag down and went down stairs because think I need to eat something. I felt very happy. The next day we went to ride a bike in the mountains. It was a little bit hard because we had to ride up a mountain. I think it is a good place for camping so I took the tent out then it is evening then I go in to tent then the next day I came backk on a airplane to Taiwan. I can’t wait until I go back to Japan again.


                                                                                                                         By  Takahiro          

Fairy princess I’m a fairy princess because I like a fairy princess and a pretty dress and a pretty crown And they have wings and a pretty jewel. And I like the beautiful magic because it can make something that is shiny. I can make shiny pink shoes. I have pretty makeup, beautiful lipstick and pretty sunglasses. I’m going to sing a fame song to Kaylee, Yebin and Mr. Anderson. I will sing on April 19th. It will be my fabulous birthday party.

By Tae  Min    

When I  went  to  Thailand   By  William   Have  you  ever  been  to  Thailand  before?  Well  I  have.  We  got  on  the  airplane  in  Taiwan  to  fly  there  and   we  got  robot  sticker,  which  I  really  liked.    We  got  out  from  the  plane  and    we  go  to  do  some  things.  First   we  went  to  eat  at  a  restaurant.    Do  you  know  what  Thailand  people  eat?  Fish    scales!  When  we  finished   eating  we  had  a  tiny  playtime  with  my  toys.      When  it’s  time  to  go  shopping  my  brother  and  I    kept   whining  saying  I  don’t  want  to  go,  I  don’t  want  to  go  but  our  parent’s  say  just  go  so  we  just    went.    Do   you  know  when  we  went  back  to  the  hotel?  Well  it  was  very  late,  this  is  what  we  did.  At  night  time  my   mom  dad  brother  and  I  got  on  a  very  big  boat  and  we  ate  things  on  the  boat  and  we  even  took  a  picture   outside.  When  we  got  off  the  boat  we  walked  back  to  the  hotel  and  slept.  The  next  day  we  ate  our   breakfast  and  we  ate  cereal.  Then  we  changed  our  clothes  and  went  shopping  again,  the  shopping  was   so  boring,  a  few  minutes  later  my  dad  saw  an  ipad  store  then  we  saw  it  too.  We  raced  ahead.  It  felt  very   boring.  I  want  to  go  back  but  I  don’t  want  to  go  shopping.      



When  I    Go    Camping     First  we  got  things  ready    with  mom  dad.Next  we  drive  a   car  to  go  camping.  Last  had  fun  take  a  picture  of  animals     and  got  thing  ready  and  go  home.The  best  thing  is  to  go   camping.  All  day  you  be  out  side  and  for  the  first  ever  go   camping  will  fun  I  feel  good  and  look  very  good  some   time  my  dad  will  be  happy  when  camping.I  went  I  was  6   years  old.Do  you  like  friend  I  feel  very  good  when  I  go   camping  .    

  By  Winston          

My Birthday   Do  you  like  birthday  parties?  I  want  to  tell  about  my  birthday    party.    

My birthday  is  January  17th  which  is  in  the  winter  time.                                                                                                         My  mom,  dad,  sister  and  I  went  to  a  Korean  restaurant.                                                                                                     My  dad  bought  the  food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The  food  tasted  good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My  family  sang  the  happy  birthday  song.                                                                                                                                                   I’m  so  happy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I  blew  out  the  candles.  There  were  eight  of  them  because  I  am  eight   years  old.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   My  family  ate  the  cake.                                                                                                                                                                                                               I  like  my  birthday!  ^^*                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I  can’t  wait  until  my  next  birthday.  I  want  to  have  a  party  with  my   second  grade  class  and  eat  cake  and  have  extra  recess.    

By  Yebin  


My name  is  Yu.   I  am  from    japan.   I  am  seven  years  old.   My  favorite    color  is  purple.   I  have  two    sisters    their  names  are  Sawa  and   miwa.   My  best  frisnd  is  shido.   I  like  math  class  and  P.E  and  computer.  


I like  dogs  and  cats!  

Grade 2 pn'  
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