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James has...

Ÿ Successfully campaigned, alongside the local community, against a Drugs Service in St James St Library and supported proposals for the building being returned for community use Ÿ Secured funding for a raised flower bed at Nicholson Court Sheltered Housing Ÿ Supported The Friends of Stoneydown Park to take control of the former park keepers hut to return it to community use Ÿ Worked with the Scouts, in Stephenson Rd, and the Council to make the hall, Pathfinder Lodge, accessible for all High Street residents Sat on the committee to bring first Speakers Corner in London for over 100 years to Stoneydown Park Been a Governor of Coppermill Primary School for the last four years

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James is...

Ÿ Opposed to all forms of hate crime and his Hate Crime Maiden Speech, in October 2006, was to counter Islamaphobia after high profile arrests Ÿ Responsible for getting two extra police officers in High Street through committee work Ÿ Responsible for setting up a Walthamstow Town Centre Task Group to co-ordinate the management of the market and Town Centre Ÿ Lib Dem lead on EMD and determined feasibility of a cinema after meeting with an independent operator Ÿ Responsible for young people having journalism Opportunities (Youth Flash) with local and Council papers Ÿ Lib Dem spokesperson and Chair of Children & Young People Scrutiny Committee

James continues...

Ÿ To hold regular surgeries and receive casework ranging from: Tree roots in Coppermill Lane which were cut and pavement resurfaced; Tower Mews with missed bin collections and rats so road completely revamped; and supporting a 102 year old resident, in Warner Road, by getting her carers parking tickets and liasing with her housing association to fix heating Ÿ To sit on the High Street Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel Ÿ To be a Member of the Walthamstow Business Forum


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