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>>The NEW Aria 900 series from Focal



High-end performance, extensive functionality

>NEW CLEARAUDIO PERFORMANCE DC A turntable package in a whole new class


Beautiful supports from Italy

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Welcome to the October 2013 issue of our monthly publication In this issue we are celebrating the launch of the exciting NEW Aria 900 series from Focal. Aria 900 marks a new milestone for Focal and a new chapter in highfidelity technology. Designed and made in France, the range features brand-new speaker drivers with Flax sandwich cones, new TNF Aluminium/ Magnesium inverted dome tweeters with Poron suspension, injected zamak baskets, carefully designed cabinets and crossovers: nothing has been spared when it comes to maximising listening pleasure for well-informed music lovers. We also feature in this issue products from McIntosh, Naim and Clearaudio. Quite a line up and another packed issue. Towards the back you will find a list of our cherished previously owned equipment at huge savings from new. All of our used equipment is meticulously checked and tested prior to dispatch so you can rest assured that your purchase is indeed a wise one. All of our used equipment is available on classic finance (13.9% APR) so please call us for a quotation. As always, if we can be of help with anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team. All of our contact details can be found on the left. Until next month.

Jordan Acoustics Team

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The Aria 948 symbolises the return of the “true” acoustic loudspeaker. A new type of 3-way loudspeaker with 81/4’’ (21cm) speaker drivers effortlessly providing intense and controlled bass. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music. This is the ultimate loudspeaker of the range for rooms measuring from 320ft 2 (30m2) and from a recommended listening distance of 12ft (3.5m). Finance available*

Aria 948

speakers by focal

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*Subject to status and terms & conditions

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The Aria 936 is a 3-way loudspeaker featuring an elegant design and a small footprint. Very linear and with impressive dynamics, thanks to these 3 woofers, it is naturally intended for listening in stereo for monitoring-type activities. This loudspeaker is also ideal for setting up a spectacular Home Cinema system. Appropriate for rooms measuring from 270ft2 (25m2) and from a listening distance of 10-12ft (3m - 3.5m).

Aria 936

*Subject to status and terms & conditions

speakers by focal

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Aria 926

speakers by focal

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*Subject to status and terms & conditions

The Aria 926 embodies the home 3-way floor standing loudspeaker. This musical and expressive loudspeaker is easy to install. All kinds of music lovers will be thrilled with its acoustic qualities. The Aria 926 is by definition an affordable audiophile loudspeaker. It is ideal for rooms measuring from 215ft2 (20m2) and from a recommended listening distance of 10ft (3m).

Aria 906

speakers by focal

*Subject to status and terms & conditions

The Aria 906 is faithful to the DNA of the Aria range: refined high-end acoustics combined with excellent perceived value thanks to the use of noble materials. This 2-way loudspeaker allows users to enjoy all the qualities of the Flax cone: neutrality, presence and finesse. The Aria 906 is recommended for rooms measuring from 160ft2 (15m2) and from a listening distance of 8ft (2.5m).

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Uniti 2

all-in-one player by naim

Imagine everything audio in one place: integrated amplifier, CD player, DAB/FM tuner, internet radio, iPod, iPhone and iPad dock, digital-to-analogue converter and high-resolution 24bit/192kHZ capable network stream player. And now combine all that with legendary Naim musical quality, engineering integrity, design sophistication and interface know-how. Congratulations! You’ve just come up with the NaimUniti 2. NaimUniti 2: an evolution in performance

*Subject to status and terms & conditions

NaimUniti was revitalised and relaunched as NaimUniti 2 in 2012. With a new 70W integrated amplifier (NaimUniti 50W) the NaimUniti 2 can accommodate a wider range of loudspeakers and fill even larger rooms with world class sound. It also a boasts an entirely new CD player section, with improved tray, clamping mechanism and the new Burr Brown PCM1793 DAC.

