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1.INT. HOME - NIGHT STEVE, pressed up against the blank, black wall of his inescapable void, is whispering to his wife PAM on the other side. Steve’s face is dark, shadowed, serious and yet lovable while he recounts past adventures with Pam. STEVE You looked up at me like you wanted me to keep pushing you around, but I was WAY too nervous we were going to get in trouble. I didn’t need the Meijer manager to come out yelling at me again and sending the security people to follow me. (smiles and gives a small laugh) You always pushed me a little ways out of my comfort zone, but I think that’s why I loved- ... love you so much. Pam is laying down on the hallway floor, her side pressed against the mirror, her ear unconsciously hears her husband’s sweet recollections as she sleeps. STEVE Remember that first time before we started dating when we went to Meijer and Jen took us? Remember how Cody just hid somewhere and didn’t talk to anyone? Cody was one weird kid back then.... There’s a quiet crash that comes from downstairs, and Steve listens intently, pressing his ear against the empty wall. He hears footsteps enter the house. STEVE PAM, GET UP! PAM! (Frantically banging on the wall) PAM! YOU’VE GOT TO GET UP! THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE! PAM! PAM!

The footsteps start to ascend the stairs. STEVE PAM! Pam jumps awake to the terrified screams of her husband.




STEVE Pam, you’ve got to run and hide, there’s someone in the house! Run! Pam runs to the end of the hall, but when she reaches the doorway to her bedroom, a dark figure jumps out from behind the corner and grabs her. NO!

PAM GET OFF OF ME! (she screams and tries to fight back)

Steve can only watch in utter horror as his wife is beaten by this man. The man grabs Pam and throws her against the walls as she screams, punching her in the chest and face. Pam is then thrown across the hall and hits the mirror. The screen goes black. There is a loud clash of broken glass and then an ear-shattering shriek from Pam. The camera slowly starts to focus back in and we see Steve and Pam lying on the floor, Steve’s back resting on the wall, Pam in his arms. Steve is covered in blood, dripping from his forehead and across his eyes. His eyes are a furious twist of the blood and anger. All his hell-bent anger, frustration, confusion and fear built-up inside him finally releases into a fury of hatred as he charges full-force at this unknown intruder. INT. HOME - NIGHT The roles are reversed and now Steve, bloodied, is being held by Pam. She strokes his hair, her hands becoming more and more covered with his blood. PAM I always remember when we went to Tennessee with your parents for your sister’s graduation. I always think about that night we spent in the hot tub alone. We just sat there and cuddled by ourselves. I love you baby, everything is O.K. now(she looks down at him passed out) we’re back together again. Pam continues to hold him and pet his hair with her blood-covered hand as the sound of ambulance sirens draw closer. The medics rush in with a stretcher and their gear when they run up the stairs to see the couple. Pam is covered in Steve’s blood, tears now streaming down her face (CONTINUED)



as the medics try and pull Steve away from her tight grip on him. Her crying becomes louder and louder until the scene fades to black.


Screenplay There’s a quiet crash that comes from downstairs, and Steve listens intently, pressing his ear against the empty wall. He hears f...

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