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JOOLZ DAY We’re Joolz from Amsterdam and we hold some strong opinions. For example, that a pushchair should adjust to you - and not the other way around. That it should not only look good, but be handy, smart, compact and strong as well. Designed around the body - mummy’s, daddy’s and the little passenger’s. And that when you buy a Joolz, you buy the only pushchair you’ll ever need. Put all this together and you get what we call Dutch Ergonomicz. We believe your little one should be able to lie down or sit up in comfort and safety. And so we’ve come up with solutions which make sure the Joolz Day grows with you.

For example, because we believe tall dads shouldn’t have to become stooped ones, we developed a heightadjustable handlebar. And a pretty solid one it is, too. We believe parents need to be able to have as much contact as possible with their little one. So we’ve made the cot and seat nice and high. Which is great news for parents’ backs. What you need is a pushchair developed by people with attitude. Who are single-minded realists and perfectionists. What you are looking for is a pushchair that adjusts to you. And not the other way around.

Joolz. Don’t adjust yourself.

High seati ng position of the seat: ready to push straig ht up to th e table. High seat and co t position re lieves the back when lifting you r child in or out. Very Dutch Erg onomicz.

d Comfortable an o practical cot: als ing ep sle r fo e bl suita es in at night, com a complete with hypoallergenic ss. breathing mattre

spenheel su Four-w t comfort rea sion: g bility, iva r d d n t of a and ou ride in both th o A smo town. me. y r eve ti

Ergonomic seat is reversible and adjustable in three positions. Your child can face you, or the big wide world.

Handleba r adjustable in height: to give both lo ng and short legs the rig ht amount of space when walking beh ind the pu shchair. Espec ially good news for ta ll dads.

ble Footrest adjusta ent ist in length: cons your as t or pp proper su no d an s ow child gr gs. more dangling le

Bumper bar is easy to open wi th one hand from either side, mak ing it simple to lift your child in an d out of the push chair.

when Compact: uding the cl (in folded st fit in almo seat) it will rner, any car, co . or stairway d ar o b p cu

The Joolz Day is available with a silver or black chassis in combination with six fabric colours: red, jeans, white, silver, sand and anthracite. It comes complete with chassis, cot, seat, shopping basket and rain cover. The shopping basket is always supplied in the same colour as the seat.

Want even more add-ons for your Joolz Day? Then check out our smart and handy accessories, which include a nursery bag, sleeping bag and parasol (all available in the same colours as the fabric). And then there’s the mosquito net, comfort screen, cup holder and car-seat adapters (group 0). The adapters are suitable for use with Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, Pebble and Cybex Aton. Oh, and you might just like to know that universal buggy boards can be clipped onto the Joolz Day. Find your nearest store on

Sleeping bag

Nursery bag


Cup holder

Snug and warm

Handy, stylish, totally Joolz

Keeps the sun off

Have a drink on the go

Rain cover

Comfort screen

Mosquito net

Adapter set

To keep off those nasty raindrops Fits both cot and pushchair

Protects your little one from the wind and icy cold Fits both cot and pushchair

Fits both cot and pushchair

Maxi-Cosi fits on Joolz chassis

rs. Colours shown may differ from actual colou

We believe you shouldn’t need a garage to store a pushchair. Which is why our Joolz Day, including its seat, folds to fit inside almost any car or stand upright in a corner, cupboard or stairway, wherever you are.

Set of wheels As an extra accessory

Cot For nice long sleeps

RIES JOOLZ DAY COLOURS AND ACCESSO in rs. The shopping basket is always supplied chassis in combination with six fabric colou black or silver a with ble availa is Day Joolz ng bag and parasol, all available in the ing accessories including a nursery bag, sleepi the same colour as the seat. We also have match same colours as the fabric.







Joolz Day sizes and weights Weight of chassis: 8.4 kg Weight of chassis without wheels: 7.3 kg Weight of seat: 3.2 kg Weight of cot: 3.7 kg

Size unfolded: 80 x 62 x 100 cm Size folded: 85 x 62 x 37 cm Size folded without wheels: 85 x 55 x 28 cm Size of cot: 82 x 37 x 21 cm

Safety and guarantee hair is available. These include EN 1888:2005; standards in the countries where the pushc Joolz Day complies with international safety Day comes with a two-year guarantee. Joolz nd. ZS 2088:2008 in Australia/New Zeala cot - EN 1466:2004 in Europe and AS/N

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Joolz. Don't Adjust Yourself. We’re Joolz from Amsterdam and we hold some strong opinions. For example, that a pushchair should adjust to yo...

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