Jordan Acoustics | Newsletter October 2013 Issue |

Several small improvements to the design and signal path, developed through intensive listening tests, combine to raise the overall performance levels of NaimUniti 2 still further. It has also inherited the larger front panel display window of its big brother the SuperUniti. CD player Multi-format tuner (DAB/FM/Internet radio) High-resolution (up to 32bit/192kHz) digital stream player iPod/iPhone/iPad dock MP3/USB-stored audio player Digital to analogue converter 70W integrated amplifier Finance available*

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all-in-one player by naim

UnitiLite takes the feature set of the award-winning NaimUniti, including high-resolution music streaming (up to 32bit/192kHz), CD playback, internet radio and iPod/ iPhone/MP3 playback and distils it into an elegant, sleek enclosure. All you need to add is a pair of speakers to create an accessible all-in-one system that can put music at the centre of your life. Heavyweight sound Don’t be fooled by the size of the UnitiLite. Behind its slimline fascia it incorporates several technologies and techniques used in high-end Naim electronics that allow it to deliver music with real energy and clarity. Its DAC chip is a close relative of the device employed in the high-end NDX streamer and its power amplifier design is informed by the classic techniques fundamental to the Naim sound. With 50W of power per channel, UnitiLite

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is more than capable of filling most rooms with the signature toe-tapping, spine tingling sound on which we’ve built our reputation. Rediscover your music Along with the conventional remote handset and front panel control, the Naim n-Stream app can provide comprehensive hand-held control of the UnitiLite from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. As well as providing intuitive control functions like playlist creation, album browsing and input selection, n-Stream lets you fully explore your music with expanded music information powered by Rovi’s vast online music database.

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*Subject to status and terms & conditions

Finance available*

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Rediscover your valuable CD collection with the MCD550. This high performance SACD/CD player has everything you need for hours of listening enjoyment. The MCD550 utilizes an 8 channel, 32 bit, 192kHz PCM/ DSD digital to analog converter (DAC) with wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion. The 8 channel DAC is used in Quad Balanced mode, which utilizes 4 DAC channels per audio channel, allowing music at all levels to be reproduced with extreme precision and elegance. It can decode PCM signals from CDs and the digital inputs, and DSD signals from SACDs. Both fixed and variable balanced and unbalanced outputs are present, offering you extreme flexibility in connecting the MCD550 to your system. The variable outputs allow for direct connection to an amplifier

without requiring a separate preamplifier. Also available are three digital inputs: a coaxial, an optical and a USB input that allows for direct streaming of computer stored music at up to 24 bits and 192kHz. Coaxial and optical outputs are available if you want to send the audio signal to a preamplifier or home theater processor. Our new High Drive headphone amplifier features increased gain and output power, and is optimized for virtually all headphone types for the ultimate personal listening experience. The MCD550 reads your discs at a higher speed and stores the data in a buffer memory for better error correction and tracking, thus increasing overall audio performance. On the back are gold plated connectors that help maintain a clean audio signal and also resist corrosion. The classic McIntosh black glass faceplate is wrapped in a beautiful stainless steel chassis.

MCD550 *Subject to status and terms & conditions

cd player by mcintosh

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*Subject to status and terms & conditions

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Performance DC: a turntable package in a whole new class. Are you looking for top-drawer high-end performance combined with ease of set-up and use? The Performance DC is the most advanced of our packages combining turntable, tonearm and cartridge. The Performance DC features a built-in DC motor designed to deliver exceptional smoothness and fine adjustment of speeds, in conjunction with a precision-machined 40mm-thick black POM platter which provides excellent acoustic properties. The platter rests on Clearaudio’s patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB) which, by using a magnetic field to effectively float the bearing on air, reduces friction, wear and noise by avoiding any point of load. The simple and refined design of the Performance DC with its clean lines and elegant finish matches its excellent audio performance. Combined with Clearaudio’s Clarify carbon tonearm and Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge, the Performance DC offers a complete solution to the audiophile, delivering a turntable package in a whole new class. Finance available*

Performance DC

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turntable by clearaudio

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Italy’s culture for style, quality and performance is a part of every product Bassocontinuo manufacture. This is combined with the highest professionalism and a determination to succeed, which explains why Bassocontinuo has successfully entered a global market with the ambition of becoming market leaders around the world. With a wide and varied product portfolio as well as bespoke sizes and designs, there really is a ​Bassocontinuo for every system and listening space. Finance available*

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*Subject to status and terms & conditions

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Promotions & Special Offers>

Focal & Naim Promotion > For a limited time only, Naim & Focal are offering a special introductory price on the new Focal Aria 906 and Aria 926 loudspeakers with the award-winning NaimUniti 2 all-in-one player. Both the floorstanding Aria 926 and the more compact Aria 906 are perfect partners for the NaimUniti 2. Together they create a simple, stylish music system which will deliver high-end sound quality from your digital music sources and CDs. Please get in-touch with Jordan Acoustics to find out more.

