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Catalogo Ca単as 2011 UK

Since 1955, Gamakatsu has strictly stuck to the theme of ‘Nature and Technology’. We work hard to develop new hi-tech products that benefit outdoorsmen without of technical development adversely effecting the environment. Gamakatsu’s policy has always been ‘the best of quality’. Gamakatsu is always searching for new ways to make our existing products better in addition to constantly looking for unique products that are not yet available. We believe that only this attitude can give our customers the best they deserve!



Gamakatsu Rods It has been long known that Gamakatsu is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality hooks. But besides the best fishing hooks, Gamakatsu also offers a mind-blowing range of specialist rods and accessories some of which are perfectly suitable for the European market. After a thorough market research we found that several of the high-end rod ranges carrying the Gamakatsu brand name were most suitable for sea and predator fishing. These rods feature top grade carbon material and original FujiŽ reel seats and guides. Specialists unanimously agree with us that these rods are the best ones in their kind and outperform most of what is currently commercially available in the European market.


Gamakatsu - Cheetah R

Cheetah-R rods are produced with a special combination of the best pre-impregnated carbon fibers to realize its phenomenal strength, action and light weight. The extensive series varies from light to extra heavy blanks to offer the angler a wider choice to match his fishing style. All blanks feature an extra strong spigot ferrule except for the 110MH and 110XH, these rods have a put-over joint for a more parabolic action. All Cheetah-R rods are fitted with an original Fuji® reelseat and Fuji® SIC guides with a Fuji® MN tip guide to avoid tangling of the line during casting. The blanks are finished with a Portuguese cork grip with a rubber cork cone and a foldable hook keeper for safe transport.

24370-700 Cheetah ‘R’ 70MH Allround spinning rod for spoons, spinners, plugs and jigs. Ideal for avid anglers in pursuit of Zander and Trout. 24370-860 Cheetah ‘R’ 86MH Especially designed for the active spin angler. The lightweight blank combined with a fast but sensitive tip action make it the best choice for on-the-go fishermen. 24370-861 Cheetah ‘R’ 86H An A-grade ‘best-seller’ for its versatile use for lures up to 70gr. The blank structure allows for accurate casting, rapid hook setting and fighting big Pike.

Lifting test Cheetah ‘R’ 96XH with 5 kg weight.

24370-960 Cheetah ‘R’ 96MH A smooth combination of lightweight with a sensitive tip for casting plugs, soft plastics and spoons of up to about 40gr.

smooth guide - no tangling

smooth surface - no tangling


simply the best...

24370-961 Cheetah ‘R’ 96XH These casting machines make it easier for the avid angler to cast over the horizon. The 96XH has a sensitive tip that will still feel any careful bite yet solidly setting the hook in the blink of an eye. 24370-1000 Cheetah ‘R’ 100XXH Designed for saltwater fishing, the ultra performance blank will cast heavy perks and jigs up to about 120gr. The high-powered butt section withstands even the strongest fight of any big saltwater species, such as Cod. 24370-1100 Cheetah ‘R’ 110MH The 11’ blank is designed for long-distance casting of lures of up to 60gr. Besides its unique casting abilities it is proven to be a best-buy for deadbait fishing. The tip action allows the angler to let big Pike take the bait, tighten the line and start curving the tip so as to automatically hook into the fish; big Pike have no chance of letting go of their prey. The forgiving action will combat to the end until the angler safely lands the fish. 24370-1110 Cheetah ‘R’ 110XH Perfect for casting heavy jigs and perks of up to 100gr. The stiff butt allows the angler to give a bit of extra stick when big Cod tries to escape to the deep.

Code 24370 700 24370 860 24370 861 24370 960 24370 961 24370 1000 24370 1100 24370 1110

Model 70MH 86MH 86H 96MH 96XH 100XXH 110MH 110XH

Length 2.10m 2.59m 2.59m 2.90m 2.90m 3.05m 3.35m 3.35m

Transp. length 110cm 132cm 132cm 147cm 147cm 155cm 170cm 170cm

Weight 134gr 155gr 164gr 174gr 224gr 264gr 219gr 253gr

C.W. 10-30gr 10-40gr 10-70gr 10-40gr 12-80gr 40-120gr 10-60gr 20-100 gr

Lifting weight 3kg 3kg 4kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 4kg 5kg

