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Animal Research Project The animal I chose to research is the Black Rhinoceroses .


It is a mammal. They are born alive. A mammal is an animal that has hair or fur, makes milk to feed its young, uses lungs to breathe, and their body temperature does not change when it’s hot or cold.

ď‚—They live in Africa

Theyuse legstomove.

 It’ s body is covered with dry skin and hair.

ď‚— It has adapted by having 2 big horns so they

can protect themselves against lions.

ď‚— Black rhinos use the bigger of 2 horns on

there noses as a weapon in a fight. They can’t see well. Rhinos and have keen senses of smell and hearing.

ď‚—I like this animal

because they have 2 big horns.



Black rhino  
Black rhino