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System Offer 1**

System Offer 2**

NaimUniti 2 Aria 906

£2,795 £898

NaimUniti 2 Aria 926

£2,795 £1,998

Normal system price OFFER PRICE

£3,693 £2,995

Normal system price OFFER PRICE

£4,793 £3,995

The following system offer is available for a limited period only.**

The following system offer is available for a limited period only.**

Jordan Acoustics | Newsletter October 2013 Issue |

Welcome to the Jordan Acoustics used product portfolio>

Contained within these pages is some of the most cherished previously owned equipment at huge savings from new. All of our used equipment is meticulously checked and tested prior to dispatch so you can rest assured that your purchase is indeed a wise one. Nothing tends to hang around for long though so please make sure you call us at your soonest convenience if you are interested in a certain product or products on Bournemouth - 01202 911886 or Glenrothes - 01592 744779.

All of our used equipment is available on classic finance (13.9% APR) so please call us for a quotation. For product pictures, please visit here:

McIntosh MC275 MK VI

Special Price: £4,395.00 McIntosh MC275 MK VI valve power amplifier, exdem, months old, fully boxed, full manufacturer’s warranty. Slight damage to valve cage attachment pin, hence reduced price. This tube power amplifier has all the features to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiast, while preserving the qualities that have made the MC275 the most revered McIntosh tube amplifier. This sixth generation MC275 has many subtle enhancements from the previous release that greatly improve performance. Combined with the widest bandwidth McIntosh output transformer design, the MC275 features tauter bass control and thermally quiet circuit design. The result is pure music. (£6000 New)

Naim Nait XS

Special Price: £1,095.00 Naim Nait XS integrated amplifier, ex-dem, fully boxed with manual and remote, immaculate condition. Full manufacturer’s warranty!! The NAIT XS is the first integrated amplifier to use Naim’s newly developed bayonet PCB mounting technique that aims to reduce microphonic effects. Delivering up to 90 watts per channel, with six line inputs and inputs for RCA/DIN, 3.5mm jack and a powered input for a phono stage, the NAIT XS has the capability to be split into use as either a pre-amp or a power amp (£1525 New)

Bryston BDA-1

Special Price: £1,695.00 Bryston BDA-1, months old, black finish, fully boxed, immaculate condition. The Bryston BDA-1 is a state-of-the-art external Stereo DAC (digital to analog converter) using fully discrete Class-A proprietary Bryston analog circuits, two independent linear power supplies and dual Crystal CS-4398 DAC chips. The BDA-1 features an impressive array of inputs for USB, COAX, OPTICAL, AES-EBU and BNC equipped digital devices. For audio outputs, the BDA-1 offers both balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA stereo connectors on the rear panel. The BDA-1 is RS-232 software upgradeable, making it the most flexible high performance DAC on the market (£2350 New)

Chord Cables Indigo Plus RCA0 Special Price: £650.00


Special Price: £1,695.00 Pair of PMC FB1i speakers, just under 2 years old, fully boxed, immaculate condition. The FB1i is the embodiment of PMC’s innovative approach to pro-audio monitoring, brought into your home. PMC products are to be found in every demanding application, from broadcast and major film scoring to CD and DVD mastering. This world famous speaker combines that stonking low frequency performance of its transmission line design with a new finesse and sweetness in the mid and treble ... a very fine speaker indeed (£2550 New)


