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Giant Panda The animal I chose to research is the Panda, which is a Giant Panda. I chose the giant panda because it is an endangered animal. It is a mammal.

What is a mammal? A mammal is an animal that…… • *has hair or fur • *makes milk to feed its young • *use lungs to breathe • *body temperature does not change when it is hot or cold • *born alive

Where we could find giant panda?

We can only find the Giant Panda in China. (AND THERE ONLY 1,600 GIANT PANDAS IN THIS WORLD! OH, NO!!!!!!!)

How does Giant panda moves?

It uses feet and hands.

It is covered with….. • It’s covered with black and white fur.

How it’s adapted? It’s adapted by climbing up the trees.

Three interesting facts about Giant Pandas are‌..

1)Giant Pandas may live to be up to 30 years old in captivity. 2) Giant Pandas weigh between 165 and 300 pounds (75 and 136 kilograms). 3) Habitat loss by logging is the largest threat to giant pandas today.

*Facts* 1) It not only lives on the ground. It can climb the trees. (They protect themselves by climbing trees.) 2) There are pink when they born. 3) They eat fish, bamboo leaves and stems. 4) They eat with their back teeth very often.

Why I Like Giant Panda? olls! d a d n a p 2 e v it. So I ha e k li I d n a e It is cut

Thank Y ou For li stening.

* ^ . ^ * n o w g n u J : BY

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Giant panda  
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