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I’m rare

By Jungmin and Rachel

• Kind of big cats • Live in mountain of Asia

• Type: Mammal • Diet: Carnivore • Size: 4 to 5 ft(1.2 to 1.5m),tail 36in (91cm) • Weight: 60 to 120 lbs(27 to 54 kg)

• Base color: smoky gray to yellowish tan • Fur: long thick fur • Patterns: dark gray to black open rosettes on their body.

Small and rounded



Snow leopard

Where in the world does snow leopard live ? • Snow leopards can be found in the mountain region of 12 Central and South Asian countries.

What type of environment do snow leopards live in? • Snow leopards live at high altitude (usually between 3,000 and 5,500 meters above sea level) ,in the cold , high, rocky mountains

Why do snow leopards live in this type of environment? • Snow leopards have better adaptations to the cold, and better adaptation to the unstable rocky terrain.

What type of home do snow leopards have? • Rocky ledges and caves.

What does snow leopard eat? • Snow leopards eat wild sheep, deer, and goats. They also eat smaller animals, such as marmots, rabbits, and birds.

Where does snow leopard get its food? Is it a consumer or producer? • snow leopards get their food by hunting for it like any other animal in the wild. They also find dead animal bodies. • snow leopards are carnivorous cats and they are consumers.

What are the reasons there are low numbers of snow leopards?

• Human is the main reason that snow leopards are endangered.

Became endangered animal list from 1972 by IUCN.

Many local government setup treaties and laws for protecting snow leopard.

Private conservation Agencies do various research for preserving snow leopard.

What are ways children can care for the Earth and endangered species? You can do lots of good things for the earth. Here are ideas to keep in mind.

Snow leopard sound

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Snow Leopard  

Endangered Species

Snow Leopard  

Endangered Species