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The Bear As a Bronco | School Work | Pages 1 - 5


The course work was centered around creating our own business and completing certifications that would help it succeed. Jordan created an app called “HuddleUp”, which can be used to create or join pickup games near you in under 2 minutes. Through the class, Jordan gained certifications in: • Google Analytics • Google AdWords • Google Search and Display Networks • Hubspot Email Marketing • Facebook and Instagram Advertising


Through Digital Marketing with Brad Weigle- Fall 2017

The Problem HuddleUp Solves: The problem that exists for people who like to play sports seriously or casually is trying to plan pickup games. It often becomes time consuming and frustrating when trying to coordinate various busy schedules.

How HuddleUp Solves the Problem: The solution the app provides is that it allows you to create or join pickup games easily and quickly. By either posting available spots in your game or filling a spot in someone else’s game, you can enjoy the sports you love stressfree. I anticipate a large demand for the app which will change how people play sports.

Target Audience: Men and women between the ages of 16-22. People in this age range are the most likely to be interested in pickup games. They have a lot of energy and not a lot of demands (such as a spouse, kids, fulltime job). HuddleUp is meant to be similar to intramural sports in college, but without the hassle of planning or multiple week commitments.

Costs: Free for a one month trial, then increases to $4.99 per month subscription. This pricing model is ideal because the user’s habit of using the app to create and join pickup games will lead them to pay the $4.99 per month subscription once the trial period is up.

To overcome any potential reluctance with the subscription cost of the app (since a lot of apps are free), HuddleUp will market it as the cost of one Starbucks coffee or the cost of a Little Caesar’s pizza.

Marketing: Marketing is focused on social media, through Facebook and Instagram advertisements as well as through influencers.

Facebook and Instagram are the best channels for promoting to the target market of men and women ages 16-22 because they spend so much time on the two apps. Instagram advertisements will be particularly effective, since the advertising market is still relatively unsaturated. Influencers will be effective in promoting HuddleUp because their followers are loyal fans who will pay attention to the content they produce. Put simply, influencers break through the advertising clutter since their personal brand is trusted.

HuddleUp Top 10 Contests:

Basketball In The Park Email Marketing:

Users will be tasked to upload a highlight from a pickup game (think SportsCenter’s Top 10). If the clip is in the ten most viewed HuddleUp contest videos at the end of the month (use #huddleuptop10) the user wins $100.

The email will describe a HuddleUp basketball tournament at a local park. The goal of this is to regain the interest of HuddleUp users who haven’t used the app in awhile.

This will retain engagement amongst HuddleUp’s users, as they will want to win the contest. Also, by conducting the contest on social media, HuddleUp will increase its presence. Since the videos will be user generated, they will break through the advertising “noise”.

This will work because it is a new offering that users haven’t seen before. If users stopped logging into getting on the app due to boredom, this will reignite interest. If they stopped because they got busy, they will make time for this rare, one-time event.

Enjoy pickup games without the hassle of planning. Create or join a game in less than 2 minutes!


National Student Advertising Competition In the National Student Advertising Competition, students form teams of talented people who are then taken under the wing of a local marketing expert. Through many hours of work, some frustration and a ton of learning, they form a full marketing campaign. This includes a plan book and formal presentation to a panel of judges. This year, Boise State’s NSAC team developed solutions for Ocean Spray.

Goals: Generate at 7%+ increase in brand equity among millennials aged 24-34 and showcase how our campaign will grow household penetration by 0.5% among millennials over 2 years. During the process, Jordan was... 1. Elected Vice President 2. Chosen to be both a creative and work in account services 3. A self-starter in creating the group Slack channel and Facebook page to organize team communications `


4. Proactive in conducting extensive research. His secondary research was executed through Google search and AdMall to help determine the team’s insight. His primary research was executed through grocery store and Skype interviews to determine insight, then Skype again in interviews for potential footage to be used in commercials and presentations.

