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Animal Research Project Beaver

Mammal • A mammal is an animal that has hair or fur, makes milk to feed young, use lungs to breathe, body temperature does not change when hot or cold and is born a live.

Beaver live in‌ • Beavers live in the water in North America.

• The parts of its body it uses to move are its feet and tail.


Hair and fur cover its body

It has adapted by growing big teeth to cut down trees.

Three interesting facts about this animal are…

• 1)Beavers are powerful swimmers that can swim under water for up to 15 minutes • 2)Beavers live and work together mate for life. • 3)The beaver slaps its tail hard against the water as a warning to other animals that want to eat it.

I like the animal because‌

I like the animal because beaver teeth are cute and tail is cute.

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Animal research project beaver  
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