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Each team must field a minimum of five (5) and a Maximum of six (6) fielding players. If teams are short then they may borrow players from other teams. These players MAY NOT play Pitcher, 1st Base or Short-Stop.


Batting Order

The maximum batting line up for anyone team is eight (8) players, allowing each team to have batting specialist or Designated Hitters on their roster. No specific line up requirements need to be followed regarding alternating Males and Females. However the line should remain in the same rotation for the duration of the game.


Fielding Positions

With the exception of the Pitcher and Catcher there no restrictions or rulings on how a team positions itself on Defence.


Foul Ball

A Foul Ball occurs when i. ii.

any ball is hit, tipped or touched by the bat and moves backwards behind the designated foul line. Any ball is hit forward and rolls backwards behind the designated foul line before Note. If a fielding player touches or stops the ball from crossing the foul line no foul ball is awarded and the ball will be deemed live.

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A strike will be awarding to a pitch that crosses the plate above the batters knees and below their back shoulder. It must travel in an arc towards the batter that is no lower than six (6) feet and no higher than twelve (12) feet from the floor to be deemed a legal ball. **Lower limit can be reduced to three (3) feet and the higher limit dropped to ten (10) feet.** An illegal pitch will result in a ball and/or walk being awarded to the batter.


Walks / Base on Ball

A walk is awarded to the batter when i. ii.

The required number of Balls has been reached The batter is hit with a pitch



A batter is out when: i. ii. iii. iv.

They reach the required strike count They are caught directly, off a permanent structure They are tagged with the ball between or prior to reaching a base On an Unforced play, fail to reach the intended base before a defender with possession of the ball touches said base.

Note. On all plays the fielder must control and retain possession of the ball throughout any movement and/or contact. If said fielder losses control or possession of the ball the offensive player is safe.

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A run is scored every time an offensive player touches every base including home plate. The only time when this is not the case is as a result of a Home Run.


Home Runs

A Home Run is scored when a ball is hit against the back wall without touching anything on its flight, and the rebounding ball is not caught by a member of the defensive team. Once the ball touches the ground or is caught the play is dead. A run is scored for the batter and one for any/all offensive players currently on base. If the ball touches a fielder or structure on the ball’s flight, the said ball will be deemed live for the duration of the play.


Ground Rule Double

A Ground Rule Double will be awarded to the batter when any ball that is hit becomes stuck or unplayable in a fixed structure. The batter will be awarded second base and any other offensive players on base will be moved on accordingly.


Ground Rule Triple

A Ground Rule Triple will be awarded to the batter when a ball is hit into any spectator or viewing area. The batter will be awarded third base and any other offensive players on base will be moved on accordingly.

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All other rules and judgements are at the discretion of the Umpire, Score ad Time Keeper. They ruling is final. Any queries or protests should be logged on the back of the score card and submitted to the said Umpire, informing the opposing Team Captain at the end of the match. A review panel formed of all the league captains, will review all queries and written protests and make a definitive ruling.

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Rules v1.1

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