Jordan also wrote the insight statement and key aspects of the plan book Here is a sample:

75% of millennials experience a quarter life crisis. This state is characterised by comparing themselves to others, which leads to feelings of insecurity and unhappiness. Knowing that we are often our own worst critics, we offer a gentle reminder: “Be good to yourself”. This shifts an unhealthy focus on comparison to a healthy focus on inward care. By reminding millennials to be good to themselves, we enhance their well being.

He also originated an experiential marketing idea in which Ocean Spray creates a stress free area. Jordan thought, “Where is it hard to be stressed? The beach. Some people even listen to ocean sounds to become more relaxed!” To execute the idea, the team would set up a tiny beach in an unusual area, like by the Bean in Chicago. It would come complete with sand, chairs, umbrellas and free Ocean Spray drinks. It would allow passers-by to unwind and forget about quarter life crisis stresses.

This idea would work because putting a beach in a non-beach area would get a lot of attention. Anyone who has a few minutes to spare would like a free drink and a chance to relax. Also, the association between Ocean Spray and the beach in an non-beach area would do a few things in consumers minds. First of all, they would associate Ocean Spray with a muchneeded break in stress. Next, they would make the connection that they got to experience the beach in an unusual setting where they could relax. By drinking Ocean Spray, you can relax wherever and whenever.” - Jordan

He also thought of a humorous or lighthearted commercial that shows people doing things associated with wellness, but the camera pans down and shows the actor or actress wearing waders. For example, one person is in a yoga class, then the camera pans down and they have waders on. In the next scene, someone is conducting a business meeting but with waders on, etc. The script would say, “At Ocean Spray, we realize young people have a lot of stress and a lot of choices to make. That’s why we’re focusing on helping our consumer’s wellness. Live Well, Be Good to Yourself.”

“This would work because waders in an unexpected context is funny and memorable. Also, since waders are so closely associated with the brand, consumers will recognize the brand tie-in easily.” - Jordan


Marketing Campaign for Family Advocates Family Advocates helps provide care for children who were victims of child abuse or neglect. Care comes from two roles: either Guardians ad Litem (who provide emotional support for the child during legal proceedings) or pro bono attorneys (who provide quality legal representation). Jordan’s team focused on pro bono attorneys. The goal was to create a plan that will help Family Advocates attract 50 more pro bono attorneys. Below are details of the plan Jordan’s team decided on. Group’s Target Market: Recently-graduated attorneys who are admitted to practice law in Idaho, live within 50 miles of the Ada County Courthouse and are seeking to combine their career in law with their passion for helping children. The plan had two goals: Goal 1: commitment from 15% of recent law school graduates Goal 2: 75% campaign affinity based on a post campaign survey


Media channels: • Facebook (due to number of impressions/reach potential) • Idaho State Bar website-job postings section (due to frequent returning/new visitors) • The Advocate magazine (due to distribution numbers/reach) Jordan’s Project Reflection: “Our plan was a bit off because recently graduated lawyers don’t have enough courtroom experience. To combat this, I would target lawyers who are still recent graduates, but have more experience. Lawyers with 5-10 years experience would work. This way, they are still likely to volunteer, but have enough experience to be effective. The goals and media vehicles would need to be adjusted for those for are 5-10 years out of school, but roughly the same general target market (recent graduates) could be targeted.”

Out of the Woods and Into the Office | Internship Experience | Pages 6- 7

Beyond the Classroom Launch Ministries Launch Ministries- Marketing Intern- January 2016- May 2017

Launch Ministries offers LaunchPad, a religious time-release class offered at 24 high schools throughout Idaho and Washington. Working out of Launch Ministries’ offices in Meridian, Idaho, the goal of Jordan’s internship was to increase enrollment. Here is some of the work Jordan completed as told from his perspective. Instagram Contest High school students are shy, but they love to talk on social media. I thought the best way to increase enrollment was to increase word of mouth on social media, or as I called it “word of social media”. I created a series of contests in which the Launch Ministries Instagram would post a photo with a prompt that could be a thought or a verse. Students would then have a week to enter the contest by uploading a response to the prompt and use #lockloadlaunch or #(theirschool)lp. The winner was determined by the amount of likes on their photo and how closely it fit the prompt. The winner received a small prize such as a $20 Dutch Bros gift card.