Sections 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


Gamakatsu - Anessa

Gamakatsu Anessa The accuracy of the Anessa blanks is simply phenomenal; it allows for a shotgunapproach. The observant angler will locate any movement on the water surface and cast a lure accurately for a predator to strike. This approach requires a supreme accuracy that is offered by any of the Anessa rods. All rods feature an original Fuji® reelseat and Fuji® guides with an MN-style tip to avoid tangling of the line while casting. The extended stylish, parted bottom grip is especially designed for long-distance casting. All rods come with a laser cut aluminum flat cone and a hook keeper for safe and easy transportation. 24372-700 Anessa 70M - An ideal blank for casting medium sized plugs of about 9cm or spoons and jigs of up to 30gr. The comfortable handling of this 7’ spinning rod makes it perfect for the avid spin angler in search of Trout and Zander. 24372 701 Anessa 70MH - The reinforced, slightly stiffer butt section gives the avid angler the extra power to cast a longer distance. The forgiving action of this slightly firmer, Medium/Heavy 7’ spinning rod allows to fish slightly bigger or heavier lures. 24372 800 Anessa 80MH - This 8’ spinning rod is designed to perform in roaming conditions along rivers and streams in search of Pike and Zander. It offers a superbly accurate casting ability for lures up to about 50gr. 24372 801 Anessa 80H - The casting abilities of this sensitive yet fast tip blank with reinforced handle section are unlimited. Possibly one of the best performing blanks in the Anessa series. 24372 900 Anessa 90MH - This lightweight 9’ blank was designed for an active approach to spin fishing with medium to heavy plugs and jigs. The balance between the stiffness of the handle and the perfect tip action makes that the angler can cast further yet it allows him to continuously sense the lure’s every movement. 24372 901 Anessa 90H - This is a serious 9’ long-distance casting machine with a fully loaded handle that can handle the toughest of fights with the most aggressive Pike and Zander. 24372 1000 Anessa 100MH - The longest length in the Anessa series for accurately casting plugs and jig of up to 70gr. The ideal fighting tool where the avid angler is always in charge over massive Pike and Zander during any aggressive fights. 24372 1001 Anessa 100XH - This blank is designed to cast jig of up to 100gr. The reinforced butt is stiff enough to handle underhand casting from a boat when sea fishing for Cod. The Anessa 100XH is up for the job!

Code 24372 700 24372 701 24372 800 24372 801 24372 900 24372 901 24372 1000 24372 1001


Model 70M 70MH 80MH 80H 90MH 90H 100MH 100XH

Length 2.10m 2.10m 2.40m 2.40m 2.70m 2.70m 3.00m 3.00m

Transp. length 110,5cm 110,5cm 125cm 125cm 141cm 141cm 156cm 156cm

Weight 113gr 115gr 141gr 149gr 148gr 162gr 168gr 200gr

simply the best...

C.W. 5-30gr 5-50gr 10-50gr 20-70gr 10-50gr 20-80gr 10-60gr 20-100gr

Lifting weight 3kg 3kg 3kg 4kg 4kg 5kg 4kg 5kg

Sections 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Gamakatsu - Zexxer

Gamakatsu Zexxer Zexxer rods are designed in close consultation with Henk Simonsz to be assured of the latest trends and actions for a vast majority of avid anglers. Errorless blanks for serious anglers in search of predators such as Pike and Zander. 24373-630 Zexxer B63MH Ex-Fast / 24373-631 Zexxer S63MH Ex-Fast - These highly sensitive blanks feature a very responsive tip that allows the angler to sense any movement or touch of the jig; alarming him that predators are within the striking zone. 24373-632 Zexxer B63H Ex-Fast / 24373-633 Zexxer S63H Ex-Fast - Two blanks with an allround fast action that will cast just about any Pike lure. The stiff handle allows for jerkbaiting also with lures of up to about 65gr easily. An important but often neglected detail when checking the action of a rod: it is the angler that is in control of the lure’s movements and when striking into a fish. The Zexxer 63H has enough power to set the hook fast and hard enough to land big fish! 24373-634 Zexxer S63ML / 24373-700 Zexxer S70ML - Two blanks with a unique action for dropshot fishing from the boat. With great precision the bait can be presented and thanks to the sensitivity of these high-worthy carbon blanks the angler can closely monitor every movement. These Zexxer rods are developed for perch angling but we have reinforced the handle so that it can be used for pike and zander too. 24373-680 Zexxer B68XXH Heavy Duty - Special heavy-duty Baitcast rod for large Jerk- and Swimbaits. Fishing this kind of heavy hardbait is often a tiring hobby especially because the rod is heavy too. The Zexxer 68XXH is kept lightweight to ensure the angler does not sense any fatigue to his arm or shoulder. The sensitive tip action makes it almost impossible to foul hook or to lose a big fish. 24373-800 Zexxer B80XH Active-Fast / 24373-801 Zexxer S80XH Active-Fast Designed for long-distance casting and trolling with plugs and jigs of up to 80gr. Besides these techniques the rods are also ideal for deadbait fishing. No Pike will escape from this Active-Fast action! 24373-802 Zexxer S80ML - A longer version of the dropshot rods designed for fishing from the bank. This rod, despite its longer length, is highly sensitive allowing for controlled fishing of the lure over the bottom or over weed beds. Even the most careful bites are registered. The butt section is reinforced to be able to overpower pike and zander too.