1m pair of Chord Indigo Plus RCA interconnects, fully boxed, unused!! The Indigo Plus is capable of bringing dazzling clarity across the entire frequency range of a system and its ability to transmit micro-dynamic information so accurately at frequency extremes, coupled with its exceptional interference and noise rejection capabilities, makes the Chord Indigo Plus an ideal connection for anyone wishing to explore the potential performance that SACD, DVD audio, contemporary CD players and high end stand alone phono stages are capable of producing (£1000 New)

SME 20/2A

Special Price: £4,495.00

Special Price: £9,995.00 Weiss JASON CD transport and MEDEA DAC, in black, boxed with manual and remote control, superb condition. The JASON uses a high-quality top-loader transport system. A heavy-duty motor *Subject to status and terms & conditions

driven lid protects the CD and also safely puts the puck onto the CD upon closure. The chassis is of the same quality as the Medea chassis, a dual design with a inner chassis made of steel and an aluminium outer chassis. The feet are resonance absorbing. The MEDEA is a stereo 24 bit / 192kHz Digital to Analog converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromised audio signal path. Weiss refuse to accept any compromises in both electronics or software. They built the MEDEA to be immune to jitter down to subsonic frequencies. Upgraded to latest spec (firewire input) (£29290 New)

Due in shortly - SME 20/2A turntable with wiring upgrade, 5 years old, fully boxed, absolutely immaculate condition. This finely engineered precision turntable offers a new listening experience from your treasured vinyl. Massive

construction, extensional damping of major surfaces and lack of vibration from moving parts ensure tightly controlled detailed sound and stable stereo imaging. Equipped with the acclaimed Series V - ‘’the best pick-up arm in the world’’. (£7500 New)

Siltech Classic Anniversary SPX-300 Special Price: £195.00

Siltech Classic Anniversary SPX-300 mains cable, 1.5m, 16 amp, months old, fully boxed. Huge saving from new price!! “The Siltech SPX-300 is very well constructed. The first prominent contribution of the Siltech SPX-300 was the noise-less background that it brought to the game. Music was played on a jet black canvas and the space between the players was just simply dark. There was also excellent definition and separation of the sonic images. The SPX-300 also sounded very open at the top, and there was a certain sweetness in the highs too” - Online Review (£450 New)

Hovland HP-100

Special Price: £2,195.00 Due in shortly - Hovland HP-100 pre-amplifier, with MC phono stage, manual included, fully boxed, superb condition. “The HP-100 is solidly built, elegantly simple, a pleasure to use, behaved flawlessly, and put on a sonic show that made me want it back in my system as soon as possible.... incredible clarity, focus, textural detail, harmonic fullness, and spatial expansiveness” - Stereophile Review (£6500 New)

McIntosh C500

Special Price: £8,995.00 McIntosh C500 C&P (solid state) two-box preamplifier, ex-dem, boxed with manual and remote, immaculate condition. The McIntosh C500 Stereo Preamplifier is a no-holds-barred, fully-balanced, dual-mono design with separate power supply. The C500 preamplifier marries outstanding audio performance with flexible user-programmability in a stunning twochassis solution. At its heart are dual R-Core transformers that anchor a massive power supply, providing the audio circuits with clean, rock-solid power enough to handle even the most demanding musical passages with ease. MC and MM phono stage included (£13000 New)

Jordan Acoustics | Newsletter October 2013 Issue |

Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS3

Phoenix Transfiguration

Blumenhofer Genuine FS3 in walnut, exdem, fully boxed, superb condition. “With Blumenhofer’s Genuine FS3 one doesn’t merely acquire a handcrafted piece of furniture made in Germany but an unusually lively dynamic performer of décor-friendly size whose transient/impulse fidelity is accompanied by an exceptionally airy treble and very high effortless resolution. This unplugged directness moves the soundstage perspective closer to stage.” 6Moons Review. Huge saving!! (£7500 New)

Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge, ex-dem, very low hours, fully boxed, superb condition. “ proved it had an excellent way with detail retrieval from any record, it soon drew me straight into the musical performance itself, pushing aside such considerations as attack, decay, stereo imaging and frequency extension. At its best unstoppably groovy, intricate and lyrical, the Phoenix is a worthy addition to Transfiguration’s range of compelling cartridges. With its silky and expressive manner, getting to the heart of the music just comes easily to this songbird.” - HiFi News Review (£2100 New)