The main thing I learned is not to fall in love with an idea, or push something just because you would personally do it. This was a valuable lesson to learn early on. I based this idea on focus groups at a few LaunchPad locations, but they weren’t representative of the whole. This hurt the participation in the contests. Also, a lot of issues would have come up in the planning phase had more research been done. Success Of The Campaign: Moderate We had a decent amount of engagement on the photos students uploaded, so word of social media outreach was moderate.

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Difficulties/What I Learned Since it is a religious Instagram page, the page had to be set to private. Previously, people would try to join the page who had inappropriate content. This meant new followers on the Launch Ministries page couldn’t be a success metric. Also, some students had difficulty entering the contests if they weren’t followed by the Launch Ministries page or if their profile was set to private.


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10 Year Anniversary Party at JUMP The party had teachers, students, staff and donors of the past and present in attendance. They were invited to enjoy desserts and listen to people share of the impact Launch Ministries/LaunchPad had on their lives. The goals of the event were to reflect on the past, envision the future, and raise money I helped the event in a few ways... 1. Conducted research into various elements of the party, such as the cheapest place to fill helium balloons, how to decorate the tables, etc. 2. Came up with “Wall of Impact� in which we hung posters around the room that had quotes from students and teachers about the impact of Launch Ministries/ LaunchPad on their lives. This worked well because it tied in well with reflecting on the past. Also, it helped people see the impact this program has on others lives which helped raise money. 3. Helped run the party by directing people to the room, greeting everyone and assisting with any needs that arose.


YouTube Video Promotions Produced two videos to encourage students to tell their peers about the upcoming LaunchPad enrollment. Videos were sent to teachers and shown in the various classes. I thought this approach would work well because if shown in class, students are more likely to get the message than if the videos were just posted to Launch Ministires social media accounts. Other Important Things Maintained positive consumer/donor relationships by calling every local church to ensure they had received our newsletter. Also conducted focus groups.

The following period saw an



increase in enrollment.

The Din of the Den | What Others Around Jordan Are Saying | Pages 8-9 This portfolio has told you a lot about Jordan, but you may be wondering, “how can I know what he’s like in the day-to-day? Can he kick some tail and make friends at the same time? Wonder no further! While there are no references

to his “Dad jokes”, delightfully sarcastic comments or ability to raise one eyebrow significantly above the other (don’t worry, he can demonstrate this in-person), here is the “din of the den”, or what others around Jordan have to say about him.

Jordan was invited to apply to become a student speaker at Boise State’s Spring 2018 Commencement. Part of the application process was getting a letter of recommendation from a professor. Here is what Dr. Leslie Koppenhafer had to say about Jordan.

Dear Student Speaker Selection Committee, I would like to give my highest of recommendations for Jordan Bear to be selected as one of the student speakers for Spring 2018 Commencement. I was fortunate to have Jordan in my Integrated Marketing Communications class during Fall 2017. I feel that he would represent the Class of 2018 well and find insightful ways to captivate and motivate the graduation attendees. One thing that sets Jordan apart is his ability and capacity for achievement and action. He is one of those rare people that gets things done and gets them done well. In my class, Jordan was a student that showed up every day eager to learn new information and improve his skill set. He has a clear vision of what he wants to do after graduation, and he continued to go beyond the course requirements and expectations. He frequently came to my office to discuss ways to differentiate his skills and become more marketable. I am highly confident that he would respond well to critical feedback and incorporate it to improve the content and delivery of his speech. Jordan served as the team leader for the service learning project part of the course. He demonstrated strong leadership skills, and you could see his teammates flourish under his leadership. They also appeared to have a great connection and sincerely enjoy working together. Creating that type of collaborative environment is not easy, but Jordan not only recognized the importance of doing so but also did it. The presentation they delivered was a highlight for the client, who remarked that not only did they do an excellent job but you could tell that they were incredibly well prepared, proud of their idea, and hit the sweet spot of truly enjoying the experience. Jordan deserves much of the credit for creating an environment where success and innovation could blossom. I am not sure what Jordan would choose to speak about at commencement, but he has many relevant experiences to reference, such as performing as a member of the Boise State University marching band. I can guarantee that the message will be relevant and insightful and the delivery likely humorous. Jordan has worked tirelessly during his time here to define his path and what is meaningful to him. I know that being selected as a commencement speaker would be a highlight of his career at Boise State University. It would be a fitting farewell as he heads to the workforce where he proudly represents himself and fellow graduates with honor and dignity. In closing, I am honored to write a recommendation for Jordan. He is highly intelligent, personable and articulate and would be an excellent speaker and representative of Boise State University. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Leslie Koppenhafer Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Marketing Boise State University


