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About me My name is Jordan Aimoe. I am nineteen years old. I am in my first year of the B Ed program at RDC. I played volleyball and soccer comMy High School soccer team petitively throughout high school and still play them in leagues in the city. I have three dogs, Reno, Enzo and Dixie and two cats, Oliver and Sir Albert Doyle. I took my first year after high school off to go travel in Australia and Indonesia for Three months with my best friend Brandon. I coach the grade nine boys volleyball team at Lindsay Thurber.

Me, Lucas, Reece

About my Family My oldest brother Lucas(21) is an officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and works in Red Earth Creek, Alberta. My youngest brother Reece (18) is in his last year of high school at Lindsay Thurber. My Dad is the officer in charge of public relations for the R.C.M.P. here in Red Deer. He is my inspiration and my role model and keeps me working hard and honestly. My Mom is a Veterinarian in Lacombe and is the greatest woman I have ever met. The Grade nine team I coached

My extended family in 2010 Mr. A

My Immediate family 2009 About Me News.


Future Plans and Interests If everything goes as planned, six years from now I hope to be a high school teacher living in Ottawa, Ontario where I grew up and I hope to one day have a family of my own.

Scuba diving in Australia.

I would like to travel again. Hopefully to West Coast, Australia and Africa. I

My High school vball team

enjoy all types of sports especially volleyball and soccer.


favorite television show is How I Met Your Mother and Saturday Night Live. I have always wanted to be a cast member on SNL!

Me and a kangaroo in Australia.

I enjoy any social activity and making people laugh. I am big into scuba diving and I have dove in Australia, Cuba and Mexico. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Me and my four best friends from High School. Mr. A

About Me News.

Reece, Mom, Me, and Lucas in 2011. 23/01/2012

Jordan's Newsletter  

A newsletter talking about me and my family and interests.