Special Price: £4,995.00

Sugden Masterclass IA-4

Special Price: £3,295.00 Due in shortly - Sugden Masterclass IA-4 integrated amplifier, months old, boxed with manual and remote control, immaculate condition. The largest and most powerful integrated amplifier in the Sugden family which takes advantage of the initial Sugden class A output configuration. An extraordinary, organic, euphonic, acoustic performance, achieved by the integration of a state of the art preamplifier and the classic Sugden Class A output stage (£4135 New)

Nagra Jazz

Special Price: £6,995.00 Due in shortly - Nagra JAZZ pre-amplifier, one year old, fully boxed, immaculate condition. The JAZZ is a Pure Class A vacuum tube preamplifier. It pushes the barriers of deep, natural, highly defined sound to the limits of equilibrium and precision. The JAZZ uses three high-grade vacuum tubes and Nagra-made transformers to provide a irreproachable sonic clarity. The JAZZ has a no-compromise design in a pure audiophile approach for both quality and simplicity in the signal’s path. Huge saving!! (£8750 New)

REL Gibraltar G-2

Special Price: £1,795.00 REL Gibraltar G-2 subwoofer, months old, fully boxed, immaculate condition. Gibraltar G-2 is the quickest large-scale sub-bass system that REL have ever created. G-2 is possessed of a lovely combination of dimensions looking “just right” in every setting. At home in rooms of modest scale or when used in stacked multiples it is capable of fearsome output necessary for larger rooms (£2500 New)

Special Price: £1,495.00

McIntosh McAire

Special Price: £2,650.00 McIntosh McAire, ex-display, fully boxed, immaculate condition. The McIntosh McAire integrated audio system delivers the legendary McIntosh look and sound quality in a compact size. Built in AirPlay® allows you to wirelessly stream music via your Wi-Fi network* from your Mac or PC based iTunes® library, as well as music stored on your iPad,® iPhone® or iPod touch.® Utilizing a USB cable, iPod classic and select iPod nanos can also be connected. Huge saving!! (£3200 New)

features. At the same time, the ability of this system - and, most importantly, its sound - is beyond question” - HiFi Choice. Matching NAP 200 power amp also available (£1900 New)

Marantz UD9004

Special Price: £1,999.00 Due in shortly - Marantz UD9004 universal player, black, 3 years old, fully boxed with manual and remote, superb condition. Compatible with duallayer SACDs, standard and HDCD-encoded CDs plus high density DVD-A and Blu-ray media. “The fine detailing of guitar, keyboards and percussion was exquisite, the almost limitless sense of space an accurate reflection of the venue while the occasionally eerie ambience rendered my speakers invisible. This is immersive audio at its technical best” - Paul Miller, HiFi News (£5000 New)

Mastersound Piccolo

Special Price: £1,149.00 Mastersound Piccolo integrated amplifier, 6 months old, fully boxed, superb condition. The Mastersound Piccolo is the hi-fi equivalent of a sports car or a rare collector’s item - oodles of fun, gorgeous to look at and gives you a sense of proud ownership. Hi-Fi News loved it to bits, and gave it Editor’s Choice! Very rare opportunity so be quick (£2000 New)

Naim NAP 200

Marantz SA-15S2 LE1

Naim NAP 200 power amplifier, one year old, boxed with manual, immaculate condition. Like the flagship NAP 500, the NAP 200 uses a new circuit design with improved earthing arrangements built on a very high quality, anti-resonance main audio circuit board. Antivibration, resonance-controlling feet serve to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration. Matching NAC 202 also available (£1850 New)

Marantz SA-15S2 LE CD player, months old, boxed with manual and remote, immaculate condition. This extraordinary CD player also radiates privilege, prestige and power. Its exclusivity is also underlined by the immediate eye-catching, silky-black finish - an enviable reserve for the best of the best. As a result, it makes a resounding statement in terms of both performance and appearance. The sound quality more than matches the exquisite visual impression. This is luxury in the extreme! (£2000 New)

