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Here is the promised significant post in the developers regarding our evaluations with you concerning the quality of the game. For the past two weeks has passed since the release of Diablo3. During this period, the host had been visited by millions of players who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Sanctuary as well as get into struggle with the armies associated with Hell. Employees strive, so you can enjoy the game and obtain an unforgettable experience. The efforts of the growing number of players are intended to create the ideal heroes and successfully move the Diablo3 to the increased complexity. Lately, they frequently discussing around your useful feedback on the balance and gameplay, so that these are the concerns we will discuss today. After the release of any kind of new sport this always demands nekotaraya conclusion and is often contended that the stability is nice, what is bad and so on. As well as Diablo3 - is no exclusion. We lately decided to change (and in some cases significantly weakened) abilities a few classes. We think which should explain the reasons of these modifications inform us concerning the overall path from the gameplay and also to hint, as well as what to expect in the future. Before this, we would like to reveal to you an interesting figure that we had been following Diablo3. More source:

Successfully move the Diablo3 to the increased