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Order and Serenity admist Chaotic Walks of our Lives


The very nature of turbulence is a progression of movement from high pressure zone to low pressure zone. This temporal images of the turbulence was projected to the site, not only to represent a turbulent site condition but also to set psychology of progressing from dynamic paths to a simple and monotonous path as people are going to higher floor levels.

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With the intersection of various traffic lines obstructing residents' sense of connection to the community, it is necessary to create a public space that connects different members of the neighborhood. The space will provide interesting sociocultural experiences. The primary focus is to create serene spaces that will provide comfort to the residents.

Ground Level Plan

Order and Serenity amidst Chaotic Walks of our Lives  
Order and Serenity amidst Chaotic Walks of our Lives  

Advanced Architectural Studio at Washington University School of Architecture Site: Clayton, MO Program: St. Louis Visiting Center, hotel,...