Special Price: £1,295.00

Naim NAC 202

Special Price: £1,295.00 Naim NAC 202 pre-amplifier, one year old, boxed with manual and remote, immaculate condition. The Naim NAC 202 combines first-class sound quality with flexibility, style and excellent value. Low-resonance circuit boards and anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet minimise the effect of microphonic vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components. “This is a brilliant combination of elegance, performance and

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Special Price: £1,250.00

Mastersound Compact 300B

Special Price: £3,295.00 Mastersound Compact 300B integrated amplifier, ex-dem, boxed, immaculate condition. The Mastersound Compact 300B tube amplifier, although being the “smallest” 300B amplifier model from Mastersound, is large in presenting the emotion in music. “...emotions are only possible with the right partner. This proves the Mastersound Compact 300B as a true maestro

del suono, a master of sound -. And especially the feelings “ (£4500 New)

Bricasti M1

Special Price: £POA Bricasti M1 DAC, ex-display, only opened for photographic purposes, the only all-black unit in the world!! Bricasti M1 DAC is a high end, dual mono, twin DAC design, designed to offer stateof-the-art test bench performance in your home audio system - or indeed in the studio. This DAC is designed to get the finest sound from all of your digital sources. ‘It isn’t often that a new name enters the audiophile arena with a product of such outstanding quality. However you look at it - construction, engineering, test bench performance, sound quality - the M1 hits the spot’ (Hi-Fi News) (£7600 New)

Chord Cables Sarum Tuned Aray 1m RCA Special Price: £1,195.00

1m pair of Chord Sarum Tuned Aray RCA interconnects, weeks old, boxed, absolutely immaculate. The performance this cable will let your system produce will almost certainly be at least remarkable and more likely a revelation. The most obvious and instant impression is likely to be one of surprise at just how musical your system actually is. This is in every aspect of performance a remarkable interconnect that really reinforces just how important cables are when it comes to making a system work like it should (£1600 New)

Audio Research Ref CD8

Special Price: £5,795.00 Audio Research Ref CD8, one year old, fully boxed, superb condition. The Reference CD8 may be the most musical and musically accurate singlechassis compact disc player, the Reference CD8. It replaces a product that was still garnering fivestar reviews three years after its introduction, the esteemed Reference CD7. Quite simply, the REFCD8 will have you rearranging your compact disc collection all over again as you rediscover and re-prioritise old and new favorites. Huge saving from new!! (£9000 New)

Wilson Benesch Vector

Special Price: £5,995.00 Pair of Wilson Benesch Vector loudspeakers, months old, fully boxed, immaculate condition. A floor standing design of impeccable credentials.

The Vector is a 2.5 way, highly optimised, advanced materials technology, floorstanding loudspeaker. The Vector delivers a performance that is well beyond its dimensions. Immersed in music without distortions, the listener will be drawn into the event like never before. Huge saving from new!! (£8100 New)

Usher CP-8871 MK I

Special Price: £3,295.00 Due in shortly - pair of Usher CP-8871 MK I speakers, all original packaging, superb condition. Sporting a distinctive look with a noble and stylish appearance, the Usher Audio CP-8871 loudspeakers have been designed to cover your needs for exceptional sound in a medium-to large room. If you’re looking for some floorstanders to rock you off with their audiophile-grade acoustics, it may prove that a pair of Usher Audio CP-8871s is exactly what you were looking for. The speed and clarity produce a suave, powerful, transparent and engaging sound from beautifully crafted and lustrously finished cabinets made with leadingedge components (£7500 New)

Cyrus DAC X+

Special Price: £750.00 Cyrus DAC X+, one year old, black, fully boxed, immaculate condition. The DAC X+ is all about accuracy. An easy to use, compact unit, that is able to elevate the performance of many source components massively extending the performance and useful life of a consumer’s investment in Cyrus (and other) audio and video components (£1550 New)