IPS reel seat

ACS reel seat

Code 24373 634 24373 630 24373 631 24373 632 24373 633 24373 680 24373 700 24373 802 24373 800 24373 801

Model S63ML Ex-fast - Spinning B63MH Ex-fast - Baitcaster S63MH Ex-fast - Spinning B63H Ex-fast - Baitcaster S63H Ex-fast - Spinning B68XXH Heavy Duty - Baitcaster S70ML 2 Ex-fast - Spinning S80ML 2 Ex-fast - Spinning B80XH Active Fast - Baitcaster S80XH Active Fast - Spinning

Length 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 2.05m 2.10m 2.40m 2.40m 2.40m

Transp. length 100cm 98,5cm 98,5cm 100cm 100cm 105cm 109cm 126cm 123cm 123cm

Weight 91gr 102gr 105gr 103gr 107gr 131gr 105gr 121gr 125gr 131gr

C.W. 3-30gr 7-35gr 7-35gr 15-65gr 15-65gr 40-130gr 3-30gr 3-30gr 15-80g 15-80gr

Sections 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


Gamakatsu - Sfida

Gamakatsu Sfida A spinning rod series specifically developed for Trout and Zander fishing. Gamakatsu Sfida rods are precision-built with a combination of different high-modulus preimpregnated carbon fibers to reach its unsurpassed quality, strength and action. Besides this, the Sfida series features a Portuguese cork grip, an original Fuji® reelseat and Fuji® guides with stainless steel frames to further enhance the light weight and to assure a perfect balance. All rods are equipped with a stylish laser cut flat cone and a hook keeper for safe and easy transportation.

24371-630 Sfida 63UL - ‘Performance’ is a keyword for this blank because it allows the angler to make the lure perform better. Thereby, this ultra lightweight version lets the angler ‘feel’ when fish takes the bait; signalling the moment to strike. However lightweight, the action of this blank is firm enough to combat the fish and take charge in order to securely land the hooked fish. 24371-700 Sfida 70UL - A perfect blank for casting small to medium size lures. Whether they are spoons or plugs, this rod is the perfect choice for its tip action. But do not get fooled by the light action for the butt section is stiff enough to hook up and fight aggressive Trout and Zander. 24371-760 Sfida 76ML - With its length and casting weight, this rod is very allround in its performance and handling. It casts virtually any applicable lure when spinning for Trout and Zander and is built to solidly set the hook. The forgiving action when fighting fish allows using a slightly thinner line for better lure presentation. 24371-820 Sfida 82M - The perfect blank for plugs and larger sized spoons when searching for predators in big rivers and lakes. This longest blank in the Sfida range features a fast action for accurate casting but offers plenty of sensitivity and control over the lure and hooked fish.

IPS reel seat

Code 24371 630 24371 700 24371 760 24371 820


Model 63UL 70UL 76ML 82M

Length 1.91m 2.13m 2.28m 2.50m

Transp. length 97,5cm 108cm 118cm 127,5cm

simply the best...

Weight 87gr 98gr 103gr 125gr

C.W. 2-8gr 3-15gr 5-20gr 7-30gr

Sections 2 2 2 2

Gamakatsu - Jig-One Z

Gamakatsu Jig-One Z European class speed jigging rods featuring an original Fuji速 DPS reelseat and Fuji速 guides with a stainless steel frame. All blanks come with a durable high-quality EVA grip. The longer tip section joints the shorter handle to optimise the action. The stiff butt allows for aggressive fights with the strongest of deep sea fish.

24374-676 Jig-One Z 676S Special jigging rod with an ultra sensitive tip for optimum control over jigs of up to 100gr. 24374-686 Jig-One Z 686S This blank has a moderate tension but also an excellent flexibility which makes that even the smallest bites can be identified and secured. 24374-410 Jig-One Z 4106S Probably one of the best technical specifications for a European speed jigging rod, it offers the ideal combination of a stiff butt with a softer tip. 24374-512 Jig-One Z 5126S Designed for deep sea jigging with heavy jigs of up to 500gr. Record fish are the absolute target.

Code 24374 676 24374 686 24374 410 24374 512

Model 676S 686S 4106S 5126S

Length 1,98m 1,98m 1,98m 1,95m

Transp. length 147cm 147cm 134,5cm 132cm

Weight 235gr 240gr 310gr 330gr

C.W. 50-120gr 80-150gr 150-300gr 300-500gr

Sections 1 + handle 1 + handle 1 + handle 1 + handle

Braided Line Class max. 9kg (20 lbs) max. 18kg (40 lbs) max. 28kg (60 lbs) max. 36kg (80 lbs)


GAMAKATSU - Catalogo Cañas 2011 UK  
GAMAKATSU - Catalogo Cañas 2011 UK  

GAMAKATSU - Catalogo Cañas 2011 UK