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Episode 3 When Empire Kills Everyone. Do you know that Kit Fisto is an alien and he is very strong? I like Kit Fisto because he is strong, powerful and tall. He is also a lizard. My story takes place in space. In space you can float and it very dangerous because ships will attack you so good guys use ships too. They have to save the galaxy. The Death star is very dangerous, because if the Death Star sees the good guy’s ships they will attack them and most likely you will die. The light side tried to destroy the Death Star but lots of light side people died. The light side tried their best and finally they destroyed the Death Star. During the battle Kitfisto died and everyone was angry. Now Darth Vader said “I want to be on the dark side.” Then Luke was born and everyone was happy to see Luke. Obiwan was very happy because he had one Jedi Apprentice now, so Obiwan taught Luke how to be a Jedi. Luke became the strongest Jedi in the galaxy.

A Story by Alexander  

Story by alexander

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