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One

Special Price: £3,295.00 Due in shortly - pair of Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One speakers in cherry, great condition for their age. Wilson Benesch’s first loudspeaker, the A.C.T. One (Advanced Composite Technology) won 12 awards, and was selected as the reference loudspeaker for two audio journals. “The A.C.T. One was the most strikingly elegant loudspeaker I had ever seen. Simply beautiful. It was about 42” high, 9” wide, and 14” deep. Its top was of solid cherry, tapering from rear to front. The front panel consisted of an alloy baffle in which the drivers were mounted, and, below that, furnituregrade cherry veneer. The side caps (vertical corner pieces) were solid cherry.” - Stereophile Review (£8000 New)

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Bel Canto Ref 1000M Monos Special Price: £3,595.00

Pair of Bel Canto Ref 1000M Monos, black, 6 months old, fully boxed with manual, immaculate condition! Bel Canto music products are fine instruments that deliver the music’s subtle detail, impact and beauty. Green, low-heat, ultra-efficient heavily regulated switch-mode power supplies and switching output stage make possible Bel Canto’s eco-friendly compact designs that are sleek enough to flatter any room. The REF1000M drives loudspeakers with incredible energy and detail, featuring 120dB dynamic range, delivering 500 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 1000 watts into 4 ohms and able to drive a 2 ohm load (£5400 New)

Weiss INT202

Special Price: £795.00 Weiss INT202, 2 years old, fully boxed, superb condition. The INT202 is a small interface box for Firewire to AES/EBU and S/PDIF conversion. In addition the audio volume and polarity can be controlled in the digital domain via an infrared remote control unit. The INT202 finds its application in interfacing a PC or MAC computer to a D/A Converter unit. With the volume control feature it can also replace a preamplifier. The outputs can be operated in single wire up to 192 kHz sampling rate or in dual wire at the 176.4 / 192 kHz rates (£1400 New)

Ayre DX-5

Special Price: £4,995.00 Due in shortly - Ayre DX-5 universal player, black, six months old, fully boxed with manual and remote, immaculate condition. The Ayre DX-5 A/V Engine serves as the central source component for your system. It plays back virtually all digital formats, both video and audio, and it also provides a connection to provide the full advantages of computer-based audio playback. Thanks to its advanced technological features the DX-5 will extract the full measure of performance from all digital video and audio formats, maximising your enjoyment both now and into the future (£9000 New)

Wilson Benesch Torus System

Special Price: £4,995.00 Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator plus amplifier, ex-dem, both boxed as new! The finest materials in the world have been designed into this

product, materials technologies that you will not find in any other audio product. The Torus System can be seen to offer a significant departure from the Subwoofer solution for developing infrasonic sound, and provides a real alternative for Music and Cinema effects (£6420 New)

Adam Audio Tensor Gamma (active) Special Price: £9,795.00

Adam Audio Tensor Gamma active loudspeakers, ex-demo, 18 months old, gloss black/silver finish. Fully boxed with all accessories, spikes etc. A truly stunning active speaker. “If ADAM‘s other products are this good, other high-end speaker companies should worry.” - What HiFi, April 09. (£13600 New)

McIntosh MA6300

Special Price: £2,650.00 McIntosh MA6300 integrated amplifier, originally sold by ourselves,18 months old, boxed with manual and remote, superb condition. Mac’s ‘introductory’ integrated, the MA6300 is rich with all the premium technologies that McIntosh is famous for. With 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 160 watts into 4 ohm loads, the MA6300 can effortlessly power virtually any speaker (£4000 New)

Focal Scala

Special Price: £13,999.00 Focal Scala Utopia, ex demo. Grey finish in absolutely unmarked condition. All original packaging and full manufacturers warranty. Endowed with superlative performance, Scala Utopia delivers incredible musicality. Everything is easy for this loudspeaker, everything becomes obvious, music is naturally flowing. A sensational loudspeaker at a great price! (£18999 new)

Jordan Acoustics Newsletter, October 2013 Issue  

In this issue we are celebrating the launch of the exciting NEW Aria 900 series from Focal. Aria 900 marks a new milestone for Focal and a...

Jordan Acoustics Newsletter, October 2013 Issue  

In this issue we are celebrating the launch of the exciting NEW Aria 900 series from Focal. Aria 900 marks a new milestone for Focal and a...