Kaitlyn Dressler - Group Member in Marketing Communications - Fall 2017 “For the duration of the semester, as a group, we were put in high pressure situations and in these situations Jordan was always organized and calm. Given the choice of working in a group with Jordan again, I would gladly jump at the chance. He is a natural leader, full of ambition and knows how to make hard work enjoyable.” Dan Oekerman - Group Member in Marketing Communications - Fall 2017 “Jordan was a great team member who always made sure his work was complete before it was due, and easily slid into a leadership role when it was appropriate. He was the key cog in our group and our success was largely determined by his performance of work, attention to detail, and excellent leadership. Jordan is a very qualified group member, who makes group projects go smoothly and efficiently.” Jan Hickey - Supervisor at Launch Ministries- January 2016 -May 2017 “We love having Jordan as a Marketing Intern! He has assisted through idea generation in our social media programs, print marketing and project management. His role as an intern has been a tremendous help for our organization’s creativity. He has aided us in focus groups, surveys and outbound marketing.”

Here are some other recommendations given to Jordan


(208) 297-8492

Contact 8310 West Pomona Court, Boise ID, 83704

WORK EXPERIENCE VICE PRESIDENT - CREATIVE - ACCOUNT SERVICES Boise State University National Student Advertising Competition Team | December 2017- Present • Conducted extensive secondary research carried out through Google search and AdMall to determine insight • Conducted primary research through Skype interviews and grocery store interviews to determine insight and get footage for potential usage during commercials or presentations • Initiated/created Slack channel and Facebook page for team communications • Brainstormed several ideas for experiential marketing promotions, campaign execution, commercials and print ads • Utilized writing talents in refining the insight statement and planning/strategy brief

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING INTERN Co3S (Business Start-Up In Planning Phase), Boise, ID | May 2016 - Present • Conducted qualitative and quantitative secondary research through Google search to determine appropriate target market, size of target market, competition and potential promotional avenues • Assisted Founder in business development and creativity through brainstorming/operational meetings. Brainstormed future promotions, appropriate target market, product narratives and best software/tool investments for the company • Created analytical business reports on ideas generated during brainstorming/operational meetings

MARKETING INTERN Launch Ministries, Meridian, ID | January 2016 - May 2017 • Led focus groups to determine strengths and weaknesses of service • Created Instagram contest promotions to increase enrollment through “word of social media” • Brainstormed and produced YouTube promotions to encourage current students to spread awareness of upcoming enrollment via word-of-mouth • Planned and helped execute Launch Ministries 10 Year Anniversary event • Checked on newsletter reach among customers/donors via phone and organized data in Excel • Goal of internship was to increase enrollment, above activities led to 8% enrollment increase



Initiated and coordinated production of custom trumpet section shirts for over 20 members

Originated and directed the idea of trumpet section wearing Baylor colors to honor their fallen band member. Tweeted photo, received 48 retweets, 256 likes and 12,690 impressions`

Boise State University Bachelors Of Business Administration (BBA) In Marketing 3.68 cumulative GPA

Served as section leader in HS band- audition jazz ensemble for two years, marching/symphonic ensemble for one year

Created Facebook page for young adults group. Page now has 81 members, with members posting numerous times a day


Google Analytics Google AdWords Google Search Network Google Display Network Hubspot Email Marketing Basic Facebook and Instagram Advertising


Member of the Boise State University Chapter of the American Marketing Association Member of the Boise State University National Student Advertising Competition Team

Jordan Portfolio Final (SP)  
Jordan Portfolio Final (SP)