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meet blixem, betty and the juniors they all have a small story to tell....

autumn // winter 2012

blixems game with morris fox

blixem woke up at seven it crossed his mind morris will arrive at eleven!

they will play their favourite game he was nervous, because he never wins and thinks its a shame he always tries very hard but morris is just too smart

at night blixem is again in bed next time I will beat him, you bet! (but they are best friends still next time morris lets Blixem win, I am sure he will)

lisa’s hai rsal oon

for betty it was an important day she was going to have dinner with storm it was a sunny day in may

she wanted to have her curls as perfect as can be so she would be the only one he would see

“lisa, thank you for making my hair so nice i am really nervous, my hands are as cold as ice!�

i better go and run for the bus see you next time when i will tell you all about us!

don’t forget your bag, and put on a warm coat he might take you on a romantic trip on a boat

sundaymorning dreaming

while the eggs are boilling and the kettle is on some of our friends wake up and need a coffee, rather strong

sam heard a noise it was an unknown voice i am sure its the twins watching tv i better go and see

dear sweeties, please get out of your nest shuffle your feathers so you will have a fluffy chest

or the d a clock n cing the s be ho e s ,g

nd! arou and up ng oi

wheneve r yo ua re ne ar

t igh tm

you will hear a tickin m gs oo ou r nd ’s a n n i a

good luck little anna your shoes will take you far once you are a little older you will be a star


betty 45cm dress up doll including jacket with zipper, hat and bag with velcro 010426

anna ballerina junior 110311

juniors only 25cm tall but the cutest of all they will be dragged around all day by your kid, to hug and play they come packed on cardboard and you can make their own bed to sleep to play with, put beside your own bed, and keep

sheep blixem 45cm 010425

duck sam junior 110404

blue limited

owl hendrik musicbox 020510

musicbox house 020514

mouse phil 010507

lola rabbit 010505

simon snale 020509


storagebin mushroom 35x35x35cm 060419

storagebag house in the clouds 060518

dolls and music

owl hendrik musicbox 020510 denim 020610 grey blue 020310 pink

simon snale musicbox 020509 denim 020309 pink 020609 grey

mr. morris fox musicbox 020112

anna ballerina musicbox 020311


storm 010903

duck sam 010204 blue 010404 red

lola rabbit 010305 pink 010505 denim

big bear louis 010506

soďŹ e 010301 white&fuchsia 010302 brown&pink

lisa 010808


mobile lily 100824 brown 100424 red 100724black

mobile puk 100423 red 100223blue

travel and deco

minnie mushroom backpack 040419

cushion minnie mushroom 070419

pieke backpack 040415

morris fox backpack 040112

cushion morris fox 070112


rattle minnie mushroom 030419

rattle peter 030520 denim 030420 red

rattle gilbert 030421 red

rattle gilbert 030521denim

rattle peter 030720 black

rattle gilbert 030821brown


dummyholder fower 080527 denim 080327 pink 080827 brown 080727 black

dummyholder owl 080310 pink 080510 denim

dummyholder rocket 080716 black 080216 blue

dummyholder pleun 080414 red 080314 pink 080214 blue 080814 brown

dummyholder pieke 080715 black 080215 blue 080415 red 080815 brown

pram accessories

pramcord fly peter 050520 denim 050420 red 050720 black

pramcord catterpillar rupert 050422

pramcord minnie mushroom 050419


musicbox car 020417 red 020217 blue

musicbox rocket 020216 blue

musicbox house 020518 denim 020318 pink

mini musicbox peter 020520 denim 020720 black

mini musicbox mushroom 020419

mini musicbox peter 020420 red

recycle packaging Easy to display / Receive a little extra / Good to not waste The packaging is printed on recycled cardboard. To not waste it by throwing it away, each packed item has a small surprise on the backside! For example, the dummyholders come with Mouse Phil featured on the backside. You can cut him out, get his ears in the right position and then give him a tail!

A charming world of tiny, cuddly friends, loved by kids and grown ups When Dutch designer Esther Schuivens was reunited with her long-lost friend Sofie, in 2003, Sofie was just a drawing, well hidden away on a piece of paper in Esther’s parents’ attic. Esther was touched by Sofies’s humor and simplicity and used the charming drawing, which she had made when she was just 4 years old, as the model for her very first Esthex doll.

Esther Schuivens was born in Sittard, in the south of Holland, and studied art textiles at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht. After graduating in 2000 as a textile artist, she began showing her work in art exhibitions throughout Europe. The popularity of her creations inspired Esther to start her company, Esthex, in 2003, to create touchable art for young people.

This was just the beginning for a growing family of dolls, stuffed animals, and other delightful toys. Many members of the Esthex family followed in the years to come, each with its own personality: Phil the mouse, who shakes his rattle; Simon the snale, who shares tunes from his musicbox; Hendrik and Henny owl, who dangle and bounce from fingertips; and Anna Ballerina, who dances for her friends in the morning. Sofie, the first born, always wears a hat and striped leggings, a feature that is characteristic of many creatures in the collection.

Her family of dolls, backpacks, mobiles, rattles, and other fabric creations now delight children around the world.

Every Esthex product is made of soft and cuddly fabric, and many dolls and animals have long, thin legs that invite childreneven the littlest baby hands- to hold and play and grasp.Together, all can travel in a cool backpack to take to school or daycare.

Today Esther lives in Belgium, with her husband and their three daughters, in a restored old house, where her doll collection rules the playroom and sheep can be seen grazing in the backyard. Esther’s menagerie of cuddly friends are made in Thailand by sewing machine or by hand and are sold worldwide. The Thai workplace is ICTI -certified, a proud recipient of the toy industry’s ethical-manufacturing certificate that ensures safe and humane workplace environments for toy-factory workers worldwide.

new stories will appear once or sometimes twice a year! thank you for reading about our friends in the high house on the hill next time we ďŹ nd out if everyone is best friends still

AW 2012 Meet betty, Blixem and the Juniors  
AW 2012 Meet betty, Blixem and the Juniors  

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